Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Mother's Day~

So..to all of you who are mothers..or have mothers..or are married to mothers:)Or arried to someone who has a mother..
Have a lovely one.

Mothers of Dragons?Well..no.

I had fun painting this card w/ the eye trick
Jacques gave me..

Then..lo and behold I was able to make an even better galette than in the last 45 yrs w/ a layer of Bonne Maman jam over the crust:)
Easiest almost a pie pie you will ever make:)

Rita mentioned a book I might like which led me down the rabbit hole and I saw THIS.
I had to..Amazon Prime has virtual carts where things just jump into carts.
The next day I had the thickest ..cutest..idea packed gorgeous book.
Listen..it has recipe cards to paint..a little art journal..tracing paper..color paper and watercolor paper..a poster..a house you furnish and a doll you dress up.
Here..in Canada..$20.00
Just the first 2 pages were delightful.
Easiest explanation to draw a teacup EVER.
See his review here..it's great because you see INSIDE.
I really like his reviews.
Perfect gift for someone who wants to learn..
Art is not only about perfection ..This books shows that.
Also a great journaling tool.
It pulled at my artstrings:)

My tomato seedlings are doing..so well..too well..
It was so cold here the earth will take a century to warm up.

The seeds Susan sent me..they are even BIGGER.
When I water my plants..they smell like tomatoes.:)
I gave my first one away to my gardener hairdresser.
I had my streaks touched up..who am I kidding? Touched up?
I know she will look after it.
She's so busy with her college horticulturist full time classes and her own salon.
Only works nights and Sat. at her salon now.
I admire her.
45 and a new career.

Have a lovely weekend.

I inadvertently pressed publish yesterday and it's showing up so I am republshing..early..like me..the always early for everything me.


  1. I am always hungry when i read your post ....🙃🙃🙃💕love Ria

  2. Dearest Monique,
    To you also a very happy Mother's Day with lots of sweet bakes + Bonne Maman of course!
    Love that first picture, excellent work!
    The second too...

  3. Enjoy the whole weekend Mariette!:):)

  4. I love that card!! So adorable for Mother's Day and the galette!, Both Bonnes Mamans! Such a lovely idea for your hairdresser. I seems like it's taking the earth forever to warm up here also. I'll before afraid to plant my tomatoes before the end of the month unless it warms up fast (which doesn't look promising). I've done the accidental Publish instead of Preview also :) This gardener's sketch is just so stinkin' cute that I just ordered the book on Amazon. Got a "Like New" copy from a used bookseller on Amazon for $14 :) Happy Mother's Day, P!

    1. LOL..:) I think you will enjoy the book very much! What a deal..wait till you see how thick and juicy it is:) It's a keeper!
      Nappy Mother's Day..we have seen our girls date..marry..ad have babies.I have read about your mom and your love for her and you of mine/
      I am very grateful.

  5. Love that galette Monique! Happy Mother's Day to you and your girls!

  6. Love yr écriture ❤️ I put some on the latest letter like yours!

  7. Happy Mother's Day Monique. I think this weekend I will just go to bed and stay there. Its only Friday and I am crying already. Sobbing actually even at the thought. Its the first one, and I guess expected. I know I comment on IG about your lovely creations, but I do love them so. I bought the book on your recommendation, but haven't had a chance to play with it yet. Perhaps today. Dare I hope! Submitted my first article and it was approved. They are sendind me a new assignment today. They like what I am doing which is great news to me. Your tart looks so fabulous. I need to make one myself, perhaps with blueberries. I have both the jam and the berries. As you know, I love all your artwork creations. Have a fabulous weekend! xoxo

    1. I remember the raw first Mother's Days..so raw so real.So now.
      I am so sorry for your loss.
      I can't say it gets easier fast..it took having my first grandchild to feel different about t all..I felt it was such a privilege not affordede to my mom..that I would try be what she would have been to my girls.
      And he plugged a hole in my heart..then 3 others chipped in.
      We are all different..but that was more than 30 yrs after the fact.Took forever for me.
      I want to read your article:)I bet it's great.

  8. Happy Mother's Day Monique to you and your girls. The Galette looks so good. I think I need to make one. Love your drawings.

  9. cute paintings...love them
    Happy mother day

  10. Oh my gosh, that book is so you and bringing out a charming side of you! I just reserved that book from my library! Playtime!! Here's one I like if you would like another Rabbit Hole: Journal Sparks. Maybe you know it.
    Happy Mother's Day to you, Monique! !Rita

    PS I'm wondering if you used any special books or methods to practice your lovely handwriting. I've been getting all sorts of books at the library...

    1. Thanks for ALL your recommendations ALL the time..I have never been disappointed:) Will Google..
      The last garden paing that font is computer font,the rest is me.
      From a very young age we were touaght so well howto write cursive..avec des transparents:)
      One vivid memory are all the majuscules and minuscules letters above the chalkboard ..I enjoyed writhing then and now:)I am not good at block letters..never learned..Have a great weekend Rita!Et merci beaucoup!


  11. Dear Nana, here we celebrate Mother's Day last Sunday. I received flowers and much love and affection.It wWas very good.
    Happy Mother's Day to you.

    1. I am happy for you💕I spent the weekend away with my 2 dauthers until we came home after lunch🌟

  12. Thanks to you and this post, I bought the book. I LOVE it! I guarantee you that my skills are no where near as good as yours, but I am having such fun going through the book, trying my hand at various things. Thank you for this wonderful recommendation.

    1. Pattie I am so happy for you..I saw a doctor yesterday and she mentioned:"Whatever brings you joy".In life..it's important to do things that bring you joy.
      I find I treasure my quiet moments trying little projects.
      I believe that you can do all the exercises I did..as well if not better:)Kudos .
      I hung the poster up in my art room/craft room yesterday:)

  13. I am certain that you enjoyed your time away with your lovely girls...
    I am almost tempted to order that book!!! Who knows...perhaps I have a hidden talent!!!
    Your paintings are always so soft and flowing...love them!
    Hopefully some Garden time for us soon...
    Enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)

    1. Almost tempted made me smile☺️I bet you would thoroughly enjoy it and I bet you would be super good at it..everything you undertake works out beautifully..your crochet..gardening..photography..if you watch his review you will see🌟🌟🌟

  14. I can't seem to Reply under Reply, so another comment: I may get a new computer eventually where I will be able to download some beautiful fonts...My 50 Ways to Draw is waiting for me at my library!!
    This weekend, funny that you should mention it: It is our annual trip to Quebec City. We will be there for the Monday holiday, National Patriot's Day...I don't know if that means it will be super crowded, but John will probably love the military re-enactments. I wish I could meet you at our favorite café and Librairie Pantoute...

    1. Have a wonderful time Rita:) How fortunate you can browse the book from the library:)Paillard♥
      A wonderful photographer from Mtl I follow on IG travels a lot she just came back from Maine..Belfast was on her itinerary..looks charming!!
      Bon séjour!! Amusez-vous!!

  15. Well, I came here much earlier and then got distracted and not back till now! UGH! How'd that happen? Well, I know your Mother's Day was lovely because you are SO loved! And this book is terrific. I may have to add it to my list too. I'm getting a little itchy to do some things as you've described -- painting your ordinary day. I love the pieces of your work you shared. And especially your Bonne Maman girl. I've never seen the "intense" kind here. I'll have to look for it next time I go to Canada!

    Thanks for visiting me. Must shoot off an email soon!

    1. This book is so neat!!!So much to see read and do with it!!
      Maybe Intense has arrived by now:))

  16. Your galette is gorgeous! I have a weakness for them! :)

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