Monday, April 12, 2010

Soul Food #50~

I don't know if you remember ..I promised a tip..many of you probably know of it~ I didn't..

The little bag above was not made with printable fabric..nor iron on transfers..
The graphic was printed on the fabric itself using Reynolds Freezer Paper~

You iron the freezer paper onto the fabric..and then insert in your printer..It went through even easier than the commercial papers..truly~

You simply peel off the freezer paper after and you are left with printed fabric~

I hope you like the idea..It is an economical way ..and the possibilities are endless..Spice bags..seed printed on floral fabrics,fabric pillows..etc etc..

on another note..the seedlings are sprouting..

These seeds were kept in my little Semences bag I showed you..:)

And I know some of you like good sites for cute gifts..I found The French Market on Etsy..and bought these candles for my neighbor..The beautiful ribbon comes w/ it~
She added a darling card and the other 2 items I ordered.I give this Etsy shop a thumbs up~Nice customer service also~

Des chandelles d'Amour~

Have a great day~I know it's not a very entertaining post but I was happy w/ the paper..and the candles and seeds~Sometimes small things can help a day.
A gracious thanks to the Graphics Fairy and this beautiful site too
I I cannot remember~
I'll leave you with this..Zurin..a very talented and nice woman.. has decided to throw a Giveaway party..If you would like to visit her and get to know might be the perfect time..:)Enjoy..

PS I could not find the freezer paper here in Canada.I found it in the USA.


  1. Entertaining?....the photos alone were worth the visit...grin. AND what a great tip!

  2. Morning M...
    Amazing you cannot find freezer paper in Canada...
    It is a fun technique, one of my favorites.
    Your little seeds are anxious to get started in this world...
    Love the candles!!!!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  3. You are right--the posibilities ARE endless. Even I might be able to do this. Those are gorgeous candles!!! Great info!

  4. Your light is beautiful, pure and white. I love how it illuminates your objects of art. :) I'll never be able to pull off something like that. :(

  5. Great tip! Somehow I can't imagine the fabric actually going through my printer ~ but I'm willing to give it a try. I also love the candles ~ they would make wonderful gifts for all sorts of occasions.

  6. Oy I could get into a lot of trouble on that Etsy site!
    Monique...your pics are just pure heaven...every one of them!
    You are like a fairy queen...

  7. everything you touch turns absolutely magical. I am always awed.

    n tq for the shout out Monique. You are the sweetest!

  8. Interesting and informative post. Good luck with your garden. Thank you for the tip. Cheers!

  9. Brilliant idea! I love when things are that easy.

    Happy Monday to you Monique!

  10. What a terrific idea! I agree with Zurin, everything you touch becomes magical. So beautiful! If algebra ever lets up, I'll have to give this a try.

  11. ah. your photos! You make me feel more calm and peaceful. Thanks Nana!

  12. What a great tip! Thanks for sharing. Your pictures are divine.

  13. Ah Monique, we are so often on the same page! I have that same pic of the silverware printed from the Graphics Fairy! Thanks to you for sharing this site with us...I love it. I have also been playing around with alternative ways of printing since I haven't found the printable fabric in the stores.

    This is just so very lovely and your seeds sprouting are like the rebirth of spring. I'm looking forward to seeing them growing in your garden.

    As always thanks!

  14. That is the best tip ever! My mind is simply spinning with all the possibilities!

  15. Your blog is always entertaining and inspiring.

  16. I popped in to check out the freezer paper technique :-) I might be able to find some play time to give it a try. Thanks for the directions.

  17. I'm happy you like the technique.. I made sure the fabric was thin.. Don't buy a heavy fabric:)
    Have would be great to see what you do.
    Thank you.

  18. Monique, these are so beautiful. Freezer paper - this is totally Greek to me...but I will google it and see if it is anything I can do here in Singapore :) I learn something new today!

  19. M, I've been meaning to try this freezer paper technique for quite some time, and seeing your results has inspired me to finally take the plunge.

    I just got back from vacation; I spent a big chunk of it with Sam before she moved back to TN.
    In any case, I see I've missed a whole lot of eye candy, but, I have every intention of catching up.

    Hope you had a magical Easter with your boys.

  20. Not entertaining? You cannot be serious, my friend!

    I love this brilliant fabric printing technique ~ thank you so much for sharing it with us. Oooh, and those are gorgeous candles too.

    Darling little sprouts emerging ~ Welcome Spring!! xoxo

  21. Never in a million years could you NOT be entertaining - love your ideas and pictures. You put a magical spin on everything you do -lucky for us that you share. Will definitely try the freezer paper technique - will save a lot of money vs buying transfer paper.

  22. Monique, I learn so much from you. I'm going to look for the freezer paper when I am out today.

  23. no need to apologise for what is again a beautiful post. Must go visit the Etsy shop I adore Etsy thanks for the tip

  24. I'm visiting from Tracey's blog. What beautiful photos you have! I must try the freezer paper technique. I've been wanting to try transferring images to fabric but I don't have a laser printer and apparently that's what you need.I can't wait to try your tip!


  25. I'm over from Frugal Luxuries to see your nifty tip! Love it. One question.... Does the ink stay put? Will you be able to launder it at all? I wonder. An experiment may be in order.

    Thank you for the pretty post and good idea!


  26. Great tip and I just love the little sparkles that spill from the cursor!!!

  27. yay, thank you! I was researching this technique online tonight and I knew I had heard it or seen it somewhere....and here it is, thanks for the wonderful instructions and your items are so lovely!


  28. Your site is absolutely enchanting! Surrounding yourself with beauty is so good for the soul.

    Thanks so much for posting this alternative to printable fabric and commercial pre-soaks. I can't wait to try it. The technique brings back a childhood memory, as well. My mother taught me to use a roll of waxed paper to make "rub-ons" from the cartoons in the Sunday paper. We laid the waxed paper on top of the comics and used the edge of a Popsicle stick or butter knife to lift the ink, then placed it over a piece of regular paper and scraped again to transfer the image to it. It was so simple (and primitive), but it seemed like magic to me at the time. I hope I never outgrow the need for magic. Thanks for helping to keep it alive!

  29. I cannot find Freezer paper in Australia, however you can buy it at Spotlight in New Zealand :)
    Thank you for your tutorial

  30. Pouvez-vous me montrer ce qu'est le "papier congélateur" ? Je ne connais pas ce terme en belgique Merci à vous. C'est magnifique !