Saturday, June 8, 2019

June 8th~

June 8th..I was married 45 years ago today ..The lilacs were in bloom and it was a beautiful sunny day.I was 20..Jacques was 33..
you can imagine the stir that caused when we started dating;)
Things have changed so much!

Now men are 80 and their new wives 20.

I've mentioned the wedding vows were not the vows of my city hall in Montreal w/ the most callous justice of the peace you could ever meet.
My wedding was small..
immediate family and very few friends..
In the backyard of my parents home.
Steinberg's did the sandwiches and brother's friend's dad took the photos and Rosaire made our cake.
It was such a beauty of a today♥
Many of you know I had lost my mom 6 months before..I was 19..and my dad died the night of my wedding..
Omgee things were off to a different start..

But soon after..Mylène was born..then Caroline..and I played with my dolls non stop:)My living dolls♥
And then..Lucas..Max..Noah and Oli..more living dolls♥

Let me tell you..speed of light the years go by..even the miserable ones.

In retrospect that is;)

I am up so early these days...the sun rises at 4.30 I think..
It's 7 AM and already a cake is out of the oven..and I am planning a quick jaunt to the market.

Spring took forever to arrive..but it's seeds are sprouting..we glammed the grass and gardens yesterday..I love the end of the day when everything is done.
I have about 13 beds to maintain and some days are diamonds..some days are dust.
A garden is a must.
A garden is spiritual..healing..zen.
So much much..and surprises..awakenings..losses..

Even with the work..the worst is over.Spring and fall are back breakers..the maintenance is less so.
I am watching my garlic ..every new clematis shoot..hellebores blooming after at least 3 yrs..started from seed..
new nasturtiums..
Yesterday on Varage Sale..a lady was giving away at least 20 tomato but sturdy..
I was fortunate to be the fisrt to please..thank goodness she had made 2 tidy towers..
even those getting them into my car lol..
There must be 25 as I have placed 10 and I didn't make a huge dent.
I did the second painting from my 4 part class..hope I find the time for the last the gardens call every day.

I make bouquets with what I find..

One thing I adore about a great lobster roll..
I bought 2 this week..2 lobsters..and made rolls.

Reading Where The Crawdads daughter recommended far..a page turner and the writing is so touching.

Also we just finished watching a Netflix 4 part series that Jacques found very harsh to watch..he likes tv to be relaxing..
I was riveted and filled with anger.
Marie recommended it.
It's a show people should watch.
"When They See Us".

The hell those innocent young men lived in unbearable and unbelievable to watc.
Shame on the whole dept that did this to those young men.
And Felicity Huffman..her character is so dirty and disgusting.I don't even have the words.
You really see a different side of human nature.An ugly side.
Those young men.Heroes.Heroes heroes.

Bon weekend~


  1. Wishing you a happy anniversary amidst your beautiful gardens.


    1. Thank you Bonnie..little quiet day...just came back from our pretty market🙂

  2. Happy Anniversary Monique and Jacques! Happy Happy! I had no idea that you lost your parents so close to each other and to have your father pass on your wedding day, how very very sad. :-( My heart aches for that little 19 year old you. ((((hugs)))) Somehow you survived and you are such a wonderfully amazing woman, wife, mother, grandmother, friend . . . your parents would be so proud of you I am sure. Your gardens look so beautiful and I know it is early in the season. I wish I could do more gardening myself. I am an armchair gardener. Your painting talents never cease to amaze me. You are such a talented artist and your work is so beauiful. You have created a whole life for yourself that is a work of art... famiy, home, gardens, food . . . your photogaphy. I am in awe of you. You inspire me. You truly do. Love you to bits. Truly. God bless your weekend. The sun has decided to peek out just now here, but for how long I don't know! We will see. I better go catch it before it runs away! xoxo

    1. You are suchadear true blue Marie🙏🏻
      Life has a way of planning things you never planned for yourself.
      I maintain that I am a Jacques lol of all trades absolute master of none.
      I am in every sense of the word ordinary.
      My mom thought highly of me though☺️🌟
      Oh these moms of ours right?💕
      Yes go catch the sun..we finally have a taste of it🙂

  3. Happy anniversary to you and Jacques, Monique. May the two of you have many more wonderful years together. I hope today’s celebrations will be memorable. Hugs to you both. Karen

    1. Well there are no plans..I went to the market..he is doing his laundry..we will enjoy the weather here🙂We don’t exchange cards or gifts..I have saved so many through the years.
      45 yrs many many yrs ago was something as I remember a big celebration for Jacques parents..The weirdest thing that was ever said to me was at our 25 th..I remember thinking that was a lifetime..and my best friend at the time mentioned it was no big deal.
      She used to call herself Zsa Zsa.

