Saturday, April 13, 2019

~The Bunny Trail~

Come down the bunny trail with me for April♥

All the pics tell a story..

About how I do love to bake for Easter..

This year..I am not hosting..we have a could a son-in-law of mine be 50?Egads.

Anyways..I loved making all of the above..
the latest...the madeleines..
I love making madeleines and I love eating them..yes.. a!
More than macarons..
Expect moist ..immediately..then they become drier..but perfectly drier if you get what I mean..

Not quite as beautiful as macarons..but look..dress them up and you're almost there:)

In Provence even the packaged ones are wonderful.

What you want when you bake is a bump:)

I am still using a very pliable soft silicone mold ..9 cavities..I bought 100 yrs ago at a Christmas Tree sits on it's own rack to stay put.
Naysayers say..nay to silicone..look for yourselves.
Beaux et Bons. Point final.

The lamb is a Susan Branch recipe mold is a vintage EBAY purchase another 100 yrs ago;)

Cupcakes w/ Peter Rabbit cases and toppers..Meri Meri .

Little bunnies sitting on cookies:)

Sugar cookies w/ edible Peter Rabbit wafer Ebay UK purchase.

A WS huge egg sugar cookie cutter:)
Some watercolors..
Part of my PR collection:)
I have a few more..:)

My favorite tea cozy comes out:) Repeat performance♥
I did not make it..Kathleen made me this one..2 McKenzie Childs look alikes and a floral one.She's amazing.

Lots of other Easter treats here in there through the years..

I can't believe I brought a few larger Easter decorations to Nova..

not because I do not love the cause..but because our Littles..are Bigs now :(

I was very happy that one of our daughter's..Mylène..took my 3 big plush bunnieson stands for her Kindergarten class..turns out..  there are 3 K classes so each class has a bunny.:)

I caved in..and bought..soon to be here.. a Nordic Ware Bunny Cakelet pan..I was assured it would be here before Easter so all 6 will get at least one bunny cake.
I'll post after!

I believe..that all one can want for your children and for them to be caring..happy people.Above all else..healthy.I would hate to see any of them suffer.

I think it's great to be proud..
and I have always been..
but once in a while..pride aside..

as A.Warhol said.."you get 15 minutes of fame".

I do remember mine..the one that came later in life ..
and it was just ok.

I really thought..:"Is that all there is my friend"?

My girls were teens..had no husband is not into accolades and pride..and that is a virtue..
well..I had it.. and it's nothing. To me.

I was more excited when I won a radio contest w/ an essay I wrote about why I had the best mom..for Mother's day.
She won an all inclusive weekend in a swank Montréal hotel..and took her sister:)
Pampered..She was never pampered.
I think it was CFOX radio station;)Not the current one..the one when I was a teen.

So..oh lala all this to say..I never had anyone be super excited about things that I surprisingly did well at one point..
All my Littles are loving..happy lovely ones..even our 2 special additions..

But Max..LOL Max..we looked all and had our thoughts..
Max was the least adroit growing up..
I thought he would be an artist..and loved him for that..
and the sports entered all their worlds..
and this happened..

Max is  Latendresse..

Here is a link to a Youtube video the Montreal Alouettes posted.

I love it.

Just this past week.
You have no idea ..the practices..  the leaving Florida to fly to Edmonton..for the Canadian eliminations..
Both his dad and he..

The hard work.
Just had to share because he is happy..about all this and will have wonderful mamories..more than my visit to Magic Tom Auburn on TV;)

Have a wonderful Easter.

I have had my fill of looking at past Easters on my humble blog since 2009.
Tears..just looking back..
So tiny..growing up so fast.
These children ♥♥


  1. All look wonderful and beauty like always I love Easter too and reminds my mom in this time. She loved Easter.
    Love Peter rabbit too!
    Happy Easter Monique !!

    1. Happy Easter to you and your family Gloria.🙏🏻

  2. Beautiful post! It is really exciting to know that you won an essay competition.

    Have very beautiful and happy Easter!

