Thursday, August 8, 2019 Monique~Jardins..popotte..anniversaires..Marie.

Every day walking from St-Paul de Mausole to the town core of St-Rémy..I would glance down this lane way and admire this sun drenched hotel~

I can't believe my eldest daughter will be 44 Sat..
I guess I am not 44 anymore.
GREAT AGE that was.

I always say my my my..

I do feel that I am the one that worries about everyone the most in this marriage of two.
So yes..I take liberties;)
He's always been..a great dad..etc..just not a worrier of sorts.
For some reason..that's my MO of worrying and nuturing.
Night and day we

The August gardens are never my favorites.
Parched..drying up..screaming for attention.

I hate hand watering..heavy hoses..etc.

I tried a new Goody One She side and dragged that heavy hose to the front beds..and stood by it as the water fell out of the hose..and moved it..and then my neigbour came out and said:"Are you allowed to do that?" 
My hidden guilt surfaced..and I said I had been feeling guilty and rewound the one ton hose all the way back to the back.

It's far trust me.

I read the by~ laws.

You can hand water but an automatic shut off must be in your hands .

Watering dry parched earth w/ an apparatus is like running a useless stream down.:(
No more.

Que sera sera.

But I will fill 100 cans to water my zucchinis and tomatoes.

How can I start from seed and let die.

And hate it.
But feel good after I have done it.

I you know am growing globe zucchinis.
I read that staking zs and clipping the leaves BELOW where the produce starts..helps..we will see..
I have tried it:)

Will keep you posted..
Seeds are doing well

except zinnias and nasturtiums.
Some are ok..others not..

Super in love w/ ordinary 4 O'Clocks,for personal reasons♥

Made some raspberry lemon muffins from the IG acount I follow Diane Morissey.
No point in have to go to IG.

Save THOSE jars..I shook poppy seed heads in my jar..perfect!

I impulse bught a new watercolor block and like it:)
Amazon Paul Reubens..again... go look lol..
too many times I have linked and it links to my account..nono;)

It's a cute leatherette bound block that comes w/ a knife to seperate the pages..

it's a mix me between hot and cold press.

Comes packaged cute enough to gift.
My corner had been damaged but I wasn't gifting it.
Would definitely order again.

And look at this..

you all know Marie..

Being in a publication like HELLO magazine is no small feat..She's in it..
a full page 4 page spread.

Even Jacques said:"C'est quelque choose"!
That's something.

So well deserved..tireless blogger for YEARS..
recipe after post after blog post..EVERY day!!

Hello is the epitome of THE magazine for all monarchs.

If anyone loves the monarchy..
C'est Marie.
Perfect magazine for showcasing Marie!!
Again Marie..congratulations!!

Lucas turned 14 ..
Our first grandson..
the one that filled a hole in my♥

Spent the day w/ him..the day before.
I think I glow when I walk alongside one of MY grandsons;)

Lucky this week ..we had Noah one day..the Lucas outing..and Max and Oli another day♥

Bon weekend~


  1. I am the 'nurturer' in this family, too. Always concerned about MY big kids and MY little kids. It is just my nature to be concerned.
    You take the most fabulous pictures. I am very, very jealous (but in a nice way). lol
    Have a wonderful upcoming weekend- xo Diana

  2. You know..I was very nurtured by my mom..I loved the feeling and I love doing it myself..nothing makes me feel better..and I know you know whatI mean..Jacques was not nurtured..good family..good parents..but not nurtured.And I think you get that is not a’s just the way people are raised ..differently☺️☺️How nice of you to be kind about my pics!Thank you!

  3. "I think I glow when I walk along side of one of my grandsons." I loved that. That is how I feel when I walk along side of my grandson and have since he was little. He is 9 now. They grow up so quickly.

  4. Your zucchini looks so cute! Love the water color of the hotel.

  5. Love the atmospheric 'Soleil' watercolor. If it ain't broke..
    Is that the Rubens' paper?
    What do they say?
    "Worrying never got anyone anywhere"? Not that I dont worry..usually over something I'm procrastinating about doing.
    So you are not allowed to use the hose to water the font stuff? But must fill a gazillion wateringcans?
    Sounds completely nuts to me unless there is a draught like in Australia...hmm

    1. It is nuts..I can w/a hose..but it hasto have a nozzle..Ican't just lay it ..wait..move..lay it..the front gardensare far..and full sun ALL day it's a no win situ.
      Town of 5000..and I guess very limited it has been yrs nowthat from May something..watering forbidden.
      Our summers are far drier than they used to be...I think.
      Yes the Reubens paper in that pink leaterette covered block..they have black too and portrait or landsacpe..a few sizes and the knife comes w/.

