Friday, January 27, 2023



Winter is acting differently this year..some. ..few ..days are glorious with sunshine and blue skies..but many are very dull and monochromatic..snow seems to hit in fury..  here and there..
I do love winter but I must preface by saying..sunny winter;)
I need it all.
Perfect you know..
Nothing ever is..  but one can lean towards preferences I think.

I have been baking but apart from a new cookie recipe..I have had some misses.
Twice I tried muffins that never ever ended up looking like the original poster showed..LOL I asked a few answer.
Then I made that beautiful Excellent White Bread recipe and tried shaping it like this..
I gave my shape a 2/10.
To the salon.. the drawing board;)
So in short nothing to write home about.

Soups are one of my favorite food groups.I love having one for lunch..any warm kind in winter..and gazpacho in summer.
You can whip up a soup avec  presque rien.(Almost nothing).

I used 3 very large carrots.. sliced
1/2 head of caulflower,broken up
1 onion chopped
3 garlic cloves
Chicken stock
s and p
milk or cream.
chipotle chili pepper seasoning.
Hot sauce.

Just sauté onions and some butter and evoo.. add veggies and toss to coat well.. add enough stock to cover veggies..  cook until fork tender.
Use a blender or a hand held blender until smooth as silk.
Adjust your seasonings add a bit of milk or cream..

Add croutons or puff pastry hearts;)

LOL on two of the same;)

Winter was not my fave season as a realtor..
Every Tuesday we had caravan.. visiting the new listings.. so we traipse around in boots..  then take our boots off upon entering the homes..always..our feet ended up in puddles of wet feet.
Back into cold boots with freezing wet socks..for ap 2 hours plus. in and out.
I was always shivering at the end of the day.
Open houses..Sundays 2-4.. stopping the car to put out heavy sandwich boards.. directing people to the open houses having to stop traffic ..oh I loved that.Wind..snow..snowstorms..
The ads went in newspapers days before.
I retired 11 yrs ago..there was no IG for Tik Facebook..
All newspapers.
Some homes were empty..relocations.. so they were so cold when we would arrive..
2 hrs..waiting for people.. keeping our coats on..
Those are the things I do not miss.
Driving clients in horrendous road conditions..
Those are the things I do not miss lol.

Now I appreciate winter.
I don't mind it like I used to.I am not fond of cold but very fond of getting out there.. walking..snowshoeing.. shovelling is not my fave..My face hates cold.
But I get such an amazing feeling in white snow with blue skies.
So I do it.

My husband is intrepid.I mean it.
I think he appreciates the maintenance more now.He sees it as great exercise.
He never bemoans it.
That helps..if he crabbed about it all the time I may not be so ok with it.
Picture postcards some days.
I swear as awesome as walking the beach.

Have a great weekend.


  1. I love this, Monique. You remind me of the good of the winter (and the bad! I would have hated those empty houses and wet puddles and feet.) But you know, even when you say nothing, you share gorgeous photos and a wonderful sounding soup recipe! Rick is a winter fan -- he loves to XC ski. Not me, I like to hygge up with a good book, tea, maybe something in the oven or a good British mystery! And you're right -- this is an odd winter, at least here. We now have a covering of snow -- just a few inches; not much. But enough to be pretty. Enjoy!

    1. There were aspects of my job I loved.. the clients:) I kept letters..We are in for more snow demain:)

  2. Beautiful!! What a snow….wowwww …delicious soup I love soup my favorite is pumpkin soup homemade by me 🍀🍀🍀 enjoy the weekend love from me and Leaf 🍀❤️🐾🍀

    1. I love pumkin soup too.. the natural sweetness:) Bon weekend!

  3. Your photographs make everything look beautiful! I hope to make your soup recipe. Looks very tasty & easy enough with few ingredients & not too much effort. I am in the process of selling my home (now just a house). There is wallpaper stripping, painting, cleaning, staging with my realtor's furnishings, photographing, & listing on line. I hope it sells!!! I allow myself to be upset when I return there to retrieve items I thought I would not have room for in my new place. Then when I do come to my new place I am totally content & so happy. Changes are sometimes good. Stay warm and happy.

