Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Yum! Flashback Cake:)Mouriès

I was still making pesto October 17th and could have kept on..
If the deep freeze and snow had not arrived..
Truly Nov 1st..almost ...I still have snow on the back steps and a small amount on the back deck..

Olive oil is so important in your pesto..♥

When in Provence we visited Charles Aznavour's home town..I mentioned that in my previous post....Mouriès.
M.Aznavour had his own olive grove and had his own oil..Le Bistro de Marie... in St-Rémy used it..
Mouriès had an old mill and we visited it.
The light shone fantastic even early AM..a sweet unpretentious town.

See that cake up above? I made it 100 yrs ago when cake mixes were my friend and Pillsbury Crescent rolls and Apple Turnovers were my tours de force.
I was a very young bride w/ no kitchen training and no one to ask..
Diane Morrisey on IG..mentioned and showed the how to and it brought back a ton of memories.
It's as good as it was back then.
That golden cake mix makes everything taste wow.

You can find the recipe here.
I even love it.
I just put walnuts and choco coconut.
I already have a Golden cake mix and pudding mix ready for the next one.

I must's been a crappy fall.

We still have lots of leaves on the trees..but unseasonably cold and wet to enjoy.
No sun..Jacques said it seems as though we have not seen the sun a lot since Provence.
No wonder painters flocked there..
That was me saying the above;)

Putting these gardens to bed in these temps ..has not been a happy situation..we do it..but it's soo cold!

The fairies are is headless now:( I used the pressure washer and her head flew off..:(Can't find it..

So the snow and cold..
have prompted me to ask...

On this Hallow's Eve..

What is your favorite make ahead Christmas Breakfast/Brunch dish to make for 9-12 people?

I usually have bagels..smoked salmon ..cream cheese..some scones or muffins..but I like to put a bigger casserole dish on the table too:)

I would like something different this year..but make ahead..the 24th AM..

No bacon..because Jacques makes his special recipe every yr..and it takes center stage.

Would love your ideas:)

Thank you:)


  1. Today, when I'm reading your post, I really can visualize each of the word you wrote. Love your post as always..

  2. Oh...there is that cutwork! Must find mine....😉
    That cake recipe is perfect for Vivian and I need a bundt pan?
    Can’t help you with the brunch menu...never do brunch! Not with my bunch!
    It was 14c here today...big storms headed this way...stay safe!
    Linda :o)

    1. This is a tube mom's..It is not a cake you flip...the topping stays at the top..I bet it could work in any high pan..oh it's a keeper💕Yes find your cutwork🙂🙂🙂

    2. I will look!
      I was like you...first time really cooking,after marriage!
      My Dad was quite a good cook...and I was his sou chef!
      Mostly soup making..,a love I still have now!
      Enjoy your evening....

  3. I wish I could send you some sunshine. It is still hot here during the day, short sleeves and sandals kind of hot, and we are all itching for cooler temperatures and maybe even some rain. I've recently made a pissaladière and it was a success - do you ever make it?

    1. Amalia..I am shy to say I have not made une pissalidière and Jacques would love it.I must rectify that..soon!I hope you weather cools soon🙏🏻

  4. It’s a Terry, google giving me problems signing in again.
    Your poor fairy. Maybe next spring you will find her head. Someday someone will find all my glasses I left in my garden��. It is going to be warm today here so I might try to get out and cut back remaining peonies and trim the hellebores so in spring I will see the flowers. Thanks for that link to the cake. I found it on Instagram and then I forgot how to get the recipe to show on Instagram. I am so excited to see photos of Christmas cookies. I almost bought a mini gingerbread kit the other day but I’m not sure Lillian is old enough to do it. Have to remember she is not yet 3, it seems she has been with us forever. I sent you an email with a brunch recipe, French Toast bake. All put together the night before and easy. You just might have to see if one batch would be enough. Have a great weekend!