  6. I have always been a nurturer Monique, ever since I was a young child. I nurtured my younger siblings and my dolls, etc. I never minded. I find that life is very full when you care for others! What a lonely existance it would be otherwise! Your garden flowers are so beautiful and you take such lovely photos of them. I have saved the seed pods from our Oriental poppies also. I must remember to give some to my friend Tina who wanted some. Another use for those lovely wee jars! Oh how kind you are to mention my appearance in Hello! magazine. I guess it is something I have to be proud of. I wish my mother had lived long enough to see it, but at least she got to see my book, which I know she was proud of, and I like to think of her as sitting up there cheering me forward from above. I miss her and like you and your mom, I always will. I am so grateful for all the extra years we had with her. They were a blessing to us all! Your grandson is sooooo handsome! What fun seeing him through all the stages of his life. I would imagine the girls are already flocking around him. He will no doubt be a handsome man also. He is just one year older than my oldest grandson's. Such a fun age (when you are the grandparent at least!) maybe not so fun as a parent dealing with hormones, etc. Once again many thanks for being so kind always to and about me! I really appreciate it! Bon weekend! xoxo

    1. You deserve the KUDOS..I've never known anyone to be in such a popular magazine.Yes I bet your mom loved your book and was so proud..and I do love to imagine they do see us..Not sure after all these years in my case.
      Never had a sign..nothing..

      I hope you have a hard copy of the mag? I pass my mags to my girls etc..and I get two ..and two for them..:)I am going to stop again.
      This one is staying here lol.

      If I want tartar sauce..there I have it in a big coffee table mag♥

      Jacques is a great dad.. grandfather etc..I mean I just love to fuss over ..and serve...and give and give and give lol..Yes Bon weekend and here's to the 13th!!:)

    2. No hard copy, just a pdf of the original article. The honor of being in the magazine is enough! xoxo

  7. Happy weekend Ria 💚🍀💚🍀💚

  8. I will have to look up those watercolor papers and the Hotel du Soleil ♥ Again, that marvelous golden hue of sun there! Such cute zucchinis!! I am amazed that you still have pansies...what a pretty one that I don't think I've seen here. I spy a pink that I've begun to see here also...around Four O'clock :) Actually later. Kudos to Marie on the magazine spread. That is wonderful and so well deserved. Congratulations, Marie! Lucas 14, OY! Mack soon to be his first double digit age, Double OY! We had him yesterday, Lauren took off a day of work to play here with him and he loved it. Same thing for Dane on Monday. Lauren every night :) It's been a wonderful week! I do think women worry much more than men about their families ♥ Hope the weather is perfect for the birthday party!!

    1. I know you are having a ball:)
      the weather"sucked" ..cold..indy..sun..downpours..sun..downpours..mainly downpours..we had apps outside and ate indoors..went to bed at about 1:) Alan had organized a cute suprise..when I get the pics I'll show you:) Do you have 2 colors of 4 OC? I do if you don't I'll send some;)

    2. We did have a ball last week! Had a golf date with good friends yesterday and here for dinner afterward. Ticking off lots of boxes before the end of August :) So for I only see the dark pink on the 4 OCs, which is very pretty. Most of the clematis are done, daylilies almost finished so there will be blank spots in the garden but now 4 OCs and the bigger dahlias are starting to bloom to help a little. I'm so sorry about your watering restrictions but you have to applaud conservation and pesticide bans for the benefit of the Earth and it's inhabitants. I loved seeing the photo of the guys on IG ♥

  9. Dearest Monique,
    Yep, those years do fly by very fast... But you sound still so bubbly and full of life, especially in your most productive garden season of the year!
    Love the water color in-between the goodies...
    And how blessed for having had your grands around you rather frequently!
    Sending you hugs,

    1. My grands have been my saving grace:)The girls and grands and son-in -laws that are quite dear. of me are as you think..others..not at all..
      Have a beautiful beautiful Sunday!

  10. I'm behind on visiting. I hear you about August gardens and the parched earth. We are only allowed one day of using our system. Other days it is hand water. I've been watering some things morning and evening. Day after day of 103 and higher, things wilt. I wilt!! Enjoyed your photos. I smiled at the jar of seeds. Can't toss those little jars. We use them for all sorts of things.

  11. Oh you work so hard on your glorious gardens! And it your home too:)Simply beautiful♥

  12. Love your globe zucchini, how cute they we. Congrats to Marie, that’s quite the honor. You still amaze me with your drawings, painting and always something home baked.

    1. I have a quiet little life here:) So I have time to do little things:)NOt much merit;)Have a great week Linda:)

  13. I feel like I'm apologizing for not visiting more often. These past few weeks have simply flown by. But I'm glad to be here now and catch up on your news. How sweet to eat zucchinis that you've grown from seed, especially after all your hard work.

    1. No need for apologies:) Life is fraught with responsibilities..I can see that in our family.It's been a good 10 yrs thatI have had work I have time;)No apologies are necessary!Have a great week Amalia:)

  14. Once again, I am so behind reading posts but this one was like opening a very special present! Oh, those garden blooms! Biggest sigh. I so admire your dedication. That's a lot of cans to fill! Too bad about the hose. I start watering well and then I disappear up north and it all starts to get totally overgrown and then dried out. And we really could use some rain, I hate to say. Gentle rain! Your painting is lovely -- always fun to find supplies! I just got some pan pastels for my birthday. I've never used them and am eager to try. You can mix with wc they say so I will use them at art camp next week. Your Birthday Boy is so handsome! And I get the nurture/worry thing all too well! I always save my Bonne Maman jars! They're the best!

    Now as to Marie -- WOW! Has she shown that on her blog? I'm still catching up but don't remember seeing it. I'll have to send her a special note. That's really exciting to be chosen for a mag like Hello! Well done. Love her recipes! You turned me on to her site so thanks! I've made WAY too many things and will make way too many more! Now, off to catch up with older posts!

    1. Outstanding accomplishment I say! Kudos to her!!:):)