Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Small Pleasures. A new sink..lol.

Once you live Provence..it never escapes you ..
I can tell you from experience..

In 2017 we stayed in 3 places..in 2018 .. only 1 because I had fallen in love with the pretty remote home..

 Above..my new old sink:)

 Below my fave sink..in Aix..this was like an old trough♥In a modern apt in Aix..it was stunning.Jacques didn't find it practical..lol.

In all the other places we stayed..below..different versions of..

And that's where I fell in love w/ cast iron.
My sink in Provence..

 From my journal

We moved here about 18 yrs ago..and had our home built on a lot Jacques fell totally in love with..

He did a lot here..even built the whole She Shed w/ Fred's help w/ the trusses and me for the siding and deco:)

As time goes on ..sometimes things need to be fixed or done..
The shingles already needed replacing so we went with something that should last as long as we do and more;)
This was a few years ago..

Our double sink in the kitchen(you must be so enthralled by now;)..on bated breath..  LOL..needed replacing..

the right one had a crack..and started leaking..:(  

Even before that..with hairline surface cracks (thermosolid)..about 3 yrs ago..I started saying..:"we're going to need  a new one.."

~That was met with such exhuberance..I had to wait till it started leaking..;)

So a farmhouse sink was in my mind..nope.. too much work cutting cabinets etc..If I was forty..maybe..but at 65 and 78..  let's not get into renos.

Provence made me love cast iron sinks..

you know heavy..indestructible ..and reflect Provence.

That's what we did:)

I found one..bought it..and a good friend I had in real estate who is  great at  everything..came and installed it for us.

So ya..I am over the moon w/ my heavy second hand oddly shaped double Koehler cast iron sink;)

You would think that all the faucets etc on the right would be weird..nope.
Especially for me who likes everything in a specific place;);)
But it works..I had read reviews and it's true..
the whole left side is ideal ..ly unobstructed .

So pleased with a Provence sink;) Takes so little to be over the moon..a bit of sunshine on the sink..some oatmeal raspberry bars and cookies on the counter..and a little visitor soon..

My spring cleaning is well under way..I love that feeling of sparkly under cabinets..and over cabinets..
Walked to the mail..freezing walking home the wind in my face made my eyes tear up..tons of snow still!

This is a kitchen that was recreated  on the grounds of Van Gogh's Asylum..in St-Rémy,Provence..which reperesents the St~ Joseph's Sisters kitchen..of the film "La Créatrice"  featuring Juliette Binoche..
I'm all about kitchens and this one..floored me♥
Straight out of the camera..so forgive the poor lighting..

Notice the sink..again:)

Isn't it amazing?♥
Have a good week!


  1. Replies
    1. Oh me too:) Grateful..lol you would think it was gold.

  2. Love your new sink! Provence I will finally see ♥.

  3. Absoutely beautiful ! Is perfect!! Love it xo

    1. Me too! Thank you..funny thata sink should excite me so..but I spend a lot of time hovering over it;)

  4. Cast iron enameled sinks are so much nicer than stainless. What a treat to stay in such a lovely home in Provence! The kitchens are so interesting. Jim and I are about to retire and renovate our house in the country. I bought a farm sink and it must weigh 100 pounds! Also a new refrigerator as our 20 year old Sub Zero has finally died. I love the Downton Abbey kitchen and have would love to incorporate that look, but we will most likely go with white cabinets and marble counters. Such a pretty painting you have done of your vacation mas!

    1. I love farm sinks..and yes my new additing is ap 120 lbs..Imagine..Luc brought it in himself..and it's notclose.
      I know I am dreaming but I would love to see your homes again:) This kitchen in Provence was large and square and so functional..and quite pretty..But it's the living room and views to the dining and bedroom I loved♥
      It was our last time..sniff:(
      Happy happy retirement:)

  5. I love cast iron double sinks. Every once in a while I look through craigslist at farmhouse sinks for the basement even though I don’t have the room for the size I want, the massive deep double sink with a drain board. I bought a stainless steel under mount sink when we redid the kitchen countertop. I wish I had done cast iron but all of them featured one shallow sink and one deep. I wanted both sides deep. I had one in another house. Enjoy your new sinks and hopefully your weather improves soon.

    1. They look so pro the undermounts!We really had to saty away from renoavting:) I have wanted a farmhouse forever.I settled and I am fine:) I survived:)Hope your bathroom is looking wonderful!!!!Love drainboards..love that was on my wish list too;) Not happening.

    2. It looks perfect Monique. Enjoy washing the dishes and looking out the window. Soon your little girls (the chicks) will be in the garden clucking around in your gardens.

  6. So you have a house in Provence for 18 years?
    With double sinks?
    Who knew?? Lucky you!!❤️

    1. LOL ..no this one 18 yrs:) Had I known I had one..I would have returned every year:)
      Like Julia.

  7. It's amazing what makes a girl happy. I love the new sink. I remember when our cast iron farmhouse sink was installed in this home. You would have thought it was gold. Beautiful pieces in our home make me sing.

    Enjoy every moment


    1. Yes GOLD..I agree..and a farmhouse one Cindy:) Chanceuse!
      Still..I am so grateful for this one..Acrylic was just not for me..it's funny our bathrooms have white porcelain..looks like cast iron..why I never even thought of that for the kitchen 18 yrs ago..I'll never know..They really weren't something I saw a lot of and I was realtor for almost 30 yrs.
      I am smitten.I hugged Luc to thank him..he carried that thing in by himself.Kudos.
      Have a great week.


