Thursday, December 12, 2019

December 12th~

A Christmas past below..

and another:)

Such a lovely envelope in the mail with a beautiful card(I collect them;) )and a charming evergreen garland for the kitchen.
December starts off well when a sweet thought from across the pond arrives.
I loved that it was early.
♥Look how the details say ..I was thinking of you..stitch after stitch after stich.
Thank you again..Marie..

For years I hesitated to include a gift I had received..well.. why?..On IG lol gifts arrive every day to Influensters to market things.

Why can't I just feel comfortable enough to market kindness?

I sometimes felt maybe someone would feel left out..or whatever.
But nothing is an obligation.
Obligations..are not fun to send.
I have stopped all obligations..apart from family lol..which ..they are obligations..but good ones..not..Oy I have to do this or that..

I love to send where my thoughts lead me.
I received a card in the mail yesterday that meant somuch to me..the added words the dear person added..warmed my heart.

I started the baking..

Auntie Bernice's Shortbreads took on a whole new meaning when I discovered after 46 yrs..they can be stamped;)
I have a few stamps..(I can hear you laughing)..

I learned a new addictive craft..snowmen perched on cute things..embellished..I learned here:)
Sweet Rose and Wren~  WHAT A BLOG!!!
I'll be searching for tiny hats and scarves and adorb minis.

I truly love's special you must admit..
For many reasons.
Even if it was the occasion of my worst year ever.
I also tried a new sugar cookie recipe and they are good..
Stamp very well in fact it is  made for the beautiful Heirloom Nordic Ware stamps..
I made the personalized ones above..
Here is the recipe..

On IG I was asked what cookie cutters I use..  well for these batches..I used the above ones shown..plungers:)
So easy to work with.
Many from EBAY..Mitten for Michaels..Gingerbread Man large ..personalized.. w/ all the letters and snowflake and ornament..Williams-Sonoma~.
Years of collecting here and there.
I did dip many of the sugar cookies in chocolate once cooled..but Oli arrived soon after:)
He put his advent calendar chocolates on his cookie..LOL
Nectarine..grilled cheese..ships and choco milk..whipped cream ..because it's CHRISTMAS:) 
I am a nana and my girls let me;)

100 yrs ago..

I used to publish a type of memorial in The Mtl Gazette every Dec 12th..they had a Christmas fund and you could memory of~
Jeannette Guimond~♥

The Mtl Gazette is no longer published hard copy..
We don't get newspapers anymore except a local one.

I saw this on FB..
and it hit close to home..
46 years later..
I don't think it's bad to shed a tea or two at Christmas...
I am on my own today..this Dec 12th..a fresh cover of snow..a bit of sun..

I will be opening this box..number 25;)  I have been friends with Susan for 20 yrs now I think..almost..when we moved here..on Gardenbuddies we met:)

Making the 12th a day to remember but a day to also count every blessing that has come my way since then..

The delicately embroidered white ornament is new this year from Belgium..from my daughter and Noah..their trip this summer~

On a much different note..

This came via email to me from a special Parisian artist ..I bet you all know who:)

I love it~

These videos GET to me.
Of course I'm a bag of tears anyways.

I remember each of our Littles here at Christmas :)Their firsts..
Lucas was 4 months old..Max 6 months..Noah 5 months and Oli 3 months..
I don't have visions of sugarplums..I have visions of wee baby boys:)
And 2 little girls in matching pjs..:) An acorn red fireplace..Fisher Price Toys and stockings with Holly Hobbie bonnets in them..plastic milk bottles where the milk magically disappeared as you fed your baby doll..
My Friend Mandy and Jenny and Becky..Mary came first.
What a great company FISHER PRICE.
They once found a Mary doll for me in a factory ..and sent it to me♥

Below fotos from the web~

The annoying Tuneyville Choo Choo:)

Flutes and play pianos..
puzzles and books and games.

I live far away from city hoopla..
I just don't care..
when I drive home on a grey December day..and see this..