    1. You have a great weekend too.!Emailed you 🙂I hate that you are having trouble with Google!!My hellebores are getting big Terry I am crossing my fingers for my first blooms!🙏🏻🙏🏻I have a mini mini..must make some.I do love X,as baking so much!Like you.I think L might love it💕💕

  5. Love seeing the photos from France. The next time I visit, I shall look into the open markets, bakeries and more. Sorry it's so cold. The weather is lovely here, no rain as of yet. What a disaster one of the fairy's head came off. The cake look yummy, especially with chocolate and nuts. I always make a french toast casserole the night before and maybe a creamy egg strata or Cheesy Sausage and Croissant Casserole .

    1. You must be loving the new pool house and pool and grounds Linda!Unbelievable really that pretty home like pool house!I hope you do go back😍

  6. Lovely memories! Both of France and the cake! I found the recipe and will try it. I made have a chocolate bundt cake recipe that I love with almost the same ingredients except for Devil's food cake mix and chocolate pudding. SO GOOD! I'm so sorry but I laughed out load when I read about your fairy's head and the power washer. I saw it happening in my mind. Ours hasn't been much better but the past week or so has been mostly dry and pretty. Colder coming up next week...and darker as we lose an hour :( That's when I start really missing summer and dreading the long winter. You will love all of that pesto in the winter! So interesting to see the olive presses. For every day I use Kirkland organic EVOO but for special dressings and recipes I buy at a small vinegar and oil shop. Delicious stuff! I will mail you the strata that I make every Christmas. Our whole family loves it...turkey sausage, sun dried tomatoes, fresh rosemary - yummy! It's on my blog too - years ago :)

    1. Ooh your choco one sounds gooood..Woukd it be in our GardenBuddies cookbook😍😍You must watch Antonios stories..he's dahlia..ings it..He's a hard worker!
      I am getting excited for Xmas baking!And I am excited about next Spring!
      Oh my fairies..with age have become very unsightly🙁🙁😩

    2. Here's the chocolate one, so good!
      I think it would probably freeze well although I haven't tried that. I always forget to look at stores, will take a look now.

    3. Thank you! Duly noted ..again;) Lol you never forget to look at stores;)

  7. be able to plan ahead this way!
    Winter is visiting Paris too..very chilly but no snow
    I guess having a toasty, warm kitchen with the oven on is the best antidote for the cold.
    I have neither one but lots of layers to put on and the duvet.

    1. I love layers..and you are where you should be doing what you were meant to do.The love of your shows in all you do.Firget about a warm have busy talented hands and Ladurée😍

  8. Dearest Monique,
    Fond memories and you did bring back lots of memories from my younger years, by mentioning Charles Aznavour... Don't know if he was as popular here in the US as in Europe. The Province of Québec, oui, especially back then with even tighter French connections.
    Your cake looks delicious and yes, we all have come a long way from being fresh married and inside a simple kitchen!
    So sad that you blew off the head of that fairy and can't find it... But there are worse things.
    Stay cozy and warm.
    Today the floor tiles of the bathroom came in. Now the shower-floor and the grouting, walls painted and we're looking forward to starting with cleaning all the dust! With that said, yes I'm very much looking forward to Christmas to cozy and relaxed days at home!
    Still need to continue tutoring at the technical college but that too will end one day.
    Hugs and happy weekend!

    1. You are right..not as well known and loved in the US..his affiliation with QC was well known😍😍
      You must be looking forward to the new bathroom and no dust!
      It will feel like a new home..a youth serum of sorts..I find as we get a bit older..we tend to leave things as is..when it can be rejuvenating to switch things up a bit.Good for you.
      I will keep looking for her head..I am funny that way☺️Bon weekend Marriette🙂

