Tuesday, April 13, 2010

MMMario~ Molto Gusto~

My husband likes Mario as much as I do..and he didn't even get the opportunity to meet him like I did and witness first hand what a nice man he is~

He came home w/ a new book for us..I think Mario's Pizza Chapter got him:)
I love the beautiful photos..and the recipes~

I had some beautiful Swiss Chard on hand..all clean..and CRISPY crispy..an Italian friend taught me to do this w/ Rapini and it works great w/ Chard~
I wash it..spin it dry and wrap in Paper towels then a plastic bag..it keeps crispilycrunchy for a few days~♥
I love the look..the feel the taste~

I opted for Mario's Pennete Swiss Chard Ragu~
Oh Yum!

We had some of my husband's delicious home made croûtons..that I pulsed to a coarse breadcrumb texture and topped this delicious dish w/ a handful~
Delicioso..They were the crowning glory~

The only thing I did differently was add some hot pepper flakes because I am nuts about them~
Thumbs up!
It's the perfect use for Pennete~
You can even make the sauce the day before..I didn't..

I love Maldon salt also..and I think it's the perfect salt for this dish~

Molto Gusto~


  1. Monique, my grandmother always kept her lettuce wrapped in paper towels in the fridge and taught me that was the ONLY way :)
    This looks like a wonderful pasta- I make a VERY similar dish with broccoli rabe. I love the greens!
    xoxo Pattie

  2. Isn't it nice to have a husband who enjoys cooking as much as you do? :) Wonderful tip on how to keep the Swiss chard crispily crispy. :) The breadcrumbs are indeed the crowning glory! Nice crunchiness to the penne. Have a good day, Monique! :)

  3. I always think of you when I see him on TV!
    I bought some of those green bags knock offs at CTS, I still wrap it in a paper towel first..
    M is sick of asparagus..it was .99 on sale so I bought a lot! Every night ..OY!

  4. I looked through his new book the other day at Costco but didn't buy it. I regretted it later. Hopefully it will still be available next week. Thanks.

  5. I used to watch Mario years ago on TV, and liked what I saw; great pasta dish, love the greens and the red pepper!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous pasta dish. Nice to have a hubby that cooks :)

  7. What a treat to get a new cookbook! And you didn't waste any time delving right in! Looks delicious.

  8. Great post. Informative and well-written. I met Mario before and he was very nice. Cheers!

  9. I don't know Mario. Sigh... But then I have Nigel Slater as compensation :-)

    Red pepper flakes go into most of our meals. We love them too...

    Gorgeous, as always.

  10. I love this one!Simple and tasty!Hot pepper, it would be my choise too!

  11. Sounds just perfect all the way around. Great for for to inspire you with a new book..win-win for both of you ;-)

    I really like the idea of topping the pasta with breadcrumbs. I add cayenne to just about everything, my son started that and now I'm hooked. Love pepper and love this recipe.


  12. I just found your blog and really like it a lot. I am following you, and I'm going back to read some of your older posts. Looks yummy!
    ♥ Rebecca

  13. One more cookbook I'll have to put on my wish list!
    This looks delicious, Monique. And I really like the idea of swiss chard AND it was brilliant to give those croutons a pulse. I've done it a couple times to top mac and cheese with (garlic croutons)..but it's so much more elegant on this dish!

  14. Monique, I remember that great picture of you with Mario.


  15. Yum-o! I don't have a Zyliss grater, but now I want one. Mario Batali opened a restaurant very near to us. I have to try to get there.

  16. I agree, Monigue, a good wash and paper towels keep greens just right. I'm very fond of Mario's recipes. Thanks for sharing this lovely one.

  17. Thank you for your visits..Ninette you must go..it is my only regret from my visit to NYC..I should have:(
    Ann...It's funny how life flies by..when I saw that photo..I thought he looked great..I was so critical of me..Now a few years later..I see I should not have been critical..then was better:) It's amazing what a difference just a few important years can make:(
    Barbara..you have such a wonderful blog..for many months it would not load here..Now at times it does..:)

    Your verrines were beautiful~

    Diane..I really do like the addition of the breadcrumbs..I am certain a visit to Paris would and could inspire me..thank you for your latest post~
    I am grateful for a husband who cooks:) And more..
    You are all inspiring to me..
    Thanks again.

  18. i love that your husband loves to cook too, so does Adrian and we love to stand together in the kitchen making something wonderful to eat. a great joy in life is sharing food that you have made together. lovely

  19. Hello M.
    Is late and we are still on the road...
    Home tomorrow.
    I needed a fix...so Here I am.
    Mario does have a NICE face...How fun for you to have come face to face!
    And your sweet J. for picking up some current inspiration for you both!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  20. Mario is an interesting chef. I often watch him on the food channel.:)

    indeed how lucky u are to have a husband who cooks! u have a good friend.

  21. De retour de vacances, me voilà prête à dévorer à nouveau tous les beaux billets que j'ai loupés ! Je commence par cette exquise recette italienne ... un bien bon début !

  22. Great tip and recipe.. chard is so darn good for you too! I just love the breadcrumbs on top. I always throw the ends of bread in the freezer as croutons and pulse them for bread crumbs... waste not want not!!

  23. Num-num! I have never gone wrong with a Mario recipe. This one sounds wonderful.

    I feel human again now that I have my computer back ;)

  24. How sweet of your J to get the book! You've more than done this dish justice ~ I hope Mario sees it. :) He would be proud.

    Swiss chard is one of my favorites, too. Thank you for the method of preparation, I hope to make it very soon.

    Beautifully photographed, mon ami! xo