Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Mostly Baking;) Gardening too but it doesn't show~

Oh my gosh Call the Midwife this past Sunday..I wanted to become a midwife ..a nun..adopt Mae..
None of which is remotely possible.
None none.
Goodie One Shoe..could have never been a nun..I have had way too many detours..let's say..a Midwife?No but if I had to go back and had the talent to become a doctor and the drive..count me in.
Adopting? I'm 65..way to late.
I shed tears galore.

The daughter..the dance..
Reggie and Jane..
Jacques says this show was made for me..I have news for you all..y'all;)  It is made for him too;)
I made delicious rhubarb strawberry shortbread crumble tarts..
you can find the at Sue's wonderful professional blog.
I used cornstarch.
I made half the recipe and it made 2 4 inch tarts.♥

Also we had the boys Friday so I made duffins  aka Dirt Bombs....the original recipe is from Sol at Memories In The Baking..
I found the recipe a few's in a book I have somewhere too:)But where?
 I cannot find a direct link to hers..nevertheless..this is a direct link in a way..It's from Lori..we were all in this together at one point.Both lovely girls..I made minis  you can half the recipe.

I made a knock off..because I couldn't find Sol's ..Link to Lori,that's the right recipe.

The winner of this week's Tuesdays with Oli..

Big Fat Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies..mine spread out a bit more..but I assure you..Oli said :"Make thses again next week Nana:)From Sally's Baking Addiction~

As for GOT..I watched because Jacques wanted to all those seasons ago..maybe a season or twon..or a handful of episodes were interesting to me..

The last season was probably the worst for me and others have been as bad.
Not into fantasy and dragons and gratuitous violence on that extreme level.
I give it a total thumbs down.

Started soaking and seeding..

4'O'clocks that are dear to me♥Please pleasee please grow:)

Today..the 22nd of May..I planted yellow nasturtium seeds..gaura seeds..some tomato plants..some geraniums..and some pansies..some trailing things in my head planter..I need my ferns  and a yellow wave..for the she shed flower box.
The new mailbox and bunting are up..waiting for the almond and apple trees to bloom.
The Serviceberry is full on since this aft..but the skies had clouded over..we're in for rain rain rain..rain..almost all week:(

Hmmm..see anything wrong with this picture?Below?

AS if our season was moving along swimmingly.
These will be cut and unappealing in front of a hanging pink geranium basket:(

I want to footnote this post with a thank you to Deb  at Mountain Breaths..
She wrote and mentioned to me that when you clicked on my blog..  a non secure warning appeared in the toolbar above..I had seen this for a long time..but I don't do ads..don't pop I thought..what a joke.;)

Anyway with her mentioning it..I researched and in a matter of minutes it was all good in the world of my little blog again.
It's an easy fix if you need it..

So thanks Deb..for having taken the time to point it out and in such a discreet manner:)

And that's about it in my little country world:)

Look what's happening Sept 20th:)

Downton Abbey Movie♥


  1. You just inspired me with your "mini" duffins aka Dirt Bombs....I will always remember when Sol shared the recipe with us, and I have a printed document. I really need to make minis very soon...they are Joe's favorite, we eat minis now :-) Why didn't I think of that when I would eat a large one. Ha!

    Au revoir my friend. Talk soon! xo

    1. Boone journée!! How much has Sol inspired us? SO MUCH:) I'll never forget either.Love minis..we seem to eat minier and minier..Minions:)?

  2. This post made me hungry for sweets! I am so looking forward to the Downton movie!

    1. Moi aussi! One of my daughters said she would come with me:) I think big sweeping screen is a must!

  3. Your watercolors just keep getting more and more delightful Monique.
    You could def sell notecards and calendars on Etsy. I'd buy them😄❤️
    I like the look of those little crumble tarts up tops..,YUM

    1. Jacques said :"By the way my tarts are finished":) He loves them and everything really..we are more mini eaters now so a little goes a long making more on Tuesdays;)
      Ohmy God I'll humbly paint you something and send:)
      My selling days are over:)
      I love artists that make a lovely living by selling their artwork♥
      What a wonderful thing.
      But I was a you days are done..
      And I'll leave the selling of art to know who I mean:)

