Friday, January 11, 2019

The days of Tundra~

Cold in Onion Soup..and ..

Stitched the week away..A Winter Cabin series by Alicia Paulsen

Fun fun book..Draw Your can see a review here..Samantha Dion Baker.
A lovely little book to get lost in.And be inspired by.
The Canadian price was ap $20.00

The only time I keep something that can loosely be called a on trips..I have a huge one from2009..but mostly writing..We went to Italy and France.

I have had an ongoing one for 9 yrs..all writing..I plan on burning that one one day..

Most of the time my journals are really just paintings in journals/books or loose leaf that I glue into that BIG one ..You can see my fullest book to my tiniest book.
I admire artists that have all the same books lined up..and filled..I never thought of doing that when I started painting..
So my books are all different except for 2 small Moleskins..I love finding old 3 boys on a swing♥ taller than I am now..Max will be soon..Oli will be the tallest of all 4..
Noah ..I am not sure yet..I think he will have a growth spurt!
I like books and paper and colors and pencils and erasers..:)
Lots of memories in them there books y'all;)

 Terrible Ipad photo above

Oli comes over when he can on Wednesdays..such a light..a bright light..He does mathématiques with Jacques..and then  francais with me..he had a particularly good day this Wednesday..All perfect en maths and all perfect en francais.

He had forgotten his snow pants at home so at recess had to stay on le premier palier(first level outdoors)..I said:" Oh Oli what did your friends do?" He said :"They all stayed with me."
Now does that warm a heart or what?
So after he has his grilled cheese and chocolate milk after school and does some homework..we watch the beginning of a movie to be continued next time..this busy busy boy..reclines on the couch facing me and covers himself up..I snapped an Ipad pic and this happened♥A quick brisk pencil sketch,and watercolor even quicker.He's a sight to behold.5 minutes...yet Jacques made it hiss screensaver.

That's nice..

Look what happens when you convert..

So obvi(new word)'s pretty darn cold here and I am organizing and painting..
Christmas is nestled..tucked away.
Sometimes I find a new something after Christmas..but you know what? Everything is on sale before Christmas so it's all gone.
All gone.

I do have to show you a little homekeeping thing I never knew..
When I married Jacques 45 years ago..he had Dansk turquoise pots..I loved them..but w/ wear and tear the only usable one was a small saucepot I gave to my daughter..oh...smaller than a to melt 4 tbsps of butter..
She gave it back to me:):)
I would love to have our whole Turquoise Dansk set back..but no..I have pots and pans..

I did however fall upon this on Varage sale..and a very very reasonable price.
When I picked it up the lady said:"Do you know why the covers are made this way?"No I said"..

Look everyone..if you have these..

Genius is all I can say..

Bon weekend!!

PS anyone watching The Kominsky Method?
2 in and I like it.


  1. Oh Monique, you make winter sound wonderful where you live. I just love the stitchery - leave a light on.... Just melts my heart. Oli is precious as are all the boys. How special to have him on Wednesdays. I have many journals and some are empty. Had good intentions, but trouble following through. Guess journaling isn't my thing, but I have scraps and things for them in a grocery bag. Maybe one day like the article in your last post. Have a wonderful weekend. Donna@gather

    1. You too! Funny I just went to see you:)..Good for you!Have a great weekend!

  2. Love yours draws always beautiful.
    I love pencils and papers too ando of course books !
    Have a nice weekend and be cozy and comfy !

    1. Thank you Gloria!I am not surprised you love all things creative!

  3. oh! it sounds wonderful! I love all your journal stash. you are a great artist..

  4. I love the Kominsky Method. I was so sorry when I finished the first season. Now the waiting begins!

    Love your painting. I made myself promise I wouldn't paint until Christmas was down and now it is so perhaps this weekend. I need to make some madeleines to take to a brunch with another blogger (she's really into food and her husband into bread and I think Rick and I will have a wonderful time!). So, that's Sunday but Saturday is mostly my own and I hear the water(color) calling me! I love your painting of Oli. I love them all. And your sweet stitching. I have been reading a lot so not feeling too much the slug.

