Monday, April 22, 2019

Spring has finally sprung.


Can you believe I was raking and blowing and gathering last years wet hostas..with some snow?
Believe it..
My daughter popped by Monday said :"I can't believe you still have snow".
I can't either.

Just piles here and there from the roof..but still..

My fave new Easter baking accoutrement is that Nordic Ware Bunny Cakelets Pan.
Look how cute.

My first bouquet is paltry Pachysandra..but I do like my head vase.
Pachysandra is taking over a whole bed here.

Vinca too.

This is the debut of my garden journal for 2019.

I have a question for gardeners..
Today the time I felt so done with gardening..around 3..
I hopped in a bath for the screaming back..

What do my fellow gardeners put on late afternoon after a bath.
I put leggings and a sweater but..geesh in  3 hrs in pjs..
What do you wear in between?
Not about to get in a linen dress..
Or tight jeans and a cute top.
My day is done.
What do you put on at the end of the day?
A day of HEAVY garden cleanup 10 AM-3 PM.?
Pray tell:)

Easter ..the Saturday..the eve ..was at one of our daughter's for her husband's 50th.
It was lovely..

all the
Fitting for Fifty.

But when Noah came over Monday..his mom said that Noah missed Easter at Nana's with the hunt..
LOL Jacques said..we skipped a year we skip all years.

By then he had logged in ap 17,000 steps.
And we weren't sightseeing Provence on foot.

The only things growing here..
Forgive the pics.. lights above the plants in a now dark room.

And Coach Taylor;)

Truth be told..he just popped in to pick something up after 5 hrs of basketball and football and I said..just stand by the dining room window for one minute and look out:)
I could take pics of all 4 all day.

Have a great week.
Two of our Littles are taller than me now.

Many of you must remember Arlene from Gardenbuddies..
She's on IG and her flower pics are amazing..
The weekend's inspo.
Thanks A!

Have a good week~


  1. I would wear something loose and comfy. Just like I do after work. I have 2 friends who release the 'girls' as soon as they come home. I don't until I change for the night.

    I am honored to be your inspiration M. Your water colors are the best. One day this week I will experiment with Alcohol inks. I bought the supplies a few days ago.

    1. I am so excited for you!I am itching a bit too👩‍🎨I feel I need mumus😊Lol release the girls..
      Let me know re the inks..🙂🙂🙂

  2. Happy belated Easter Monique, all is beautiful!!xo

    1. Thank you Gloria ..hope yours was really nice too🙏🏻

  3. I would put on shorts and a loose t-shirt if the weather was nice, otherwise, jeans and a tee. Your bunnies look cute!

    1. Thank you:)You made me's cold here for shorts and I have not worn shorts in 25 yrs☺️Just because they are not me at all☺️☺️☺️

  4. Oooh, look how beautifully your tomatoes are growing!! I hope those 'new' varieties do well for you :) That is so cute about what Noah said. I knew our boys would miss the egg hunt (and so would I) so I did ours in March when we had our triple birthday fete. Another another one for Bo when he came by himself. He loves his Easter pail and eggs ♥ Your cakelets turned out beautifully! One thing I regret not getting out this year. Love that vase, the photo of Lucas, and your Arlene-inspired painting! Lots of green popping out of the earth here and my new garlic patch is looking great. We shall see what the harvest brings. Oh, I put on comfy athletic-wear in the afternoon, no tight jeans here either if we are staying in. Comfy!

    1. Yes comfy athletic..yrs and yrs ago..I had hippie like dresses..I would wear them after a dip in the pool..may search some out:)Mylène when she was over yesterday asked where I got my tomatoes last yr:):)LOL I had to show her I grow them..anyways she has one of each reserved for her.
      It's fun to grow your things!
      Today nt as nice as yesterday but I'll get nother bed or two crisped up before Oli:)
      Have a great day!

    2. Didn't do it today. Too nice out. And busy tomorrow. Maybe near the end of the week.

  5. So glad you are finally getting spring weather. Lots of garden work, but it does pay off. I always put on a light summer dress after my shower or bath. Breezy and comfortable and of course the weather is lovely.

    1. That's what I need..not my pretty linens..just a great dress or two..hippie like:) Not a shorts gal here.
      Have a good week!


  6. Dear Nana, I like being comfortable at home, but I refuse to wear old clothes.
    At this point I wear a skirt and a denim shirt, but I still wear a scarf around my neck and a small collar .. Otherwise I would feel very badly dressed.
    Around here, we had a warm Easter week with sun. Temperatures were around 26 degrees. Unfortunately, the weather has changed abruptly and today it is cold and we have had strong downpours.
    On my terrace the tulips bloomed and now the roses begin to rise. It's so beautiful!
    Have a happy week.