  4. Are you on Season 8 episode 4? Trying to catch up 👍🏻

    1. Not sure..the episode after the one where Mae leaves in the car..sob.

    2. It appears we watched the season FINALE..That makes me SAD too:)Oh it's so good..soo good.Get a kleenex.

  5. Happy summer ...i am hungry now 🙃💕 love Ria

    1. Thank goodness I am able to resist sweets.I dream of pasta:)Happy Summer to you!

  6. No wonder Oli wants those cookies again!!!! These are def on my to do list with Miss V!!!
    The Tulips will look gorgeous cut and in a have that touch!
    Now...not only do you have photos to chronicle your home and gardens...but paintings as well! So lovely....💚
    Raining here today...we had hoped to leave for the cottage, but will wait til Friday am...
    I cried like a baby during that episode as well Monique...and GOT was very say the least!
    enjoy your day...whatever it is you are up to!!
    Linda :o)

    1. Hey Nana for the 3rd beautiful time!!!!Kingsley has arrived!!♥
      Wasn't it a beautiful episode?
      Oh my God in heaven.♥

      I was out getting plants..the forecast.."sucks".The boys..Max and Oli have a game at 6PM and I wanted to go..but it may be J alone..pouring at that time and gusts of wind up to 70 km an hour.It's outdoors LOL.
      What a woos I am.But come on..

      They know I love them..for once I really really want them to beat the other team badly:)
      I always want them to win but tonight.more.:)
      I filled up with gas..LOL I thought $20.00 would do it..

      I was the subject of RAK..people letting me pass twice in front of them..and one funny nice guy w/ a great joke...I had left a huge fuschia in front of the cash instead of holding it..I went to get it and as I came back the man with a twinkle in his eye..said:"At the back of the line":) So funny..he then put my big basket on the cash line..
      So many nice people in this world.
      Welcome to that world Kinsley.

    2. I don't blame you for not going out in the rain and wind!!! My hair would be a mess! hahaha!!!
      He was flirting with you Monique! Good looking woman like wonder he let you back in line!
      I have not bought one thing for the garden or pots...hopefully remedy that this weekend...:o)
      have a great one!!

    3. I was too fast to plant everything must be waterlogged..
      so I went to the hat..a jacket I loved of J's years ago that he gave me..Hunter boots..gloves and a golf umbrella..

      and Max got injured.And J and I tossed and turned all night.
      Poor Max QB1 gets the running back..these are terms I never thought I would know.So half time..concussion protocol..he stayed down much too long for my liking and we heard afterwards that Oli was crying seeing his brother down.
      This didn't happen w/ girls.No screen etc no mre playing for him this season.
      These guys play rough.

      LOL I doubt he was flirting I'm 65.LOL...Just a nice guy:)
      Not like the players that tackle my grandson;)
      Have a great weekend Nana:)

    4. Oh sorry about he ok now??😢

    5. Still under concussion protocol..He went to football with Oli but as a spectator🧐Hard for him

    6. I'm sad to read about Max's injury. I hope he is better today. A concussion is painful, especially with heat and sun. I spent a long summer dealing with a concussion when I was a junior in high school. And now he has to watch instead of being part of the action. Double pain!

  7. Because of you I'm desesperately wishing to eat something sweet, intensely sweet. I'm not sure I'll resist!

    1. You have kept your girlish figure:)I am sure you can resist!!:) Have a great day!!And weekend!

  8. You have been baking up a storm this month ♥ Those tarts looks scrumptious with that crumbly topping! And the cookies, Oh-La-La, and high praise indeed from Oli! I know how delicious those muffins are and remember Sol sharing her Dirt Bombs. I had a very similar recipe shared from another teacher who brought them to share from WAYYYY back in my teaching days. They were called Paris Puffins. Dipped in butter and rolled in cinnamon sugar. So delish! I was going to email you this morning to tell you that I had planted my nasturtium seeds yesterday afternoon. So much planting yet to do! Why does it seem to be a bigger and bigger job lately :) My poor back - LOL. I started watching Call the Midwife but haven't finished the episode yet. I hope there are some happy endings. Yay, for the Downton Abbey movie. It looks the the entire cast is back. I saw a preview on IG and watched it. Haven't watched GOT since we stopped our HBO subscription but I read the recaps and I think many fans feel the same way. This season got bad reviews. LOL on the tulips. Quality control missing :)

    1. Don't bother w/ GOTs..:)
      So we planted the same day..omgee TPIAP:)

      I HOPE I HOPE..

      I emailed the company..LOL is right ..

      Oh is a bigger and bigger joob and this year I find everything looks like ..yuck for lack of a more descriptive word.

      The huge expanse of brown grass..some grass here..none there..everything so slow to come forth and prosper..
      My back was crying for mercy too yesterday.Hate hauling bags of earth..My fit bit doesn't show how often I bend down!!!
      Paris Puffins sound way better than Dirt Bombs let's call them that..on a menu how cute!
      Thats' them dipped in butter rolled in cinnamon sugar..minis make sense n'est-ce pas?

