Monday, February 24, 2020

More snow on the way~and Mr.Rod McKuen~ quite the month~
We had an unusual amount of snow and more is expected!

It's a 29 day month did you know that?
And we change the time March 8th! 
Very early..
 Easter is late ..April 12th..
Chances are..we may have no snow..

A new popular sport bicycling in the snow..special bicycles.
The boys do it in high school ..and here and there I am seeing more and more..
Jacques is tempted..but a fall would..could be..not so great.

I am NOT tempted.

He is the walker ..biker here..

I was happy to find pieces that go with my tea's all about gardening so you know me..
At my favorite shop that I stay away from because I need nothing:)

I had a little birthday..66 ..oy.. and thank you to those who remembered♥

Lovely cards..and thoughtful offerings..
Even Sesame Street stamps on a wonderful card.
A  very special jam supplies.. Caudalie products.. a new top..socks..mug♥

I only talk about my bday after.
100 yrs ago I loved the attention.
Now I cringe at public..
but quietly..I appreciate the remembrances and thank you ♥♥

Let's talk about those books..  all the Rod McKuens..♥ I was 17 ..I loved him so much..and am so glad I kept his books and didn't discard them like I discarded so many things.His LPs..:( Etc..
The SPS books are more when I was in my thirties..

Corny I was..corny I still am..
just glad I kept them.

We had the boys..3 of them..  while my daughter and husband went to Nashville..they had a ball!
They are the same things..

We loved being with the boys..
they are soooooo mature!
I just cannot believe it.
except Oli.
He's 10 and pretty autonomous but I can still get him to cuddle and give him foot massages;)
They are TALL and funny  and SPORTSMEN.
And so nice to us.

My daughter has her job cut out for her..raising 3 sons is not like having 2 I had..
They grow and they grow and they grow!
And 3 quarts of milk lasts..a

Out of the desserts I made for them..

This was their favorite.
It's a QC classic..

Easy as pie.
We have several recipes..I tried a new one..

La recette~ will think you are in heaven.
Oli likes it cold.
Oli like chocolate milk..not hot chocolate.

Cake part

1/2 cup softened butter I use salted
1 cup white sugar
2  large eggs
vanilla to taste
2 cups unbleached flour
 1 tbsp baking powder

1 1/3 cup of whole milk

Cream butter and sugar  add eggs one by one..put another bowl mix flour with baking powder..
Incorporate this into the sugar mixture alternatively with the milk.

Put in a 9x 13 pyrex..(I did not I used my HUGE round pyrex)
They did not either..but for your first should;)


1 1/2 cup pure maple syrup
1 1/2 cups heavy cream
 1 1/2 cup brown sugar
 1/3 cup unsalted butter..mine's always salted;)
I also add Watkins maple extract because I like it.

Mix all these and cook stove top until boiling..reduce heat simmer 2 minutes..pour over cake that you have spread in your pyrex.
Bake at 325 F for 35-40 minutes..
Top must be golden.

I use a toothpick too.

This is not for the sugar faint of heart..This is a treat..and made for our robust QC winters ;)
Un classique

The little calendar was made with my Kim Klassen Lightroom downloads for the Polaroid shape..and the actual calendar for February ..the dates from Minding My Nest

I love what I learn..thank you all that share!

A whiter shade of pale~

From the net~


  1. Your snow pictures are beautiful. I have never seen biking in the snow!

  2. GOod Morning Monique...
    You have so much snow!!! We have only had a few very small dumpings...your pics are awesome!! They must make people who don't get snow, really WANT snow!!
    Sounds like your birthday was fantastic...sorry my card has not arrived as yet...stupid Canada Post!!!
    Hopefully it will make you smile when it does arrive...:o)
    DId you get out and grab a Primula for yourself???
    Linda :o)
    Your food always looks so delicious...wish I could present mine like yours!! Maybe I'll get the knack soon...
    Enjoy this last week of February...time change sounds wonderful...more sunshine!!!

    1. It came! We just DMd..I love very thoughtful w/ a gorgeous begonia:)And my adorable crocheted items.So sweet..I am spoiled.
      Your food always makes me want to get up and make it so I have no clue why you say that!
      It's a robust winter for sure here this year..arrived bright and early as a tease..left ..and all was quiet..then ..avalanche city..
      I tell ya..A lot.