    1. Krishna the same to you..your husband and son🙏🏻,!

  3. Love all of your bunnies. Your treats look amazing!

  4. LOVE ❤️ Yr bunny watercolor!
    So delicate

  5. Morning! I love all of your Easter treats - so festive! Wow for Max and his team - the video was awesome! :) Congrats! xo

    1. I thought the video was so cute also:) Seeing Fred hug Max..well I'm the nana..I guess it's understandable:)
      Happy Easter to you and your sweet family:)♥

  6. A beautiful collection of Easter now and then! I remember quite a few of these :) What is Nova? For donating, no doubt. I adore your Mrs. Josephine Rabbit tea cozy and your latest bunny painting! I have the NW Bunny Cakelet works like a dream but I do spray with Bakers' Joy first. What a wonderful story about your essay! Is your aunt, that your mother took to the luxe hotel, still living? Max did have quite a year! No Easter here this year either. Our Littles will just be returning from a week in FL the eve of Easter and they will be exhausted from the trip and have to get ready for school day after. We did our egg hunt and baskets here before they left. ♥ What a special birthday party for your SIL! 50 sounds good to me :)

    1. 50 sounds good to me too.A great great great yr..I thought I was invincible.
      I think only one of my aunts is still alive she was the youngest sister and must be 80 plus..

      when my mom and dad died..that all went away except my godmother who died shortly thereafter and one aunt from my father's side who kept in touch.

      I was like an orphan:(

      I am so glad you have that cakelet pan.I felt a bit over the top oredring it an another since the fun baking days are drawing to an end..but I kept seeing them on $$$$
      and then a beautiful Montreal site appeared..well priced and CDN funds.:) I called the store she is sending it quick delivery and I will have it before Easter.The rest of my order will be hand delivered.Uncanny..her rep lives in my town:) He is on holiday but will bring later in the month.
      She could not have been nicer..fingers crossed it is here before sat:)
      I will prep it! I'll check your blog to see if you shared the recipe you used..I did find some online.

      It's just so cute..It will make me feel 50;) Not.

      Nova used to be called VON..Victorian Order of Nurses..they changed the name to Nova while I was still working and had a shop open..

      another shop just opened this one all furniture..china..a wedding shop!It's huge and they have amazing things and all well priced.The proceeds all go to Nova.
      Nova is exemplary.
      When my manager was so ill..they came every day..They were by her bedside in such a caring way.
      A friend of mine took ill a few yrs ago..I called the VON and the nurse showed up immediately and took charge.♥
      I have always been so so so impressed.
      So if I have things that I know the girls don't want.. I bring it there.My days of selling anything..are way behind me.
      When I go.I want my girls to bring what they don't want there.

      I am so grateful we have known each other so long and can remember so many things of each other Susan♥
      Bonne journée Pea:)

    2. I just saw your post and the cake recipe I used for the bunny cakelets was the Heritage Cake recipe that came with my WS Heritage bundt pan. It's very good! Not sure why I didn't mention in in that post and that post seems ages ago now. I supposed I'm not too surprised by the separation. I guess that's what happens when the 'glue' dies and especially if they don't live nearby. I've seen it also since my mother and sister passed away. "Friends are the family we choose for ourselves" ♥ I am also so grateful, Pea.

    3. Oops, the recipe is here:

    4. THANK YOU:)Yes friends are the family you chose for yourself:) Some are gold;)

  7. Lovely post filled with delightful cookies and cakes. Your Easter collections are sweet. Love your paintings too. What a sweet memory of you writing that essay for your mom and winning and getting spoiled. Happy Easter.

    1. I hope I would have been the daughter you are Linda as my mom aged..I just didn't get a chance to see.
      I do hope so..
      Happy Easter!

  8. Love bunny’s !!!......🐰🐰🐰...I see nijntje 💕💕 happy Sunday love Ria 💕💕

  9. Dearest Monique,
    You have the most extensive Easter Bunny collection and it is so loaded with LOVE!
    Yes, one can become emotional when looking at how fast time goes, how very brief each special moment in life actually IS.
    Max for sure has some great memories to look back onto. He also knows that the INPUT is high.
    Sending you hugs and wishing you a meaningful Holy Week and a Happy Easter!

