Friday, October 12, 2018

~Mid October~

Enjoying teas and ephemera:)

Thinking of cute shops I saw in Provence..

Started to gather a few seeds ..

I cannot believe this..still  on this 12th day of still looks like this..

I must say..even now I love looking back on paintings done in Provence as souvenirs..

Can you believe we bought 3 in Provence from an artist?:) We did..  
Already hung on a wall..
Mine stay in my journal/book.

The peppers are roasted and frozen..

My neighbourhood is looking spooky:)

And I have baked a few things in our kitchen:)

I'm having tea with Marie up above:)

A bundle of October goodness arrived in my postal box..all dressed up a la Marie..So many cute October Ephemera things and a new kind of tea I had spotted on Marie's blog but never mess..portable..small..and very very good..Thank you Marie:)

Our leaves are starting to turn..quite prettily as usual..and an adjacent town is having their fall festival of colors.They have fun montages out of straw people doing various activities..really cute..
The Hallowen decorations are popping up..
It's all looking quite festive.

Jacques and I did our roasted peppers..will have enough for well over 1 yr..
It's a process..about 3 hrs start to finish.

Split your peppers in half and de~seed.
Char  them on the BBQ.
Place in paper bags(a receptionist a dental office   100 yrs ago told me this trick).
Skin the peppers and place them in a very large bowl that you have filled w/ EVOO,garlic and every warm batch..stir to mix perfectly..keep going until you are done.
The smell is divine..
Bag them up..and freeze..

Reserve of deliciousness to top pizzas put in sauces..salads.
I cannot stomach brined jarred ones.
You can't even compare.
Would be hard to get such a quantity done alone..Love that Jacques is into doing these..

One day in Provence I took my archaic Ipad(mini) out instead of my camera and took a few photos.I loved having them on the Ipad to try painting.

Unfortunately my Ipad is a black Friday 4 yrs ago at least Ipad w/ only 16 gb..and is full.

I read that they have not released newer versions of the mini in a few yrs and probably won't.
So I bit the bullet on a new mini w/ 128 gb..
the very next morning I found out my brakes were shot after only 3 yrs.

Ohlala Chaching.

Back to the mini..Apple released an Update..12 IOS and IG isn't full screen anymore..:( On my spanking new Ipad..on the 9.0's fine.
I am not thrilled:(
It's a known fact..I Googled..It's IG's problem and they ain't fixed it.
Hope they do:)

The cake is a coconut cake..I found a new Instagrammer..who has a blog! And you can translate the recipes.
I have made 2.
This latest..the coconut cake ..the flavor is delish..I made it as she said but I also added a few drops of coconut flavoring.
I would have liked it to be a bit moister..not sure what I would change to accomplish that.Pehaps butter instead of oil..?Not sure.

Today.. one more garden has been put to bed.3 down..too many to go.
It's just so freaking cold here..or raining..I have not had much opportuni~tea:)♥

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Still can't comment except anonymously. I read that Google has messed up and finally deleted Google+. Chrome is messed up too so I'm not doing anything that might mess up my MacBook Air and iPhone. Tech makes me crazy. It rained but I looked around and there will be so much to clean up outside. Ugg. And I have to put my citrus up soon as it is getting colder here too. No colors turning yet, but should very soon. I think the butter in the cake would make it dryer rather than moister. I'm sure you'll figure it out. Maybe less eggs? It is beautiful and so are the watercolors. Provence. I hope to go one day. Donna@Gather.