  4. Happy Anniversary! We will celebrate our 40th the end of this month.

  5. Oh happy anniversary to you! I do hope is a special day full of all your favorite things.

    My parents were 20 years apart, which was super crazy even in the 60's, & they were not married. I was their last child born when my dad was 60 yrs old. He died when I was 17. When I became an adult I discovered what I'd always thought was normal was anything but. I didn't follow their path in marriage at least. I met my husband in college, dated, married, had a we're married 32 yrs....

    My garden is also my healing space. I have made more bouquets this year than ever before, making a new one pretty much every single day. It is addictive & so nourishing. It makes me feels so happy to see, touch & smell them.

    I'll check out the book & the show. I'm like your husband though, I have a very hard time watching hard things. I have to build myself up to be able to watch.

    As always, love your blog, love your pictures & love your sweet soul.

    1. It is hard losing a parent before we are even done growing up.
      Then..of course there is no one to cheer you one to confide in..
      20 yrs was a big deal inthe60’ it is nothing.
      Divorce was could not asa catholic marry in your church.
      Unforgivable in my humble opinion.
      Jenny thanks for telling me about you☺️I enjoy it..knowing others find their gardens a great source of companionship feels good☺️
      I bet it is beautiful.
      Thank you so much for your thoughtful words.So appreciated.

  6. Happy wedding anniversary !!..What a long time...happy weekend Ria 🌺🌸💕

  7. Yes a long ..time..BFF time:)The best BFF!

  8. Happy Anniversary! Your gardens and paintings are beautiful. So sorry you lost your parents so young.

  9. Monique, such a touching post! You always speak from your heart, and that, among so many other amazing things about you, endears you to me and countless others. Your garden is lush! Yes, a garden is a must! I'm out in a few to be in my own spiritual place. Quiet time to dig in the dirt, speak to the little dragonfiles that flit about, and our resident geko who looks at me as if he understands everyword. It is my zen too!
    Our anniversary is 44 this year, so we are just behind you. I was 27 and M 31. Life long marriages are such a treasure! I'm grateful each and every day. We met June 1 and married August 31. My father had passed a few years earlier. It makes my heart ache still. He never knew my M. They would have been good friends.
    I read Crawdads. It will be one of those books I always remember. Some of my friends thought it too unbelievable, but I was caught up in the beautiful imagery, her naturalist view of life in the swamp, and the strength of character. I marvel that an author can create such a story!
    A cake baking, lobster rolls . . . I think I want to visit!
    Happy Sunday, and a very Happy Anniversary to you and Jacques!

    1. I too am alaways caught up in Southern books such as these..who can forget Prince Of Tides?The horrors those children lived through with their dad affected them for life.The imagery is lovely I just hope there is a happy ending.I hate Chase.I know he's gone but I hate him lol.
      I know your M is your match made in heaven and on earth:)
      It's a pleasure to hear about you two:)
      Always..And I know how much your gardens mean to you and they are so beautiful.
      Bon Dimanche sarah:)

  10. Oh, Happy Anniversary, Monique and Jacques! I didn't remember either that your father had died so soon after your mother...and, on your wedding night, what a unbelievably happy and sad day. Thank goodness the happy part has lasted ♥ Our husbands, our girls, our boys...happiness indeed. Your garden looks lush and lovely right now! How pretty those tulips are poking out through your hosta bed! Yesterday was a glorious day in the garden here also. I puttered all afternoon outdoors with a smile on my face :) Today, not so much. Paintings...wee blue jars...lobster rolls...a garden in What could be better!! ♥♥

    1. I know you share my love of gardening and family and this for years:)What a blessing that is!
      Your anni is soon too;)
      Oh that was God awful when we found out..we were at the hotel waiting for our plane for our honeymoon..and the morning message light was flashing on our frind..she had to break the news..he died in his sleep..he was living with us:(
      Came home..sad sad...
      And yes these families of ours.I bet my saving graces♥

  11. Happy anniversary to you and Jacques! Your garden looks amazing, glad to hear that the weather has warmed up some. Loved the book Where the Crawdads Sing....I didn't want the story to end...