    I especially love seeing your journals. My most successful art attempt was a mixed media journal and I still get some inspiration and ideas out of that. And a bullet journal -- just tiny and a page a day, this summer/fall. And my travel journal, mostly writing. Now that my photos are edited, Christmas is down, it's time to start converting that travel journal into a watercolor one! Rather excited about the prospect, though some whimsical ideas and Valentines have come to mind too. We shall see!

    Happy weekend -- I hope you get to do everything you want and nothing you don't!

    1. I am looking forward to seeing your trip journal fashion.Oh thank God Jeanie for hobbies in winter🙏🏻As I do not mind it one bit.alots of work for J but not 100 feet of snow like usual..just all the wood and maintenance..firewood:)Sitting here right now in front of it..episode 3☺️Have a great weekend!

  5. Dearest Monique,
    Never think of throwing your books away, they're so full of fond memories for your family!
    Here it is also cool and crisp but biking at 12˚C felt great with the sun out. Even wearing my sunglasses for the low sun stand in winter. Loved it.
    My 1st ride since October 7... due to my job not much time for it.
    Happy for your new found Dansk gem and discovered the purpose of their cover.
    Sending you hugs and stay cozy!

    1. Only one I want to destroy one day☺️The rest will hang around..oh good for you and biking..would not be a pretty sight here..mustaches freeze 🌬

  6. What beautiful, precious memories those journals must hold.
    How great that you have your sweet grandson on Wednesday. Congratulations to the young one and you and Jacques for working with him and getting perfect scores.
    Enjoy your weekend and stay warm. Another cold one from the sounds of it.

    1. Oh yes..At the moment 2 F..we seem to have thermometers almost everywhere(not my doing ;0)..Oli is so laid back..I love that about him..He's such a fortunate child to be loved by so many :)♥We really don't care lol about perfect scores..I was just so impressed Diana that when I don't want to go over all your words? he I just know them.They are all right.Cracked me up..and they were.:)One day

    2. Oli is such a sweet soul and it’s so heartwarming to hear that his friends kept him company during recess. That gesture says a lot about him and his friends as well.

  7. I did not care for the Kominsky Method at all. Over the past 2 months I watched all 4 seasons of Schitts Creek. Season 5 starts next week. I'll have to figure out where. It's so funny and warm at the same time.

    1. Isn't that funny!!We watched a couple of SC...and it didn't work for us yet everyone on FB recommends it and on IG!! The KM I started alone and did not have high hopes..I don't know why but I really like it..starting epi 5 tonight.There is not much warmth in the KM..and then again..there is?:)!
      Have a great weekend A!

  8. I used to keep journals - mostly when we traveled. It is fun to go back through them. Perhaps I’ll do them again when we retire. Yours look beautiful! Travel to new and beautiful places always seems to bring out the creative mojo. Winter leaves me with the blahs and a desire to flee to the tropics!
    Sweet Oli - what an endearing child! Clever little pot lid - I probably would have never thought to do that!

    1. I never did for all my years of owning the turqouise ones..I think we find endearing traits in all of themNo one makes me feel like I do when I see their faces♥They must see that..surely.
      Have a lovely weekend Ry..whatever you get up to.I am sure it is warmer than here;)

  9. Sometimes I get lost in your links. I visited the journal review, then went to her site, etc., etc., I get so many good ideas from you! I travel down cyber worm holes from one interesting place to another to find I didn't leave time left to comment here - LOL. I'm baaaaack :) I love your crafts, your sketches, your journals! I've never, ever kept a journal. John's mother used to keep a diary, faithfully, every day. Through Lauren and Lindsay's births, John's father's illnesses, etc. John makes notes of what we did on vacations, holidays. He's like his mother ;) We have many of her diaries but have barely looked at them. The sketch journals are the sweetest mementos of your family and travels ♥ I love that Dansk pot! So the lid converts to a stand? So clever! We still haven't tried Netflix but I did see that Michael Douglas won a Golden Globe for the show. Bon weekend, Pea ♥

