Wednesday, January 2, 2019

~2019~ So be it♥


So many make resolutions!
I just wish~

So nothing is put away Christmas..I even hate those words..Putting Christmas away..LOL
Does Christmas really get put away?
I hope not.

I will start to gather and reminisce and box up and store away  until next year..
Soon..probably after Epiphany like every year.

On the subject of resolutions..the deepest ,meditative friend I have ever had sent me a link to this..


I read it with intent as she is so wise..

and I found it so interesting.

I do finish what I start.

OHMGEE do I finish what I start..even a crappy book.

I'll even keep baking something I know an ingredient went missing;)

However..I do get extra paints..a new cookie cutter..a new art book..always thinking.."this paint set will make me a better painter":)
I will reread this link a few times this year:)

Maybe some of you will get one area or another.

can you believe I have never listened to a whole Audiobook?

I could not get a print copy of A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman..
so I took the audiobook.

While stitching in my warm craft room on these freakin' blustery days.
I am loving it.The narrator's voice is pleasant..  and the book is so interesting. My daughter had told me she loved it..
Same daughter who made the seed girl w/ Noah:)

Not done..I haven't been 9 hrs since this AM  in my craft room..but good:)
I love Fredrik Backman books.

Another thing I fell in love w/..Les Misérables..on a UK you tube..thanks to Carol at Paris Breakfasts.

Oh ...I watched the whole first episode on my mini Ipad while stitchin' an Orla K blanket..(not done by far)..It's so good!!

Did you all watch Call The Midwife Christmas special?
Bawling firtst 5 minutes.

I received such sweet snail mail between Christmas and New Year..

That card,see that first pic?

UK cards are the bomb for 3 D..
And Marie sent me the adorable stitched tree ornament.
Her new cookbook...number 2 I might add..comes out soon!

I received the most gorgeous Santa photo on a handmade card by Linda~ It is pitch black now to take a pic..:(

A beautiful 3 D vintage card from  Linda too..:)

I am saying these things because..well not os say..LOOK!

But to say..  How Sweet.How Grateful.

I am a firm believer in snail mail. Even if Canada Post is making me doubt.

I sent Linda a card the Monday I came back from Florida.Over 1 month.All within Canada:(

I'll fill you in on my Paris wall is getting fuller.I think it is time for a new pic;)

I can't believe the cute add-ins- Carol puts in her subscription's not only an aquarelle get goodies.

I made a cranberry orange cake thanks to Diane Morrisey..

and I was thrilled at the bit of COLOR that accompanied it:)
Thank you..DIANA.
The stamps..and history and story accompanying this sweet colorful dshtowel were a treat..and still are.

You can find her recipe on IG..Diane Morrisey's:)

What do I do during..well..whenever..
I stitch..

you can see the beginnings up there..

I love all of Alicia Paulsen's Christmas Kits..
And I found some lovely free downloads here.
Thank you to everyone who inspires me day in day out..

To occupy my hands and mind..

Like my son-in-law..
See that paper..brushes ..and paints?
Fred.For Christmas♥

My mom would have been 100 today.My lovely Capricorn of a mom.

I wonder if she sees me ..still♥


  1. She sees you.

    I think I would like to live inside Marie's Christmas card. It is so beautiful (even if it looks very cold and snowy!). Just like what Christmas should be.

    My things don't move till after Epiphany, either. And then, gently, the big tree first as it is the most "Christmassy" and the Santas. And then I work my way down, bringing up snowfolk and leaving the winter trees with their snowflakes and birds until we're well into (or maybe out of) the dark days of February.

    I love seeing your painting and stitching and am off to check out your links. We've been homing in -- Great British Baking on TV (old ones), making Julia's onion soup with Rick's bread, trying to find my desk under too many papers and unearthing buried memories in the process. Now it's evening and time to read. (I've only quit one book, 500 pages in, when I realized I really didn't want to spend anymore time with those people!)

    1. Lol 590 pages in..sounds like me..I am loving this Man called Ove..oh it is so tender..and raw at times.I am imagining being read to.I just love doing stuff with my hands..We both love the Great British Baking show..only saw one of the new hosts..darn I miss the old.
      Creature of habit.
      UK cards ❤️I never looked for a trade name..wonder why I never see cards like those here.
      Nite nite!!

