Wednesday, January 30, 2019

A bit of sunshine..and this and that..

 Lemon curd..Elevates so many things~

Inspiring surprise~

Painting a home..

and another..

and ours..a while back..

Inspiration~Art form~

I made Jane's small batch vanilla lemon curd again..I made two:)
Beautiful Meyer Lemons sitting still..had to..
You can find Jane's recipe here..I have shared it before.

A delightful thing Debbie's Blog..Mountain Breaths..I won a beautiful cookbook..Kindness and Salt.
I loved how she described the book..the is wonderful that the book is a little bit French Bistro too.
Kindness and Salt..what's not to love? 2 of my fave things;)

Saturday night we had Noah ,Oli and Lucas..and later in the evening Lucas and Oli came back to our home for a sleepover.

I aim to please♥

That stack of beautiful pancakes won me brownie points..(I always hope that lol..) As I have said and confessed to before.. I bake for love;)

I've been painting..little journal pages and some homes..I seem to enjoy doing homes..

I always wish I could find MYSTYLE..when I paint a home..and I am ok w/ the outcome..I think..this is my style.

Not straight nor perfect..but I feel something when it's I don't want to tear it up:)
I just get feelings for certain our Littles..some homes..etc..
Those are the things I like best to paint.

I made a wonderful meal this week..we eat a lot of fish..chicken..veggies,salads..
Once in a while I want a plate of carbs..more often than not...:)

 I will make this and make it  again..w/ a few twists..We are only 2.. so just 2 spicy Italian sausages..and of course reduced all else..

I don't usually have heavy cream..used 10%and I jujjed up my ricotta w/ my basil oil and garlic and parm cheese.

For some reason I cannot remember if I shared my ParisBreakfast any event there are more now so worth another peek.
A neverending source of inspiration for me.
I save the envelopes and they are treats in themselves..the rubber stamping..stamps..postmarks..little inserts of this and that from Paris..
Just very very special.

Those are the other things I don't throw away..the small paintings I have done through her tutorials..
I am content w/ those:)

My maps used to be above  my art desk area but there is a big horizontal window there..width wise..not height wise..and I ran out of room so now they are all on the opposite wall..8 are in a frame..Ideally I would love 20 gold frames:) Chaching.
But for now..this just makes me feel even better to be down there:)
I love it.
You can find Carol's maps here:)

I saw this's not my photo but I liked it ..

  Listen to Van Gogh's words..

"If you hear a voice within you saying:"You cannot paint"..then by all means paint..and that voice will be silenced~"

Don't you love it?It opens a door for everyone. another era..;)More sunshine;)You can't see the roof now....nor all around for it's enwrapped in snow..

To every thing there is a season:)
And before we know it..Spring will be at our doorstep,clamoring for attention everywhere~
This is a time of rest.


  1. aww...beautiful little house with nice garden.
    have a great day

  2. Lemon curd mmmmmm......💛💛💛 beautiful painting Ria x

  3. Oh, that potting shed photo ♥ It was -22 here this morning...oldest temps in 23 years. No one was going anywhere today, the streets are like a ghost town. More of the same tonight. The pasta dish sounds wonderful and I bookmarked the recipe! Your lemon tarts with homemade lemon curd look fabulous and I love the snow-capped peaks :) Our boys love pancakes too! I love your house paintings (especially Nana's House)! Houses can be difficult subjects but you have done a wonderful job with them ♥

    1. I meant coldest temps in 23 years. Should proofread before I hit Publish :) I think I said 'I love' a lot too - LOL.

    2. Even Jacques said Susan must be very's unfathomable..I know on IG some people were saying their towns were closed..I don't proofread..and have sent off doozies..amazing how typing one wrong key changes it all:)
      I say love this love that all the time..same language:)
      I found an artist that does such great ink and watercolor work..inspiring:)I tried one of his videos and enjoyed it so much..but I have to copy..I want it to come from me..:):)

