Friday, July 30, 2021

Augustus~is ..on our heels~


Our Oli 11..  painted with me last week..such a highlight..I once had a friend I painted with..she moved..
I HAVE a friend who paints..she moved..
So having Oli was a gift.
Like 3 hrs..together on the deck painting away..
He painted a Paris People♥
I hope we do it again.
My heart was bursting lol.
A few days later he was at Costco w/ his mom getting holiday/vacay food and asked if he could buy Nana flowers w/ his own money.
Those gorgeous white chrysanthemums.
Be still my heart.

Every permitting I kind of hard garden..some days less hard than others..

Friday..the butterfly came.♥
And I watched and maybe took 40 pics.

And more will come..

Next yr..MORE  Verbena Bonariensis..NO Cleome..

More Cosmos.

I re~arranged a front bed and took out all the Miss and Mr Finickys.
And plopped hostas in there.
Time will tell.

I don't do much w/ my hair streaks..nothing..but after 1 yr plus I needed a trim.
I love my hairdresser..he's all of ours..Justin.. and he eats out and lives la belle vie..
To be truthful he fought his way back for more than 1 yr after a terrible injury.
Anyway he loves eating out..good food and takes pics..thus the shrimp dish.
OHMY heavens.
I finagled my way around what he told me..

Gazpacho is a gastronomical delight but until I have 2 lbs of tomatoes to make soup..
I make Sarah and Monnie's.. Just spice up our Canadian tomato juice.. lol..We have spicy Clamato..but not their tomato juice.
Easy peasy we both love it.

Tilly my friend on IG and fellow Québécoise sent me that Chicken/Mushroom/Crepe recipe..I mean once in a while a creamyish dish is ok right?:)

Now for the pickles..Please do not contact me saying ....

She suffered enough slack lol  for sharing her tried and true recipe.

So be it.I got it on Gardenweb from Sharon 20 yrs ago and have made it ever since.
And we're all fine.
Fine..Fine ...Fine..

I see some have amended it..the recipe almost does not look the same.
I did add more vinegar.
Google away.
Chase's Dill Pickles.

I have 9 beautiful jars waiting for us.. 6-8 weeks.

Looking good dear gardens of mine.
Thank you.


  1. Your recipes and food photos are beautiful. I love that Oli painted Paris people with you~

    1. It made my day..and those days carry into my head all visions of sugarplums..visions of them♥

  2. That verbena bonariensis is something I saw on a walk a few weeks ago and thought it would look good in my garden. Another blogging friend first named it for me, and now I see it here, too. It looks airy and colourful. Gardens are such delight.

    1. It floats above all else and sways Ill add more it's a sheer delight and drought tolerant..Cosmos is not LOL I should take pics..
      Ill add VB here ,there ,and everywheeeeeeere;)

  3. There you were in my email, and I can't tell you what a pleasure it was to see your lovely pictures and read about your week. That brought a tear to my eye to hear that he bought Nana fresh flowers. These grands are so dear! That shrimp dish looks delicious--I think it's the one your hairdresser inspired. Wondering what's in it besides shrimp...curious. Have a great weekend!! BTW, if a pickle recipe works, why in the heck must people question and opine? Stick to your guns!

    1. Well apparently it's so up to safety code....sooo many of us made and make it..But I do see if you Google.. things have changed.I made the original as always..may have added more vinegar.

      So that dish..
      his was w/ large scallops.I aonly had medium and you know what happens to those;)

      I started by making a cauliflower mash earlier in the day..(he told me it was cauliflower) so steamed till xtra fork tender..I add butter not a crazy amount.. parm cheese..s and p a touch of turns to mush not a lot of liquid..You have to love the taste it's the foundation.
      I use half a head for J and I.
      We just reheat briefly at dinnertime.
      The shrimp are baked in the oven in a cazuela..Evoo..garlic and cajun spice..
      400F ap 10 mins.
      Place the baked shrimp over the cauli..arrange capers.. drizzle with the shrimp liquid..
      SO easy..I added microgreens my new indoor garden passion.