    1. HI Donna!I better go visit to make sure I have not missed anything!!Really?Google plus is done?Have to read up!My original older IPad is really sluggish..wonder if Europe had anything to do with it..must find out,
      It is as if I sm babying the new one and not using it☺️Probably will not work on finding a solution to the cake..he is eating it👍🏻

  2. Everytime I see it, I am amazed at the abundance of your Basil! It is absolutely gorgeous. What a harvest. Have you been able to use it all? Imagine not, but what tasty fun trying! I love your wee paintings. I know you don't think you are very talented, but I think your work is beautiful. I love your humility on this.Makes it even more beautiful. I love how you have accented it in the photos with different herbs. So lovely. Your peppers look great! What a labour of love. I can imagine that the flavour is far exceeding the yuck of jarred brined peppers! I, too, love that J. does this with you. What a sweet husband! I do not know the difference between one iPad or another. I am just glad mine works, lol. Ouch on the car brakes. We felt so blessed that our old, old car got through its safety for one more year. Whew! Dry or not, your cake looks fabulous! I love LOVE your cake stand! Bon Weekend dear friend! Hope you have some lovely weather! xoxo

    1. Good morning from chilly QC:) I know I'll pop a stick this aft;)
      Aren't jarred brined peppers awful? They have thought it could olives..NO.

      You're so sweet w/ your encouragement w/ my painting.
      It is so good for me to sit quietly and paint. and painting have been instrumental in my last 9 years.
      When you have a always have company..a book..a paintbrush..a spatula:)

      I think everyone should have a hobby.It can turn out to be a Godsend.We don't have to be Monet or Matisse or Van Gogh:)

      Cars..I must applaud mechanic..they are surgeons..when I think of everything they have to know and learn..kudos.

      I don't know the difference either..I just know a mini has become almost indispensable for me..Hate to acknowledge it..but bed..IG..:)
      Oh well I could have worse toys:)

      The cake stand is as old as the hills..Thank you:)
      Have a great weekend!

  3. Please let me know if you're looking for a author for your site. You have some really great posts and I feel I would be a good asset. If you ever want to take some of the load off, I'd really like to write some content for your blog in exchange for a link back to mine. Please send me an email if interested. Thanks!

    1. I love blogging..but thank you.I like doing it just by myself:)

  4. Great minds think alike...I roasted four varieties of peppers on the BBQ at camp last weekend. Our neighbor brought bags of them over, and I just stared at them thinking how I would use them LOL. Then I remembered the BBQ. Some were long I guess Joe will use them for a spicy dish he makes. Your basil looks so much prettier than mine! I cut mine back before we left for Italy, so it's looking a little sparse. I used my old iPad in Italy to take some photos, and some lady asked me why I was taking photos with it since they aren't good quality. Ha! It was just for me to admire. Joe put most of our gardens to bed on the 80 degree day we had this week, I told him to leave me a few blooms. xo

    1. The IPAD is fun for pics since my dds old phone is not a phone phone..I love the quality of phone pics..but cannot warrant a phone for pics lol..
      My phone is never on.
      I bring it if I have an case of..;)

      We're pretty much non phone people.
      Your Italy pics have been great!
      Have fun this w/e :)

  5. The peppers sound wonderful. I will try that next year. I can't believe you still have all of that basil!

    1. My husband is laughing are going to hate taking it out for the garlic..usually it's done by August.This is our year of the unbelievable basil:):)
      He mowed yesterday..and again came in saying.can you believe the garlic?

  6. Such a sweet and beautiful gift from Marie! Teas are in my life almost every afternoon since we've hit the cooler temps. I do hope we stay dry for a while now :) I also love looking at all of your photos from Provence. And your watercolors! (Would love to see what you bought!). It must be a feast for the eyes everywhere you turn! So much CHARM! I pulled out all but one pot of basil. Mine was getting woody and sparse - not like yours at all! The one I brought indoors was planted only two months ago from cuttings so it looks much better. One day I must try peppers! I have to admit John is not a fan of them, sadly. That Halloween house is adorable! Her blog I found right after you pointed me in her direction. I already have several things bookmarked :) The coconut cake sounds looks delightful! I vote for butter ;)

    1. Me too:) Jacques is not IN love w/ peppers but likes on a pizza..truly I think he does it for me..and he was probably sick of hearing me sya:"we have to do the peppers".