    1. I wish the same for you.
      Yes anything can change in one moment🙏🏻I am watching a Notre Dame de Paris burn and it is heartbreaking.Carpe Diem we must seize the days we can with love and caring

    2. Oh NO! Fondest memories with my Mom & Dad... Hope it can get restored! 😥

  10. Cute, cute, cute! All of it! I am behind :-(
    Happy Easter to you and your family Monique.💕💕

    1. You too🙏🏻You have been busy ..a busy little bunny🐇

  11. Where to start Monique! There is so much here to love, but mostly your sweet grandson and his 15 minutes of fame! Saw a glimpse of your SIL also. You should all be rightfully proud of him and the team! Well done to them all! what an amazing experience for these young lads!

    Love all your Easter Goodies . . . all the Peter Rabbit things, and the bakes, and your paintings. Everything is presented so beautifully, and I love all your PR things. So sweet. Your Madeleines are magnificent! What beautiful humps! You go girl! Isn't it wonderful what a little bit of icing and a few sprinkles can do? So lovely. Your Easter Cake is beautiful also. Love all that you have shared. I loved reading about the essay you wrote about your mom and how you won the prize and got to treat her and her sister to a weekend at a swanky hotel. What a gift, what a memory. What a treasure! I think we live in a world these days where people are obsessed with attaining their 15 minutes of fame. Its really sad in many ways. There is much more to life than being famous or being the best at everything. give me a comfy home, a family and life's sweet moments and blessings. When I look at the rich and famous I do not see a lot of happiness, probably because that isn't truly where happiness comes from. It comes from your inner self and the peace you find and grow there. Family. Love. Home. Faith. what good is all the money and notoriety in the world if you are lacking in those. The famous have no privacy. The press build them up so they can knock them back down again. I would rather be me. Love you Monique. You are the sweetest, most humble person I know. I treasure our friendship and am happy you are even a small part of my life. Happy Easter! Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! xoxo

    1. I am happy you are part of mine too.As you know by now..As I just found outNotreDame is burning😢
      Your words are even more meaningful.
      Tragedies ..setbacks..make you appreciate what is really important in life.
      I never envywealth and superstarseither.
      IAM grateful you noticed Fred.
      That hug..will one day mean the world toMax inavery différent way than at that moment.
      What’s treasure of a memory.
      Fred is an admirable father to his3 boys.They are enveloped in love.That makes me so happy that all my grandchildren have good you are happy to know the same.
      Take care Marie.Thank youfor your sweet right now.

  12. Hi Monique...
    What can I say...
    BEAUTIFUL!!! cakes...handsome grandson💙...and most of all ❤️L O V E❤️
    Have a wonderful 50th party with the family...and a very Happy Easter as well...
    Linda :o)

    1. I wish you the very same and much nice to have met you my dear.
      What a treat this World Wide Web.The best part of the web💕

  13. Dearest Nana, I wish you a very happy Easter. I love to follow your past Easter memories. Happy 50th birthday to your son in law.

  14. It is hard to believe for me that I have a son in law who is 50.I was 50 yesterday;)

    Happy happy Easter to you and yours.

  15. Happy 50th birthday to your son in law :-) I always look forward to your Easter treats...Easter is my favorite holiday to decorate for.
    Congrats to Max and his team...the video was super awesome. Xavier is 3 now, and can start soccer in two weeks :-)

    1. Get ready for a life of sports:)
      I never followed football..
      Now I now what QB1 stands for:)

  16. Oh my, oh my! I love every single photo. In fact, if you had just posted only the photos and not even your wonderful words, it STILL would have been my favorite Easter post ever read, this year or any! Your baking is wonderful. Each and every bit deserves first prize in whatever competition you might choose to enter. They are glorious. And of course, your painting is too. I really need to draw my jam jars one day like you and Carol!

    I love making madeleines and they are so much easier than macarons, which I love but that's an afternoon. Madeleines not nearly so long -- and they are SO DELICIOUS!

    Oh, please, can I come live in your house and watch you bake? I don't even have to live there -- just close enough to watch, learn and certainly sample! I hope your Easter was glorious -- I know the party and your treats were both wonderful.

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