Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Painting~Winter~Mr Rogers~

I never thought growing garlic and painting would become 2 of my favorite things in life:)
Funny I should mention both in the same breath:)

I have so many favorite things..

From cookie cutters to vintage things..

from all my mother's all the things I have been given.

I can't mention people here because they're just not things..:)

But I have had..have.. and will always have favorites..

even some I have not met♥

I think I have painted more this winter than any other winter..
I love it more and more.
The trick is not to compare yourself.

Just get some paints..some paper..a eraser and even just one brush..
And try..

I can tell you that you can paint on beautiful paper..but sometimes..beautiful paper is not bright the INTENSE jam jar..yet I like it..

Bright white..Mixed Media smooth paper..i.e. Strathmore..makes paint pop.

If you are just beginning...there is no harm in a tablet of the Strathmore Mixed fact I know fab artists that only use that..It reminds me of Fluid Hot press.

Cold have a shirt you have ironed on some texture.
Hot tooth.
Both are fun..
I have some that is like blotter paper..and I love that too:)

And Prang juicy cheap watercolors are fine to try..  many are fine to try..

I have a few new was a gift..more a beautiful blank watercolor journal..2 new brushes..from Rosemary and Co..

I've taken a few art classes 4 paintings..
The first..the artist..Mr Sergei Kurbatov..showed us how to paint a morning street in Marseilles..the second was a meadow..the 3rd..Honfleur in Normandie..and the 4th Mountains..
I think my favorite is the Meadow.
My least..Honfleur..
the other 2 the same.  
Nothing extra..mine are..but I learned a lot about wet on wet..

and masking fluid..and saw his beautiful work♥
So glad I signed up for the classes!!

And yes Bonne Maman has been and will always be one of my fave food items:)

I should be starting seeds soon..not sure..are you? is this for uncanny ...and beautiful art?

My tulips at the time I received this beautiful watercolor were in full bloom..
my friend Susan..painted this card for me.A perfect match.

Have any of you watched the Mr.Rogers documentary on Netflix?
I cried.

Go see..

I think we need so much more of Mr Rogers.

Says she who was watching Shameless at the same time.
I am a conundrum for sure.
So this is how we spend winter..

I am not complaining.


  1. We have not gotten the Mr Roger's film on Netflix yet. More's the pity. I loved him as a child. I believe he was a genuinely good person, filled with love and caring for everyone. I hope I am not wrong. As a child I loved to escape into his Land of Make Believe. I liked watching him much more than Mr Dressup. Mr Rogers, Chez Helene and the Friendly Giant. They were my favourites! I am so impressed with your art Monique. You do such wonderful work. I am looking at that same course. It seems very reasonable and if what you have been able to create is representative of what can be learned, sign me up! Your work is just lovely. Winters are quiet here also. I have been busy this week prepping lessons, and starting some new dolls. Waiting patiently (or not!) for my oven to be fixed so that I can bake. I am wanting homemade bread! It is a cold, miserably wet and windy day out there today, so we will be hibernating indoors! xoxo

    1. Marie the class is so easonable.In fact it is hard to believe.I am glad I continued and did all 4..while doing them it's a step by step and you never think it will amount to anything..but in some does.And you see how he does wet on wet.You have to read the words and wtach his steps so it is focused.
      One thing you do need is 100% cotton watercolor paper.He also uses a hake brush.I do not have one but had a wide shorter brush i could use.You have great online art stores like Ken Bromley and they have the brsuhes cheap cheap.One day I will look here.
      I think for an additonal small fee you could keep the classes.
      This way forces you to see them through.
      As for Mr Rogers..he comes across as such a good person..his co-workers..2 sons..and wife are interviewed..he could not have fooled them:) One scene when he is in court speaking for a 20 million grant for wonderful..All the cute kids..Daniel..I don't want to give it all away..

      You won't be baking as much the 4 days you paint:)
      Thank you for always encouraging you know I am a fan of yours:)

  2. Your artwork is so different from your usual. It was a class worth taking as I’m sure it will bring a new dimension to your work going forward. I have been busy painting too. Samples of different wall colors for our bathroom remodel��! Beth watched Mr. Rogers but by the time Gerarda came along shortly after Beth moved on to Wonder Women so I’m not sure Gerarda has watched him. Those second children just want to keep up with the first. I’m sure you are agreeing. No seed has been started here. I have been thinking about it. Once I pick the wall color maybe I will divert to seeds. Daylight savings time is Sunday so it’s time to get cracking. Now if winter would exit and the snow melt I might get my hellebore leaves cut back so the emerging flowers will not be surrounded by ugly brown leaves. Some snowdrops are in bloom along with the witch hazel shrubs. The season begins! Enjoy your weekend!

