Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May~ Le mois de Mai~

This coming weekend is Mother's Day weekend..

I wish everyone a lovely one~

Mother or not..we're all nurturers:)

I want to tell my daughters that my mom..their nana..would be very proud of the young women/mothers they are themselves.
I am sure she is so enamoured with her great-grandsons and hopes they can feel it in some way through me~

I made Ricardo's bread again because nothing beats it as garlic bread on the grill and grilling season is here..
Jacques grills all winter but now it's on the deck..
I really like using the brotform because it leaves a lovely design on the bread..
A brotform makes a fine gift also:)

One grilled chicken salad I love is a recipe from Robert..a friend.

I worked with him..actually met Sylvie first:)

Anyway one day a few years back he brought over a salad dressing he makes to put over the grilled was so good..I have made it and made it and made it..
he had been working with my husband on some outdoor jobs too big for us to handle.

You top it w/ candied pecans..which are simply pecans coated in maple syrup/sugar..not too much sugar..there were no proportions given..and yet they work.. that you bake at relatively low heat 325F until the coating  is baked on..once dry..and cooled they keep well for a sealed glass jar..

The dressing is never the same as I tweak it every time..because I usually double or triple it..

it has sesame oil in it..mayo..teriyaki..some sugar.

1 tsp  roasted sesame oil (I love sesame oil)
2 tbsps Kikkoman Teriyaki sauce 
3 Tbsps sugar
mix well then add 5 tbsps Hellman's mayo.Blend until homogenous..
***I use less sugar.And I add a bit of water to create the consistency I like.
A few spring green onions..some mesclun or romaine..slice your grilled chicken atop..then the nuts.
I serve the dressing on the side..those are our chives..and the first reseeded pansy here.I only have 1.Soon we will be able to get our plants and herbs and baskets.

I have a few warm chicken salads I like..I'll share more as warmer weather arrives..
I still favor Gina's Skinnytaste Baked  Chicken Milanese one  very much also..

Roasted beet salds are almost my favorite salads...apart from grilled chicken ones:)

You know that know there are more..cannot find them right now:)

This one ..simply golden beets..roasted with evoo salt and the sauce:)  Add white balsamic to taste and pepper..
use mesclun..romaine or arugula as the with the gorgeous sunny beets and feta..pour dressing on top..and home chives..dandelions are just a plus.
As you know,weeds are but an unloved flower.
Dandelions..pesticide free..are good for you.

Tarts..anything cuter?

I fell upon Tutti Dolci..
and decided to make mini versions..I used strawberries and figs..
The little lemon addition is very yum.

I have had those molds for maybe 20 yrs..
I recently found another use for them and hope to share it soon..if they work~
Google translate isn't always literate.

My garlic brings me such pleasure..still no leaves in the trees..yet these serviceberry is a breath close to blooming..I adore that tree.

Been gardening..
and..signed up for new Craftsy art lessons..Marc Taro Holmes..People In Motion.I have  such a long long long way to grasp it all..
The Craftsy classes I have taken are way way out of my league..but one picks up helpful hints while learning.
Still I am LOVING it..I keep practicing on Jacques..

there is one main reason why I am taking this class..there is another artist that I admire..Rita at Sketchbook Wandering..her watercolors are so can feel them all..I asked her if this was innate or learned..and one of the commentors suggested Marc's class..
so I went for it.
Pop by Rita's blog if you never have..her art makes me smile and feel something.

Although I can appreciate perfect art that reflects an object or person as if true loves swerve for more charm in art..such as the artists I refer to in many of my posts.
And I love to learn.

I have  been practicing calligraphy w/ that oblique pen..
Jacques said ..:"it must be so hard to write with that!"..'s not.
I ♥ it.
Let me just say flourishes ABOUND on Instagram.
Thanks Instagram and all the EXTREMELY talented calligraphy artists that share their tips and tricks and tools of the trade~

Have a great week and weekend~

Hopefully it will start to warm up here..moreso than Tuesday's glimmers ..I sound so discontent~ I am just anxious to get this show on the road I think.
Just want warmth on my face and in my earth now:)
To sit and watch my garden grow.