      It's a fluke yr for the basil..I took it out of pots when I harvested the garlic..and put it in the ground and it kept on giving.Must be a lucky square that patch:)
      Who knows..everything looks bad in the gardens..I left calendula because it's still looking ok:) Hoping it will drop seeds;)

      Have a beautiful day..I'll have hand warmers on:)

  7. HI Monique...
    First off...I love your paintings, and I think you should frame them...♥️
    Now...onto the Ipad...
    I had a mini for years, and it just kinda slowed down to a crawl, so my kids and boyfriend gifted me a big one last birthday...
    Everything is great...except when I do updates!! I have the same problem with IG...why??
    After the last photos folder changed...all of my apps were gone...had to reinstall...grrrrr....
    My google identity has nto worked for months on the bigger Ipad, and I can't comment on anyone's blogs....except from my Mac up in my office!!
    When I travel, I have to post my blog on my old the newer Ipad no longer supports blogger....geesh...
    And my gooogle identity is still alive on the old mini! Go figure.....
    I do use my phone for pics at the cottage...much easier than downloading from camera to phone...but I hardly ever use my phone as a phone! hahaha!!
    I said "No more updates for me"....screws everything up...
    Anyway...rant over...enjoy your weekend...chilly and dull and wet here...
    Linda :o)
    I use it for texting my kids, while at the cottage, as there is no phone there any longer...too costly$$$...

    1. Linda my new Ipad worked perfectly the day I got it last week..then there was an update.did it..IG was smaller..contacted Apple they were so nice..said the update had nothing to do w/ IG it's an IG thing..I wrote..and reported it on the app..they are not like Apple answer.
      What's up w/ all this?:(
      I am ranting too:)
      I am frozen stiff..just went to watch oli's football game.I left at half time..we took 2 cars lol I didn't think I would last.The wind and dampness nips you everywhere..even had hand warmers..I left them w/ my daughter..Football is a tough game:(
      Max is writing his entrance exams for the high school college..Lucas was at the game..and Noah is taking a I can babysit myself class:)
      These boys are growing up way too fast.♥
      Adore..I adore them.
      Like you adore yours:)
      Have a great weekend..went to the market early this AM..such neat finds..sooo many tea cups ..:) Nope..not for me..and $20-30..nope..;)

  8. It’s me Monique. I too am having problems with Google. I. Still having problems with instagram, I feel like a dinosaur. Can’t contact them and can’t access my account��. The photos of Provence are great. It must have been magical. Can you believe it is mid October already. I made cookies today to bring to the gang on Monday. Halloween and some embossed Scandinavian design with one of those rolling pins from Etsy. I’ll send photos via pm. Are those your four o’clocks You are collecting seed from? So pretty whatever it is. Tomorrow I have to get into the garden and cut it down. It will be chilly, my iPad says a frost warning for tonight. Hope my calendula make it through the night, I’ll cover with a towel to keep them snuggly.

  9. Oh no!! What's up w/ GOOGLE?
    Instagram..make a new email account like GMAIL or something and make a new IG account..Try it..
    yes I have gathered only 2 seeds..I will plant fuller sun next Provence they grow in asphalt!!
    I should get more seeds..but I planted in a shadier area so they took a while to take and bloom..

    Looking forward to your pics Terry..
    And email me re IG..:)I have left your calendulas:) They still look jealthy and some Nicotina reseeded..but I pulled those because frost is coming here too.I am sure my basil will freeze this week..SO COLD.

  10. I always love your blog posts because they are full of so much beauty, color, and fun information. I love that top picture, with that beautiful October ephemera, and lovely tea cup. Your paintings are always of interest, as are your photos, and that coconut cake looks pretty good. You mentioned that it was a bit on the dry side, so I was wondering how it would be topped with a glaze made from coconut rum. I may give something like that a try.