  9. Darn, now I am wishing we could get cake mixes over here. Alas we cannot, at least not that particular one, nor pudding mixed either. The cake sounds fabulous. I was a young Bride like you, at the same time, learning, failing, learning some more, becoming better with age as it should be! LOL about the fairy. You will be digging in the garden one day and the head will pop up to delight you! Qu'elle surprise! My favourite make ahead casserole/bake/brunch dish is this one: It is so adaptable. You can keep it totally vegetarian by leaving out the ham, or add crumbled sausage. Its really, really good. You can up the quantities to serve as many as you like. I got it from an old friend at church back in the 1980's. I think she got it from a newspaper clipping! xoxo

    1. Thank you..I will Google it for sure!!No vegetarians in my family should see Jacques bacon go..That's why I need a new main dish..all we talk about is his bacon;)
      Have a great day Marie!
      We were learning at the same stepped to the head of the class:) For sure!

  10. Mmmmmm....That cake looks yammie!!....happy weekend love Ria x 💕


  11. Dear Monique, When you speak about your first married years, I remember mine. I had no idea about anything especially cooking. With my mother I had learned a few desserts and nothing else.
    But one can learn everything especially when we want to learn. I, not only learned, but also like very much to be housewife and mother of family.
    Your cake is exactly the kind of cake I love most, now that Winter has arrived it'll be delicious with a nice cup of tea.

  12. I am just like youI would not change a thing of my life concerning being a mother,wife and homemaker.Nothing.
    My career for almost 30 yrs was rewarding at times..but it means nothing IMHO..compared to the feeling I have had being a mom..nana.
    I have to say..Jacques was very encouraging in everything I made lol..had he been one of those critical husbands..I may have given up:)
    Have a GREAT weekend!

  13. Our weather has been the same. I have hardly seen the sun shine since I returned. And cold... not ready.

    Love all the good warmth, joy and happiness in this post. And thinking of Christmas breakfast. We always make a strata the night before -- eggs, cheese, mushrooms, sausage or whatever we happen to put into it. That, mimosa or juice, fruit salad, nice toast or buns from Rick -- all done the night before. Just pop the strata in the oven for 45 min. while we open things. Happy to share the recipe if you want it. My recipe covers a casserole dish about the size of a cake pan (long, not round) but it could be easily doubled or two made. It's good as leftovers too, except there never ARE leftovers!

    It felt so good to cook again when I got home. Rick says the same so he's making a roast chicken tonight.

    You'll see on my blog we attended M. Aznavour's memorial service -- well, not officially! But with the crowd on the lawn outside Invalides. A chance happening that I was glad happened.

    1. A moment in time♥
      He is so loved here Jeanie..of course in France..but here also.
      Seems like you had a wonderful wonderful time:0
      I wish we had lol;) Paris just was so wrong from day one for us unfortunately.
      1 day only is memorable to me..
      I'll stop harping about's just that you have visions of sugarplums..;)

  14. Yum is right! I remember that cake, and will make one soon :-) Thanks for the reminder. xo

  15. The cake looks yummy! It sounds like how I remember November. :) How about a frittata/strata or Spanish tortilla? Hope all is well! xo

    1. The Littles go for the bacon and muffins;) Some for the smoked salmon and bagels..others the quiches..I may go strata..overnight bake this yr..

  16. We are having a beautiful fall so far, but the leaves are still on and that is always bad with falling snow.
    You make my mouth water thinking about Christmas breakfast! Somehow we began years ago at my oldest daughters request making biscuits and gravy, cheesy eggs and bacon and fresh squeezed orange juice. I do love breakfast casseroles though. I saw one on Pinterest - a Monte Cristo breakfast casserole that I want to try one of these days.

    1. I had my first Monte Cristo in Woodstock Vermont..It was sensational..yrs ago! You have me on a mini quest.Thank you.
      November has not been pretty..gloomy and damp..
      I have put it in the back of my mind:) October was quite pitiful too! Apart from a few days!

  17. Your photos are lovely. Making pesto sounds good. Our autumn has been a little better than our summer but an awful lot of rain this year. We have had a little Indian Summer so I'm grateful for that. A little respite before winter truly sets in.

  18. Berautiful ! and love this roll pin, cute!!

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