Thursday, February 13, 2020


A card for a friend..sort of..I switched it up for her..:)

Painting along with Chris Petri on You Tube..go see..he is great and relaxing and fun .

Found this cute cute book..  100 blank pages..imagine ..later in life..he loves to draw!
They only had Lucas and Noah..and Lucas hasn't drawn in a while  he will be 15..things change..

I snuck this..above.. on the back page inside..he painted this of me when he was perhaps 6.
Who knows though..if it will get filled;)

I was searching for the above here..saw them in my fave librairies in Provence..can you believe I can't find any here?
Even in the US have not found..2 hard cardboards..elastics..they open like a portfolio to draw etc..
Cartons de Dessins.
I tried making some..not so good..;)

It's pretty snowy here..yesterday AM I needed to see the lake..

That's an ice fishing shack above..this is what I call needing to be alone.
Because we have a whole enclave up shore road..

I was gently happy to see the heart..

gently happy  kind of a a word right?

Unrelated to the heart my phone pics are so oversharpened SOOC..not sure what to do..there is no setting to adjust sharpness..I want can see above I tried to blur..badly..any ideas?

I was alone..  2 people walking far away on the ice with 2 dogs..and me..on the banks..
Isn't it beautiful?

In the kitchen..

This apple crisp though is delicious..Just different enough to have and to hold forever:)I added two apples and cardamom and nutmeg.If you need help tell me:)
The trick w/ this make the crumble..refrigerate..
you make a creamy blend of the filling ings and then add the thinly sliced it's a creamier apple crisp and it's..le bomb:)

February 14th~
For some it's a birthday..others a romantic holiday..and others a commercial holiday.
When the girls lived with us I always had a special little something for them..I know I was giving into it..
Mylène's first V day I made us matching long red skirts w/ heart pockets..she was born in August so not even walking..
I was playing as I said:)
I made heart cakes and brownies forever and I guess Jacques and I gave into it all with cards for a good 10 yrs..
But we long ago made a pact..
no cards no nothing..

LOL I read on Facebook..a man saying when you make that pact w/ your's so stressful!
Because it's a trap.
I love humor.
If someone makes me laugh..I like them a bit more.

I might even love them a bit more.

Anyway I made a little card for someone special..a bit different than the one above..but extremely similar..
And another for a friend..
I have lots of bdays in Feb.
I made the boys..a heart cookie..with smarties was a Diane Morissey idea..I have made those giant cookies before..but had never embedded dove or other chocolates after baking..quite cute..:)

I used this recipe..

Original Toll House Pan Cookie..

February..the most special bday..

Our little one is 43!

On the left above..on the right below.. oh my G those old terrible slides..

Loves of my life~Some of them ..because more came along right?
In the form of little boys:)

Did I tell you I made a tape for their Walkmans? It had Carly Simon's  "You are the Love of My Life" on was a tape I made with songs telling them how much I loved them..because Lord knows I cannot sing..nor dance.
Well..they recorded OVER them..bahahaha.
Teens are a

Notice..the RADIO below..and I swear I did not match the girls bathing suits to the chairs;) But notice his summer pathways in '77:) 

I made their clothes..
Obviously;)Pinafores and gingham..♥

The first house he built for them:)♥I'll have to find the subsequent ones:) One had a dutch door:)

And this is  now~

I took this pic of her w/ my phone Saturday as we headed out to Michael's etc..I told her to make that face:) You're only young once and all the sunglasses ads I see on IG the girls do this..
Still playing with her after 43 yrs:)♥
She's a ray of sunshine.
Listen to the song;)

I still feel the same way~

But different.

Whatever you get up to from here on end in February..I hope it sees you content and healthy~♥


  1. Beautiful ♥ Every bit of it. Have a great day!

    1. You too..I know you are still honeymooners:)♥

  2. I am gently happy to visit your blog. Adorable girls, glamorous belles femmes! That little house!!!! How far is the lake from your house? Noah, he inherited your talent and your mothers...
    Do you all celebrate St. Valentine's Day?
    I like February, the days seem sunnier, and there is light longer...Refreshing...

    1. Good morning..the lake is very very close..but the access to this not as close..maybe 5 minutes by car..not even..shore road turn left turn right:)It's just so lovely.
      WE don't celebrate Valentine's..but birthdays are around then so we usually end up all together..
      When we got up this morning Jacques said:"Bone St-Valentin"..I smiled..he knows we both find it soo commercialized..but I find it cute.I like hearts..
      Anyway he does buy Costco tulips which I really appreciate because they are not only perfect in every way..but they are also within floral budget;)

      It's brilliant sunshine today because its bitter looks like Lillyhammer..truly!!
      Bon Février!