    1. That's a great idea Pattie and thank you! Have a nice Sunday..we have sun but it's still cold!

  11. Dearest Monique,
    Lovely memories from the Provence... bought and from your own.
    You discovered some delicious Italian baking recipes; thanks for sharing with us!
    Glad our Internet is back for a full day and also that we have power. The nasty visit from hurricane Michael was quite an interruption... So many people in our town are still without power! The Church pews were rather empty, guess all those that still could not shower were too reluctant to show up. Coming to think about how much we depend on power with everything... Scary!
    Hugs and happy Sunday,

    Yesterday I did post an update about the hurricane...

    1. We do depend on power so much.I have been without for days in winter..twice..once well over 10 days and I became a shrew:(
      In Provence they have Le Mistral..and when it arose..WiFi would go..we are in a outlying area though..remotish..maybe that is why.
      We have been following Michael:( such a power.

  12. Dear Monique, it’s always a huge pleasure to read your posts sharing a bit of your lifestyle. I do really love those delicious receipts you shared with us.
    Wish you a happy Sunday.

    1. Thank you Nina..I enjoy yours and your IG..I get to see worlds..I don't habitually..and I pick up fashion tips:)Bon Dimanche et merci Nina.

  13. Love your paintings. Seeing precious pictures of provence is making me want to visit. Google is really changing things up. A security glitch for Google+ was hidden for awhile.The main purpose was to combat Facebook. As for Instagram on your iPad, you can try some other apps, which are full screen. Try Instaget.

  14. I LOVE ❤️ Your village perché watercolor de Gordes!,!

    1. Merci're such an inspiration and when you tell me you like I just want to do more:)Really.

  15. LOVE seeing all these lovely pictures from Provence. Makes me want to hop a plane right now! And that BASIL, it's amazing!!

  16. You must be having what they call in New Hampshire an Indian summer with your garden still flourishing so. I can't believe your basil, that is incredible. I can think of all kinds of wonderful dishes that you will be making with your frozen peppers and I agree that your version is way better than brined one. Enjoy your fall.

    1. You too Karen! Almost all the leaves have started to turn now.It is glorious..just not today:) Gloom and rain!

  17. Love this amazing post Monique...i enjoy everything Ria x 🧡

  18. You are a busy autumn lady! That first photo is so rich, so seasonal! And your paintings, your paintings...sigh...
    The Provence store fronts are works of art in themselves, aren't they?

    1. They are..each one a painting in itself.I know you have lived these moments of being in awe of all things different than where we live.
      A se rincer l'oeil as we say in QC.
      Thinking about you.

  19. I am in love with your paintings and photos. And I love visiting places I probably won't get to through your eyes.
    Brakes and tech purchase the same week: Bummer!

    1. I know!!:( Aww but I have gotten to see places through you that I won't get to either! Win win!!

  20. Autumn in the perfect time for tea and a treat. It gets dark so early now, changes the whole feel of the day. These long evenings are perfect for crafting ;-) And I have to mention the gorgeous watercolors!

    1. Thank you!
      I really don't mind the hibernating..:) It's the cold!!

  21. Monique, I read this on my phone originally, but can't comment there. So here I am to say that I loved each one of these little shops. Makes me long to return to the south of France. All so special!!!

    1. So glad you got to hop to France though! And your finds♥♥

  22. Basia beautiful, these roses that enliven the work. It's obvious that this robot can vouch :)
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  23. I am dreaming of Provence and Hudson... xo

  24. I feel your pain on the car. The day I got back mine went in the shop for two days and came out expensive but repaired. Sigh. But oh, those cute Provencal shops! And your paintings! How wonderful. And the cake looks yum. We got home in time for Halloween. So much to do. Cold now. Alas. I was hoping for some more warm weather before it sets in. Tea sounds good now. I think I'll make a cup and then read another of your posts to catch up!

    1. :) Welcome back! Did you have a moment to paint?Hope so:)
      Car and appliance repairs ugh:(

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