    1. Forgot to mention the Dansk pot! So clever to make the lid into a stand also!

    2. I never knew and look how evident..Thhe seller of the pot had just found out the day before:)How sweet that John takes notes:)It's funny my memory is very good for many things..thank you God..knock on wood ..up to now.
      However..on a trip..say our last one..Jacques remembers where we were every day.
      I don't..the days flow into each other..he remembers dates and years..where a certain restaurant was..and his sense of direction is phenomenal.
      Mine is zero.
      I go to links too:)
      It's the kind of cold where all the cimneys have smoke coming out of them against a crisp blue sky.Brrr...
      Enjoy your weekend:) Pea;)x

  10. Love reading your stories....and falling into your paintings
    And my sweet painting arrived via very snail mail excited😲
    Love your impression of our cottage Monique...I will treasure! Must find a suitable frame🖤
    Watched ALL of the Lewinsky Method....loved it! Hope they make more.
    Still cold here...not sunshine today...perhaps I’ll start some crochet...I’ve been on a break!😊
    Enjoy your weekend...
    Oli sounds like a dream to have him all cuddled up!
    Linda :o)

    1. You know what?Didn't you even ask me a while back if I had watched it?Late in the game..I love reg friendship between the 2 men.And I loved her in 3 Men and a little Lady and a Baby etc..Happy it got there..only 6 weeks..6 hours away.
      Have a good night!

  11. Kominsky method isn’t here yet.
    I’ll watch it as soon as it arrives.
    Love your little stories.

  12. Monique, you have the sweetest outlook on life around you. I love that you paint and keep a journal. I have kept travel journals, but never a day to day journal. Well, I did as a child. We all had our diary with the little lock and key. Remember those? I think you watercolor journals are wonderful. They don't need to be the same size. I have a good friend here who is an artist. She makes the most amazing journals. I could sit and look through them for hours. She often takes an old book and tears out ramdom pages to allow room for adding in things. Then she goes back and embellishes pages as creative backdrops for future journal. She has these ready for a trip and also for day to day life. She writes, sketches, paints, etc. All so creative and very meaningful. I admire you girls who do this! True artist!
    Stay warm and cozy. I think Oli has the right idea about snuggling up on the sofa. Actually Sadie and I are snuggled together on the sofa as I type.

    1. Snuggle away💙I like the idea of books and pages ..will take heed.Oh I do see sweetness but I must confess to a dark side😳
      You must be getting ready for the big Vday☺️☺️😍You suit every holiday to a T☺️

  13. You keep very busy on winter days. Stitching, painting or baking, I know your family appreciates everything you do. How sweet to have Oli on Wednesdays. Journals are lovely. The only one I wrote was the first time I had cancer. I do enjoy going back and reading my thoughts at that time.

    1. I found you then.
      What a brave and honest woman I found in your writings.
      I will never forget🙏🏻You are an inspiration.
      Oli is the sweetheart to like coming over.
      My rays of sunshine💙Have a great night!

  14. Oh that bookyou bought is right up your alley! And all your journals, amazing. I just love, love, love your artwork. The watercolor of Oli snug on the couch enjoying time with you💕. Grilled cheese sandwich are my specialty too with the grandkids. Frankie loved them with tomato soup to dunk. I couldn’t find the tomato soup the last time I was watching Katherine but she so enjoys her sandwich. Lillian still needs some time to fall in love with them and Jerry’s waffles. We finished the Kominsky Method and loved it. In another direction try Jack Ryan if you and Jacques are up for CIA type series. It is Amazon Prime show. Stay warm.

    1. Hi!
      We loved Jack Ryan too!
      Grateful for these nice distractions on tv!
      You’re always so positive ..I love that.
      Unreal how much we love these a Littles.Most grateful for that🙏🏻Have a good night I am tucking myself in😴

    2. Oh! And if you are a Grace and Frankie fan, that will be on this week I think.

    3. I loved it at the beginning..then not so much..time to look again☺️👍🏻

    4. Yes I agree some are not my cup of tea but I love the ladies. Polar opposites. And Frankie is a hoot.

    5. She is..and that Jane? Yikes..she looks 50.

  15. Love your find at the Varage sale. So beautiful and the cover -- yes, genius. Thank you.

  16. Happy new week Ria 💕💕

  17. I agree that is genius. Learn something new every day, and I like that :-)
    And are too cute the way you write. I adore it.