  4. Oh what beautiful paintings! I have artist envy. My mother loved painting and so does my son. I was not blessed with that talent. You sure were. And you bake too! That potting shed is just as cute as can be, I love it!
    Take care sweet friend,

    1. Your avatar is lovely!!I promise I am not blessed..I'm relentless lol:)Have a great day!

  5. I adore your potting shed Monique. Love all that you share really. Your love of art and art supplies. I would be better at it if I paid more attention. I don't. I just sit down and create. My work pales in comparison to your beautiful artistry. Lemon is a weakness of mine, especially curd. I will have to try the small batch version! Your tea cosy always makes me smile. I always made my kids pancakes on Saturdays and my oldest son carries on the tradition with his lads. Makes me smile also. Love Paris Breakfast also. Its been quite cold here these past few days. Thankfully our cold does not last as long as yours does. I am not sure I could tolerate much cold anymore! xoxo

    1. It's more tolerable than you think..indoors..hate to think of the utility bills..and I have warm clothes..I wear layers and -32 heat thermal light head though? Lol no hat earmuffs if forced and my hood..
      It's Jacques and the snowblowing cold.He loves the exercise..Kudos!!
      Marie you create wonderful art..charming..and a style all your own:)Take care..

  6. Ooo la la
    I LOVE your painted home series!
    Extrement charmant!
    And THANK YOU FOR SHOWING your wall of Parisbreakfast Maps!
    I am smiling ear to ear Monique 😄❤️🐻

    1. It's there in permanence..the care you put into your so appreciated!

  7. What lovely houses - especially yours! And those pancakes and tarts - heavenly! We watch from afar the bitter cold and snow that has enveloped the Northeast. Spring will be here before we know it, but wow, what a winter this has been so far!❄️💨❄️ It is very moderate here and I have daffodils popping up in the garden. Next week it will be 78 degrees and then cold again. My garden is confused. 💖

    1. Confused:) LOL..but how nice the respite and nothing cheerier than daffodils popping up..would love a garden tour when it's all up:)
      Have a lovely day..sun's out here again..makes a difference!

  8. Just what we need on this freezing cold morning (but nothing compared to Susan!). I love the houses and the lemon curd tarts. We all need a tea cozy to keep us warm and the yellow flower on top goes so well with your tarts. So sunny, we need to see all the sunny things we can so thank you for this post. Back in the late 70’s when we lived in our first house there was a yellow house in the neighborhood. I always loved it. If I could make mine yellow I would. Is that a painting of your daughter’s home? Congrats on your winning the cookbook. It looks interesting. Have you made anything from it yet? Stay warm and keep sharing your paintings and goodies.

    1. The first house has a story..someone wanted a painting and I mentioned she could send me a photo of her home and if I felt it..I would..when the photos arrived..I was so surprised as it is almost exactly our home 20 yrs ago ..but Jacques had designed it so there were arcitectural and room modifications..but very similar..ours had been grey..this lady's was I was happy to do it..Uncanny.

      The second is the side of my neighbour's house of them ..the view from our home..I love that view..our other neihbour has a similar side..but a deck over a sunroom..however I don't have an unobstructed view..
      Susan and Wisconsin..I know! Even parts of Fl are chilly!
      The pancakes are from the cookbook:)

      I love your house!

      Have a great day!

  9. I always enjoy it when you share your watercolors. So lovely.

  10. This is a wonderful post. I bet everyone was loving those pancakes. Your paintings are very pretty and good, such talent you have. Enjoyed the quote on the image and so true for today. Spring will be here soon.


    1. It will be here soon..time flies now..and it will be just amatter of days until I see my garlic and tulips!Thank you:)

  11. I understand your feeling about painting houses. I feel that way too, when I paint houses or buildings. It feels very right. Whenever you show your paintings my heart sings a little louder, a little brighter. It's a wonderful thing to do to pass the winter days.

    I've been painting a bit and will soon share some. I have a project I must do for Rick and want to do well so figured I'd better start with something else out of the gate just to get back into practice!