  2. As usual your stories are told so sweetly. Like you, I delay putting things away till after the Epiphany. I missed the Call the Midwife Christmas special. I hope I can catch it on Netflix. It’s one of my favourites. Also, I’m looking forward to Marie’s new book. Not only is she a great cook but like someone else I know, an artist and very crafty.
    Have a great New Year Monique. All good things to you.

    1. You are so nice Diana..Let us hope our wishes come true☺️Oh both Jacques and I shed tears when we watch makes me laugh when we do..I hear him sniffling😂Just so touching and heartwarming.
      Marie is a real chef cook..I am a copy cat.
      But what would I do if I wasn't?☺️
      Have a nice evening!

  3. How did you fit so many of my favorites into one post? Fredrik Backman, Orla, Call the Midwife, cookies, crafting, and so much more. We just need the new Downton Abby movie to be complete. I always have such a good time when I visit your beautiful blog. Happy 2019, dear Monique.

    1. I am not surprised we like the same things..yes ..what's up with that movie..we need it now..severe DA longing..:)Have a great day!

  4. I dont want Christmas to end at LA TABLE DE NANA !!
    Si triste...

  5. I LOVE that stitched Christmas Tree ornament - so beautiful. I need to make a bird treat - I know they would love it. Stay warm Monique!

    1. It is so pretty here today..I am keeping warm..doing errands..coming’s going..snow is falling..magic❤️I love the ornament Marie made too!

  6. Loved the Raptitude article! So, so interesting. The card from Marie ♥ And that pretty fabric dish towel! And here you are starting next Christmas already :) You inspire all of us ♥. I have reserved The Man Called Ove from our digital library (Libby) but it's very popular. The book I am reading now I think you would also love if you haven't already read it...A Gentleman in Moscow.

    1. I can't beilieve I started a GIM..and let it go..I was busy doing something.I will renew it..I have had to renew 5.
      I cried at a Man Called Ove.I also smiled.Fredrik Backman(sp?) writes like none his own unique way.I had enjoyed Beartown and had booked out number 2 to this story and Christmas happened..It's on hold for me again.
      Libby is a doll♥
      I am happy you took the time to read Raptitude..I did because Nancy sent it to me..and I was glad I did♥
      I have 2 recent words though for 2019..Lil' Cub..and Pea:)
      I will send you a little Max something if I can find it again:)I'll IG..then email the CDN link.

    2. I didn't think I was going to like GIM at first. For me, it started a little slow. Then, the more and more I read, the more I liked it. It's a long one and I'm only half way through. Love those words, Pea :)

  7. I loved reading the post oohing and ahhing at each picture. I wish I could come over and have the cranberry and oj cake. I just stuck back a recipe for that and picked through a bag of cranberries to pop in the freezer for the recipe. I am going to use freshly squeezed tangerine juice for mine. I am working on my study as it has been a storage room since I moved to the city house. Next will be the art room and I fully plan to finish some pieces. I usually finish things too, so I need to finish these before I start anything new. It is one of my resolutions for the year. Much love and admiration for the coming year Monique. Donna@gather

    1. You too Donna..hope you will keep us posted:)
      I'll email you one day again privately as I did in the past re something else..

      I used Clementines!! So funny Donna..It's clementime abundance here from who knows where..:)Not here as the snow falls:)

  8. Happy New Year Monique. I’m thinking of you as the seed catalogs come in and thoughts of the garden are swirling. You truly don’t stop creating. Did you see the red truck with the Christmas tree in those free downloads? I bet Jacques would like one to admire as he nibbles his cookies. Our tree is still up, today I’m off to be with Katherine who is sick. I saved the recipe for the orange cranberry bread. I have a similar recipe but no icing. This one sounds good too. Have a good day and Bon weekend

    1. It's funny I don't need the icing I think..I had opened anot recipe on my computer that morning and Diane popped up on IG and I chose hers..they well be the same..
      Oh poor Katherine..J has a cough it has been years..all those Xmas kisses I guess.
      You are so observant I did not see the red truck! I found my birds on Pinterest..linked to the patterns and did some.In adding the link here I saw she had more..will look today..It's a snowy day..w/ a bit of accumulation..looks so pretty with fresh snow on everything..but not sunny..Have a good day and don't catch what Katherine has..What a great nana!