    1. My fingers are double crossed for hellebore flowers this Spring! I hope the remodel is going SO WELL..yes the last ones grow up so fast..I am hanging on:)It's a wonderful documentary..things have changed a lot..wish the violence on tv for kids would have ben stopped in it's tracks.:(
      It is a different form of art..and involved washes and wetting and mxing..I love the line and sketch that I have been quick..:) and small..but this was just great for me to lean and get absorbed in:)

    2. It hasn’t started yet. I delayed because I changed tile but that is all set. Then the contractor got delayed on another job. So more like the end of March is when it will begin. Just want to know which paint color so that is checked off on my to do list.

  3. Every time I see your beautiful paintings I am tempted to try! Yes, I saw the Mr. Rogers documentary. Yes, I miss him.


    1. Wasn't it so interesting..
      Have to love that.
      And more.
      It doesn't cost much to get started in watercolors:) And it can bring so much joy.
      I just love the being small again.
      I hope you try:)So many you tube videos..

  4. OK I will rejoin Netflix!
    Loving your aquarelles.
    Everything is love,y !!!

    1. You're such an inspiration Carol and always have been ..since day one.Huge:)

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  6. Dearest Monique,
    Love your bubbly winter spirit of creation!
    Your Bonn Maman work looks so sweet and attractive.
    Sending you hugs and sunshine, it starts looking for real now, after some final 2 nights with frost... Good bye frost!

    1. WE're still cold windy and loads of snow..but I am used to it..and know that it will pass:) I have loved it actually,the seasons are so pretty to me..when I start seeing green on early's a miracle:)Thank you!!

  7. When I visit your posts I come to my happy place. Beautiful -- all your work but I agree with the meadow. That's simply beautiful. The others look less like the style I've seen you do but then maybe they will be the style you want in time. I like wet on wet but I'm not always very good at it. When I settle in I might have to look up an online class for watercolor tutorials. Love the Bonne Maman -- both your painting and the jam! And so many wonderful things. Yes, when I come to your posts I feel like I have come home to a place I love.

    1. Thank you..I just went to Oxford with you:) Yes it's a whole different style and I still love small and sketchy better for me..:) But it was fun..and if I put some of his techniques into practice..maybe it will help w/ manye genres:) Have a great weekend!

  8. You are very talented person.

  9. I love how you spend winter! It's wonderful to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. I need to buy a new bottle of masking fluid as mine has gotten very thick. Such a coincidence with your tulips and my little painting, Pea :) You know more about papers than I do! I am so ready to see the first flowers popping through the dirt but there is still much snow to melt. We have 60F forecast for Thursday! I think I'll wait another couple of weeks for seed starting. It will be fun to play in the dirt again ♥ I've learned another blog comment lesson...If you leave your comment partially written and have to do other things, it disappears :)

    1. Oh no:(


      I have lost blog comments..and sometimes wordy;)

      I have new faves for masking blue in a bottle Schminke..where did I put it..

      And Fineline in a bottle w/ an orange's called Masking Fluid Pen but it's not a pen..It was in a collage I did,,look above..and at the very top of that collage you will see the bottle it.
      I have a Sennelier one me nuts..and although I like's far too is Fineline.. but not as much.
      The tulips and painting were meant to be♥Thank you so much again..framed and in our bathroom!! It just looks so pretty there:)

  10. It is a joy to see how your painting is progressing!! The way you work at it is inspiring. I want to do this too!! The Bonne Maman paintings: Exquisite! I just saw a special about Fred Rogers on PBS (fundrasing time) so am looking forward to the movie. I think someone said, "He is the antidote to hatred." He was a saint, or an angel, that Mr. Rogers.

    1. Such a gentle gentle good man! and the children..well every child should have someone tell them they are wondrful..jut the way they teacher daughter told me about it:)
      Thank you for your encouragement Rita!

  11. Your paintings are so lovely. I am always amazed at painters/drawers - not my forte! Just recently saw the Mister Rogers movie with a friend...we cried too. He was so special. xo

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