Monday, November 2, 2009

Soul Food#28

Bonjour Tristesse~

November .. the least pretty month ~
To me~

It's when the days grow shorter..most of the leaves... if not all... have fallen..we've had our first killing frost and the days are often more grey than not~
The lovely days of swings and gardens in blooms and fruits on our trees or shrubs ..go missing for 6 months~

Many of those months are filled w/ white ...snow sports.. cozy hibernation hobbies..

But November~is different.

It's the first month that comes to mind when someone says melancholy~
I have often wondered what month would be that to someone living in a sunshine state?

Does it exist this month unlike the others?In a sunshine state?


  1. Are there also Lulu, Max and Ollie chairs? That is such a precious photo. I live in a sunshine island, and even then, November marks the start of rainy, grey days.

  2. Comme toi je n'aime pas le mois de novembre, d'abord pour ce qu'il représente, il n'est pas gai, les jours sont plus courts, le froid, la grisaille, la pluie, ...
    Décembre c'est la fête, souvent il y a la neige, il est plus lumineux, je n'aime pas le mois de novembre
    Bonne après midi

  3. The Goddess of OY, so good to see her before she take her long winter nap. November and what follows - OY! Time to savor much more time in the kitchen ;)

  4. Moi, j'aime bien Novembre, car je suis née en Novembre. Mais, t'as raison--c'est un peu gris.

    Super photos, Monique.

  5. I think she makes a big stop at my house before she leaves!!! It is so dark and dreary here, I didn't want Melancholy to visit, but she came anyway!!!
    Your post did make me smile and feel so much better.
    Margaret B

  6. It can be difficult to make the transition to shorter days, bare trees and cloudy skies. But I can feel the anticipation of holidays just around the corner.

  7. It's not the grayness of November that puts a damper in my spirits.

    It's the fact that Thumper's new caterpillar 'pets' all have more orange than black on their furry little bodies. It's been said, this is a sign of a long, cold winter. Just the thought, makes me a bit tense.

    I see you love angels too Mme. M.

  8. Hi M...I can handle November drearies with the anticipation of Christmas swimming in my head...It is MARCH in Michigan where SADD sets in. Spring has a hard time arriving here...Old man winter just keeps tripping her up! Noahs chair....oh my heartstrings...xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  9. what a surprise post! of course i love fall and nov here is a glorious with autumn shades another full month... oh the leaves piled on the babies chair, thatstuffispuregleeforme!

    ps, you only have 5 months~

  10. I love your angel. It is much less melancholy when you live where the sun shines just a bit longer most days. But, after looking at your lovely photography, I think you must live in one of the most beautiful spots in the world!

  11. What a breath of fresh air - to get to catch up on your beautiful life! I've been procrastinating this morning, have several food shots to do for a magazine - after viewing your wonderful photography - I'm inspired - and headed to the kitchen!

  12. (((((HUG)))))
    I love the pic of Noah's chair...and your angel...
    I love November here...Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday...there is a different kind of beauty here...
    The rosy cheeks, see your breath, smell the fireplaces burning kind of beauty...
    Of course i do not like the getting dark at 4:30 kind of beauty! LOL

  13. Beautiful photos! I resonate your feelings, but to me it is the whole of autumn that makes me sad. Spring is to me novelty, like a new baby in the home, and summer is like youth, being carefree while winter means to me wisdom, and I like to reflect and reminice in winter. But I haven't yet found my place in autumn. you'll have to post many more photos so I can come and enjoy autumn.

  14. I'm with Kathy - I think March is much worse.
    Your photo of the angel made me laugh.

  15. Ces images collent tellement à la tristesse qui m'étreint depuis que j'ai appris la mort de la petite Diane.

  16. I'm with you, November is a little blue (or different feeling than the other months), especially now that we've changed the clocks and fallen back as of yesterday.

    Love the angel, it's beautiful! Hope you're getting a little sunshine through all the gray ;)

  17. Mamina.. je dois m'informer au sujet de votre Diane..mes sympathies...

    Ronelle your descriptions are accurate for me also..
    Fall is full of grace.. apart from November..but it is perhaps my little neck of the woods that is particularly sad.. I think because of October's resplendent glory..

    Sol..the caterpillar story is so helps that your beautiful boy's name is of my favorite characters:)

    He must be even more gorgeous now..Your beautiful boy.

    It's fun to see the Goddess of Oy remembered.I take care of her as if she was gold:) She gets tucked into the potting shed all winter:)

    Ry I cannot imagine you needing inpsiration!

    I have a new mousse recipe I will share for you all to make this can keep in the freezer for the wonderful holiday season:)
    And looks dangerously appetizing w/ green and red peppercorns scattered atop:)

    Something to do on a November day:)

  18. Soul food is great. I love your fotos and you are right in the season like me...

  19. There's no other word for this other than gorgeous. Fall is here in the mountains too, but each day it feels more like winter.

  20. I guess you picked NOah's swing because it is NOvember? Just a thought... I'll tell him his swing made the news :)

  21. M, I dont know that we do have melancholy months here in the land of perpetual sun. We have months when we long for rain, when the sky is so blue and bright it's almost impossible to look at it. We have continual heat and very little change in the seasons these days. Even in winter, and autumn there is not a great difference from the spring and summer. That is sad for me i love the very different seasons I love the cool of autumn and winters cold. Winter, christmas in England oh what a joy for this sunburnt Aussie. Again such lovely photos.

  22. Honestly, you should put out a book with your pics and reflections!

  23. OY! November...gray..gets dark early..less time to shop..
    Enjoy the sun while you can,,
    December comes soon.double OY!

  24. Yes, November is definitely a long month...especially because there are no holidays or days off. Your pictures are beautiful and November doesn't seem so bad after seeing your photos :)

  25. Hi Monique,

    I see you're up to taking beautiful pictures as usual. Ahh a sunshine state in the fall. My town looks like yours, so I'll never know lol.

    I looked into "A Homemade Life" and of course I'd love it. I've added it to my wish list.


  26. Usually, in my part of the country, November is when we really start getting a break from the oppressive heat of our Texas summers. Our break came a little early this year, in October, but the leaves are just starting to change color - I love that.

    I've learned to love the bright days of spring and summer, more for photography than anything else! :D But I love the coziness of darker days and a chill in the air.

    It's funny how everyone's perspective is so different! Gorgeous photos, as usual, M!!

  27. I just came in from outside clearing out some fallen leaves and I wish I'd had a vision of your angel in my mind! I'm with Kathy and Karen...March is the "enough already" month! We've had April snow storms, too. Now those are really depressing ;-)

    Love your pics! They are a vision. Diane

  28. Viens voir chez nous, Novembre est un joli mois ! ;o))

  29. Coming to you from THE Sunshine State...Florida. Eh, it's not all it is cracked up to be. We are having record heat. Heat! I'm still wearing flip flops. It is not amusing. I want to eat soup without bursting into flames. I want to light a fireplace. I want to wear snuggly sweaters.

    Enjoy your seasons. We have none. Our seasons are hot, more hot, hotter yet and hot with hurricanes. Blech.

    I still covet those white pumpkin bowls...