Saturday, June 15, 2019

More of the same old same old ..freakin' fall weather:(

Wow about this wet and chilly Spring? After a freezing icy tundra winter?
Is it everywhere..or just here:(

The show must go on the Iris are saying..
the poppies continue to get ready..the peonies too..

so freakin ' cold.
I know this too shall pass and really it's just weather.

That cute ever so cute cuppa and plant was sent to me by Terry's grand daughter♥
She is a budding artist.
Who doesn't love snail mail?
And charming snail mail?

The dish above I have made twice is from that girl:)..Diane Morrisey again.

Google Instagram..and Diane are there.
I hesitate to put links now because often my accounts are linked ..

She makes larger portions..
I made mine w 2 Italian sausages..
I made a marinara w/ a can of tomatoes..and the usual cast of characters including red add red pepper flakes..

2 cups Rigatoni..cooked..I dodn't need to reserve cooking liquid..
Add the cooked rigatoni to warm creamy cheesy sauce.. with Ricotta(I jujjed mine)..and I added soft mozza cubes.
It is a beauty upon presentation..
You have to stir it all up..
everything pops..
Not half as pretty yet decidedly delicioso.
Go find her recipe on get the real recipe.

Once in a while it's fun to be sinful..

I love this dish to bits.
She is getting a Youtube channel..and a book is in the works I think.
BTW..this made 4 servings.

We had an overnight jaun to to Burlington VT..

I stocked up on some TJ things..

Cannot cross the border w/ fruits..meats or plants..
So not all the goodies..
Wonder if the Chia/flaxseed peanut butter is discontinued?
Anyone know?

The garlic sauce was sold out the morning we left(Toum)..
I big deal..I'll make it..

This is a quick and quirky sketch on Mixed Media paper.
A cute spot I know.

I just have to keep  my hands and mind focused on making..

Darling Max turned 12!!
We had our traditional let's do lunch and shop:)
I love that has been years and for all 4.
So many birthdays summer for our family.

He is way taller than me..
The boys enjoyed a weekend in NJ for Football University♥

Have a good weekend and week~


  1. Beautiful post!
    And that pasta looks divine!
    All the birthdays in Summer...such fun ahead...
    I actually found 2 of my white Peonies, while putting some bird seed here at home.
    The pink are still tight buds...wondering if they will bloom?😕
    I got some snail mail myself! 3 beautiful balls of yarn! From an IG friend...Kathy! How sweet of her!
    Maybe I’ll make her something! If I can afford the postage!😂😂😂
    Miss V here...made key lime pie for a Fathers Day treat!
    Have a great evening...and enjoy the parties!
    Happy Fathers Day to Jacques! And Happy Birthday to Max🎈🎈🎈

    1. Have fun with sweetie pie💕I know..0ne of my peonies has super tight tiny buds..not sure!
      But many will pop.
      Debbie at Mountain breaths taught us to cut some buds and wrap and refrigerate away from moisture..the can be taken out later this summer put in a vase and bloom😘
      The pasta is heavenly.
      Happy for you and the yarn!So thoughtful!!
      Happy Fathers Day to ages and you men gang..
      Bonne soirée!

  2. Talk about a red letter day! A post from Susan Branch and YOU! I am twice blessed! Your Iris's are beautiful. It has been really cold here also. We have had the heat on several times. And so much rain. Flooding everywhere, evacuations even. I know there is Global warming, but it has skipped us for now anyways! I have never been to TJ's. I expect I would spend oodles of cash there! Snail mail is the best and when it comes with such a delightful piece of artwork, so much the better! Love the looks of that pasta dish. Looks and sounds very tasty! I wish Todd liked pasta more! Perhaps I can make just for moi. Summer Birthdays. Sigh . . . my sister, my mother and myself. We had summer birthdays. Most of my children's birthdays are around Christmas and the grands scattered all through the year. I have Cam's next week. Happy Father's day to J and the boys! Hope the sun shines for you and they have a lovely day! xoxo

    1. Thank you! Oh must go see Susan's..been a busy few days..never got around to doing lesson 4 the final class in my course..:(Expired June have a window..mine closed rapidly;)I LOVE pasta dishes Marie..gratefully J does too..but we can't eat it every could though:)Love that pic of you and your dad:)Have a great Sunday..The sun has finally made an appearance..

  3. Dearest Monique,
    So sorry for your cold weather; wish we could share with our heat!
    Your cooking looks yummy and especially your drawing is a happy one.
    Sending you hugs,

  4. Your Iris are beautiful, they are one of my favorites. Hopefully more typical weather will be arriving soon. Wishing Jacques a happy Father’s Day.