    1. I don't want it to end either♥Thank you!!That tea on IG is the watermelon one♥♥Bon Dimanche..our little town is looking mighty fine at last.

  12. The water in your painting is exquisite. Perfect. It is a lesson in itself and I am in awe. I just can't quite get water right!

    Oh, that garden. It is all so beautiful, every detail. I can see why it would be backbreaking work. But oh, those results! I, too, find myself rising earlier as the sun comes up. I love these long, long days!

    I wish you many beautiful anniversary greetings. What a day that was, of joy and of sadness. No, I never knew your father died on the night of your wedding and so soon after the loss of your mother. This is heartbreaking. I am so glad you had your Jacques to be with and to love and care for your heart at this time. And now -- so many years later, what joys you have known together. Big smiles and wishes.

    1. C'est la vie..I grew up real fast and had empathy beyond my years for people.
      Super sensitive too though for the plight of all:)
      Events form you..and there is no way around the events..just the way you handle them.
      The classes are not easy and now with our beautiful weather it is hard to steer indoors☺️☺️☺️

  13. Oh dear! Happy Anniversary to both of you.Many many happy returns of the day.

  14. Happy anniversary Monique. Your gardens looks so pretty. What is better than lobster rolls? I am so sorry to hear your father died on your wedding night. I know your mother passed away at when you were young. Such a shame. May you treasure their wonderful memories. Sometimes life isn’t fair.

    1. You know that🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
      You are a role model to me🙂🌟

  15. Your post is filled with the different sides of being on this earth: the beautiful and the ugly...Speaking of the beautiful, did you do that painting?? Happy anniversary..that must have been such an emotional time for you. But you are a Blossomer! Tu fais pousser la vie! (I don't know if that makes sense...I made it up, smile.)

    1. Yes ...I love that word!
      I had mentors throughout my husband who I will always be grateful to and actually owe the rest of my life to.
      My daughters.
      My first the age of 28..Once both our girls were in school full time..I had an interview to be sponsored by a real estate company..Rosemarie Faber interviewed me and said yes.
      I crafted my heart out to earn the money to pay for the courses.I passed.
      And did that..was a realtor ..for almost 30 yrs.
      Because of her.
      Of course I had many managers after her but she was the one🙏🏻
      I have known the good the bad and the ugly.
      My newest mentors are 4 boys💙💙💙💙

    2. PS lol as usual I got carried away..yesI painted that☺️

  16. So many stories...Oh my!
    I LOVE your latest watercolor! Wonderful water. And the previous had winderful sky. Yr the top.
    I immersed myself in roses over the weekend. I cant believe yr snow is finally gone...

    1. Lol I know I.Ibet you you think I live in an igloo,
      I love your new post!

  17. June 8....I'm so late :-( I have hardly looked at blogs since returning from France. It's been one thing after another but in a good way. Family celebrations, back to work etc. Happy Anniversary to you and J. Hope you got away to celebrate :-) Joe is watching his garlic, has two kinds. The hardneck is much taller. When I returned from France, the clematis got so tall while we were away. Thrilled that the hellebores are blooming! From seed is wonderful. xo

    1. I know! when we return from a trip there is a lot of catching up!And can go away for 1 sleepover and leaps and bonds:) you know went to burlington VT for a quick TJ fruits or meats of course but other goodies..and the Christmas Tree Shop..not sure i would ever go back to CTS..from a fab sore yrs almost a Big Lots:(
      The new Target is clean and fresh but so small ..however we do enjoy our 24 hr getaway there:)
      Have a great day:)

  18. Your photos, painting and garden flowers are all magnificent.
    I'm with Jacques on wanting TV to be relaxing and fun.

    1. :) I am the dark girl who enjoys even grit and hard to believe;)Thanks A!!!

  19. Dearest Monique,
    Wishing you both a very happy 45th Anniversary and many more to come around in good health.

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