Monday, February 3, 2020


As you know it's still winter in QC~ Until May..just kidding..
So I am still experimenting w/ snowmen and winter things.
I am lucky enough to have a room for crafts..w/ windows..
Never unpleasant to be there..not pretty by any means..but room..and light..and ..well..I love it.
I am one of these people that loves to learn things ..
so a lot of my learning gets done in that room ..or in the kitchen..:)
I made a couple of snowpeople for here for next's not something you start making right before Christmas;)
I'll have a little vignette somewhere I guess..
They are fun to make..I start w/ styrofoam balls..cover in clay..let dry..and then the fun begins.

I am a muffin lover..a good muffin..bran..oatmeal..all kinds..I love them.
A treat w/ a coffee..
This week I made these.. halved the recipe:)
They rose to the occasion which pleased me..and others.
I'm known to eat half a muffin too:)

I am hoping to start wokking again..
I did years ago and my wok..looked so old(Should have kept it  it IS the wok I need)..that I bought a big red cast iron one..
Who was I kidding? You would need to be a weightlifter.
I gave it to Fred..and my wokking ended.

Come Christmas 2019 and  a thoughtful gift arrived from a Grace Young friend Linda at How To Cook a Wolf and at on IG..
Her meals are inspiring and most are from this book and Grace Young.
Linda wanted to share her passion with me..and I find that so darn thoughtful.

You can get fab woks in SanFrancisco..etc..
Here in Canada..I was not lucky and let's face it ordering from the US to Canada doubles the least..because of exchange rate..shipping..and then customs and duties..

So I came across a small version..and it's not the right kind..but I'll get back into it gently..
Everything looks so good..
But on second thought and more reading the wok's going back..non stick is a nono..

It would work in this kitchen perhaps:)Circa 1975-76.

Don't you love it..?I do..this was our little girls kitchen in the playroom J built for our first home after we left my parents can see the steps coming down..from our kitchen..
The raised platform so that the appliances were more at their level..THEY WERE SO CUTE cooking and baking:)
Faux paneling..gotta love it..faux window..real home made curtains..
M was 3 C was 1 by the time this was done..and I was 24.
Continuing on the Holly Hobbie theme of course:);)
I want them back....

Also I just wanted to tell you again how much I appreciate the magazine Daphne's Diary.
It's not for everyone..but I know many of you love it also..
It's not like a beautiful Country Living UK..

More like a jazzed up Home Companion..bigger better ..if that's possible.
It's a treat..
I crocheted the macarons after being inspired by this months mag♥
But in effect I needed additional help and resorted to a You Tube Video:)

I am so visual..I need someone showing me just writing it out:)

Have a good week~


  1. I had a strong feeling that you were going to post today...💜
    Love that little Holly Hobbie kitchen!!! Those girls must have felt like they were in heaven...
    We always had a playroom for our kids growing up...lucky enough to have the space...cant imagine having all the toys in the family room!!!
    I remember Greg bought Lissa a cardboard Holly Hobbie House house...big enough to put her table and chairs inside...boy they had fun with that!!
    Wonder if I can find a pic of that!!??
    Your muffins look delish...and your Snowman is a work of it!!!
    Another gloomy one here today, but on the warm side...6c!! Picking up Miss V after school...sleepover!!! Hopefully working on a few Valentines!!
    Enjoy your day crafting today?? ☺️

    1. Just came in from errands.. I am sure I will get up to something:)
      Oh try and find the pic of the house:)In between all the other things you have to do:)
      Have fun with your Princess..
      It's mild and grey here too w/ a few snowflakes..very or two:)
      Have a great day!
      Yes how fortunate we were to have room for a playroom:) I agree.

  2. I love using my wok. I will have to check that book out! Your muffins look yummy

    1. Thanks Penny! Returned my wok this AM..on the lookout;)

  3. I love this little kitchen Monique I had one and when I was little I had a fridge, so cool. Never know what my mom made with all this stuff lol
    Love yors muffins.Hope the spring begin to arrive there soon, Only I want my autumn / winter.
    We have had a terrible hot time here in this summer, and problems to water my plants and all. Difficult.
    Oh well many people dont understand why I prefer autumn and is ok.
    But we need rain soon!!
    SEnd you hugs and love

    1. I can't remember what I did with the kitchen:( How cute was that? They were partners in crime my girls having the time of their lives..Loved that little room albeit it looks positively archaic now:)Sending hugs back to you:)

  4. Oh, that little kitchen is so adorable! Hours and hours of play! This is what young children need, pretend play! Every kindergarten class in the US used to have such things. There would be stations around the room for the children to choose to spend time. They could uuse their imaginations, pretend to be a banker, a shop keeper, and homemaker. Sadly today, much of this has given way to paper/pencil tasks. Our system expects so much of littles. The requirements are pushed further and further down.
    Sorry for the rant!
    Love the snow people and macarons. You are so clever! I can imagine you spending hours in your craft room! Fun, fun, fun!!!
    Happy February!

    1. It gives me something to do:) When I worked for 30 yrs I wondered what ladies of leisure did all day as I passed the racquet club etc....I don't feel guilty at all:)
      In my daughter's class there are startions everywhere but it's kindergarden:)
      I agree today's youth is indoors on Ipdas etc..we just watched the high school ski by..thank goodness Phys d is still alive and well in schools(I hated you're heavy and have to wear shorts..ugh)
      C'est la vie right?
      Bonne Journée Sarah!

  5. I am a muffin lover as well. I have yet to learn how to eat half a muffin :-)
    Would love to make the next butch in your little Holly Hobbie kitchen.