  1. Morning Monique...
    Always love to see your posts first beautiful...the images stay in my head all day ♥️
    Your salads look so delightful...I do not have your patience for detail...
    Happy Mothers Day to you too!
    I also just want to sit and watch my garden grow...what a lovely thought!
    Almost ready to scoop up my sweetie...have a few plans for the day,as the sun is shining for now...
    They include planting and baking...things very close to your heart too...
    Have a great day!
    Linda :o)

    1. Have'll be on your own with her:) So special!
      You do have attention to detail! Look at your handiwork..and food! And gardens..

      Come on:)
      You too have a great day w/ Miss V:)

    2. You are too kind...:o)
      We dug and raked and planted and measured and mixed and glued...phew!

  2. so glad I have re-found your posts, bloody blogger has been acting up.

    1. It has been acting up..I am wondering why I have lost so many blogs I follow..glad things might be getting back:)

  3. Sounds like nothing better to me. It is nice to be able to go out in the mornings and commune with nature without freezing. Love Asian salads and have been lax about fixing them. Not a lot of restaurants around the city serve them, which is surprising. I'll have to go look at the crafts and arts links you posted. Love your style.

    1. You will certainly love some of the links:)I think;)
      We don't eat out as you know except very special I adore when someone gives me a priceless recipe:)
      I would like a real Asian resto close by.
      Linda in New Jesrey has one..I could go for bowls of noodles:)

  4. Oh, how you explore and create!! Your post today is making me smile as always, comme toujours! I love the lightness of your images. You and your family are the Happy Family's Day, but today I specifically wish you a Happy Mother's Day! (and bon printemps, there is a little wink here, soon you'll know why...)

    1. I'm in over my head at the class..but..inspiring it is..if you look at his work I think you would enjoy his art also.
      He has a background in art..

      but he posted a link that was very interesting..let me see if I can find it.

      Yes..deliberate practice..

      The lightness I am sure is the TV setting and adjusting the exposure..high..

      because winter is long here I toyed..sometimes it works..I know it clics much faster than on A or P:)
      Thank you for YOUR inspiration Rita:)

  5. Love your post - so many beautiful photo's. You really keep busy and that's good.
    Your art class sounds very interesting and I am sure you will do extremely well.

    Happy Mothers Day to you.


    1. You too mary..

      Oh not so good..he is quite amazing..

      but you learn something regardless of your degree of expertise..which is novice here..he has it in his blood..his hands move as though he was right in the motion..I am a bit of a stiff sketcher..not a bit..a lot I think watching him..

  6. Happy Mothers day to you in Canada, it seems to be a different date for each country.
    Even though I have lots of recipes for chicken, I'll be looking at your recipes they sound delicious, Those sweet little tarts made in those lovely moulds, look as good as any patisserie bought ones. Thank you for your lovely comment on my recent post, I have taken things easy today, and rested on a sun-lounger this afternoon enjoying the warm sun, it feeds my soul. Enjoy your gardening.

    1. It is different in Europe..a different day..

      tahnk you!
      I don't blame you for sitting back and enjoying the fruits of your labor!

  7. I know my mother would have loved to see our three little grandsons too. She had an affinity to boys and only one grandson while she lived. She loved outdoor adventures :) I had to smile at the dandelions on the beet salad :) You are lucky to live in a pesticide-free community. Everything looks so delicious - the bread, the chicken, adorable tarts, etc! I love the view with the daffodils and La Souris :) Our daffodils are long gone and weren't very nice this year after being pounded down with snow. So chilly here today - not springy at all! I did buy some plants yesterday :-) The garden center was hopping! Many anxious people ready for warmer temps.

    1. We had great moms Susan.Great.♥
      With the grubs and the lily beetles and rose chafers..I wonder..;)Although all of them return..or would return anyway.
      The weather has been quite pitiful here also..Costco had gorgeous baskets that people were buying..but it would be in and out of the house for a I am warmed up faster..
      No dahlias this yr:(

      A different garden season I guess..
      I will admire yours!