Stop..and reflect:)

Today..looks soo different! skies and sunshine..either in Fl or here..a blue sky makes all the difference in the world~

It means a lot..That's Oli's school crossing guard:)Yes our roads need a bit of work..I just focus on all the charm my town has to offer.
Have a great day:)
I'll be quiet.
And reflective..we all can use days like these right?


  1. Love from me 🎄🎄🎄Ria ❤️💚

  2. Love the evergreen garland. Your pictures are all so beautiful.

  3. What a darling crossing guard! :) I love your cookies with the kiddos' names stamped into them. :) I love all the obvious LOVE in every one of your posts, as always. (Aren't you glad you kept blogging!!?! ;) ) ♥

    Lantern-crafting continues today. . .It is together and sturdy enough now, the couch, tree, footstool, and a few decorations are in-place. . .I just need to add the batteries to the tree and the string lights tomorrow to see it all lit up finally. :) And I want to make a couple more decorations--an afghan or quilt for the back of the couch and another present or two for under the tree. But it's looking cute. She'll love it. Thank you again for the inspiration. It will be a blog post by January. :)

    1. I cannot wait to SEE it!!! I am sure you cannot post before because mama will see it.
      Like me and a couple of gifts for family:)
      I agree the crossing guard made both Jacques and I smile:)
      Have a great day Val!

    2. And yes..even tarnished..I still love my humble blog and blogging..THANK YOU.For the courage.

    3. Market kindness! I love the thought of that phrase. You do, you know! Your blog is filled with kindness, Monique. It is and always has been one of the most unique blogs around. You ave an exquisite way of sharing your thoughts, your recipes and baked goods, your amazing talent in all that you create.
      The little tree garland is delightful! The snowmen too! Did you see the clever use of the gingerbread cutter for the reindeer cookies I shared? I adore your little gingerbread animals with their white details. I'm saving that idea. So simple and effective!
      Yes, give me a simple lifestyle please. My sister and I went to check out a place to take her little grands for a special treat. It has a beautiful carousel and other old fashioned rides outside, but inside is a huge, loud, and obnoxious filled with video arcad games. I would never consider giving the girls that option, but that is probably what they would want to do. So we decided it isn't an option. I love the carousels in France. Almost every town large or small has one in the park or city center. Each is different and magnificent. The one here is pretty too. It is a double decker which I had not seen before.
      Yes, quiet days of reflection. Oli's crossing guard is young and cute. Here the crossing guards are old folks. But they smile and are cheerful to drivers.
      Enjoy your blue skies!!!

    4. Sarah..I just bought on Kindle in a way because of a purchase in Fl..The Last Carousel in Provence..I think that is the name.I was recommended to me.Perhaps you would like it also.
      The carousels in France make my heart skip a beat.
      I miss St -Rémy....even below Sacré-Coeur in Montmartre🙏🏻🙏🏻
      The carousel on Call The Midwife for Barbara’s wedding😭😭
      You will have such a great time with your sister and family and your dear Monnie resplendent in health again🙏🏻🙏🏻

  4. Dearest Monique,
    That was a touching video...
    This Saturday we will have the Military Memorial Service for our best friend... it has been especially scheduled to be on their 'would be' 45th Wedding Anniversary... We did bring yesterday 4 dozen yellow roses with an orange edge as we couldn't find all yellow, to the left over bride of that special marriage. Life is SO TENDER and short when looking back.
    Hugs and keep baking those very sweet cookies with name on for your littles. So lovingly done!

    1. Mariette you have put it so beautifully that you have brought teras to my eyes yet again today..
      It's a tea bag day.

      Life IS SO TENDER AND SHORT when looking back.

      How true.
      And how lovely of you with your tribute.

