Friday, May 31, 2019

Whasup? LOL~

The weather..that's whasup.:(
Yes I have even had time to paint..that's how bad.
If you know me you know that gardens come first hobby wise in Spring Summer and Fall.


The LOTV happened regardless♥
Finally the right tulips showed up after the wrong colors:(

The Apple trees are in full bloom at last..

Our porch has been rebuild anew.

So nice having a friend that is a builder too..

After Luc left early one day..Jacques mowed..I weed wacked and all of a sudden the sun came out and it looked like home.
So much has died..
C'est la vie.Mother Nature.
But for a moment I saw the light♥

Moving on..

I've had time to try new things..

Below is sooo good..
We like plain avo..or w/ tomatoes ..pesto etc..
well J said more people would love avo..if they tried this;)

A Diane Morrissey recipe...Go to instagram and check her out..dinner tonight is even her recipe..

I like trying new things..

This is easy..

Cut your avocado..flour..beaten egg..panko( I season mine)  on a baking sheet and spray w/ Olive way is a bit different..I like that Evoo spray..coats everywhere and assures crunchy every where.
425 oven for ap 15 mins keep and eye on them.
My dipping sauce is not home made's delish..
Mayochup. W/ a few hot sauce splashes...parsley.

I also picked up Ghirardelli brownie mix..for last minute kiddie snacks..

Tuesdays with Oli who loves Cookies and Cream bars.
By the way he has one and a grilled cheese and clementines and chips.

The rest he brings home.
I don't mind doing that because they eat healthily all the time and gogogogo.

You put the pieces on after they are baked and crinkley..not right away but while still warm.
He's so appreciative..and funny.
Instead of a movie after Dictée..he said:"Can we paint instead"?

We talk..we're quiet..
I love these moments.
I drove Max and Oli to football practice and let me tell Fiat felt like a sardine can.

My car and I were happy♥

Have a great weekend.
Fingers crossed things warm up soon for all my seeds trying to germinate~


  1. Bonjour Monique ! what lovely pictures always you have in yours posts! How are you doing)
    I had a fall and I still have some pain in my right shoulder but Im better. So I dont visit so much because I can't write!!
    Hugs !

    1. Oh poor you! The good news is you are getting better♥

  2. Oh, so much beauty! Total eye candy in this post! I love your "shed" cottage to the max -- it's so pretty with that tree and your bunting. And the blooms. Sigh! Your flowers are really out now! Ours are working on it. The spring bits are hanging in a little longer because it's been so cool, which is nice in its way. My lilies of the valley are holding on and looking good still! What a fragrance! And I am copying your avo recipe. That looks fabulous and so do the brownies with the melties on top! Have a wonderful weekend with your family and garden. It's not supposed to rain here -- I hope you have the same! (Oh, and love your painting, too, but then I always do.)

    1. Freakin' cold here.That's something I hate.I can stand it in winter but come Spring I want to feel te sun on all of me..just for the warmth..not a tan:)
      Have a great weekend Jeanie!

  3. Replies
    1. It's coming along but it's so b..... chilly!!!:(Makes me think in potty language;)

  4. Love reading about your happy Car Monique. That's a lovely thing. Everything is looking so beautiful here. I know Spring has been very late in coming for you and now we are almost in summer. Those brownies look fabulous! Lucky Oli! Not just for the brownies, but the memories you are building together. Love the look of the Avocado also. I adore them. I just might have to make them myself. Love Diane's recipes. And your painting, well, you just go from strength to strength! Hope you have a beautiful weekend. xoxo

    1. Thanks Marie..I love the practice w/ these lessons but I know it's not my style.Working on a harbor scene now and it's hard..Again not my style..too advanced for me..and no whimsy really.I just found an artist who gives online lessons and so far I love them..the weather being my enabler.
      They are making memories for me..Children rarely remember these things..except YOU:):)

    2. My father always said my mother had a memory like an elephant. I think I have inherited it! ♥♥♥

    3. So funny they say that about me too..but not my youth..

  5. Beautiful pic. It's about wonderful spring & bloom..

  6. They say our summer will be chilly and wet..:( But thank you..yes lots of pretty regardless..I would just like to wear linen instead of layers and socks ;);)