    We're in the bitter cold polar vortex here but I don't know that I should complain to you because you live it in far longer and more often than we do! Like you, I've been baking. I have a couple of lemons; I wonder if I have enough to make that curd. Yesterday I did scones and some cookies from Isobel's book. Love having the stove on, don't you? So glad you are having your Grands and company often. Big smiles. And I love your Carol Wall. Wonderful way to display her work. I have a few small ones in frames but no wall space left for much else... Sigh... Must order more of that paper; I used it this summer and loved it.

    1. It's a feeling of not wanting to tear them up:)!
      You have plenty for the lemn per batch:) It makes a cute little yogurt jar.
      Easy peasy.

      It would be wonderful to have a frame for each of Carol's works..but things are not cehap
      except Varage Sale.:)
      Have a great day.I look forward to seeing your art!!
      I saw on IG Prima has a new set..COMPLEXIONS..Covet covet.

  12. Oh I just love your garden shed....💚
    Cheers my friend!
    Linda :o)

    1. Thank you:)Just the front part is my "stuff" guess I should get w/ the times and call it a She Shed;);) Get into the IG lingo!LOL

  13. The houses are lovely. What a treat to eat those pancakes and the yummy tarts. Congrats on winning the book. Trying to get caught up. I am exhausted. Have a lovely weekend.

    1. I hope you get rested need a week of winter..just kidding this one is too cold for anyone!
      It was delightful to win the book:)I was happy:)

  14. I must say I am enjoying the rest this winter. I sleep very well in the winter, not in the summer. Ha! Our son and new DIL just moved to TX, she was tired of the cold winter (being from Ecuador originally). Now we have a warmer place to visit in March. I love January and February, and then my March I start wishing for spring and warmth.

    The pancakes look delish, and someday I will make a stack for Xavier and his family :-) Happy you won the book. I am making something from the book this weekend.
    Van Gogh's words were so true.

    1. You can visit Sarah also..and Magnolia and all those neat places in Texas!!How fun!
      March is maudlin lol can you say a month is maudlin?..I agree!
      I find I rest also in winter..
      just like you..except day you will retire and mark my'll love winter even more!

  15. I love your paintings, always. :) I fully embrace slowing down too though it is a challenge being in this fast paced world... I sometimes feel like an outlier.... Hope you are staying warm!

    1. You are a special soul:)The world is a better place with you in it..xo

  16. Hi Monique, so nice to visit your blog again, see your great food and beautifu art!

  17. Oh Thanks so much Ronell:)Bonne journée!

  18. Dearest Monique,
    For some reason I've never enjoyed lemon curd, it tastes to me way too eggy. Aside from the high cholesterol now, it is not on our list.
    Your pancakes look so yummy and isn't that a great soul food for winter days?!
    In my home town area there is a famous Pancake Restaurant, serving so many different ones. Never the thick American versions but more like the French crêpes.
    Stay cozy and warm and enjoy your lovely painting!

    1. Love the thin ones..just don't know if our Littles do:) I am grateful that I have not yet tasted an eggy curd..Yuck:)I could easily live w/out desserts..but I do enjoy bites of cookies..etc:)I just enjoy baking..and they last a long time here our Jacques is the one who likes a bit after dinner..his mother's son for sure:)Have a great week!

  19. Oh we have four days of snow on the way and if it was as heavy as the rain was in a California these past few days we are going to be buried! I think I need some lemon curd with some home made rolls while I am buried.

    1. Something at least:) Enjoy's a good time to do less of what we have to:)

  20. Dear Nana, can you believe I’ve never cooked that lovely lemon curd? It do really improves any dessert! I’ll try it soon.

    1. :) It took me years to make my own..and yet it's so easy.Have a great day Nina!

  21. I love your house paintings! How do you superimpose the script?

    1. I use PHOTOSHOP..but you can also use many free online photo editing apps..Ribbett is back:)

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