  5. Your pictures are so beautiful!
    Lovely post.
    Hugs, dear Monique

  6. The gingerbread animals!
    I miss those over here. Pain d'epice is not the same. At all.
    Such lovely pictures. Marketing kindness right there.
    From a Parisian artiste Xxxx

    1. Oui tu es notre artiste Parisienne préférée!Jacques liked your video too⭐️⭐️⭐️

  7. Every ornament, garland, gift box, photo, sentiment, always so heartfelt and so very special ♥ I know how meaningful the 12th was for you. The story of Oli and his Advent candy cookie, the Littles (as they were), name cookies, how we love our boys! Yes, the sun will cheer me even on a frigid day. I don't mind the cold when it's sunny. I love that both the crossing guard and gentleman crossing are both wearing red :) I also love your marketing kindness, the best of all marketing there can be ♥

    1. So much of you everywhere here!
      What a joy..
      Some things do last forever🤗🤗🤗
      Having a phone is changing my car drives asa passenger👏🏻👏🏻🙏🏻😂Yes we love those boys..I was sure Oli and B were going to be girls🤣🤣Grateful they are who they are💙💙

  8. So cute and creative. Your posts bring smiles. The gingerbread animals are darling. How sweet the stories are. Christmas blessings Monique.

  9. I don't know where to begin! Everything here is just setting every emotion off is full force. Joy, happiness, love, excitement, anticipation. And a little envy. That comes from the fact that my oven is broken and I haven't done ANY of my holiday baking -- that was going to be today's and this weekend's big event. Lots and lots of cookies and breads to give away. I baked off some at Rick's today but there's nothing like cooking in your own kitchen. It's a vintage stove and parts are hard to find. Fingers are crossed we can get it going soon!

    Also, before I forget, could you kindly mail me your address? I wanted to send a card your way and realized I didn't have it and since we seem to have trouble with your accessing my incoming mail, perhaps you can send out. I hope you will! (It might arrive after Christmas but then aren't we all about extending the joy?)

    Your tree reminds me of mine -- lots and lots of things you love from all over, from everyone. It's so beautiful and it tells your story and I just adore that! Oh, and I'm clicking on all the links you shared and loving the snow people and so much more. I've been having a tough kind of meltdown week -- this has really made me smile. Thank you! Merci beaucoup!

    1. Me too kind of week..of course I will send you my address and I would love yours.
      I can see you enjoying making the wee snowmen!!!
      Take care..will be in touch🎄🎄🎄The touching each in their own way!

  10. One thing I love about December Monique is the way it inspires us to take those lovely memories out of our hearts where we keep them safe and sound and reflect upon and enjoy them all over again. I wish I had known when my babies were growing up how fast time would seem to have flown when I got older, I might have hugged them a little closer to my heart. Perhaps that is one of the greatest blessing that come from having Grandchildren you get to relive those memories and special times again first hand. Loved all of your photos. There WAS love in every stitch. From the moment I saw the pattern it had your name on it! Your cookies are phenomenol! Truly! You are such an artiste in all that you do! Your words, your memories, photos, etc. everything touches my heart in a beautful way. I am so grateful always for all that you share with us. My Susan Branch of the North. I hope you have a wonderfully beautiful Christmas. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! xoxo

    1. Always such kind kind words..
      I love how we've all come together these kindred spiritis..
      Where else would I have been soo inspired?

      I have loved being part of this WWW♥
      Have a lovely weekend:)
      Et Merci encore:)

  11. Delicious cookies, wonderful baker. Love the little tree garland, I need a new oneto replace my little cloth trees, Everything is delightful as always.

  12. Kindness and love and memories from the heart, I wish the world was filled with more people like you.

    1. What a very gentle and kind thing to say♥I have so many faults..I just haven't mentioned them..yet:)

  13. Always is a joy look all yours pictures and recipes Monique, Happy and lovely Christmas with all yours ! xo

    1. I wish you a big turnover!! happiness and calm again!!

  14. What a beautifully written piece and with such lovely photos to draw me in to your thoughts. This brought more joy to my heart and soul today.
    Buon Natale and Merry Christmas,

  15. Everything is so picture perfect, Monique. I love the cookies (especially the personalized ones) and the decorations. And I love your curtains!

