Sunday, February 21, 2021

~A month of birthdays~


Still at them:) Geeparee's Paris People on Instagram.

These days my favorite things to paint..coolest nana ever above.

Which leads to my new fave mug♥

Truly was a fun ..funnest surprise.I love this show..

My friends Susan  and Deb..they got me to the world of sourdough..and Barb too..on Instagram and TikTok.

An English Garden in the house~

The birthday girl last February when we could get in a car together and go out for a few hours..

I thought I might have her on my birthday..but she arrived on her own day ..4 days later.

The easiest happiest child you could imagine:)

My family..well they are my best friends.
I don't need anything else.

The joy they all bring to me is absolutely all I need..from the big ones to the little ones.

I do cherish a friend or two that I never see..especially w/ this pandemic.
And I have amazing longstanding virtual friends that are not virtual at all.
They're real you see♥
They want your well being and send face masks to protect you:)

And other dear things..I'll save for later:)♥

So the youngest above turned 44..oh lala..
And I turned 67..I only talk about it after lol..
I can't see myself saying..IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!
Years and years ago a fanfare maybe..kidding but definitely attention..
Now I prefer others having the attention.
Yet they give me attention these girls of mine..

flowers..meaningful offerings..funny things..or not..

My grandsons faces ..THRILL me.
When I see them..I think my face looks younger:)It's called filled with joy.
It's an overwhelming feeling just pops into my heart.

My girls..always make me laugh the mug above..;)

And my boys..well..

Some of you may recognize this shot:)And Oli's art:)

Never too old to sleep w/ a furry friend..Bolt♥

The three of us follow Remibader on Instagram..just do a search on IG and you will find her..
we love her,,for many reasons..
She's funny..her voice is angelic.
She is gorgeous..she takes clothing lines..and shows what real people often look in them.
She promotes being beautiful even if you are not twiggy with such a great sense of humor.
Anyway we love her..
How many things have we tried on thinking..I love this..only to see we actually don't on us:)
If you're on Instagram..well go see for yourself..might not be for you.
We favor her..

So all this to say Mylène had bought this as a card for didn't arrive on the day..but arrived a few days later,
They are called Cameos..her sister..above,,got one too..
I mean look how cute..
It arrives as an email..and you open it.. do watch it..

A Happy Birthday Wish..

So thoughtful and funny:)

It was a lovely day..s in this time of pandemic..
Grateful to everyone who sent kind thoughtful wishes.


  1. Happy Birthday to you and your daughter! Love your paintings.

  2. Oh I just love this post! Our family birthday season starts with my son's 28th birthday this Saturday. His son, who is 3, has been having us (Grammy & Papa) practice singing Happy Birthday so we'll all be ready to sing to him on his day. I think we will all happily celebrate this year no matter how old we are because our little Logan is so very excited.

    I love that you say your family are your best friends. I wonder if that's just how we feel as we get older? I've actually been feeling a bit guilty for feeling that way. I don't miss much at all of all the social things I did before covid but I feel bad for not being there for friends. I just want to be home with my family. I have friends that I cherish but I rarely hear from them anymore.

    I follow @awesomeover50 on IG & Youtube. She recently talked about not celebrating birthdays as we get older. I never thought about the perspective she shared before.

    So I'm a little confused by the video? Is this Remi Bader? I loved it.

    A happy belated birthday from me.

    1. It is Remi👌🏻
      I have felt distanced from social life for ap 12 years and keep very few close to me.
      To be honest though..I get intuitions..about people and if I witness something that sends a red flag I keep my distance.I have kept reserves.
      Now it is easy.
      I have to check out your awesome over 50😊I hope it works for over 65..66..67😳
      Thank you for your good wishes ..and I send mine back to you🙂

  3. Happy Birthday to you and your daughter! When I first saw the birthday card you painted, I thought that was you from the back. You are twins! Love your paintings, and how adorable is that furry friend Bolt. Keep baking that bread and smiling. I am now teaching an 82 year old male friend how to make a design on his bread. He wants to make a cross for Easter.

    1. Great idea the cross:)I maybe used to be like my daughter..USED
      Enjoy teaching:) I had an almost 80 yr old wear and apron as soon as we got up for a picture;)

  4. Such happiness in this post in spite of everything! ♥ You do manage to find the beauty in things, keep yourself busy and not dwell on the sad things...which is a very admirable quality, Pea. Your Paris People sketches just keep getting better and better. I searched her feed for the real photo of the Cool Nana but couldn't find it. I just wanted to see what she looked like ;) She has a LOT of photos in her feed! Lovely photos. We are starting our spring birthdays, one almost every week or two from Dane's birthday on March 13 to Lauren's on April 10. We used to have another on April 17...John's father. That would have been something if Caro would have been born on your birthday! I love that photo of her from last year. Max's and Oli's birthday cards are wonderful and I do remember that photo :) I love the t-shirts. ♥ I love it when my boys make drawings for me! So special! Your Cameo greeting from Mylene is so unique and so special too! Remi has a great singing voice and I love her feed. She is a hoot! Your mug, your bread, your Bolt. Sometimes I wish we had a dog...other times, not so much :) Hope the weather cooperated for an outdoor visit! ♥

    1. Me too sometimes I wish I had a dog.For one minute.
      It’s the climate ..and J..and I cannot only blame him.I just don’t want a all anymore... but how cute and loving they are!!
      You have to look in her stories for the original pics🙂Geni’s...The weather was sooo nice..nippy but nice we walked the course just lovely!
      I made your whole wheat bread..yum!!!Thank you for everything all these years...and there are many..
      Your birthdays will feel good now that you are vaccinated..up next J..then the son in laws then the Littles..