  3. Love yours girls ! Are like you beautiful and charming !!Happy birthday to her !
    Sometimes still I feel like a little girl !
    OMG but is true. Hugssss lovely Monique !

    1. I do believe you Golria..I do believe you sometimes feel like a little girl.
      I've noticed that.And it's wonderful!

  4. Happy Valentine's Day! I'm linking over to the cookie and the crisp. Rick is making dinner but I said I wanted to do the dessert and now I don't know what to do! It's so cold I'm not gung ho on going out but I might be able to pull off that heart cookie!

    There is so much love in this post I am elated. I love the photos of your girls young and now. Your art supplies always make me smile and oh -- I should not complain about 0-F temps and snow! But it's beautiful with that gorgeous bright blue sky!

    Sending Valentine's love and hugs your way!

    1. The cookie is sooo's the crisp.You can make in a round tin..she makes hers in a tart heart has no's an adjustable heart easy..only insert the last chocolates when you take it out of the oven..
      Apple crisp though..10 stars.
      Have fun you are a wonderful Valentine.

  5. Dearest Monique,
    Wow, what wonderful, sentimental memories you show us here.
    Nah, we both made the very same pact, nothing special. We have chocolate (small piece dark) with our tea every morning and flowers whenever we manage to fill a vase with fragrant ones from the garden!
    Oh, my they taped over it... NOW they sure wish they still had your words! But - IT IS WHAT IT IS.
    That is kind of my mantra.
    Sending you hugs and keep the baking going... looks always so yummy.

    1. That is my daughter's mantra!!
      It Is What It Is..:) She has it in her home on a decorative board too:)
      And you are right..
      It Is What It Is.
      C'est la vie right?

      I now like dark choco..never did..I do:)
      Bonne journée!♥

    2. Happy belated B'day to your little one! ❤️

  6. Happiest Birthday to your beautiful Caroline!!! ALL the beat people are born in February...right Monique?? hahaha!!🎉🎈🎉
    I made those same dresses for my girls in the day...Oh, how kids styles have changed!!!
    That Apple crisp looks very interesting...too bad about the oatmeal...not gluten free...
    You live in a Winter Wonderland...not as pretty here...need to get down to the cottage and see whats happening down there!!!
    Anyway...Happy Valentines to you!!! No celebrating here either...but I did make Miss V a card and included a couple of chocolates💝
    Have a wonderful day...very cold here...but fridge is being installed!!
    Linda :o)

    1. uh...that should have read...all the BEST people are born in February!!😳😁

    2. LOL BEAT lol..oh you made my minute here..

      New fridge is fun:)
      Not the $$ but the sparkle of it all;)

      I have 2 overbaked cakes on the counter..


      It IS What It IS:) lol my new words now too..
      Today is a Siberian beauty day sparkles everywhere..we had even more snow..I'll try and take a pic here and send to give you the gist.
      Happy Birthday again Dear LINDA..

      This IS the dawning of the age of Aquarius my friend.
      Our YR..sooner or later.♥

  7. I love your love treats, love paintings, love photos and walk down Memory Lane and love messages ♥ You radiate love of all those around you! I'm sure they all know how blessed they are (even if they taped over your love songs - LOL). The apple crisp sounds wonderful and if you say it's the bomb then it must be special. We are going to Lindsay and Bob's for dinner tonight with Lauren and Wes. I have heart balloons and treats for the boys and tulips for my girls ♥ Happy Valentine's Day, Pea ♥♥♥

    1. Fun night! Enjoy them all♥I bet they do things up so prettily for you all..I am empty handed for the's all about the mommy today..
      Have a beautiful evening..

      You .Are.Loved.

    2. Forgot to wish Caroline a Happy Birthday!! I know someone else who has a birthday coming soon ♥

  8. Pretty portfeuille...I would think Canada has everything you get here? I will look around.
    Love your 1st aquarelle. Is it for Bonne Mamman? They are fools not to hire you Dahlink
    Ooodles of charm. The snow is beyond belief..

    1. It was for my favorite person at Bonne Maman..but different:)
      A polaroid of it..Kim Klassen showed us how to take our pics and make into polaroids that print in a perfect you can add text etc..

      Oh they are peanuts in France..
      Here I found one on Amazin and shipping was ap 30.00

      because they are sent from France.
      This is something you buy there LOL..
      Never send here..$$$$

      I know it's so weird we don't have them..
      It's a famous caricaturist on France 2 TV that made me think of it and remember even having one in my hands.
      I don't need was an idea.
      I have too many art supplies..I gave into it all like a kid in a candy store..within reason:)
      However you might like one..really.Makes the drawing table..

