Thursday, October 25, 2018

Eygalières~Madeleines~Garden Notes~

One small charming town we did not visit last year..was this one..

Someone lives above..

We ate here..Chez Paulette..  had the seafood risotto..met nice people..

We watch a terrific show on TV from France..we had read that the host lived in this town..
wanted to see what the appeal was.
Evident the moment we stepped in quiet warm sunlit morning.

Like a fairy tale.

We walked the streets..admired the homes..talked to 2 lovely women on bicycles who welcomed us..

There is a quietude..that is unlike any other town.
We learned a few famous people live there:)
And met some lovely people at lunch who live there..and nearby.. and in New Orleans.

Imagine that.

The old streets wind and go up up and up..

At the almost top we reach the statue of the Virgin Mary..1893..a miracle happened there .

We ate lunch at Chez Paulette.

It was a memorable day for me:)

The famous people who live there?..

I don't blame them

Oh so far from the Madding Crowd.

And seems so close to heaven.

Once home..I was craving good in Provence and served often as a side dish..
and Madeleines..

So I made both:)

Ratatouille takes a long time because if I don't just roast it for a pasta..

I cook each

on it's own.

Then mix.

I prefer my madeleines very vanilla sugared..the vanilla sugar being and ingredient for me:)

These take no time apart from 1 hr resting time..

I regret not having eaten 5 more Sacristains♥

It's funny..when we are away..I long for home in some ways near the end..Once home..
I miss where I was in some ways:)

I am often in a quandry inside I guess.

While we were in Provence..

we visited Charles Aznavour's home town in Provence..Mouriès.

We just walked the center of town..and visited a beautiful Moulin d'huile d'olive..a passion of M.Aznavour's...

And thought of Charles.

Jacques has always loved him..and I have loved him since Jacques.
His songs are still playing incessantly on our CD player..on Alexa..etc..
We were so sad to hear that he passed away..just a few days after our visit there..

I have made many Madeleine recipes,including Ladurée's..
Nancy gave me their Sucré cookbook..
This latest one just seems to be quick and infaillable..
I gleaned it from here..
One evening Lucas made some with me..but we stuffed them w/ jam:)

So for about 13 reg size macarons..made in my silicone mold of 9..
so I have to use the oven twice..

La Recette  but I changed a few things.

2 eggs
80 grams of sugar

Beat until pale and light  (blanchir)
Add an envelope of vanilla sugar..beat in.

Meanwhile..melt 50 grams of butter and cool.

By hand..add 90 Grams of flour that you have sifted w/ 1/2 tsp of baking powder..until perfectly smooth..add your cooled butter..
mix by hand until perfectly smooth.

Place batter in fridge for 1 hr.
Fill your prepared molds..but not to the top..or they will spill over.

In making the filled ones..I used a piping bag..makes a much better job..I pipe..add a smidge of jam..pipe.
Bake in a pre heated 400 F oven for 5 minutes
Bake in a 350 F oven for the next 10-15 mins.
You are looking for a baby bump:)♥

They are delightful in every way.
Have made this recipe 4 I will try one with Golden syrup.
Just because:)

Gotta love snail mail..:)

Garden Footnote..My garlic is planted..w/ temps not expected to rise..I planted it it all Saturday October 20th.
Tulips are planted.
I have interesting seeds for next yr.♥
Datura seeds are sprinkled:)
Hollyhocks,sweet peas..nasturtiums,calendula and tomatoes will wait till spring.
Taking down the pond arbor that has Betty and Comtesse  on it..old..16 yrs at least..rusted and many of the supports are finished.
Ordered a new white plastic one..we seem to be replacing metal and wood w/ plastic.
They last.

And that's about it for now..leaves are still turning..frigid cold..boys are still loving football..and I am still loving them all♥
Take care..


  1. Dear Monique, mixing La Provence with Aznavour, ratatouille and madeleines results in an almost divine broth.
    I took possession of your recipe of madeleines that surely are fantastic.
    By now weather began to cool and we expect the arrival of a mass of polar air from next weekend.
    Have fun.

