Wednesday, February 8, 2023

One week done..February..


On Instagram..I invent little stories to go with my people:)
She is Glory..  heading to her art studio ..she will stop and pick up provisions for her lunch @Vival, her local small épicerie..just fruits and veggies:)

I decided to use up some lemons(I've bought more since:))..So I peeled them and used my Nutribullet to keep pots of rind..for last minute lemon desserts or even gremolata for the osso bucco this past week.
I then pulverised the lemons with ginger and made big fat ice cubes.I put one in a glass the night before..the next morning add hot water and I am so good to go:) I made a small batch of lemon curd to try something else soon..
Vintage lemon juicer for the lemon curd..
Old things are sometimes good to keep.

Pâté Chinois is a staple here in fall and winter..
1000 different recipes.

It's actually Cottage Pie in the UK..but I just use cream corn and niblets..nothing else apart form the mashed potato topping and meat base.
You can read of it's origins here..

Lean ground beef..onions..garlic..s and p..Worcestershire sauce..brown completely..then top with the rest..I put parsley and paprika on top because my mom did.

I am still painting backs of people that have caught someone else's eyes first..then w/ their permission I try my hand at them.
I have well over 130 now I think..I get rusty should paint every day.I don't.

So many AMAZING artists on IG:)
I love so many styles..

So I finally saw..

I went with my girls..  the stars finally aligned.
He does give a performance of a lifetime.
It's a tragic take on human nature.
We are so complex.
I didn't cry my eyes out like I thought I would.
I did get teary the end.
The thing with movies is that you see so many trailers..bits and bobs..that you know what is happening.
To me it was like a play.It's all shot in his apartment.His dark apartment.
He is a dear dear dear man.
You cannot help but love him.

We started Dear Edward and like it..

As for 1923 it took me a while to get into it..  because I just loved 1883.
It's more of a soap opera to me.
But the cruelty the indigenous people suffered is sickening.. 
shocking..At one point Canada is mentioned and the man tells the young beaten woman... :it's worse.
So both countries..have a great cross to bear on this inhuman treatment.
And the nuns and priests.
I hate them in this movie.

Religion is a personal and private issue..The Whale ..has something to do with religion also...
I know some of you often mention religion and your beliefs..I just can't offer an opinion.
Religion and politics.
I try to stay mum.
Because you cannot ever be 100% in agreement with someone's choices.

But I respect your beliefs and choices.

February is such a short month:)Like this post ;)
Until the gardens start is not the easiest thing to chat..
I think I will abstain from staring seeds indoors this yr.
Two yrs in a row my tomato plants are ravaged .
I'll see..but for sowing zinnias.. marigolds..and buying tomato plants.
I think;)


  1. I just may try your cottage pie but with some modifications. After you put the beef, corn and potato together do you bake it?

    We are in my most hated month, usually, but the winter has been so kind and gentle this year that I have so much new growth poking up already. I am so eager for spring. So close now.

    I haven't been to a movie theater since Bohemian Rhapsody. I just don't like sitting there. Insane! The Whale does not sound like something I want to pay to see. Or even for free. I do not enjoy dark themes. Usually. Did you hear there is a theater chain what will have special pricing for different areas in the theater?

    I have been direct sowing zinnias for 2 years now. Successful for me. I am terrible at growing seeds ahead of time.

    1. Yes you bake after all that..about 1 hr 350F..Till bubbly and a bit crisp around the edges.
      Listen..J never wanted to go to movies and I actually was sad about that. He started just a bit before covid and that shut the front door.
      I like a big screen.. although this one..they cut the screened movie into a square almost.
      LOL I now get seniors discount you have to be 65.. I could have during but we went nowhere.I like a good cry in a movie.And I am very fond of him:)I saved loads of zinnia seeds hope they are viable:):)

  2. Ah Monique, 130 paintings...congratulations to you! I love the whole idea of painting people's backs, because then our imagination can create the face and lifeline.

    When I saw your picture of lemons--it nearly jumped off my screen. Such wonderful, brilliant color (and we sure need some sunny yellow in our lives at this time of the year!).

    I read an interview of Brendan Fraser about his role in The Whale. Gosh, even the interview was moving, so I figure the movie must be all the more so. I sensed that Fraser desperately wanted to "do right" by this character. He wanted all of the viewers to be able to identify, in some way. I'd like to see it.

    Whenever we dig into the history of religion and politics, we uncover some horrible truths. What most upsets me is the mistreatment of people. It really does make one want to slam the door on all of it, but I guess that attitude accomplishes nothing. One thing I know for sure, is that I don't understand it!

    I'm not starting any plants inside this year. I'll just plant zinnia and marigold seeds. Our soil is so poor at this location. If I were younger, I'd test it and amend it, but I don't think I have the energy. Then there's also a need for fencing due to the wildlife. Instead, I think I'll just go to my daughter's garden and work in it when I'm in the mood. With 2 little girls, they don't have much time for weeding ;)

    I enjoyed reading about pate chinois. So interesting to think about its origin. I love all things Cottage Pie/Shepherd's Pie, whatever you call it, I'll come running!