  9. Lovely post Monique. I so love the snow pictures. The apple crisp looks yummy. Happy Valentine's Day.

  10. Apple crisp looks delicious. Gently happy is a perfect description. I have felt that way many times, but never had the words. Now I do, thank you. Lovely post. Barb

  11. Where do I start! There is so much to love here. First of all Happy Valentines Day! Like you, we are very understated in our celebrations. We are just happy that we have each other. That is enough! Your Bon Maman painting is precious. You have so much talent my sweet friend. I need to look up Chris Petri. I really need to get my craft room sorted. Other stuff keeps getting in the way. This has been a difficult year with so much going on thus far. What a wonderful idea for you to give Noah. I hope he continues to draw, what a wonderful keepsake it will be! I have found Cartons de Dessin here. You can get an A4 for £3.99 ish. I would be more than happy to send you a few! You live in such a beautiful area, 365 days of the year. Summer or Winter. I always enjoy your photos. I know nothing about settings on phones or cameras(and it shows, lol.) The apple crisp sounds delicious. Bookmarking that for another time. I love a good apple crumble and creamy sounds delish. Your heart shaped cookie is adorable, but your pics of the girls are just precious, then and now. I wish I had more pictures of my children. My ex would not let me have any and so I only have a very few. I know mom had some but I haven't been given any of those either. Bad or not, to just have some would be such a brilliant treasure. You sound like you were very much like me with your girls. I made my girls clothes also, same patterns, matching, different colours. I even did them cowboy shirts and trousers with the fringes down the sides and pearly enamel snap closures. Oh boy did I love playing with them always. My oldest daughter's second last year in high school we had moved and because she was challenged she did not want to go to school and so I schooled her at home. We had a wonderful time, cooking and sewing, etc. She has fond memories of that. My mom got her to go to school by telling her if she did she would give her $5 for every week she went. That got her started and then she managed to finish high school and even got an award. Such happy memories. Oh dear I have gotten very chatty today! LIke Barb I love the phrase Gently Happy. It is just perfect. Have a bonne weekend! xoxo

    1. I have seen enough pics of you and your children to know you LOVED playing with them also.Devoted mom..loving mom..You always wanted that.And it shows in everything you shared..Maybe Cindy will get around to sorting things and passing some more pics along.I know I had photos of my only living brother with my sistre I never knew..and sent them to him..and then brought him some and he was will be a funeral many yrs ago..a cousing had brought a book a photo album with photos of my dad as a younger man and my mom was in some..she told me she would send me some..

      Have not seen her be truthful after my parents died only one aunt kept in touch..

      Family ties get untied..
      It Is What it is right?:)

      I guess I will be saying that too now...

      Your mom had a great idea..!

      I will email you re the cartons....I will Giuliana is going to Paris in May..with her art program..I mentioned them to her but I dont want it to be an girls a teacher..all to see and do in Paris..
      She will have a ball.
      Marie I can't believe our luck w/ these two adult step grandchildren..I don't feel a grandmother bond and nor do they..they have the best nonna..but I do feel we are all part of a family and I am in awe of these two young adults.I just love them♥So does Jacques..we always walk away so impressed and so happy to have been with them.
      That's lucky:)

      Your ex..
      :( :(
      Your present:):):)
      Bon weekend!

  12. What a fun post! We still do something for each other but as we got older, the kids wanted us doing something for them! haha! What a beautiful daughter - happy birthday to her. We have a two year old whose birthday is today. She is our only February birthday. I love your giant heart cookie - I bet it was delicious. I just loved seeing the clothes you made! I loved sewing for my girls, and even Christmas nighties for all of the kids, but then they got too old and didn't like it anymore. My oldest granddaughter liked it when she was young - how the years fly by! Thanks for sharing your many many talents - it is always a delight to see what creative fun you have been up to!

    1. So nice of you to share your memories too..I know how loved your entire family is♥You are an extraordinary nana..and your husband an extraordinary grandad.
      Enjoy today:)

  13. Lovely! Your girls are adorable!
    Have a nice week.

  14. Beautiful! :) The apple crisp and cookies look delicious. Hope you all had a lovely Valentine's day! :)

    1. The apple crisp is a keeper and the cookie fun to make.I hope you had a nice one too..a well deserved one❤️

  15. Thanks for leaving word on my post about The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and the Horse. I left you a reply on my blog, saying I just bought it last week!!!! I agree, gestural, graceful, beautiful, flowing, sensitive graphic marks and images, and a lovely story...A special book, a special artist. (as are you!)

    1. I am so glad yet not st all surprised you bought the book .His words are so meaningful too..and sometimes just the words you need to hear🙂

  16. Beautiful ♥. Have a nice day!

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