    1. Merci Nina..J'espère que tes nouvelles roses t'apporteront énormément de joie.
      You have a green thumb:)
      Et un oeil pour la beauté.
      Bonne fin de semaine!

  2. Sounds all like heaven. Donna@gather

  3. Oh the doors!!! I would be thrilled just seeing them!
    Sounds like you had a lovely always...and you share the beauty with us ♥️
    your Madeleines look very fresh and tender...
    i sure hope your Daturas flourish...I sprinkled a few seeds here at home myself!
    The clouds made way for a wee bit of sunshine today...but she has hidden behind a thick covering once again...
    Cottage drive tomorrow...3rd stove being delivered...fingers crossed!!
    Enjoy the rest of your Thursday...
    Linda :o)

    1. Fingers crossed for the 3rd oven..don't they say 3 times a charm:) Thank YOU for the Daturas..etc:)

    2. And they tried to tell me the warranty would be from the first delivery in April! What?
      I wrote to the manufacturer...American...and they agreed my warranty starts tomorrow!
      The nerve!
      And...yes....third time the charm...I mentioned that to them too!😂

    3. 🙂👏What a pain!Fingers crossed🤞🏻🤞🏻

  4. What a dreamy place! I didn't think I would see any more charm that what you've already shown us but here it is. I can see why the famous would be happy to escape to this beautiful shelter. I ♥ the sheep door! In the first photo of the building with the Virgin Mary on top...what is that growing underneath in the corner? It almost looks like huge spider webs :) I have saved the recipe you shared for the Madeleines and will try them. The jam piped in before baking? It must be hard to keep inside the wet dough. I love that Lucas baked with you ♥

    1. I would have to go back to tell you:)
      Hugh a nice person:) And lives there:)
      I took so many photos here but am restraining myself:)Hard to believe..I know;)

      Yes..pipe a dollop of the Madeleine dough..but enough of a surface to add a SMIDGE of jam and top w/ more batter.The dough is not too wet..refrigerating it,keeps it a tad firm;)It does not matter if a bit is off:)
      That boy will have marriage proposals..way before he proposes..and I hope the person he chooses will appreciate all his tenderness;)

    2. Now I understand the piping, Thank you! Lucas will be a highly prized husband one day :) Did you see Hugh Grant in A Very English Scandal? The first time I ever saw him play an unsavory's good.

    3. No..have to look for it! Thanks!!

  5. Love these houses Monique and love yours madeleines lovely!

  6. What a beautiful village. Your photos capture its beauty wonderfully. They will keep your memories of the town in your heart and mind forever. I love all the different doors. The lamb painted on one💕💕💕. I’ll have to try your Madeline recipe, it sounds very good. We have had trees finally starting to turn but with a nor’easter (rain not snow) they are falling off the trees.

    1. It is:) I think you would love it..we may get snow in a few hrs..
      The Madeleines are no fail..but I know you loved your chocolate ones too.
      The trees here are resplendent..yesterday..I went out for just a few minutes for an IGA run..
      everyone that works there is so nice ..have seen them forever..the sun was the stop sign and crosswalk..everyone letting everyone go first w/ a smile..It's kind of like Eygalières but different.Because it's in the 30's..
      That lamb painted one? I agree♥

  7. You have just reminded me about my tulips - I had completely forgotten about them stored away in the shed! I like the sheep door. I love being on holiday, but I’m always glad to return home :-)

  8. There is something magical about those ancient French towns. I think we miss a lot during our visits as we don't speak the language...although we have no problem ordering from a French menu.

    1. :) That made me smile..
      I find some towns are more user friendly than others..if you don't speak French..I know that in most St-Rémy..the shopkeepers usually speak enough English to facilitate conversations..but we have not been in every store and every resto.
      It is a gift to speak both languages.
      Lucky for sure in that respect.