    1. I saw a few of his interviews too..Such a gentle giant.Pam I enjoyed prepping those lemons because it led to other things without all the work,,True true true about uncovering horrific events.The treatments seen are inhuman.What clergymen did and nuns is unpardonable.As we have witnessed in all walks of life.Cruelty.Barbarism.
      Even bullying.
      I think I will stick to my first thoughts and only seed..I admit to having poor sandy soil.I don't have the desire to amend..That's a boatload of work.
      Thank you for your visit:) Have a lovely weekend:)
      My girls are not weeders either..time is better spent caring for their children:)

  3. I love your lemon still life ❤️ I dont think I’ve had gremolata…such a lovely word..I love your morning ice cube. Is that instead of coffee? I wish I could do that but one needs a nudge to start the day ☕️ Carolg

    1. No I have coffee after:)First thing when I get up the ginger/lemon in hot water..then coffee..or green tea..we alternate:)Gremolata is so good..adds so much taste to so many dishes.

  4. You saw the Whale. I’ll always remember that movie. I’ve got the itch to bake a lemon loaf :-) Once I get back.

    1. That was me commenting. It shows up as Anonymous when I comment from my phone. I'm at a computer now LOL

    2. Isn't that annoying lol..I know its nothing but I want to know why and what changed.Unforgettable movie for certain.Have fun:)

  5. I love your people heading somewhere….just their backs…..charming. I cannot watch 1923, in spite of the fine actors. The Catholic segments are just too horrid. They ruin it all. I need to watch 1883… love it so. I believer I have only seen one or two episodes. We have not joined Paramount Plus…so many streaming services!!!!! I love your cursor, scattering little dots!

    1. Thanks Carol..The catholic segments are horrific.Both my husband and I chastise them out loud..So much horror.Wearing crosses around their necks.BTW we are both Catholics.. And can't bear watching either.Non practicing catholics at this point in our lives.
      So many streaming devices..
      Yes I loved 1883.That just so magnetic..not to mention Sam Elliott;)Have a lovely weekend:)

  6. Visiting here is always the best way of starting the day, like wrapping a warm, fleecy soft blanket around you when you get up and it's still chilly in the air. Love your artist-en-route to her studio and all my favorite lovely lemon. I need to save my peels as you suggest -- what a very good idea. I do try to peel off some to make candied peels, perfect for topping off things (or a sweet snack) but we're almost out of those. I bet lemon (my favorite flavor!) would be just as good as the orange! We saw "Living" last night. Highly recommended.

    1. Oh a British Film Award recipient.I love British TV..movies..Thanks for the recommendation.I may have to wait for home viewing as my girls would not run to the ticket office;)Having prepped lemony things is a game changer:) Have a good weekend Jeanie:)

  7. I love your Paris people and their stories. Your lemon looks delicious and anything resembling Cottage pie is so hearty. I made Shepherd's pie recently and also lemon curd. Those Catholics are so cruel. No one should suffer that abuse. We haven’t seen The Whale yet. Happy weekend.

    1. Cruel is not strong people let this happen..well we just have to look in Ukraine right..and the Holocaust..How such nastiness can live in people..well beyond me.
      So we have been cooking up similar things:) Happy weekend Linda;)

  8. I love everything about saving lemons! I don't remember where I saw it, perhaps IG, about freezing zest, juice, slices before they get molding and go to waste. I did slice mine in half and then made slices and froze them. Oranges too! I love the frozen lemon in my iced tea. Funny, I've gotten to to enjoy my afternoon tea chilled, even in winter! Brendan was such a hunk when he was younger. I loved him in the The Mummy movies - LOL. I haven't seen the movie yet, I'll probably wait until I can rent it. Finally finished 1883. Oh, my! I'm all out of Yellowstone episodes for now and miss it. Agree with you on everything about 1923. Shocking. Finally saw Top Gun Maverick which was on Paramount Plus too. Very good! It is also nominated for a few Oscars. Not for acting, mostly for story, music, special affects, etc. If you never saw the first one from 1986, watch that first. Love Glory! ♥

    1. So funny I am so not a TC fan....J and the boys love that kind of movie..i.e.Jack Ryan..etc..But Tom..something stirs me in a wrong way?.. He will watch it..I bet he will..We have finished 1923 for now.. wonder what happens re le bateau..I dreamt about you last night and John were visiting us in Florida..for the day as we were leaving that night and selling our don't even have one.I spent all my time with you..John was chatting with all the golfers:):)You have told me how personable he is..That must have had something to do with it.Ill try that..slice a few for tea:) I often love what you love;)Oh he was a hunk..but there is a kind charm about him now that I love..Yes you can wait to rent it:) I will wait for the Fabelmans.I find Apple TV and Paramount have good series:)Bon weekend:)x

    2. I know what you mean about TC. If I knew him just from his movies, everything would be wonderful, he has such a charming smile and boyish face, even now. But personal life...not so much. It is a good movie though, I really enjoyed it. What a dream you had!! John would be talking with all the golfers - LOL. We would have loved visiting you! I would have loved walking the beach with you...perhaps a little shopping trip to the local shops, and lunch together. ♥♥ John would have talked about politics and sports with Jacques, same page :). Not sure we'll ever get to Florida again, the Southwest is our love.

    3. Not sure we will ever get there again either.I think I told you we didn't renew..first time in about 20yrs ?After we sold we started booking there.I understand first loves:) Wholeheartedly.Mine is Provence.Yes re TC exactly:)Same page is right:)