Thursday, July 18, 2019

~Like Sand Through the Hourglass~

The above pics courtesy of my daughter Caroline.
These boys are so into into football.

So are the days of our lives~

Clematis and nasturtiums are the most prolific right now apart from the annual pots and baskets..
And thank goodness for those..

after a few parched days..I held the hose for almost 2 hrs ..and then in the aft the skies opened up..

like everything in gardens here's feast or famine.

I held the hose for tomatoes and squash and herbs etc..and some annuals..I don't ..can't water all the perennial beds..

First of all..have to save the water..but I am not about to let my veggies and annuals die.

Things are coming along albeit late..

Many of you have known me since before Littles..look what's happening:(

OHMGEE all taller than me except Oli and Noah..
Both will be but not yet.. Oli is only 9.
Le bébé.
They play so well together.
The little one gets pushed..never complains..he is so tough.
He will push them one day.
Nice boys.
So grateful.

Look at these pics of daughter..her phone and an app..
To me they look like a professional photog took them.
I love them.

Noah is in Belgium and Paris and I can't get the Ipad IG pics here so I have asked his mom to send me some on AOL for my next post about these ever growing boys.
Noah has seen and done more in his 11 years of life than I have in 65.
My daughter took him on her own..2 weeks..Europe.
I could have never had the guts.
It's the strongest word I know apart from another one that would honestly surprise you..LOL:)

So if ever you feared making crepes..I just read a cookbook..and these are made w/ a tortilla.
EASY as mixing an egg w/ a tbsp of cream..
for savory..the usual s and p and herbs..and fill w/ ham and cheese or whatever..for sweet vanilla and fill w/ ice cream and fruit or jam.
Egg mix in a bowl..coat one side of the tortilla w/ the in pan w/ some butter..then brush the top w/ more of the egg wash..cook both sides..and there you go!
Look here~

Bon weekend!


  1. I'm checking out the crepe article! Those look so pretty. I can't believe your boys are in their football garb in this heat -- is it as hot there as here? Oh, my!

    Happy week. The garden looks GLORIOUS!

    1. Super hot and yes they play in all kinds of weather!This isn't even their football garb..this is a couple of hours at the park just playing with each other!Thr crepes are surprisingly easy..a bit different from the very supple thin crepe pan ones but Jacques loved both the savory and sweet!Writing soon☺️

  2. Hope all your plants are doing well now. XOXO

  3. Happy weekend Monique! Your grandsons are all so very handsome! They will be fighting the girls off one day if they are not already! Fabulous photos of them. Fab - YOU - Lus! We have had a very rainy summer this year which makes the slugs and snails almost impossible to keep up with! They have totally decimated our bush beans, but thankfully the runner beans are doing okay. today it is just tipping it down and it figures. I have to take the bus into town and walk to the opticians. It costs far too much to park up and the taxis are too expensive. I will be drenched when I get there, but c'est la vie! Your gardens are so beautiful. I love them. I think you would be able to do a book with just your artwork, flower and garden photos and it would be a best seller! A coffee table book. Your crepes look beautiful. I never thought of using tortillas. You learn something new every day! Bonne weekend! xoxo

    1. Taxis are a fortune! here..well not where I live..but here..there is UBER also..lots of competition..A bus sounds nice Marie..not as nice as a chauffeur lol..but at least there's a way:)Pouring rain..and wind for that matter are fine when you are young and too hair turns to fur.
      I want to leave book writing up to you:)
      I don't have the talent..truly but most importantly..I have no desire at all to accomplish that.
      It's a boatlad of work.I did that already the boatload of work .
      Happy to just work at being.♥♥♥
      Real estate was addictive you alawys wanted your clients so happy..and when they validating.That's been reward enough.
      I hate pests in a garden..we work so hard..!!!

      Good luck at the opticians Marie..and I have told my daughter she will meet a lot of girls;);)

  4. Beautiful pics! Your grandsons are getting so big, time does fly. I am curious about what the other word is... :) xo

    1. World..did I write world? I meant word LOL:)Starts with b:)I am shocking you:)

  5. The boys are so grown up! Your flowers are beautiful.

    1. Every time I see them they have bill HIGH:)Thank you!

  6. Those boys are amazing! I understand how proud you feel about them.
    Enjoy and have a great weekend.

  7. Monique, your title is so perfect! The little have grown. It seems to happen without us realizing, then there it is ~ baby boys become young men. They are so handsome and joyful. One can see that in their smiles. Healthy to be out playing as a team! I think that is becoming a lost art for children here in the states. We have two young boys across the street. The oldest just celebrated 16. I like to watch them in the front yard playing catch, or shotting baskets in the hoop set up on the drive. Too many are inside, alone, and on electronics.
    Your photos always make me smile, your garden, the special delicious treats! You continually create beauty in all you do.
    Have a happy weekend!

    1. I am inspired by all of you!!

      I love seeing active boys it..Noah is not on electroonics active active!!

      Have a beautiful weekend Sarah,I bet you are followingd Deb's every move;)

  8. Your littles have become handsome young men. It is nice to see them playing together. Your gardens are always fabulous. I must lookup the crepes, they look incredible. Your beautiful photography makes us all swoon. Happy weekend.

    1. You're always so encouraging Linda!
      The boys are funny too..I forgot to mention that:) LOL too much to say about them!

  9. Beau and Hope, Marlena and John - LOL. Yikes, Lucas is looking so grown up! Handsome, handsome boys. Good genes there, Nana Pea :) My daylilies got smashed in the rain yesterday morning and last night. Driving across town yesterday morning was NOT fun. Downpours! Gorgeous clematis. I've been taking pics and more pics too :) I love the the tortilla crepe idea!! Yours is so pretty with the little nasturtium topper ♥

    1. Marlena was my favorite..I am sure you are not surprised..Hope was a beauty..not sure if she is still on the show..those were the days of my girls as babies..being fed while I watched that on a small black and white kitchen tv..45 yrs ago I guess..I bet Marlena looks the same..egads some dont change..Jaclyn Smith? Looks the same..Some change way too much..knife and scalpel..
      I hate driving in toerrential downpours..:( Good on you for doing it Pea..did you ever think you would have a Beau in your life?♥♥

    2. The good old days :) I haven't watched in a long while. Too many character changes so quickly. Never, ever thought we'd have a Beau Bo ♥

  10. Your guys warm my heart. They will enter into the adult world with such a foundation of love and strength, having grown up close to Nana's House. My Nasturtium now has seed pods as well as still blossoms. Not sure if I'm supposed to do anyting with them...

    1. You can save the seeds once ready..and dry them..out in open space in the house..then just put in a jarand close..nasturtiums grow so well from seed! And you paint them beautifully!!:)
      They warm my heart too:):)And I think all who meet them.Little gifts.

  11. Lovely to walk through your garden Nana ❤️

  12. Fabulous pictures and stories. I love your nasturtiums. I wonder if I can still find some. I haven't grown them in years.

  13. 2nd shot at leaving a comment!!!
    I was saying...I have never seen three brothers that are so darn handsome!!
    And such happy guys too!!
    those Nasturtions are a gorgeous truly are the Garden queen!!👸
    Enjoy your week!!
    Linda :o)

    1. I think because we "know " each others Littles ..we develop a liking lol:):):)
      Same here for your Littles!

      I like those nasturtiums too..will try and get more for some reason my past ebay orders of last year..well I can't find them:)
      I think you're pretty stellar in the garden!

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