  9. Dear Nana, something very strange is happening - my comments have disappeared and are not published, not only with you but also with other friends. It's strange, isn't it? I hope you can receive this one.
    I wish you a happy weekend. It is very cold here but the sun is shining.

    1. I did receive this one!:)

      It is grey and humid with freshy fallen snow..not bad;)

  10. Dearest Monique,
    Congrats to your Mom's B'day in heaven... Quite a number.
    My Dad turned 98 today and all my siblings of course gather there.
    Always dreary to have this huge Ocean in-between and no urge to go in winter time with a weak heart condition such as Pieter's. Aside from high airfare due to ski-season in Europe.
    But aside from the dreary dark days here with too much rain, I love these days for catching up on reading and on cooking and lots of things. Your card from the UK is precious and handwritten mail is becoming extinct. On my side table lies a lovely card from my friend Mariëlle, done with fountain pen and that's what I prefer on good Crane stationery.
    Had a chance for putting my favorite things from magazines read, on Pinterest, by subject. A neat way of decluttering and now I can give away the magazines to a Belgian born widow who looks after our kittens when we travel.
    Have to gather things for a good dry cleaner and for some alterations by the Korean lady who's such a master in it. My eyes are going down, and I've only had one good eye my entire life. So I'd rather not strain them too much.
    Worked yesterday as a tutor and wish that would end any time soon... Rather live at home with my Pieter and get back to good, normal routine!
    Sending you hugs,

  11. 98 and here:) How wondeful..if he is in good spirits and in reasonably good health with no suffering..
    I receiced a Christmas card today from The Netherlands ..and will write her soon..Gwen:)
    I still enoy Pinterest and am so happy we can categorize them again at the push of a key:)

    How much room is that Pinterest saving:)
    And what a great Rolodex.

    I must admit..I can stitch w/out glasses..but today after a few hrs..I do feel my eyes strain..Those tiny needles for invisibe thread..for the sparkles..

    I cannot see fom far.. then I waer

    I thought I would wallow when I stopped working.
    God works in mysterious ways.
    I do not miss it at all..and my days are filled with distractions thank God♥

  12. Happy Birthday to your mum in heaven Monique. I know you miss her dreadfully. I am at the point now where, in thinking about my own mother, I think quality over quantity might be a better thing, but it is a very painful observation to come to. I was so happy that my card got there. I was starting to think it had gotten lost. As soon as I saw it I knew it had you written all over it! It screamed "Monique"! I thought of you picking up your mail down the lane from your house and the winter snow, etc. I am happy that you enjoyed it along with the little ornament. Thanks for the links to the other felt ornaments! I am going to get started earlier this year, taking a cue from you of course! That orange and cranberry cake/bread looks fabulous. I will need to follow Diane on Instagram. I love this wonderful easy comradery that I have found online with like minded souls following like minded souls. I have only ever very rarely come across anyone negative. The good has always far outweighed the bad. (Thankfully!) We have taken down all of our Christmas Decs today and are both exhausted from that! Oh but the house seems so empty when they come down. Happy New Year Sweet Lady. I am looking forward all that you will bring to your lovely table in sharing with us through this year to come!! Bonne Annee! xoxo

    1. I can't imagine the worry you are facing re your mom:(
      I keep her in my thoughts.
      Today I popped by a 94 yr old ex client of mine's home..I had been soooo remiss..I felt so good seeeing 2 ladies there.I knew someone came in every day..but these two..are so good for him I could tell..breaks the monotony of ever day life in winter when you live on your own.I didn't stay long..but he's such a character..last time we spoke on the phone he said"Hope you'll pop by before I pop off".
      He's British..fought in the war as a young teen..remeberes EVERYTHING.
      The price he paid for his previous home and how much we sold it for.
      When I arrived,,he didn't put 2 and 2 together as his front door neighbour ..that he doesn't know drives a white Fiat..he saw my car first..I sat on the floor in front of him..he's such a nice guy..
      He had been weighing on my mind.
      Glad I went.