    1. Amalia:) It's easy..take two bites..leave the rest..Jacques always says..a mouse was by.He is so used to it;)
      I want to play in that 1970's kitchen too:)I think I was as excited as they were.♥Have a great week.

  6. Good morning, dear Monique. Once again I'm in love with your pics and, by the way, your little kitchen seems to be so cozy!!!!
    Have a nice sunshine week!

    1. You too! Hard to believe that kitchen is at least 40 yrs leas..oh my time flies.

  7. Dearest Monique,
    You are so right about being visual, that works for ALL teachings.
    Pieter was a great advocator for visual teaching in the class room; showing slides or making a good drawing of things. That will be remembered!
    Your macarons look excellent; great job.
    That Holly Hobbie kitchen was so cute and no doubt has been loved by your girls.
    In a playful way you instilled your biggest passion into your girls... grand idee!
    Guess I have a senior moment as i know that Daphne's Diary is/was Dutch but can't think of the name...
    Sitting here in Atlanta at the Nissan garage, waiting on the recall work that needs to be done on our car + oil change and check up. So my MacBook is great for some blog reading...

    1. Hello!I just had a recall on my Fiat and Mariette I could not have liked the garage I chose more!I left a glowing review..yes I saw Daphne being offered in Dutch ..perhaps its primary source?Its very cute quite $$$ here but I found an online subscription house here that made it seem doable.I can't take it with me right?I hope your service appointment is going very very well!!!!

  8. Happy February, Pea! Although I haven't been much of a pea in a pot lately :) No crafts, no crochet. I will find pleasure in everything you do ♥ Oh, that cute little kitchen! My girls had Little Tykes house, Little Tykes frig and stove too. Colorful and STURDY! Last week Bo was here and I got out the girls' Precious Places houses for him. He absolutely loved turning the lights on and off and locking and unlocking the door with the magic key. I'm so glad I kept so many of the girls toys. So well made then! I used to wok too! Loved it but not all the prep work. John used to love stir-fried beef and pea pods. I need to get mine out and see how it looks :) Those muffins look delicious! I love recipes that use sour cream too!

    1. I never knew of Precious Places💕Will Google..wish I had kept the toys..I did keep the ugly CabbagePatches..2 of them loved the adoption aspect so much.
      I bet you feel twenty years old!!
      Exciting times!

  9. I save your posts for when I need the most beautiful things -- the brightest lifts and biggest smiles. Right now our president is blabbing on about the state of our union. I could tell him a thing or two -- but I won't listen. Times like this call for visiting your blog and basking in snowpeople and muffins and all things lovely. I do love your snow fellow. He's darling. I might have to add these to my crafty ventures! And tomorrow my stove is hooked up -- muffins, here I come! The play room is adorable and I couldn't agree more about Daphne's Diary. I haven't seen it for a couple months here -- you have to search to find it. But even re-reading past issues is a joy. And I also love Country Living UK. It is thousands of times better than CL USA. All my favorite things in one post! Smiles.

    1. I agree CL UK 💕💕💕💕⭐️⭐️⭐️Big love.
      I know..J just said it’s the state of the union address..
      I feel as a Canadian it is not my place to comment.
      But I have opinions.
      Lots of them..since before the election.
      I hear Iowa is having difficulty tallying..well at dinner time.. just need a trip to HobbyLobby;)
      I am sure you have so many cute add ones!
      Have a ball with your new big toy!!
      Fun times...take care a Jeanie!

  10. What an adorable little little kitchen. The snow people are darling. I so admire your flair for constant learning. How special to have your very own craft room. Happy February.

    1. Happy February to you also ..🙏🏻Yes very lucky although a far cry from what Insee on Pinterest☺️☺️☺️

  11. Where do I start, there is so much to love here Monique. Your wee kitchen for the girls. They must have really loved playing with that. I always wanted a play kitchen. My kids had one, with a ton of items to play with in it. Yes, I did spoil them. Why do they have to grow up? I love, Love, LOVE your snow people. So cute and so beautiful. Your muffins, your muffin baker, all beauiful. I have never used a wok actually. I always just use a big skillet. I think wok's scare me a bit! I do have one however and it is as pristine as the day I got it. I know, I am incorrigible. I need to give it to someone who will use it. My craft room is still a mess but I am working on it. I wonder if I will ever be done with it. Sigh . . . Happy Thursday! xoxo

    1. I think you are managing the declutter super well! Kudos on that..I find it so good mentally that have order:)But that's a teen I was incorrigible.
      I loved the kitchen so much..there were other areas for the Fisher Price play etc..
      Compared to today..this is nothing right?


      Take care..tomorrow will be hard..

  12. I ❤️ The mini lkitchen too.
    What a dream. Lucky little girls.

    1. The best of times..for me:)Not sure how much they remember but when I sent the slide/pics to them..they said they remembered:)

  13. Loooove it all Monique...happy weekend love Ria ❤️

  14. Oh the Holly Hobbie kitchen set is nice. The snowman is adorable. Looking at the muffins made my mouth water.

    1. Looking at food is a bit appetite enhancing:) Thank you!

  15. Your crochet macarons are adorable! I love the kitchen...such cosy memories... xo

    1. Time you know..♥It all goes by in the blink of an eye those cherished yrs of having little ones..:(

  16. Oh, the mini kitchen, so representative of you and your happy family. Those little curtains, trop mignons!!!!! As I said, your diary is just as wonderful as Daphne's!!!!!

    1. Just Googled Lists..etc..comme de raison:)
      Looks like a fun book!!
      Thank you!

  17. Your mini kitchen is adorable, Holly Hobby goodness! Lucky little girls! Daphne's Diary is great too. And so are the muffins!

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