      Have a great weekend!

  9. Lots of baked goodies to enjoy. I will try the cute name. The cookies look wonderful.

    1. I think I love Susan's name better:)Paris Puffins♥:)

  10. Ollie’s cookies look scrumptious! I’m gonna make ‘em for the grandkids. I too love CTM and can’t wait for Downton Abbey. It makes me want to dress up and do my hair! Gardening full tilt here on the west coast. It is 30 degrees on Vancouver Island. We are already dealing with wildfires. Worrisome.

    1. I heard about Alberta's fires:( We are waterlogged right now and I am sure I will be crying drought soon.
      Yes those shows are just so absolutely wonderful.I just appreciate them so very many of us do:)
      Have a great weekend!:)

  11. How wonderful to catch up with what's going on in your garden plans so far this year. The seeds planted, etc. You have a wonderfully green thumb and a beautiful sense of colour. No surprise there, it is the artiste in you! All of your baked goodies look fabulous also. You are the Queen of presentation and my inspiration, even though my pictures are crappy for the most part in comparison, I look to you for inspo. I know comparison is the thief of joy! I don't really compare because there is NO comparison, but you DO inspire me. CTMW always inspiring. We have been watching the reruns again on Netflix. They never get tiresome and no matter how many times we watch, tears are shed. I can't wait for September and the new Downton Abby Film! It looks so good. Oh how I wish they would just bring back the series in any incarnation. Sorry your Spring is being such a downer. It will be summer soon, in just a few weeks and these weeks of horrible rain and cold, etc. with be naught more than a nasty memory. I hope you have a lovely weekend! It is another bank holiday weekend here, so more traffic on the roads and crazy people about! xoxo

    1. Comparison is the thief of joy.How absolutely right you are.Spot on right and I am guilty...My husband..has never ever compared anything so I have learned from him having been with him 46 yrs.It's almost as if he brought me up in a way I guess.He has never looked at anyone else's's looked after himself and his things and family..without comparison.
      Sometimes he will say :" Nice blog post" or laugh at something I wrote..I will say it's really not that nice should see blogs nowadays and he says I don't look at other blogs:)
      He is like that about everything!
      What a way to be.
      It all means far less to me since my job.I think I always wanted to do well for my mom:)
      And when things went very well I truly thought Is that all there is?
      I just want to be ordinary.Becaus stars cannot shine brightly forever.
      Just look at IG.. the talent is outstanding in every field..we've mentioned this you and I..numerous kids all dressed to the nines...mommies looking like movie stars in magazine homes..


      I think you have come such a long way in photography!And you excel at all you do!!!Everything you do.
      Your accomplishments are sky high and your mama saw it all:)♥
      But thank you for always encouraging me:)
      That's something my mom always did..she always said nice things:)
      That was so hard to live without ...Jacques is not into velvet words and gifts and things:)

  12. PS - the last season of GOT was just plain nasty, with a disappointing end.

  13. I myself would love to see your art in print for sale (a book based on your blog, par exemple...)...but I like how you clearly know what it is that makes you fulfilled these days...Gardening, times with family, baking and cooking...and yes, your watercolors too...
    Thought of you at Paillard. I couldn't even get in because of bus and school groups until Tuesday morning! We went to Le Musée de l'Amérique francophone...
    And le météo kept saying rain in Montreal, and it was quite moist in Québec...but I LOVED it!!

    1. Glad you had a nice time!!
      Too bad re Paillard..bus and school groups can do that..
      You get it:) That's where I am better word.Brilliant!Have a nice weekend Rita!

  14. The tarts look perfect. Mouth watering in 3, 2, 1....

  15. Dearest Monique,
    You are quite a successful baker and your grandchildren are blessed for having you!
    Lovely styling as usual.

    1. Marette ..they are my blessings..amazing how thry lift one's spirit with just their presence.
      I do feel loved by them:)Thank you:)

  16. I'm not receiving your feed. Sorry I miss this one. It is full of beauty! Your flowers and treats from your kitchen always delight.

  17. I just registered my email again. It said, Welcome Back! I didn't know I ever left!!!

    1. I know..many of the blogs I follow this happens:(

  18. Those bakes! Monique! I really want to come over for tea and try everything. We could watch Call the Midwife together, I love it as well.

  19. Those tarts look amazing!!! Hope your garden is blooming! xo

  20. Thank you for sharing us education, please kindly visit mine :D


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