    1. Thank you..wonder what NH's Spring has sprung? Anyway enjoy the sunny coast!!!

  5. At least the snow is gone. Glass half full?
    Looks pretty lush to me!

  6. I feel your pain! Yesterday we went from a high of 77F in the morning and by mid afternoon the temperature dropped into the 50s! I had to wear a jacket to go out to dinner with friends last night :( It's not going to get much higher than 52F all day today for Lindsay's and Bob's Father's Day BBQ this afternoon. Sheesh! The irises have been very happy, though. Yours are beauties! Mine are almost finished and the peonies have begun to bloom. One good thing is I haven't had to water. Small favors. I love the drawing Terry's granddaughter made! Dane would probably like her. Ooooo, that pasta dish looks wonderful and you know I love your sketch ♥ What kind of garlic sauce were you looking for? Wish I knew about the peanut butter. We buy Skippy Natural Creamy PB :)

    1. I will search and send:) Well today is nice..finally nice..yesterday was nice too ..I must admit to less watering chores too:)My hair streakre is taker a master horticulturist class..a diplome in view..I may lose her..they are told we are 1 month behind and as of Friday had not planted tomatoes nor basil!The TJ chia flax pb is unique..I'll Google..;)Diane Morrisey calls it Toum..
      but TJ calls it garlic was where the hummus is..sold out the next morning.My lebanese store would have it.I tried making it..OMGEE Susan..a boatload of vomit.I know that sounds graphic but that's how it turned out:( Buh Bye..2 hrs of a mess to end up w/ a separation of yuck.

      Never again.I made my app plate w/out;)
      Hope you had fun!!

    2. Thank you :) I just checked this morning and have two 4 o'clocks sprouts..Yay!

    3. All 5 present and accounted for as of this morning :-))))

  7. So cold here too (Wisconsin)--I totally understand your feelings. Love your irises. Definitely need to expand my collection!

    1. The more the merrier! Susan is from Wisconsin too!!:):)

  8. Sunny here, but honestly I would welcome more rain and cooler temps. No complaints! It's lovely, but I know all too well what is ahead. Your flowers are gorgeous. My iris and day lilies are bloomed out. Lovely to see yours!
    My chef would love that pasta dish!
    Happy Sunday and Happy Father's Day to Jacques and the boys' dads.

    1. Thank you:) We saw California was cool..J watching golf:) Have a lovely week Sarah:):)

  9. The weather is being so rude! Yes it's cold and windy! In spite of that I've already spent one week by the seaside, in Algarve.
    I love your pictures flowers. Are they iris? So very beautiful. Hope the sun will come soon.
    Wish you a grteat week, my dear.

    1. Algarve,I have had frineds that loved their séjours there:) The expansive views..the sea..the sardines:)Yes Irises..showgirls:)Bonne semaine!

  10. I believe spring has finally arrived in Nova Scotia, lol, just in time for summer! Hope your weather will improve soon.

    1. It started to improve greatly yesterday and today looks perfect Cindy.I would love to visit NS:)Yes we are 1 month late here!!
      Have a great week!

  11. This weather is so confusing, and today will be five stars. Yesterday it was raining here all day so we took a drive up to camp to pick up plant containers, a pool float, etc. and it was dry. Just an hour away. Your garden always looks lovely. I will make that pasta dish this week.

    1. It's rich..make no mistake about it..but soo good so good..a keeper.
      Today looks like heaven here too:) Bonne semaine Madame:)

  12. Wow, your weather is crazy. The weather here today is 100. It will cool off in a few days. The flowers are lovely. I wish they could stay forever. The pasta dish look delicious. I love trying new recipes.

  13. I am opposite in that I LOVE the cool weather and today's gentle rain...But you are making the best of it, I see...

    1. :) The thing I like about sunshine is the warmth I feel after such a bone chilling winter:) I am not fond of hot hot hot either..I love how everything turns into technicolor:)
      I do love as in yesterdays soft rain soaking the gardens..Feast or famine here;)

  14. Next time we go to TJ's I'll check for the chia/peanut.

    Your irises take my breath away. Gorgeous photography and of course the subject matter is perfect. Your garden must be going crazy if you have had as much rain as we have. Today the sun is finally out and it has done wonderful for my heart and soul. I loved your sketch and I know you had a glorious time with Max. I need to better keep up. On everything!

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