  5. Happy belated birthday to you! I think we grow wiser as the years fly by, and we know there's only so much time to give to others. Who better for us to invest in than our sweet family? I've pulled away from others in order to focus more on my kids and grands, and find it natural and so fulfilling. You and your daughter are definitely "twins" and I wish you all the best. Won't it be heaven when we can start celebrating special days together again?!!

    1. Oh my it will be heaven on earth.So weird being 6 ft plus apart in the frozen tundra no hugs for any occasion.
      I felt disappointed a few times in friendships..
      I think it’s natural when your expectations are high 🙂And yes that would be me.
      Sweet funny family is right.No one makes me laugh like they do.
      Thank you for your good wishes!

  6. Happy birthday to you and your lovely daughter. I so enjoy your postings, artwork, bring cheer and joy and common sense sentiment to an otherwise not common sense world. BTW, that was my first thought when I saw the picture of the nana on IG. In fact, I commented to the photographer that the French don’t let age define them...a lesson we can all use! Have a great day Monique/nana from another Monique/nana in Virginia.

    1. I saw your name and thought oh did I reply at the wrong place😊😊😊You are so spot on in saying the French don’t let age define all..and that’s something I loved about everywhere in France!Isnt her feed just so nice?
      Bonne journée Monique!

  7. Oh, my! I didn't know it was yours too -- and your lovely daughter as well. What fun. All good wishes to both of you. I love the cards from the family and the video Cameo. What fun! There is so much to love here -- art, flowers, bread, family and it all has love because you just emit love and joy to us all. Much happiness in your "new year."

    1. 🤗It was all a treat..I confess to watching that video ..a lot😊You’re so nice Jeanie...look who’s full of love and the books you make for Rick and all your family and friends🙏🙏🙏You.
      Thank you..hoping for a good year for all.

  8. Happy Birthday to you and your daughter! Lovely paintings and flowers. I get such a kick out of that mug! We binge watched all three seasons.🤣. My family spent summers in Montana when I was a child, so fun to watch (even though it is filmed in Utah). My Mom just loves the show and she and I discuss it over the phone. What a precious card from the boys and funny video! 🥰

  9. It was filmed in Utah..that escaped me..both my son-in-laws wanted a ranch after seeing the series😊😊😊That Beth Dutton is fierce⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Rip is great..I love my mug should have seen me throwing the paper and bag it came wrapped in and leaving them on the floor so youthfully happy.
    It made me feel youthful and excited.
    Like the video and the card and Bolt.And flowers ..
    I think that’s what I love best funny meaningful little things no one else would think of doing.
    You are so lucky to be discussing things with your mom💕
    Kevin Costner is aging fantastically isn’t he?Thank you for the lovely wishes....

    1. He is even more handsome in person.😉. I was speechless when he walked up to me one day, (a long time ago) he has a great smile, What a perfect role for Kevin and Cole is superb as Rip. Both are Santa Barbara boys.💕

    2. Oh wow:) That must have been a fun experience..It's always fun to see someone you admire in person..especially if nice!I bet he tried to walk by you:)

  10. Owwww what a sweet messages!.....happy birthday for you ...and your from me Ria 🍀💕🍀

  11. Happy belated Birthday to you and your look alike daughter. Bolt is so fun! Love your mug. Rip is so sexy and such a bad boy. Love the series! Your bread looks heavenly. Kudos to your sweet friends for encouraging you.

    1. Rip is something🥰We loved the series and can’t wait for next season!!
      Thank you🤗

  12. Loving your back sketches! A perfect collaboration
    Happy Birthday !!! ❤️💋

  13. Best belated wishes to the birthday girls. Beautiful photos.

  14. Awwwww first of all that video birthday greeting! How utterly, utterly wonderful! You are so loved my dear friend! So loved. By family, by friends, by everyone. We cannot help it. You are very loveable! I am glad that you had a nice day, despite being still locked down. Hopefully this will be the last birthday in that situation. Just think of next year all the wonderful ways we will be able to celebrate! As always I love your art, etc. Your flowers are so beautiful! Love LOVE Your mask! And the boys' art. How sweet. Thanks for all that you share with us! Love YOU! xoxo

    1. That video:) Do you follow Remi? She's great!Mylène had a great idea..Caro got a Remi card too..I confess to having watched it..a lot:)
      Thank are there now..all this is there for you now:)
      This is Jacques second confinement birthday:(

  15. Happy Birthday to you and your daughter! I can't believe your talent - these watercolors are FANTASTIC.

    1. Amalia her photos have been a gift to me:)Her pics and Roisin's book and the 3 classes I took..watching her and her tips ave been better for me than intense classes..
      Thank you Amalia:)