    1. You too have a happy week! I know you love to dress beautifully.I admire you:)
      Very much in the country even when I worked..I needed flat shoes:) Sometimes showing properties w/ a lot of heels did not work..I will find something I'll be comfy tshirt dresses..that's what I need:) Loose and to just below the knees are not my best feature;) Ankles better:)

  7. I had the same title on my last post! hahaha!!! And...we are still waiting!
    Your seedlings look so cute and are a very determined gardener...I gave up on seeds years ago...not my best thing!!
    Those boys of yours are so is kinda scary!! Imagine all the young ladies that will e in your daughters and SIL's life!!
    Heartbreakers for sure 💜
    of course they missed Easter at Nana's...what a beautiful place to be...😍
    Have a great week...stay dry!!
    Linda :o)

    1. Did I miss a post? Will go look before Tuesday with Oli.
      They are nice looking I can't help staring at them..having never had boys it's an experience watching them mature:) Seems they don't go through gawky?
      Oy I was pretty gawky pretty long:)
      I just love these tomatoes so much..not like any other..if you feel like trying a few..just a few next yr..plse let me know:) If you can nurture geraniums all can surely starte tomatoes:)

      Have a nice day!!

    2. Hahaha!!! Gotcha!
      Oh yes...after a hard dirty day in the gardens???
      Anything loose and toasty!!!

    3. Especially in the Spring!!

    4. Yes! I like my bath aftter dinner..but when you're reaaly dirty..shower or more a must!

  8. Still snow! Just can't believe it.
    I love you your garden journal!

  9. The Bunny Cakelets are adorable, Monique, I really need to get a pan :-) I'm so glad you've all had a wonderful Easter weekend and that spring is finally coming. Spring always makes me think of the Moomin books by Tove Jansson, some of my favorites growing up, and how they know what kind of season it will be by the color of the first butterfly they see. I love that.

    1. Guess what I will be Googling ater.The pan is a work of art..all coppery looking:)Have a great week!

  10. Adorable bunny molds! Almost too cute to eat! Hope you get the warmth and sunshine of spring soon! I do love the "snow" you have falling on your blog. I have no idea how to create the effect!

    1. I have been asked before and forget..
      I went and the same
      You will find ..
      Fairy Dust Mouse Trail
      Hope it works for you!

  11. Dearest Monique,
    Oh my, your Bunny Cakelets sure turned out to be adorable things!
    That snow is persistent in the shade. We had a sunny Easter and today we biked in our shorts at 29ºC, that feels great!
    Love your little plants, you are a great gardener.
    And your cute, cute grands that one by one will grow taller than you!

    1. Have a nice day Mariette! Yes they will all be taller as I seem to be shrinking:) Apart from other things:)
      It gives me something to nurture having those seedlings..Spring is very tempermental as you know:)

  12. Love your very pretty flowers! Wonderful inspiration. And that cake pan is so darned cute I went right online and ordered it! Can't wait to try it out!

    Oh, your boys! This is one of the loveliest of the photos you've taken I've seen. You can tell your joy and love.

    1. I'll send you tips for the pna:) I was asked on IG will share with you.Love it you will not regret it;)Love my know the feeling:)

  13. I always enjoy it when you share your gardening journal. Looking forward to 2019 Monique! Truth be told by the time I decide I have had it for the day, I put on my jimjams. People can take what they get with me. I am not embarassed. Why not be comfy! Your boys are all so very handsome. No surprise there. Your rabbit cakes and the head vase, both very pretty. Love the promise showing in your little germinated plants also. We have started beans. That's all. You had such lovely Basil last year. I hope you do again this year, and your garlic. Your thumbs must both be very green! Love and hugs and happy Springtime wishes!! You know I get as excited to read one of your posts as I do one of Susan's! xoxo

    1. You're so nice Marie especially since you see most twice:)I would be a pj girl..but married to someone for 45 yr who is not a proponent at all..up and at em kinda guy.
      Christmas Day I rebel and stay in my pjs:) THat's the only day..

      Have a great weekend!

  14. Spring has been late here. Supposed to get some snow on Monday. I have a cocktail after a day of gardening!

    1. I have a glass of wine every single day making dinner..Spring took some steps back here😢Tchin tchin!

  15. Glad to hear that spring has sprung... so many fun plants sprouting....xo

  16. It won't be long Monique, and you will be sharing colorful blooms. Love seeing spring through your eyes. xo

    1. Hope so..record breaking cold this coming weekend and snow:(

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