Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jana's Mousse..

Remember the lovely girl that gave me the edible blossoms? One day I left her home and she said "you have to bring some of this home..a chef I worked with shared the recipe with me"'s a mousse to spread on crostini..crackers or fresh baguette.
Jacques and I enjoyed it so much I aksed her for the recipe..

I loved the way the recipe was handwritten..with a note at the top..thanking the chef.. for everything he taught her..that she would always remember him and the faith in herself he gave her:)
I made the recipe with chicken..and it's wonderful..It made several pots..

I used nice mousse pots w/ lids.. mini tureens.. this one I had put cling wrap in the bottom..thus the uneven edges.. but it's not necessary and I did not on the others..I sprinkled festive peppercorns on top..This recipe freezes heavenly well..You will always have a pot on hand..If you can hold onto them..
For your no-knead breads.. your beer almost no-knead breads.. your 5 Minute Artisan Breads..or your
Ann T breads
On one of her boards:)

A true keeper recipe..

La Recette..

1 chicken breast..or pheasant:)

1 container chicken livers
3 cups heavy cream
2 packages Knox Gelatin(I will try w/ Agar2 also)
1/2 chopped onion
1-2 cloves garlic

The above is the recipe..but.. you add the spices you want..

I sautéed the onion.. a bit of garlic..cooked the cut up chicken breast and livers..deglazed with Porto.. seasoned with salt and pepper and rosemary and sage.. can add a touch of cayenne and allspice..I omitted the allspice.. parsley..
Fresh herbs are perfect..but dry will do..

Put everything in the food processor and process until smooth..add the cream that you have diluted your gelatin in..Whisk this time you can add some whole peppercorns..not before or they will be chopped to bits..
Taste your mousse before potting and freezing..adjust seasonings..always taste:)
Pour the mousse in all your pretty jars and sprinkle some color on top..Let solidify and freeze.

I only have a photo of my first little practice pot..But imagine in pretty white and see through pots..
Perfect for the upcoming Holidays..
With this recipe..Jana will be the one I think of..For her "AMAZING" recipe!


  1. you look like queen for the day again~

  2. This would be so delicious spread on slices of a crusty baguette. My favorite kind of food.

  3. My goodness, that bread is divine. So crusty and country. With that mousse ... perfect pairing. I can understand why you and Jacques both loved it :) Delicious! I really love that photo of the bread, Monique! It has a wonderful glow. Like a halo :)

  4. This looks fabulous for the holidays Monique...thanks so much for sharing it with us...
    Do you freeze wright in the pots/jars???
    I could make a meal of this with the bread and some little cornichon and some wine... maybe a little sliced pear....oh happy day!

  5. Love your mousse- it looks perfect for the holidays. And that crusty bread? Ummmmmmm. Yummy.

  6. I like mousse so much and this one look so soft and tasty!! Great idea , thanks!

  7. You are welcome! Yes I froze them straight in their pots..You can let it defrost in the fridge..

    I froze them as soon as they "took"..They will be liquidy when you pour the smooth batter..then stay put:)

    I hope you enjoy it as much as J and I did..I could even see the addition of pistachios.. C'est vraiment beau..:)

  8. Monique, now I have a craving for chicken liver pate. I love it when it is light and creamy. I use Jacques Pepin's recipe which is loaded with butter, but I love the idea of making it with three cups of cream. It will be nice to get a few of these made and into the freezer for the holiday season. Can't wait to try this. Thank you.

  9. I love pates and this one does sound like a keeper! Thank you for sharing her kindness :)

  10. Une tranche de ce pain avec un peu de ta mousse, si je pouvais l'avoir là sous la main, je croquerais dedans, tu me fais vraiment envie

  11. Oh my! This sounds wonderful...I will try to make some as holiday gifts.


  12. j'essaie cette mousse sans faute, ça a l'air divin :)

  13. Oh M...I honestly think I could taste it right through the screen...Your photos captured even the smells I think!!!!! A beautiful bread, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  14. Believe it or not but I LOVE chicken livers n I can certainly see why you n Jacques love the mousse! I know this recipe is just so good n the bread looks too precious to eat :))

  15. Délicieuse petite chose à grignoter ! Le week end arrive, je vais faire ça pour l'apéro de samedi soir ...

  16. Je reviens faire un petit tour autour de ta table, afin de regarder de nouveau cette terrine
    Et oui le tableau est un tableau que j'ai peint
    Bonne soirée

  17. Sounds so delicious, and something I probably couldn't stop eating.

    Love the sound of the handwritten recipe. I have a few from my mother and other near and dear people, and I cherish those little pieces of paper!

  18. My goodness, sounds so good. Thanks for sharing :)

  19. Wow! Simply gorgeous! Love the flavors but have never had the courage to make paté. You make it sound like a piece of cake!

  20. This looks lovely! I've been trying to eat more chicken livers, for the health benefit (I'm low in iron), but the recipes I've tried have been a bit too much for me . . . this one (with the addition of the chicken breast and cram) looks perfect! I will have to try it!


  21. Love the look of that paté! And this recipe looks much simpler than my recipe, and with fewer ingredients. All the better.

  22. Oh Monique, I have not made paté in a long, long time.

    You've given me the nudge I needed ~ especially since it can be frozen. That way we can have just a little at a time, and what a wonderful gift for friends and family with a fresh loaf or baguette.

    Thanks dear one! xo

  23. Ooh neat. I JUST had a chicken liver terrine that looks very similar. It was very rich but it was nice to indulge.

  24. Pate! In any form this is a favorite food of mine. I want to make some now.

    I missed this post somehow, so now I get to enjoy two at once! Lucky me.