      I grabbed some ranunculus today..♥I adore them..hope they do ok..I had yellow Costco tulips and they were done..
      I did smile.Love everything and thank you♥

    2. 💙💜💚

  3. Dearest Monique,
    A post with a lot of soul depth... also due to Rod McKuen who lived a rough life in his youth.
    Still he was able to leave a mark - a huge mark for many to read and think. Funny, he was born on my Pieter's B'day, only 4 years later but long gone...
    Your daughter deserves kudos indeed for raising three active boys.
    No, we have not even been biking due to the weather. Too cold is not good for Pieter's heart and with all the rain, rain and more rain we have not been able.
    But as you mention, soon it will be March and Easter and the year is half over!

    1. He was my idol in my teens poetry wise:) In Cegep(college) I did a paper on him and my teacher told me I had not picked a true poet..fluff..
      Well that made me think less of my teacher.
      I am easily offended:)
      Jacques will ride again in Spring..

      here's to both our husbands enjoying long lovely rides:)
      Bonne semaine!

  4. Your pudding looks delicious, and hearty for those 3 growing boys. Spring is on the way, and seems to stop by our locale out on Vancouver Island long before arriving in Quebec!

    1. Vancouver Island..must be beautiful Lorrie..I have never been..have been to Vancouver in the 70's..a train ride Jasper to Vancouver..♥
      I wish I remembered it all:)Yes soon we will be there in Springtime..before we know it.

  5. The Sesame Street stamps must have been me. I have a page of them. LOL Still love them.
    I cannot believe all your snow. Knocking wood, ours has been missing in action. So very scant this year. So far. I pray it stays this way.

    You corny? Absolutely and I love you for it.

    1. YES YOU! I save special stamps:) Those are..I wish there were more stamps here like yours..we have had a few by a Children's Book Illustrator that I loved but they are long gone..I do love my Leonard Cohen ones at the moment.
      The work for J is so much..never complains..
      Take care!

  6. Not corny, just sentimental! I've saved so many little books from decades past. I have a box full, and I pull them out from time to time. They still make me smile! Our days are grey and cold, with freezing temps returning mid week. Can't imagine biking in the snow! I admire your dauughter. Yes, three boys must make for a very active home! I follow her on IG, so saw some of the Nashville photos. I've only been to Nashville a few times, and it was always for the Antique and Garden Show. I've not truly explored the city. Love your dishes!!!

    1. Thanks I love them too..and my special spoon:)
      She and Fred enjoyed Nashville! I love her're only young once..she has photos printed on tiles..some go up her stairs..she'll add some of these I bet:)
      Bonne journée!!

  7. Happy belated Birthday Monique❣️ That cake looks divine. Do you serve it warm? I can relate to staying away from favorite stores, as I’m a collector of dishes. Can’t seem to help myself, but I’m out of space! We have been trying to downsize. Difficult to do as we have lived in so many different places. Have a lovely day!đź’–

    1. I love to serve it really is a cake w/ sauce..but Oli likes his's a rich sugaring off kind of dessert;)
      That store is a store where all proceeds go to a special nursing organization..that is so amazing.
      They va e 2 stores..all is donated..all volunteers..all proceeds to the organization.
      My firts manager..I loved her..was very ill w/ cancer.I witnessed the care she received at home from them.Admirable..
      and again a couple of yrs ago..and agent I had worked with that I was friends w/..needed their help and I witnessed their total devotion and take charge professionalism.
      We are lucky to have them.
      Prices are of course very reasonable.
      I giving things..I brought a backpack home..and donated 4 bags..have girls will want nothing.
      Everything you have and do ..exquisite.


  8. Dear Monique, here, by the sea, we have no snow. In Portugal, snow falls only at the top of some mountains. It's beautiful, but I believe it becomes very tiring.
    Today, Carnival day, a small but persistent rain falls. Me, who don't intend to leave the house - I don't like Carnival - the rain doesn't bother me. I loved your beautiful photos.

    1. Thank you Nina.. I have friends that have visited Portugal..The Algarve..and LOVED it of course..
      I think it's what we get used to..Home is home..♥
      I am not a carnival person either:)

  9. Sentimental is so nice. Happy belated Birthday Monique. Wow, so much snow and we are bless with temps of 70's this week. The food looks lovely as always. You capture so much beauty in your shots.

    1. Thank you! You have a corner of paradise where you are..when I was younger I dreamt of living in California..and wondered what the heck we were doing here lol?
      And now.. well for many many many yrs..I have not wished to leave.This hibernating thing..the older you get..well for just seems to work.
      I think I am older in my soul than I should be.