      YES our grandchildren..the sparkle in our mine..the sparklers and fireworks..and love.
      Like yours are to you.

    2. Monique, thanks for the recipe! It sounds so good and fairly simple, too. My hubby and I love shrimp, so I need to try it.

    3. I think you might love this:) The ease..the taste:)Have fun!

  4. Lovely post, your photos are so amazing! The food looks so appetizing. How sweet Oli painted with you. Such sweet memories with grands. I have had family visiting so I haven’t had time to post. I know your pickles will be fabulous.

    1. You have ALWAYS been so encouraging and helpful to me Linda.Thank you.Know this forever:)
      I hope you have been having fun.

  5. It's so nice to visit your lovely world again. I've been away from blogspot but I did just post. I'm happy for you, having that time with Oli. And of course, your beautiful gardening & cooking...

    1. Bonjour Rita! I hope you have been having fun:)
      My fun is wrapped up in a nutshell here on my blog..A quiet little life .I love you know so summer is a time frame for me and plants..
      Cooking and baking is all year..but in summer we eat in light..early eaters 5.30 then nothing until the next day.
      So there is light for quick photos.Neither of us want to wait for fancy pics of food getting cold.I thank my camera:)
      In winter..even fall too dark..Not a fan of artificial light.
      Oli was♥Will go visit you:)

  6. I was the designated pickle-fetcher. Memories of things past…

  7. I am in love with everything in this post. Butterflies and Paris People and Oli's chrysanthemums and oh, gazpacho. It looks like a terrific recipe. Mostly, I love that you and Oli were able to paint together. I have one painting friend (we'll do art camp in a couple of weeks) and it is such a joy to paint with someone else.) I love gazpacho -- our tomatoes still aren't great but in another three weeks or so they should be very ready and worthy of this recipe! I've never made dills -- if i can find some good cukes just the right size, I'll do those, too! Thanks! Happy week and painting.

    1. I hear you re your friend's a special zen time.Zen zen zen.Peaceful..creative..just wow. This gazpacho recipe is the bomb for no tomatoes need 1:)Until mine ripen..this is my go to:)Have a great week.

  8. Beautiful photos. The fact that your grandson is painting with you, ahh . . . such a sweet thing. Sweet, sweet thing. Simple pleasures, tastes, joys. Your blog is all of those. I have always said you are my Canadian Susan Branch. I love my visits to your page an on IG. You are so generous in all that you share. If I had even an ounce of your talent I would be a force to be reckoned with. Thank you sweet girl for all you share with us. It makes my world a nicer, prettier place. xoxo

    1. It may have been a moment in time:)Oli and I painting..high school starts soon.I find that is life changing..from boys to young men.In a heartbeat.They are all sweet but life gets more demanding for them..I wuv them so much.Jacques says I'm am.Thnk you for all your inspiration..always.

  9. Everything looks so delicious here! What a gorgeous salad...Is it your home grown lettuce? We just had fresh corn the other night and it was sooooo delicious. Your butterfly photos are beautiful. I tried VB here a long while ago and it wanted more got way too leggy. Cosmos gets leggy here too. Can't go wrong with hostas here :) I now have two big hosta gardens in the really shady areas. I love that Justin shares food photos and recipes with you. The shrimp looks amazing. I've never tried cauliflower mash but we do enjoy cauliflower so would love to try it. Oli and you painting together and his flowers for Nana ♥♥♥

    1. It is my home brown lettuce.Just seeded a new batch I’ll see if there is enough time.
      I love corn Susan ..I agree so delicious.
      Justin posts to IG not to me personally😊😊I follow him..
      Cleo me is such a bust n
      Here I’ll take pics .A joke actually.
      VB is tall and leggy for sure but for some reason I love it.
      There is a home on our street that was sold in the last couple of yrs.The new owners made hosta beds and they are beautiful.they also have 4 big black urns out front and I’m covetous lol.
      I had seen some on VS but they weigh a ton.I’m not a great lifter anymore….have a beautiful Sunday💞💞🤗

  10. Aww...I love that you painted special. xo

    1. It's back to school..high school this yr..oh lala ..:(He seems happy and excited though:)