Thursday, June 10, 2021

~June is all about the gardens.


Things are popping but oh my the incessant drought..:(

These flowers crave water as do the veggies..

Fingers crossed because grass is dying and flowers wilting too fast.

We had a heat wave which didn't help.

But oh the joy of watching things grow....and the hope that rain will come.

This has been such a year for our families.

I commend them for their strength of character and lack  of complaints .

From the Little to the bigs..

School in school from teaching in sweltering heat w/ no air..yet masks and goggles..

Tests for covid and quarantines because someone went to school w/ covid..

I have to say ..  dod you ever get feelings when you meet people?

I do..

Some people I warmup to immediately and probably much too fast.

Through the years Jacques has told me I am not the best judge of character.

I fall in like easily.

But through the years I've also had intuitions..or just feelings that things would not work with me..

Sometimes..I've stuck with it..not sure why..only to know my gut instinct was right..

But this is different.

People I know are getting vaccinated..the few I know now..and family etc..

But just yesterday..I had to meet someone..and I said oh I call tomorrow for my second dose..


Right away I saw her face and I're not getting vaccinated? She said no..not at the moment and I am leaving it up to my kids to decide for themselves..

Right away I got uncomfortable.

And that's just me.

But I think if you are working in any area of health should.

Is this just me?

As the conversation went on..I realized we had nothing in common even apart from that.

And so it goes.

I don't want to be with people that are not this time.

It's a personal choice..mine..likke they have theirs (I guess......)

Maybe TMI here but had to get it off my chest.

Have a great weekend I have more pics but overload here already:)

June is garden month in QC.♥

Growing Gypsophylia in your garden is a good thing♥

Have a good weekend.Take care~


  1. I agree with you about the vaccine. It is everybody choice. I chose to get one and I choose to be with people that have also gotten
    them. Your photos are absolutely stunning. Your garden looks beautiful.

    1. Thank you Penny♥
      Our dentist's office called today..all vaccinated..
      I mean..that's the way to go IMHO at the moment.
      Thinking alike for certain:)

  2. Bravo!!! Follow the science!

  3. I always look forward to seeing your magnificent flowers! Your gardens are so beautiful. I also wanted to say that I understand wanting to spend time with those who are fully vaccinated as opposed to those who are not. We have one close family member who opted out, and I'm really struggling with planning family gatherings. It will be wonderful when we can feel safe again!

    1. I agree and I would find it hard also.. Our grandson within the last week was exposed to 2 cases..until this can will suffer too:(Thank you for your kind words!

  4. I agree in each and every way with your personal choice. I don't want to be around unvaccinated people, either. The grands, OK. They're wee. But adults? Nope. Fortunately, most of the people I'd be likely to be with ARE vaccinated, which is a huge relief but I will steer clear of those who aren't.

    Meanwhile, your garden is stunning. Not that I'm surprised -- it always is. But oh, so welcome and beautiful. Love that two-toned iris. And all those purples! Isn't it nice that we have things like that in a time when so much is topsy turvy?

    1. A mooring anchor in a gentle body of water ..a garden.
      Contrary to all the topsy turvy.
      I agree wees are fine:) Wee darlings.
      What happens to people?:(Most wonderful but brother the violence in the world right now? On top of the rest? Need my flowers.Grateful.
      And for baking.
      Family first;)♥♥♥Have a good weekend Jeanie!

  5. I, too, agree with your choice. I am not comfortable around people who are not wanting to get vaccinated either. I know it is their choice to be or not to be, but if you choose not to, then you should stay away from other people full stop. Just stay away from me and from others. Its that simple. I know it is their choice, but I just think its very disrespectful. Anyways, your garden is beautiful. As always. I love seeing all your blooms (and what you are cooking up). That last photograph with the roses and the gypsophylia is such a beautiful photo. I love the colours. So pretty! I am nurturing my baby tomatoes. I hope I actually get some tomatoes from it! Enjoy your weekend dear friend! Stay safe! xoxo

    1. Same!Stay away from me..You don't respect my well being enough to get vaccinated.. then don't be with me ..I want to know lol.. anyway they sure wont wear a badge ..
      I bet your baby tomatoes will do so well!!!THis is a whole new chapter for you.. Bravo!

  6. I totally agree on the vaccinations! Why do some people think they can leave it all up to those who get vaccinated to make the world safe for them? It's everyone's job to stop this thing! If it's mandatory to use seat belts and tickets can be issued to anyone who does not chose not to wear one for safety, why doesn't the government make it mandatory for people to get vaccinated to make work, school, and being in stores safe for all? By now any doubters can see that those who have gotten the vaccine are still healthy and not walking around like zombies with microchips running through their bloodstream - LOL. Crazy, what some people think. I got on a rant here too :) Hot, hot, hot and no rain in sight here too. It hasn't rained since the end of May! At least your gardens look pretty now. I tried growing Baptisia once but too much shade here. It is beautiful and what a bee magnet! I love all of your bee-utiful flowers. ♥

    1. I agree why should we try to protect everyone and us and have them jeopardize everyone?I saw some comments that seem spot some anti vaxxers have taken many drugs lol but no vaccine? Come on..
      So many lives lost and still they doubt..the anti maskers anti vaxxers..I cringe..and the language the anti maskers use in stores when staff asks them to please put your mask on..abusive.. classless..rude..they are walking in to THEIR store.. obey the rules..
      I've never seen anyone in person..but I've literally been nowhere yet really..once I get my second soe..2 weeks after..I can relax a bit more..
      Strangest almost 18 months ever.
      Lessons learned..Covid has changed people..