  16. I don't know anyone who loves this holiday more than you!I loved everything in this edition.

    1. I guess I do love it:) It's rather bleak though this week ..kind of..oh lala..Thanks A!

  17. Beautiful! Happy, happy December! xo

  18. I couldn't be happier that you are blogging...thank goodness all those lovely gals help you recoup your pics...❤️💚💜💙💛
    Your words send me back to my own memories...some of which are very similar to yours...
    Your baking amazes perfect!!
    I think this will be a Christmas for my family to always remember...and I am going to do my darn best to help accomplish that...
    Hugs to you most favorite Internet friend...💋...tears...☺️
    Enjoy your Tuesday...light snowfall here...we are off to Vivian's Christmas concert after lunch...can't wait!!!
    Linda :o)

    1. I saw Vivian:) Beautiful♥
      You will all remember this Christmas:)
      And next and the next and the next..
      every Christmas..a different feeling..a different meaning.
      And unto you a King was born:)♥

  19. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, dear Monique.


  21. You know me - we dip chocolates more than baking cookies but my oldest daughter and I did Mickey Mouse cookies all day with little ones tugging on her - but we got it done. Stamping is so much easier - I love stamped cookies too but wanted to get out the fancy frosting and tips and give it a try.
    Boy the Littles sure grow quickly. It is wonderful but kind of sad.

    1. You are so blessed to keep getting Littles:) Wonderful gradparents! So fun and energetic!
      Happy Holidays to you:)

  22. Hello Monique,
    I'm one of those loyal readers of yours that just stays in the background, but when I thought you were really going to give in the towel, I just felt so sad and dismayed! :)
    Now that you received some good help/assistance and were able to start blogging again, well, I'm THRILLED! Your blog is a mini-vacation away from the all too pervasive nastiness infiltrating our world now. Please don't stop blogging, as you are doing a mental health assistance program here whether you were aware of that or not!

    I also wanted to ask you what the name of the knife sharpener you like and use. I know, how silly that is what I most recall of your lovely blog posts. I vaguely recall you mentioned it in one of your blogs a couple of years ago, but I can't find it. I wanted to get one for Christmas or New Year, but cannot find your suggestion. I would greatly appreciate if you could tell me the name and I believe you bought it online.

    Happy Holidays to you and your lovely family!
    Susan W.

    1. Hi Susan!

      Thank you so much for your kind note..

      If you can believe humble blog has been a Godsend to me mentally and physically.
      All the kindness..chatter..ideas..inspiration from others..little notes such as these..warm my soul.
      Thank you.
      Alas 90% of the pics gone would entail detective work and trying to find all the pics that go in the right posts.
      I seem to keep busy for many reasons..but this just seems over the top..
      so past posts may be blank for a long time..
      The knife sharpener you mention was indeed in a post and it's still my favorite..However..
      mine broke as a drawer or something(not me:) )..must have broken it..
      definitely knew I would like another.
      Nothing else compared.
      The company was sold I think and the quality seems in a way..
      Mine was blue..
      I now have the gold one..

      My newere one..a few yrs now is
      Any Sharp brand..and it's Gold..
      my previous one was blue and made by the company who owned the patenet I guess before..
      I had bought mine at HomeSense Canada.

      on Amazon Canada the blue one is ap $23.00 it's gone up in price..

      and has 4.5 stars on 330 reviews.

      There is a SHARPAL one for $17.00 with 5 star review on 27.

      Both .ca and .com have them..
      I had bought mine iin the US at the time..

      Good luck!
      And May your days be merry and bright♥

    2. Thank you so much for your quick note and information on the sharpener! I much appreciate that kindness.
      Have yourself a Merry Christmas too! You brightened my yes, it is merry and bright! :)
      Keep up the amazing work on your blog!

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