Thursday, June 17, 2021

~Mid June~

 Please be advised that I have DELETED my FEEDBURNER because some of you were getting my posts twice.instead of Deactivating it..many of you on feedburner but not signed up here..will lose my posts..

Honestly Feedburner.I hate you.Now what?This has turned into a full on drama queen blog.


The roses have been stellar..QC stellar not California stellar:)

You have to love what you have.

Or you are in for an even more difficult life.

I picked the scapes..made Gaby's basil vinaigrette adding some scapes..Its fabulous.

My serviceberry that gorgeous white blooming tree out front..

when I get to the berries before the birds and squirrels..

I get rewarded:)Tiny red berries ..

So I made Pardonyourfrench ..s..Blueberry/serviceberry almond financiers..good..we actually preferred the serviceberries:)

Also that's cod in my dinner plate smothered under a terrific mediterranean type topping..  olive oil..garlic of course..capers..olives lemon juice basil parsley salt and pepper.I wanted to show you my pea sprouts form my seed sprouting experiment..and   a gift my daughter gave me..  a crayon..s that shaves delights in your dishes;)

Not fabulous lol..Maybe 15% sprouted of these particular seeds.

I have 4 more types of seeds to try I think.

The Peanut butter chocolate pretzel squares are great for Reese's lovers.. From Budget Bytes.

My Paris People Arthur and Nora..wish you a good end of the week and weekend~

OMGEE I'm so my gardens..

This morning I awoke to 80% of my tomato plants uprooted and left to wither:(

My 2 Bells of Irealand..

I have tried replanting them..I now have prickly rose bush branches around them..Everything looked so promising yesterday..I had hooped them all..

I walk to the potting sheshed later..all the poppies with heads the heads bitten off:(

I now have my old for sale signs propped up against the remaining ones..

Everything looks awful.

Just awful.

Burnt grass..just awful.

I have rose chafers galore.

Next yr..  some kind of deterrent and definitely fencing abound my tomatoes..I would have never thought poppies..they have eaten all my chard ..

So sad.


  1. Your roses look beautiful, as does all of your dishes. Love your Paris people!

  2. Everything always looks so delicious on your posts! Those peanut butter bars look perfect with the pretzels and your cod dinner - yum. Gorgeous roses by any standards. And of course your Paris People are my favorite. (I'm still waiting for the book!)

    Happy week to you!

    1. Your munchkins might love those squares if no peanut butter allergies..
      I love painting my little people and making up stories for them..My Covid highlight for sure Jeanie.Bon weekend!

  3. I envy your QC garden. Far more interesting and full of blooms than my TX garden. Your kitchen shares are equally as enchanting. Not much coming out of our kitchen of late. Wishing Arthur and Nora and my friend Monique a wonderful weekend!

    1. Oh Sarah I just added a footnote after a night of critter much ravage and damage:(
      Baking is far easier.By far.

  4. Lovely roses and those peanut butter treats caught my eye. I see you are so much fun with your Paris people. Happy summer.

    1. And to you:):)

      My gardens were ravaged during the night:( I'm on a roll lol.

  5. I'm glad that I still get your posts. I look forward to them. You really should be a stylist. You make everything look fabulous. I'm definitely going to try the basil vinaigrette, as I love basil. Have a wonderful day, and stay safe
    Even though I am fully vaccinated, I'm still wearing masks etc. when I go out . Sue

    1. Sue.. how nice of you to cheer me up after a night of critter garden devastation..It's not enough the grass which is usually the canvas is all burnt..but something created havoc and ruined many things in my gardens..
      It's such a poor year all of a sudden.
      Baking is easier:) Go for Gaby's vinaigrette:)♥Have a good weekend:)

  6. Love from me Ria 🍀💕🍀

  7. WHO ate the poppies? Deer? Rabbits? I’m in the dark here :((
    Your pictures are so lovely. You would never know carnage dans jardins was occuring…
    I would be sitting out there with pots and pans to wack in the night.
    Who is doing this to you?
    SOS !?

    1. The groundhog .The $#@&*&$#@groundhog .Almost 100% positive we added a floodlight.
      Epsom the tomatoes I replanted..and I have ros branches all over.
      I hope he gets a thorn.He’s a thorn on my backside😮😮😮😮

  8. Everything looks so beautiful in your photos I am so sorry that the groundhog has done so much damage! I wonder if a spray we use for deer would deter him also? Liquid Fence it's called or Deters All. I read they they hate the smell of garlic and pepper and a spray can be made and used. We used to have a groundhog but haven't seen him in a while...fingers crossed! Stinker!! We've thankfully had a couple of recent rains. Fingers crossed you will soon also. All the dishes you've prepared sound wonderful and what a delicious gift from your daughter. Love your watercolors, always.♥ OMG, those croutons look soooo good! I probably missed them on IG as I haven't been online for a couple of days. Will go and see soon. Happy Fathers Day to J tomorrow!

    1. I looked online ..I can't get my hands on anything online will try a nursery ..not on the weekend though..I was disheartened.WE are hoping to catch and release him..fat chance.. :(
      I've tried cayelle spray..I have tried spreading no avail..we had rain yesterday but I just went out and with the heat..many plants look lost..It's the head of the poppies to that drove me insane.The kale is gone gone gone except perhaps one in a front garden.Really bad creatures..
      When I saw all the tomato plants..well 80% can imagine my morning.

      The croutons I never posted..they are in that jar:) Temptations..they re not fatty just so good! Crisp and airy though with T's bread..I baked her bread again this is the most versatile..she showed me about of course had to try..lovely success..More success in the kitchen than gardens..clematis in back dying as I look at them (Garage ones:) .OY

      Yes happy FD to your J!!

    2. Good luck with catch and release! Oh, and that you for telling me about the croutons. I'll have to try them next time I try her bread. I can't wait to see cornets! BTW, I LOVE your Mesher lettuce. Its the best lettuce I've ever grown! I'm going to have to learn how to save seeds :)

    3. I love the Mescher too the one we are eating now had reseeded will plant more..your seeds were direct from the grower but I did save some and will try…trying 3 others right now.You have to let a lettuce go to seed it will bolt and the seeds are like fairy dots.. teeny feather like!

  9. Les fleurs, les plantes, la nourriture! Your post is very noursihing. So tht is a deer that is eating your garden? Have you see him/her/them, critters? You are having a dry spell? It rained here today!

  10. I thought I just posted a comment. Are you screening? I wrote something like:
    Les fleurs, les plantes, la nourriture. Your post is very nourishing. Is it a deer that is eating your plants? Do you see him/her/critters? Are you having a dry spell? It rained here today, the gardeners are very happy.

    1. I am screening now all of a sudden spam was bowing up..I don’t want now I delete before it gets seen🙂🙂

  11. Such a nice season for flowers.

  12. Everything looks delicious! Sorry about your plants... :(

    1. Oh me too..:( One day maybe I'll just buy tomato plants instead of growing from would think I would have learned;)

    2. But it can be more rewarding (sometimes!) to see the growth....