  18. Loved that pic of you today on IG!Frame it!!👏🏻🌟Thank you!

  19. Love the Dansk pot. Who knew? Love your pics and devotion to journals and paint.

  20. The stitchery and the are incredible!!! XO

  21. I am so late responding to this Monique. I can't believe how long it has taken me. I am either getting slower, or time is speeding up. Or maybe even both. I have seen some of these pictures on Instagram and commented there, but I do love the journal feel of your blog and I love to visit you here. I get as excited when you post as I do when SB posts! True! Oh how lovely your Christmas 2019 prep, your journals . . . what a beautiful legacy! Your family will be blessed. I would not get rid of anything. Generations in the future will cherish all we have produced, words, paintings, sketches, letters, journals, stitcheries. I had a friend who used to blog a lot called Julie (she doesn't blog anymore). Her blog was called A Vintage Chic and it was filled with old family relics and so charming. These things mean a lot to the people who will come after. Trust me. They are tangible. Who knows how long the things we put online will endure. They could all disappear in a puff of smoke. That's why journaling, hand journaling is so very important! I love all that you share with us. Your tender moments and thoughts about your grandchildren, your daughters, J, everything. To me you are a treasure in a world which is not very nice at times. xoxo

    1. Oh Marie..thank you..
      My husband just came home from an appointment that left him teary inside and now my thoughts have turned to what he relayed to me..they were all about your mom until I read the great news..
      A woman of 52 with 3 grown sons and grandchildren met a perilous passing away ..her husband told Jacques everything ..and I am sad for the family.
      I met them all last year when my car needed repairs.
      I had always had a very trusted mechanic for years who is no longer here.
      I picked this enterprise last year and came home telling Jacques we have our professionals again.So sure of their integrity and workmanship.
      They did excellent work on my little car.
      So Hacques decided to turn his business over to them also after meeting them etc..
      Today the owner..55 told Jacques about his accident of the road..
      We never know what life has in store for us.
      I know my girls seldom read my blog..they are too busy..but still.. I write for them too❤️
      Thank you again and I am so happy for your family ..and your mother's attitude🌟🌟🌟🌟

    2. Oh how very sad. 😥 we never know. Makes me more determined to get all I can from each day. My mom is so courageous. She has always been so brave and determined, despite her challenges. I know I am biased! Your girls will read one day. Life is busy when you are raising a family, and then all of a sudden your hands are empty and you have time to do things like read your mama’s blog! This just a portion of your legacy to them! 😘

  22. I loved reading your post. Yes, organizing and painting in January, here too. A friend calls it, "putting Christmas away." There are fewer distractions this time of year so I find it easier to explore right here at home. I loved seeing your journals, and the photo of the big and mini one is super! I treasure your circular landscapes! They have inspired me to begin a little circle play, just experiementing for now. Bon hiver! and Brrrrrrr! , but aren't we lucky to have the warmth inside, in more ways than one.
    So the boys' primary language at school is English? Do French and English become equal for most children?

    1. Boys primary language at school is French..they all got to French schools.In QC..everyone must go to French school unless a parent of yours attended English school.There are certain admissability exceptions.

      When I do French w/ is Dictée:) And he is doing well and is happy when I write Bravo everywhere and stamp.Children love encouragement.I know in France this seems to be a discussion w/ a variety of opinions.But I like encouraging and seeing his cute face is my encouragement;)
      Our grandchildren are perfectly bilingual.Like their parents.
      But if you are in a group w/ English and French people..English will become predominant.So the boys have had many many English friends prior to English was easier.
      The first yrs are always difficult at school because they have watched tv in English..played sports in English.We live in a very Englih community..It's an enclave.
      But when they are done..they can work in any langauge.
      Very difficult to get a job here w/out French.
      It wasn't like that many many years ago.It was le contraire.
      We live in the lap of luxury w/ a warm home and blankets and light and hobbies..
      Bon weekend Rita:)

  23. Love the watercolor sketch of Ollie under the crochet blanket :) the best, you will always look at it and picture the moment. I have bunches of journals just begun and set aside. My worst habit is starting one and then cutting out a sketch/painting and the whole thing falls apart. I have no discipline! I have switched from a thinker journal to a moleskin that I can slip in my pocket for my writing challenge... January... fun to try keep a daily habit.

  24. Thank you for sharing us education, please kindly visit mine :D