      Wonder where we are going..hopefully we will all feel better soon.


  7. Our family is divided right down the middle. Our daughter, and her family, are all vaccinated. My son, and his family, will not get the shots. It has caused major heartache for my husband and me. (We are vaccinated.) The family rift is there, but we are still seeing our unvaccinated grandchildren and their parents. We cannot get everyone together, as my daughter (& family) are not comfortable with the situation, and actually, neither are we. Oh, well.....I know several friends in the same predicament.

    I really enjoyed seeing your photos of your garden flowers - so gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! Oh that's a tough one..:( ..I understand its free will..but we are fighting for the world..our families..our neighbours..our cities....It's a tough one Susan.I believe w/out everyoe fighting the may be very difficult.Oh lala..I am gratefulto not be in your shoes for this delicate situation..

  8. Why WOULD you want to chat with someone with whom you had so little in common? Although here the obstetricians seem to be recommending that mothers-to-be hold off vaccination until after the delivery so we do have a niece who will not be vaccinated til next month. Probably not the case with the individual you describe.

    As everyone else has said, lovely flowers!


    1. Thank're right every intuitive bone in my body sent out warnings of ..nope..we can't chat..sometimes the differences are to be celebrated..often actually..not in this case..Take care:)Thank you!

  9. You can never share too many photos of your gorgeous garden. Not for me!
    I agree with you, and don't understand why people resist the vaccine. I went to the grocery store today, and noticed that they have stopped requiring shoppers to wear a mask. I will continue to wear my mask when out in public, even though I have been fully vaccinated. There is no way to know if others are vaccinated or not. I only get together with friends who are vaccinated. Just seems the wise thing to do.

    1. Absolutely..I watched a television show last night New Amsterdam and it's just a show but the Doctor on the show told someone who had not been vaccinated..why are you holding off? If you were fighting for your country ..well this is the same are fighting to save your country.
      I agree I will continue to wear a mask..I used to find it unusual and awkward if I saw someone with a mask.Im one of them now.

  10. I'm with you on the vaccinations. Vaccines are a way out of this Covid morass. People do have a choice, but when their choice impinges on others' health and freedoms, I choose to stay away. Follow the science, people.
    I love your words describing a garden as a mooring anchor. We're going boating for a few days and I love being at anchor, feeling the boat drift gently with the waves, but never far from the anchor chain.

    1. Oh Lorrie..I envy you.Being on a boat thrills me..It does.My daughter's family had one for a couple of seasons and it was a highlight to be on it..
      Enjoy every moment..
      We're fighting a health war..and you have been called to duty.
      Just Do It right?


  11. Your flowers are stunning-just a treat to see, even on a computer screen.

    Our state is completely open, as in you can choose to wear or not wear a mask indoors (unless you work at the place). That I'm not comfortable with at all. I wear my mask except outdoors. I see people with the masks and I think we feel alike, that we know the risks and get the science. I have been around people in public places, long ago, who were defiantly not wearing masks and I believe it was a sign of support for our former president. Very unpleasant.

    I pray you have rain. We got a downpour today and it made me feel great that we don't have to add anything--too expensive.

    Stay safe and well, dear Monique!


    1. Hi Jane.. OH boy divided people on masks and vaccines..BUT what IF this war could only be won w/ unity?
      Sorry..but Lucas is a camp counselor this summer..he has paid training..

      he was exposed to soemoenw / can't finish his paid training..quarantined..he's 15 had one vaccine..he's doing his he loses the training salary..That covid positive person should pay..
      Yikes nana bear here I know♥
      We have to be united not divided..
      Take care Jane:) WE are the lucky ones..alive to see our grandchildren grow.xx

  12. totally agree with you about people who are not vaccinated. I don't understand their logic. They should be respectful of us. Your flowers are lovely, so bright and cheerful. Beautiful blooms make us happy. I finished Marie's blog. I will be in touch.

    1. I saw..I told her on her other blog (And then we all had tea ) that you're so good at your craft...It looks fabulous!

  13. Stunning flowers! Yes, more people need to get the vaccine in order to get this under control especially with all of the variants. It will never end if people can't unite. :( Glad you will soon have your second dose!

    1. I know! We heard the Baltimore Olioles are giving free tickets to people who get vaccinated...incentives here and there..
      Some so stubborn...:(Have a great day!♥