    1. That is GREAT Ga.. That's the feeling I wanted you to have.Every home we sold I had pangs..and then I would drive by and all would be well..I had cut the cord:)So much staging now..the yr I was starting..but we as agents would do it..and we would take our own photos..Now it's a business:)

  4. The soup looks great and so do your winter photos. Here in NY winter is mostly grey. I wish we had more sun. Enjoy the weekend and your walks outdoors in the snow.

  5. Sorry to disagree but walking in snow on a sunny day will never be as much fun as walking on a warm sunny beach for me. Never! We are setting a new record here. Not one bit of snow yet. When I worked at the hospital I dreaded bad snowstorms because many times I got stuck staying there for a few days until staff could come in and replace us. I used to keep a bag in my locker with a change of clothes and toiletries. Or, if I was able to drive home, fearful that I would be in a wreak. And when I worked in school there were many nail bitting drives home. We had no such thing as early release.

    1. The nail biting drive homes were the worst..and nil visibility..not to mention dusting off you car after even showing 1 home..We use a big broom here..I love NO OBLIGATIONS.

  6. Our lives sound parallel in ways.. We worked our way up that way but differently.. we would have a home built..or build along w/ a contractor.. stay 5-15 yrs..(4) and 21 yrs ago..settled here for good.(I hope) The reasons were varied.. loved them all..attachments to all..I see the girls in different stages in all of them.This is the first one they did not live with us.I was a sight roofing in my twenties..insulating.. painting.. laying tiles..hard work.. a lot of it only men would be thought to do..and 4 landscapings:( Hauling earth is my least fave thing now..and I try to never need earth.Last yr we bought a truckload..not full.. and it was a woman that came:) Things have changed:) Have a great weekend!

  7. Beautiful snowy photos. The soup looks delicious and yet simple. I am not a cold girl. I can appreciate the beauty of it all, however I cannot stand to drive in the snow or icy roads. I hate when my face is cold. We have a beautiful day here today. Have a great weekend.

    1. I hate when my face is cold too:) I just love the beauty.Enjoy your day.California is a place I wish we would have visited;)

  8. Gorgeous scenes! You really capture the beauty of winter. We are under a Winter Storm Warning today with 6-10 inches of snow predicted. This will be the most snow we've gotten all fall and winter if the prediction comes true! At least my garden will have a blanket now as the temperatures are going to drop like a rock here. Your soup looks absolutely wonderful and a perfect pair with the snow photos. :-)

    1. Oh stay cozy! Yes it will be beautiful and a good protection.I love your snow pics:)

  9. My chambre de bonne feels like your outdoors looks. Ice cold 🥶🥶🥶 PB

    1. Oh I see people in Paris saying their apartment is cold.I wear many layers.:)I've started following a lady from Manchester who has lived in Paris for yrs..she sells and markets her pretty jams and things:)

  10. Gorgeous scenery, winter snow is so beautiful to me. My face hates cold even though I am all bundled up and cozy. I get rosy cheeks just like my mom did. Joe is intrepid also, he enjoys being outdoors with his snowblower. I see him going down our street to chat with the neighbors. I think they hear his snowblower start up and they run outside to chat. LOL Someone once told me that I love winter so much because I don't have to clear the driveway and they do. Joe never complains about it, and I do offer to help him since I don't mind shoveling at all. (as long as my hair doesn't get wet)

    1. Oh the hair:) LOL If I have to shovel while it is snowing I wear a shower cap under my hat:) Yes I do.LOL I just cannot have a cold face.J is not a walk down to street chatter lol.He's very ..him and his snowblower :)It is so beautiful..we had so much again yesterday..My garden benches are under cover completely.Have a great week!

  11. It's cold here with a major winter storm, but Sadie and I stay indoors. No snow, just ice. Not good for walks about. Your photos make me smile. I can't imagine living with snow all winter, but I do find it beautiful. Your images show it off with such peaceful beauty. Pretty soup!

    1. Not sure why it is anonymous. This is Sarah

    2. Hi Sarah..not sure..sometimes commenting on a different computer..tablet..messes everything up:) I bet if I was born and raised in a southern state I would cringe at this:)Stay off ice!!You girls stay in:)

  12. I can see where you would have been a great Real Estate agent. You have the capacity and talent to draw people in and make them feel comfortable and at home. Your presentation is always impeccable also. I would imagine at times it must have felt a bit like a thankless job especially if you had time-wasters! You live in such a beautiful area Monique. All of the seasons, very beautiful. xoxo