  8. Happy Mother's Day (early) to you, also. Enjoyed your post...such gorgeous photos...and all of the scrumptious chicken and beet recipes! Those are both favorites. Enjoy your weekend.

    1. You too Kate!
      I am having lunch out with the girls on Saturday:)

  9. There's always something yummy coming from your kitchen. And, I love your watercolor, so I'll be excited to see what new things you do in your new art class.

    1. I am doing pitifully in it....but it's a great class.

  10. Another beautiful post Monique! Happy Mother's day to you! I know your family must treasure you and I am sure that they feel lots of love eminating down from your own sweet mother to them through all of your loving actions! Everything is so beautiful here today . . . the bread, the salads, the garden greens poking up through the soil, the tarts, your caligraphy! You are such a talented lady and so generous to share all that you do with us. I love you to bits! xoxo

    1. You are so generous:)
      And so very talented! That bunny is perfection knitting:)

  11. Happy Mothers Day Monique and to your daughters too. We will be celebrating together too at Beth and Chris's. This has been a very rainy chilly week so no playing in the garden. My garlic has been up for a while but can't wait for the scapes to show. I agree with Jacques, that pen looks so difficult to work with but your work proves it does the job. Is the little mouse done with the same pen? Your chicken and beer recipes look wonderful and your mini dessert looks yummy. I bet Jacques and the rest of the family enjoyed them immensely. Enjoy your lunch date with the girls Saturday.

    1. I am glad you will get together since you missed the last one:)

      I didn't draw the is writing paper from Paris..a client at the time brought it back for me..I simply added color to the black and white..if I could draw a mouse like that I would be ecstatic:)
      The really is like writing with a normal looks convoluted..but not.I love the jut..
      It's funny when I make my Ricardo bread now I think of you:)
      Have a wonderful celebration.

    2. est-ce possible d'avoir un bouton pour traduire votre site en francais? Je parle de
      La table de Nana elles apprécient votreblog mais elles ne parlent pas anglais.J'ai vu que cela se faisait sur d'autres blogs,I'm always excited when Isee a new e-mail

    3. Bonjour ..j'ai tenté de rajouter le bouton Google Translate..ce fut réussi,par contre la traduction est vraiment affreuse:(
      De plus..mes billets apparaissaient en cette langue de traduction..
      Visiblement je n'ai pas compris la bonne méthode.
      Mais la qualité de la traduction me fait hésiter de faire ce rajout..désolée!

  12. Happy Mother's Day to you Monique! You have been a busy lady. The salads are beautiful, the dressing does sound delicious. Love candied pecans! You must have such patience to write with the pen - difficult or not :) Your garlic looks so happy - I told my husband I want to plant some in the fall. The tarts are beautiful and love the little pans. Have a wonderful weekend! I enjoyed this post very much.

    1. Thanks too enjoy this coming weekend..!

  13. Such a pretty post Monique. I cannot believe all of the goodies and food you prepared. The salads look wonderful.
    I love beets as well. Enjoy this special Mother's Day with your family. I am taking my Mother to brunch. I also got her the
    startings of a fairy garden.

    1. So sweet of you:) Lucky ladies you two are to have each other..enjoy:)

  14. i love the one perfect little pansy on the chicken salad, its the little details that make it so special, and the strawberry tarts are so fun and i just love your new calligraphy pen it is beautiful, i've taken some calligraphy classes but i've never used that type of pen, it's nice to hear that it is easy to write with because it does look like it would be hard to use.
    hope your having a lovely day :)

    1. It was my only one..:)That pen..I bought it on EBAY from Hong Kong I think and reasonable and the quality is nice..if ever you would like the link please let me takes a while to get to us..but arrived at the door.:)
      Enjoy the weekend..

  15. Monique, I love making bread too! There's something so gratifying baking you're own. Maybe it's the smell all over the house, love it!! Your chicken salad, tarts, beets look delicious! I love your new calligraphy pen, I've never seen that one before and I love how it looks on paper. You are my inspiration ♥ Wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day!
    Hugs, Jody

    1. You inspire me Jody..and make me see how pitiful my gardens are;)
      I was at Michale's and looed again at the Fairy garden dept..seems to be doing well as they were very deleted:) Happy Mothre's Day..