  10. I'm stuck in all that snow..:((
    Sorry to have missed your B'day

    1. You are stuck in snow?

      Oh my gosh no problem really is no all.. was for some reason..
      Oh well..;)

  11. That pudding looks and sounds delicious. I saw cyclists in the snow when I was skiing in Italy many years ago.

    1. I love watching them!!!Fearless..while I bake☺️☺️☺️

  12. Ahh, to be young and agile enough to do all that travelling! I saw some of the photos on IG and it sure looked like they were having a wonderful time! I think you are so lucky that you got to watch the boys! I just know that they love the bones off you and J. How could they not! I bet you were tired when the visit was over though. I would be. I can't imagine cycling in the snow, but here in the UK they cycle year round, rain, ice, whatever. Brave people. Especially with all the traffic. Your birthday card from me is late. Next year I will send earlier! Like you I enjoy being remembered, but don't like a lot of fuss. Your Winter photos are so lovely. The colours are perfect. We have seen no snow here at all this year. They have on the high ground and in Scotland of course, but the worst is the floods. So many people have been ruined. I wonder what the long range impact will be on crops, etc. Pudding Chomeur, Rod McKuen, all, love, love, love. I am a sentimental soul as well. I keep things I should throw away but can't bring myself to, and yes this incuded unusual stamps. I love it when you do a post. It is a real treat for me. we are in the midst of paring down here, and its hard, but I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Now if we can only keep it that way! Hope you are having a beautiful week! xoxo

    1. So great that you are simplifying..I try and donate when I bring something in..but until I know we are moving..I am hanging on..a craft might need this or know what I mean?And I am different now.I loved entertaining..not many people..I preferred one couple at a time..and often 2..we could wine..but now I don't..only family.
      The boys are so nice to s and tell us they love unless they are excellent actors..I believe them.
      I do miss the toddler stage so much..
      But it's lovely watching the young men they are becoming.

      I wonder why we change re fanfare and birthdays..
      J and I as you know..we have even stopped cards.
      It was a different Christmas and bday this yr..
      Have a beautiful evening and rest of week and weekend~x0

  13. The racette sounds mouthwateringly delicious! Thanks for sharing your recipe! I might have to bake something, anything today. It's snowy, cold and crisp. Those cyclists are brave souls. Even Rick doesn't cycle in the snow!

    Rod McKuen. When I was in college -- this would be 1972, probably -- we had a record of his and his books. My favorite piece on the record was "Who Has Touched the Sky." Oh, it was so beautiful. I loved his poems and hadn't thought about him in a long while. I wonder if I still have my books. I wouldn't be surprised.

    Love the calendar and your wonderful time with your grands. Enchanting in every way. And finally, many happy belated birthday wishes. It all sounds very lovely! I had no idea so belated wishes join the chorus of all of us who adore you!

    1. You're so fun and bubbly and nice!
      I bet you do have his books..go look lol♥
      A charmer for sure..with a hard many awards and accolades came to him..I was grateful for that.
      A darling man..with a deep soul..Charlie Mackesy of the day..a bit.
      Bonne journée! Tu devrais voir notre neige aujourd'hui!!

  14. I am looking forward to the clock change on March 8th! That is also Xavier's 4th birthday. With Easter being late, maybe we will have some warmth.
    Love the calendar and your wonderful time with your grandsons. And Happy Birthday! My 27 year old niece is going to Nashville for her birthday in May :-) I love Charlie and Rod. xo

    1. 4 yrs old already! Such a wonderful wonderful age! J just read Nashville has been hit hard w/ weather:(

  15. Oh wow three sons and a well maintained home. And, time to write this long blog is quite a feat. I haven’t been able to find my feet after becoming mom. The photographs were beautiful. Loved the snow in your place. The recipes are yummy and worth trying. A soulful notes on various aspects of life touches me to I end.

  16. Wow! this is Amazing! Do you know your hidden name meaning ? Click here to find your hidden name meaning

  17. Both our daughters have their work cut out for them :) Your dessert sounds heavenly! We are both on diets since we've returned as we ate too well while we were away but will bookmark this for the future. Aren't you glad C and F visited before the tornado? That would have been so scary for them and you. What a sweet book collection. I saved very little. Still have some old 33 rpm albums though. My university ID card. The snow biking sounds like great fun for younger people. Not me either :) We stopped skiing for the same reason.

  18. Beautiful snow pics! I think it is nice to save some sentimental things... :)