      Yes I think Diane is right up your alley and she isn't selling anything which I like.
      I don't need temptations lol and live in Canada..everything is
      Thank YOU for thinking of me!
      Bonne Année is right!
      PS I am all for Bloggers/IGmmers that make money for a living..
      I had a career too:)

  13. Happy 2019! I am sure your mom sees how wonderful you are always. :) I look forward to more inspiration from your blog this year. My only goal is to remember to breathe this year. XO

    1. I loved that photo you posted♥You are such a special young woman.

  14. Yes, I believe your mother sees you and she's probably kvelling!
    No, I do not finish crappy books. There's too much to read to waste my time.
    I have never ever heard an audio book.
    A Man Called Ove was fantastic. Have you read Britt Marie Was Here? Same author.

    1. :)

      I will look for it!
      I read Beartown and had started Us against you before my time ran out at Christmas.
      The way I see an Audiobook fo myself and my future that it is ideal when disturbances..just quiet.and I bet at night with the lights out..or maybe even a long ca drive..never if I was busy walking around.It's rare that I sit and stitch..this long..always January..:)
      And the narrator is a biggiew/ the book I just finished a book that was fluffy and not my kind of book really..and the narrator sounded fluffy.
      On the other hand I am trying A gentleman In Moscow again..and the narrator is tops..still not into the book yet though.Have a great Sunday!

  15. I'm happy that you spend some of your creative time stitching, to me it is such a treasured hobby. Love the teapot and all the other things you have shared in the past.

  16. I have just read everyone's comments....everything is so true...we all look forward to your lovely posts, and enjoy every single word!!
    I love Marie's card!! A keeper, as you would say!
    I am still hopeful that yours will arrive...
    I know that your Mom sees you...and she is beaming from ear to ear...I sometimes dream that my Dad visits me,as he died when I was 21, and never knew which turn my life took.He winks,and gives me a thumbs up. I was lucky enough to have my Mom longer...she knew my kids...that was a blessing.
    I cant wait to see your blanket!! I guess I'll be making a blue one while away!! And...I am going to take some xstitch with me...I have one picked out for Lissa ♥️
    I am going to check out the downloads...and see what I can handle...
    Enjoy your week Monique...
    Linda :o)

    1. Perfect opportunity to stitch..a new baby boy:)
      You lost your dad young too..
      I must admit when Lucas was born..a huge hole in my heart filled in.
      I think you are so in love with a new grandchild that it heals wounds:)
      He really did ..he plugged the hole.
      I think because the whole time my kids grew up..there was never my mom to adore know like you adore yours..I missed that..seeing friends w/ children that had doting grandmothers/ mothers.I wanted that.
      I never had someone to run away to:) LOL my first yr of marriage I left the house in the rain..he never came after me..she would have;)
      Just all those things..the daily chat..I used to call her from school and work..

      Christmas..omgee you get it..
      Anyway..Lucas filled it and then 3 more boys came along in rapid succession..
      I just wonder about after everything ya know?
      Like sometimes I pray so hard to her..and nothing happens..: What's up w/ that?
      We should keep having a direct line to our amazing mothers I think.
      And I do know not everyone feels this way.
      I have had friends ..well aquaintances..that felt no connection to their moms..
      And some have but once they are gone ..they are gone.
      I think..maybe that is easier.:)
      Just put Christmas to rest for another year..all the traditions are packed away..
      'till next year:)♥
      Have a good week too!!

    2. Your Mom feels and sees you Monique...
      She created a beautiful loving warm passionate woman...
      How could she not see?🖤🖤🖤
      I felt like an orphan when I lost my Mom....and she also sided with my boyfriend a few times!
      Gotta love them...🖤
      We can feel warm inside with all the love we have...and give to our littles...
      And they can hold that in their hearts, long after we too are gone....💓

  17. Oh dear Nana, you are still an inspiration! Everything about your blog is always so lovely and unique. I'm so happy to be back and one reason is to reconnect with you, dear friend. I've been away so long and I'm praying I'll continue to be back. Oh and your mom is looking down and watching over you. I know she's so proud of you. You know, there's that special hole in the floor of heaven! Take care, sweet talented lady!


    1. Why thank you for these really kind words Nancy!Happy New Year☺️

  18. Thank you for sharing us education, please kindly visit mine :D