Friday, July 5, 2019

Au nom de la rose~

Roses on tables in Aix~

When its beautiful reminds me of Provence..the blue skies..the heat..
the flowers..
the lunches we had out..
here we have them in..
except w/ grandsons on their birthdays ..nice weather days by the water♥

lovely salads in squares..
on terrasses..all so very magical..days I will never forget.

I made a neat salad..Alice Water's..Food and Wine..
Baked Goat Cheese Salad..
I added honey to the vinaigrette and used Panko..
you can find the recipe here..
perfect summer salad..for lunch or for dinner!

My French salad plates I have had for years and they have aged so well!

In many pastry shops many.
you are often tempted to skip lunch and have a pastry.
When I succumbed to was for Sacristains:)

Easy to replicate at home..not exac
tly like the shop ones..but good enough..crunchy sugary almond delights.
I did not use this recipe..I used from a French site..but they look like mine:)
I used bought PP.
So good!!
here you go..
Mine was taken here.

Bon weekend and ensuing week~

Our tradition with each of the boys..on their birthdays..we pick them up and take them out for lunch then they shop:)
Every year..Noah heads to Toys-R-Us..LEGOS!
He is an Avengers/Lego afficionado.
Both are loves of his so when you can combine the two..=happiness doubled.
He sets them up in no time.
Makes him so happy.
My daughter saves all the booklets..his sets are intact..many set up in his room..he has well over 100..she stopped counting..he started very very young:)It's a passion for him.
I like that little passion.
He's so careful w/ his things like his dad;)i.e.  his toys:)


  1. Replies
    1. The pastry is so easy! As well as the salad:) Have a good weekend!

  2. The pastry looks wonderful, a treat indeed. A lovely salad for lunch is always great. Your blooms are beautiful. Don’t you wish they would last forever? Happy weekend.

  3. All exquisite, Monique! I'm craving one of those tasty pastries! La Nom de la Rose is always a favorite shop when I visit Paris. It's intimate and always overflowing with beautiful flowers. I love your sweet watercolor. So French!
    Thanks for starting my day with your beautiful images!

    1. Thank you for your nice words!Its such a cute cute cute shopđź’•Love those pastries..almost an almond croissant☺️

  4. Dear Nana, you have such great memories from Provence! Love, love, love your pictures.
    In a few days I'll be travelling abroad but this time not to Provence.
    Those pastries seem to be delicious . I would love to have one (or two) just now.
    Wish you a pleasant weekend.

    1. I am looking forward to seeing where you go! Where in the world is Nina?:)

  5. What a charming spot and I love the watercolor you did of it ♥ My roses are very meager this year...a bloom or two here and there. I've kind of given up on them ever since the invasion of Japanese Beetles and I've run out of sunny space. Your Ballerina is so pretty! I love those single blooms. Noah looks so happy with his new Lego set! I takes patience to put those sets together. Dane is our Lego boy :) We don't have a Toys R Us anymore. They went out of business here! Happy weekend, Pea!

    1. Jacques can't believe TRUS are here and not there..we knew they had closed in the US..maybe Amazon? Put them under?

      So cute you have a Lego guy too..
      Thank goodness you found sun for garlic!!xox

  6. Looks delicious! What is almond powder? Just pulverized almonds? Oh, I miss the days when the children loved Legos. Such a fun time!

    1. I buy it at Costco..yes you could say pulverized almonds..I use it to make macarons too!
      He is the last one..the other 3 never really loved them like Noah does☺️

  7. Heavenly.
    You and ross were meant for each other 🥀🥀🥀

  8. Hi Miss M, I enjoy seeing what's blooming in your garden and while in Provence. Hope you enjoy the weekend! Love seeing Noah picking out his birthday Lego kit. đź’•

    1. It should be good..hopefully clearing up this aft..tomorrow there will be lots of catching up in the garden after our humid downpours;) he's such a filters:)Unique♥

  9. Ohhh Puff Pastry. It is a weakness of mine. I cannot resist, and so I only use very rarely. Pastry of any kind is hard for me to resist. Right now there is a strawberry pie in the fridge and I have been so good, not even a bite, but Todd better eat it up quick-like! Very charming shops in the photo of Provence, and even more charming your painting of it. I just love your style so much. Your grandson is so adorable. I am like him and adore Lego, keep the books, etc. My boys all loved Legos. They had a huge box, all mixed up, with five children and a tiny house there was no space to keep the built ones built and they used to enjoy creating new things. My mother had an old box of Lego and stuff for them to play with when we went to visit and a walking doll for the girls. Oh how I miss her. Your garden flowers are breathtaking. You are so talented in this way, well in every way! Have a beautiful weekend. It began with rain here this morning but it is clearing now! xoxo

    1. Still so sorry for you Marie..we have all been privvy yo the love you had for your mom..never ever easy:(

  10. After reading , now I'm yearning for pastry. :D

  11. Oh- we have lego kids in our family, too!
    I loved this post and the pastry looks divine. I do love a good summer salad so enjoyed looking at this post. Have a great Sunday- xo Diana

    1. Thank you very much Diana! Legos are wonderful toys I find..makes the brain work tops!

  12. This post just says summer to me. So beautiful. I love Provence.

    1. Moi aussi Amalia..j'aime la Provence..Ă©normĂ©ment:) Et pour toujours♥Passe un bel Ă©tĂ©!

  13. You know what I love to the max? That you are up there in QC but you can turn it into Provence, a spot you love, with blue skies and a very French sounding salad and loads of your gorgeous blooms. Oh, the biggest sigh from here! I'll have to check out that salad -- love goat cheese. But what I really love is your fabulous painting. I love your style so much. It's so free and beautiful. I get all cramped up! Must really send an email to tell you how much I love your comments and visits. Happy joy to you!

    1. Have cottage country fun! Thanks so much Jeanie!!!Right now it's ugly out many pretty days and now as dark and rainy and thundestormy as can be!

  14. Dearest Monique,
    What a lovely post!
    Yes, having lunch on a patio is something very special and is missed when it is not possible in your own region.
    LOVE that baked goat cheese salad and saved it (your blog's photo with link) to my Salads on Pinterest. Your salad looked so much more poetic/attractive than the one with the recipe.
    You not only bring special baked goods or food to the table but in your presentation you add so many fond memories of your fondest journeys...
    What a special grandson you got for being so meticulous about his Lego collection and treasuring them. Kudos to him!

    1. He is in Belgium as I type..2 weeks w/ a 2 day Paris visit.His mom is far more adventurous than I would have ever been.
      Have a lovely weekend:)

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