Friday, November 27, 2009

Je Voudrais Voir La Mer...

It is a song I just love in French..

I listen to it so different" auteurs-compositeurs"...


and here

It means I would like to see the sea..In all their interpretations.. I sing this song in my head when I miss it..and I often do..

The various birds... all of them.. the herons...the sandpipers..the "Chickens" as my 2 yr old darling grandson Max would say the first time he saw the shore birds:)..Jacques and I call all shore birds "Chickens" now..and laugh about it as only grandparents can do..

I love sitting by the ocean... listening..watching.. stitching.. reading..


My NBF sent me this book..It's so much fun to" feuillette" a book that has been "feuilletted":)by someone I have met through blogging:)And get to chat with:) We even met 2 years ago...

Julia is an Icon.. her words.. her photos.. I am enjoying every word..

Look at her in her kitchen in Paris bathed in that magical light.I am so glad she was blessed with such success! She loved buying kitchen apparatus like most of us do..She loved her husband..:) Cooking..Paris.. and shared it all w/ us!

Did you know they had a home in Provence for over 30 yrs? Built on land owned by her "collabolatrice" Simca..and Jean her husband?The Little Thing..It looks must have been hard to leave it.

I also read The Help this week..

We ate Jacques' most formidable asparagus and Italian sausage risotto for dinner but it was darkness by then.. we had however bought what seemed like large shrimp for a shrimp cocktail..

They shrank after baking in this way too hot oven if they had been in a dip in the cold sea!!
I will revert back to Tyler Florence's poached type shrimp...
Good though:)

Thank goodness for souvenirs like beach umbrellas that could be in Cannes.. or.. La Promenade Des Anglais.. in Nice.. or anywhere serve as gentle reminders of gentle sea breezes..

Les parasols de plage...

The beautiful sunset is for Mary..It's her birthday Saturday, November 28th ..Happy Happy Birthday Mary..


  1. The photos are beautiful, Monique. I love every one of them. You capture the soul and mood of everything so well.

    I will always look at seagulls, herons, sandpipers and what-not as 'chickens' from now on. Thank you, darling Max! I couldn't stop giggling.

    Would you believe I just borrowed a book on Julia Child from the library yesterday? :) I am reading it now.

    Jacques and his formidable risotto ... yum! And he does a mean pizza too ;)

    What a lovely post!

  2. what a beautiful post... you evoke so much emotion for me thru your eyes, and yes words too, but your pics spoke to me before i ever met you~

    the simplicity of chickens and flip flops, life never looked so good!

    love watching your read, it fun to chat about the sameness...

    always a treat here, you will forever be my divine miss m~

  3. Thanks so much for sharing
    I love sea, I can stay just looking it for hours, blue, calm, immensity, ...
    Maybe, you can like this song "le reve du pécheur" de Laurent Voulzy, one of my favourite

  4. Lovely post. I am "one with the sea". The sound of the shore is a tranquilizer for me.

    Ironically, my friend just gave me the same book...I started reading it last night!

  5. This is beautiful, Monique and makes me long for the seashore... may have to drive over to Goat Rock this weekend.

    I have that book but haven't read it yet, you make it sound lovely, I'll have to take it out of my hutch and give it a try. How nice your friend sent that on to you to enjoy!

  6. A défaut de mer sous les yeux, la mer dans l'assiette, j'aime beaucoup aussi.

  7. Je voudrais voir la mer, aussi! I'm happy we got to see it in October, at least :) Charming photos, as always, and The Chickens brought a smile to my face!

  8. beautiful shots again, oohh chickens how cute, they make us laugh these children don't they?!!

  9. Moi aussi, j'adore la mer. Elle me manque toujours...

    Thank you for the beautiful photos. At first I thought the first one was a watercolor, the colors are so delicate.

    Jacques' risotto sounds amazing. I'm cooking turkey today--it's going to be Thanksgiving in this tiny corner of Belgium!

  10. Yet again... I was captured by your photos. The white sea, the white 'chickens' the umbrella......the book!..everything looked so ethereal..I just dont know how you do it. exquisite!

  11. Completely charming photos-every single one. I love the sea too. Luckily I live near it!
    Have not read that book and I would love to. Will check the library tomorrow.

  12. Il faut venir ... J'ai la mer, ici, moi! ;o))

  13. Monique, thanks for taking us along with you to the beach.

  14. The beach restores me as well. Even in the winter with snow on the shore, she is a beauty.

    Beach, books and kids...thanks for the walk, it warmed my day.


  15. Absolutely gorgeous Mme. M.

    You know I love seeing life through your eyes and lens.

    Thank you for the sweet birthday wishes and the exquisite sunset image. C'est Beau!! ((hugs))