  8. Dear Nana, I really like this type of kitchen, with a strong rustic character - the sink is really enthralling. Unfortunately my kitchen is modern and minimalist. So I can't afford that kind of illusion.
    As you must have read, I was in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia for two weeks. It was an incredible trip. I'm already at home, completely bewildered by the jetlag. It was worth the huge hours of flight to reach those absolutely extraordinary countries.
    I will post several posts about this adventure. I hope you like them. Kisses

    1. I thoroughly enjoyed your first post! I read it earlier.I have never been.My son-in-law went to Viet Nam with his uncle many many years ago..and loved his visit.You write so well Nina.."So I can't afford that kind of illusion".I love that.
      Bonne semaine Nina:)

  9. Congratulations on your new sink! It's a beauty. I really enjoyed seeing all of the sinks you had in France. I especially love the one Jacques didn't think was practical :) I guess sinks are a girl thing - LOL. Did you know the Kohler company was started in Kohler, Wisconsin? Just an hour or so drive from our home. You should see the Kohler showroom there, it's amazing. Kohler is a pretty awesome place to visit, the American Club is a destination resort and The Ryder Cup will be played at the Whistling Straits golf course in Kohler in 2020. More information than you were looking for, I'm sure :-)

    1. Well Jacques reads all comments and of course yours struck a chord..(tee..hee ..hee)..!
      Never knew..about Kohler..I love their products..the fireclay ones with designs?♥♥♥
      I especially loved the non practical one also:)..

  10. Certain things just get to you. Manservant recently replaced a soap dispenser on the kitchen sink. We had the first one for probably 20 years. Not sure what he bought but I hate it.HATE IT.It pops off of the top and squirts soap at me. So ready for a new one and I'd love a new sink to go with it!

  11. Hi Monique!!!
    Love that shot of you entering your French Maison...so pretty!!
    I have a cast iron sink at the cottage...farmhouse style...old and scratched!! But I wouldn't change it...
    Longing for the Summery weather you have pictured here...
    Another of your sweet paintings...such treasures 💙
    Van GOgh's asylum looks kinda scary! 😱
    Enjoy your Thursday!!
    Linda :o)

    1. It's not..it is moving♥
      He has become one of my favorite artists.
      I'll send you a link of where we stay..I love it..we walk 10000 steps and way more every day there..I barely get to 4500 here in winter since I got this FITBIT:(
      And today..I did errands..made dinner..walked up and down stairs.. I am at 2757..imagine:(
      No TV..just painted a ..bit:)

  12. I just found your blog and I am absolutely over-the-moon smitten. I am your newest follower and will put you on mys sidebar-I rad from there. I love a big old cast iron sink, too, and have had one in 3 of our homes. I hope you have a great week. Hugs- Diana

  13. Ahh, Monique, you only live once. I am so pleased that you were able to find your sink and someone to put it in for you. I think it is just lovely. I admit to having house envy sometimes on Instagram when I see the beautiful homes some people are fortunate enough to have. And many of them so young. When I was young, poor as a church mouse. I love that top photo of you entering your holiday cottage. You look so young, like a hippy dippy. I LOVE THAT! And your dress, sigh ... Todd doesn't do huge jobs anymore either. At 80, he just doesn't have the energy or strength, but can walk for England. I wish! That kitchen in the asylum, sad and yet intriguing! I hope you have a lovely weekend and that spring starts to spring for you soon! Winter, enough already! Love and hugs, xoxo

    1. We have to remember too Marie..that there are lenses on cameras..not only to remove wrinkles lol..but to make rooms appear much wider.I have a lens that makes a room..area look twice as big..it's what realtors use..then you have one click edits on phones that makes a dark room look light as can be..smoke and mirrors..like my fake cherries Noah used to bite into:)LOL
      I hope you have a lovely lovely weekend.
      Insta is such an inspirational tool..the videos can be very funny:)

  14. Dearest Monique,
    So happy for you for having found what you love and a handy man to install it for you!
    Guess I will hold on to my round Italian sinks... they're stainless steel and I've replaced the previous ones that were white emaille. My faucet is center and can turn from right to left so that works well.
    The kitchen is your paradise for cooking and baking. I'm not that far with spring cleaning yet but next week will start.
    Today we have to perform singing the National Anthem + America the Beautiful for a Joint Civic luncheon (600)... Once that is off my shoulder, other things can get done, less practice. However we still need to continue till our annual Revue at the Theatre on May 18...
    We enjoyed a bike ride together yesterday at 26˚C and for the first time in shorts! It was windy but not unpleasant, only that biking is harder to do... Haha. Not so much my problem but poor Pieter's heart condition is different. May God grant us many more rides together!
    Your Provence memories are sweet ones and yes, the natural surrounding there is part of the charm. Miss my rides from 2016 when we went to a 2-day wedding at Château de Berne in Lorgues...
    Sending you hugs + sunshine!

  15. Yes..may you have many many many more yrs of bicycle rides..These partners for life we have are so much part of us:)Inseparable.
    I can't sing for beans..better you than I:)
    Very fortunate to have had Luc..he did a great great job.
    Bon weekend Mariette:)

  16. You have such an eye for beauty! Your artistry extends beyond your lovely paintings...How nice to bring memories of Provence right into your home. And thank you for sharing them with us...

  17. Your photos look like still life from the studio of a grand master. A beautiful post, Monique.
    I believe is small pleasures.

  18. It is so nice when we can find something that pleases us so much. Enjoy standing at that sink, it will last you a lifetime.

  19. How I would love a kitchen with a long counter and loads of drawers and cupboards! The asylum kitchen suits me fine!

    Congratulations on your new sink! I'm sure that while it will be a wonderful sink for you, one of its best qualities will be a reminder of places you loved in Provence! I did love each and every photo here, all quite beautiful! More to catch up on!

  20. Love your new sink and dreaming of Provence.... xo

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