  9. Your pictures are so evocative of Provence..
    Like taking a fast train down to Avignon

  10. Oh... I ate the best Madeleines from St. Remy.... I have never made them like that... is this your favourite recipe that you are sharing? xo

    1. Yes at the moment my favorite!I do want to try one with Golden Syrup as a commercial brand I like in France..the ingredients specify a corn syrup..type addition.
      But these are fail proof..get some good vanilla whole envelope🙂

  11. I hate to think this was your last trip to Provence. Sigh . . . things do change as we get older, and things become a bit more difficult to cope with, like travel, etc. You will have to do a little water colour booklet of your travels. I would buy one. I really would. I adore your paintings. I loved the Canelles of St Emilion. I dream about them. Your madelines look perfection. Little humps, not overdone. Little humps are best. I love that you do this with your grandson also. What a treasure moment. You have built lovely memories for them of time spent with their much loved Grandmaman. I hate that the years are slipping away and so quickly. Hard to believe that Christmas is less than two months and I have done . . . nothing! xoxo

  12. I must confess I have started Christmas and wrapped 2 gifts:)No baking etc..but sorting.In dire need of young boys stocking stuffers..Fingers crossed things catch my eye..nine to fill..but the girls..I gather here and there and they are easy:)I have not baked w/ Lulu for was fun.As you know they are y blessings..
    It is sad to think we won't return..but not the end of the world.
    Life changes..nothing much we can do about it.
    I have seen things..I am ok with it:)
    Have a great day Marie..I did make a journal and a book while awy..mais juste pour moi:)x

  13. I never tire of lingering over your gorgeous photos Monique. Hope you get to go again one day. Lovely Madeleines too!

  14. Dearest Monique,
    Oh, you are such a passionate writer and so well able to transfer your feelings to the writer.
    Especially touching was the statue of the Virgin Mary, being at the top and giving you a very tranquil feeling of being closer to heaven. Not hearing the hustle bustle of everyday's life is such a blessing!
    We had the very same on our 2-day trip on the Rocky Mountaineer from Vancouver to Banff. JUST nature, no signal for our wired gadgets, hence the straight line connecting the dots on my Relive app that I used to capture our entire trip's surroundings 'from above'. Incredible and it is like stepping back in time to a calmer and simpler life. Together with good food it creates heaven for us, as you also so well experienced...

    PS still living in a dirty, dusty home as the bathroom is being remodeled... Poor Pieter has gotten a bad bronchitis, it worried me!

    1. Oh no..having remodeling w/ dust does not help bronchitis:( I am not a city person..nor is Jacques.We feel best in tranquil surroundings♥Love nature..the sky..the earth..not busy bustling cities at of our daughters loves cities and excitement..and the other loves beaches .We like quiet beaches too:)
      Have a good week..take care:)

  15. Oh, what a beautiful town in your photos. I have friends who loved staying there...I should have rented a car when I stayed in St. Rémy so I could have gone there...Yes, I love La poste...

    1. It is so serene..and the things you would paint there Rita:)Renting a ..a bit of an exercise.We found the rental car company..a bit problematic compared to Achat/Rachat..but for AR to be worth your while I think you need a minimum number of days.But it is way better in our honest opinion.
      It's the driving..ohmygoodness..Les baux etc..craziness..
      Not for the timid or faint of heart..Not like Italy/Rome..etc where Jacques drove also and that is wall to wall traffic and mortorcycles weaving in and out..but the roads..scary.You can almost see your life flashing in front of you w/ the right angle curves and sky high can't look down:)
      My friend Nancy has lived in the South Of France..and Paris..and I know she would love St-Rémy and all Van Gogh there..but I think one must be w/ an organized tour..if on one's own like she is.It would be the same for me.I don't drive past my town almost now's just all so magnificent.

  16. Oh such a charming place - the stone work, the doors, the windows - it is all so gorgeous.

    1. :)Thank you:) Oh your daughter-in-law and your Littles♥And son!!

  17. Is it too late for me to plant garlic? I'm afraid it is -- pretty cold, though the ground isn't frozen. Rather wet, instead. Oh, I love madeleines and glad to have yet another recipe to try. One of my favorite things to make. Such sweet little cakes.

    What a charming village. I would like to live there too, I think!

    1. Not too late..:)If you ground is not frozen should be ok..I think you are a warmer zone than mine.. I hope you try!
      It's endearing from the moment you arrive:)

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