  16. Absolutely lovely pictures and a really pretty post
    And love these strawberries !
    Hope you have a lovely Mom's dasy Monique <3 <3

  17. Have a wonderful Saturday with your daughters 💕 Love those strawberries and figs.
    Sending all sorts of prayers to Canada. My goodness, how awful is that fire?
    What beautiful bread! You are so good at calligraphy...Joe bought me the gift box of supplies but I never used it. Some day I say.

    1. The fires are absolutely tragic..we are as you know in QC..but I heard from my friend that ecen Fort St John has fires going:(

      Joe is so may retire and you will love those quiet moments of writing..

      it's all so different when we stop working..
      Happy first mother's day as a nana Debbie.

  18. I wandered in through your comment on Val's post today---what a charming, welcoming place you have here! The colours and the photos, and all the descriptions and adventures---what an adventurous, fulfilling life you must lead.

    Your use of light and all the delicious dishes, your descriptions of art and other things you love---what an assortment of delicious things to return to and savor. I was puzzled and charmed by the pen, then a tiny light-bulb moment---what a clever idea, and your writing is exquisite.

    I've had my tee-ninecy tart pans way more than thirty years---a Williams Sonoma catalog whim, and oh, the learning to make creme Anglaise and Chantilly and Frangipane to go beneath those huge marvelous Mississippi strawberries and blackberries. I have pictures somewhere of some tarts in which just one blackberry almost eclipsed the tart! I'm unashamedly stealing a couple of recipes, and will be back often to delve into your enticing archives.


    PS I love the idea of leaving a trail of fairy-stardust everywhere I move the mouse.

    1. nice of say such kind things!
      I see we both like pen and ink:)
      Not an adventurous life..a quiet life adventure in the future..but 99% of the time a quiet life:)
      I cannot even imagne a blackberry that big!
      That Val..:)Unique!

  19. Your photos always make my heart sing! I am so ready for warm to seep into my bones! Have a wonderful mother's day, my friend!

    1. You too!!
      WE have warm on my face today..feels very very good.Like a elixir!

  20. j'adore ce billet ! la mouche posée sur le vase, les petites pousses d'ail qui sortent juste de la terre ... C'est le printemps,la nature s'éveille tout doucement ...Tes petits moules à gâteaux ... J'ai eu les mêmes quand j'étais petite ... ils doivent toujours être chez ma maman ... Ce délicieux poulet, aussi ... l'évocation du garlic bread fait avec ce pain magnifique ... Bref, tu vas éclairer mon week-end, là, Monique ! ;-)
    Des bises

    1. Depuis de années..tu éclaires plusieurs de mes journées Hélène..:)

      Jacques vient tout juste de relire ton dernier billet.
      Lui aussi troue que tu écris tellement bien.
      I a ri concernant Ratatouille:)

  21. Love all your photos today, Monique! Happy Mother's Day to you too! Love golden beets as well and, like all veggies, delicious when roasted.
    I had a friend who always thought May was the best month in S. Florida. I disagreed, thinking March was as May is often the beginning of the humid season. Not this year! It has been a lovely month so far, perfect weather. (Now I suppose I better knock on wood!) I miss all the spring blooms from my Michigan days...I know I say that all the time and must confess that fall is still my favorite season in the north.

    1. Mymom's was fall:)

      Here we say..Mai c'est le mois de Marie..

      May is the Virgin Mary's far it's a toss up;)

      You know I hold Florida dear to my heart..I cannot go there w/out seeing each of my gradchildren in my mind's eye on the beach..there or not:)
      Happy Mother's Day Barbara!

  22. Beautiful Monique! Happy Mother's day to you! xo

  23. Happy Mother's Day.
    And happy spring/summer to you as well.
    Catching up today on all your beautiful posts.
    That bread looks delicious.
    And oh my...those strawberry biscuits look too beautiful
    Keep well!
    Shel x

  24. I hope you and your daughters had a lovely Mother's Day, Monique. Loved that first photo with all the light streaming in the room…it is so cheerful, exactly how I feel each time I visit your blog.