  7. Oh, the apple tree is so pretty with your charming She Shed in the background! Do you get tons of apples on the ground in the fall? The beautiful tulip looks like a peony flower. So pretty and your LOTV ♥ I love that painting and it must remind you of your trip there a few years ago. We eat a lot of avocados but I've never tried baking them! Do you need to start with under-ripe ones so they don't get too soft? They look delish!! Mayochup - LOL! Tuesdays with Oli never sounded so good with those brownies and painting ♥ Happy times in your Fiat...XOXO

    1. They do and make a mess:) Tiny but messy..It's so gorgeous this yr:)
      Mine were don't want's a nice combo crispy out tender in:)Here in QC..there are several recipes for lol the best hamburger old fashioned..but recent snack's a mix of mayo..and ketchup..a few put it in the hamb.with cheese..home made relish..and wrap in foil:)I love it that way..Mayochup is sort of that:)
      I find the painting too rigid:)
      Today..rain..I will do the boat

      So happy re our nasturtiums.I think I spotted French Gaura yesterday;)

  8. You are having happy days, painting, the kids, baking...Yum!

    1. The kind of days I slipped into and found to be quintessentially me.After 30 yrs of appts..and schedules..and last minute things..I have fallen in love w/ this.:)

  9. I will definitely try the avocado recipe. We used to have a restaurant that served Avocado Zapato. I need to pull out that recipe again too. If I find it I will share it with you.
    Your images are stunning! Not that that is anything new, but just wanted to say! I love the tray with the mini frame. Is that you and your mom? I have a small tray of photos in mini frames that my chef has given me through the years. Well, he started it, then I added a few when shopping markets. They are sweet and something different. I love touches of vintage silver here and there. Your tray speaks to me! The flowers, the books, the frame ~ all very special. The books? Tell me more please. Is the N for Napoleon?
    Happy June, sweet friend!

    1. Good morning Sarah..the books you will find in many Paris flea markets..but these were my mom's..N is for Nelson..Editeurs Nelson..,Paris..2 addresses....yet printed in Great Britain.Beautifully poetic to read..touch and see.
      The photo is of my mom..but not of me..they lost a daughter at age 5 in a terrible road accident.She was struck by a truck playing ball with my brothers.
      I came along afterwards.
      The avocado strips are sooo good!
      I hope you have the best June ever:)

  10. Dearest Monique,
    Photos are like reading a quality magazine... Love your blossoms = ALL of them.
    Haha, your Fiat like a sardine can but filled with love and happiness; that's all what counts.
    Enjoy this special season.

  11. The apple tree is gorgeous as all of your blooms. What a lovely garden cottage. My husband loves avocados, so I shall be making some for him. The brownies look devilish. I love seeing your fab paintings. I am glad it is starting to warm up.

    1. I know you would make anything for your hubby:)♥

  12. Hi Monique...
    Those Tulips are amazing...that Burgundy ruffly one looks like a Peony!
    I have never seen that avocado could that not be delicious??
    Love that you have started your online classes again...always learning..always improving...
    And those brownies!!! well...there is nothing to be said...except...W O W ....
    Enjoy your Monday...kinda windy and cool here in Southern Ontario...
    Oh least it isnt snowing...right? hahaha!!!
    Linda :o)

    1. It's nearly snowing.OMGEE Linda I did errands..nearly got my head blown off..takes your breath away and it was and is so cold.I saw a woman w/ a hood that has all the fur around..a winter I wear in winter.
      I was warmly dressed yet I am still chilled to the bone..poor Luc and Jacques working in that open porch.
      You too enjoy the day:)Take care..

    2. went out and did some groceries and Winners! prices are high!!!
      Warm in the car...but the wind rips right thru you!!

  13. Dear Nana,
    Your pictures always spectacular.
    I love avocado and this recipe made me mouth water. I'll try it for sure.

    1. It's so good!I had never baked works perfectly!:) Bom Dia!

  14. That watercolor! You got it!
    The tulips are beauts of course...

  15. ☺️🙏🏻☺️🙏🏻

  16. I finally have a way to comment on your blog I hope...through my phone. You must be happy to finally see blossoms after so much cold and rainy weather. I hope you get an abundance of sunshine and your garden starts to thrive.

  17. Your photos are so dreamy.... :) I love that Oli loves to paint with sweet. xo

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