Monday, April 5, 2010

Soul Food #49~ Seed Starting~

Seed Starting Time~

I decided to make myself a proper bag:) To store my seeds..With great graphics from a few sources..~♥Again one I cannot link to..The Graphics fairy too of course..

I added some of the text..and sewed on~I used the printable fabric by Avery..But I will have a new tip for you soon:)

This week I started some seeds indoors..Squash..the little yellow ones..I wanted the 8 Ball but have not found any yet..Morning Glories (Heavenly Blue) and regular zucchini.
I also started planting seeds outdoors..The ones that said:"Plant as soon as you can work the earth~"..Neon Lights Swiss Chard..Larkspur and Convolvulus~

Just keeping a little diary~
Let's see...d:) ..what takes..and what doesn't~
Full of optimism here~

To see life in color again soon~


  1. Life with colour, indeed! What a difference some colour makes. Just compare the 2 photos. I hope they all flower for you. We'll have blooms to enjoy. :)

  2. Oh yes Ju color makes all the difference..winter here is often monochrome..and long..This yr was the shortest ever..and I actually saw leaves opening on a small shrub:) And the serviceberry will be in bloom well before it's time..
    It makes such a huge difference!Moods elevate!

  3. What a wonderful idea. I had always put mine in an old wooden seltzer box in little rows. How I miss planting a garden!!! I can't wait to share your garden stories... almost as good as having a garden!

  4. Clever idea to make the bag to store your seeds. I am starting up on my garden and have planted some seeds too. Can't wait to see nature comes alive!

  5. so cute, you can make garden so girlie and pretty... me, like the olly green giant lumbering thru my hills, you petite and pretty~

  6. I am still learning what I can plant when here. I wonder if I can plant from seed now? So lovely Monique
    xoxo Pattie

  7. You sound like you have a green thumb as well! And you are so great at cooking and crafts... Truly a well rounded and talented person!

  8. Hi Monique,
    It's darling and as always, your photography is beautiful! Have you shown your little bag to Fifi? You should, I bet she'd love it (or does already ;)

  9. I need to plant some larkspur. It is such a lovely accent in the garden. Sweet little seed bag and oh, so lovely photos you've shared, Monique. Happy Spring!

  10. This morning, some grape seeds that I had been stratifying for TWO YEARS sprouted. It was magical, and I'm feeling just the same sense of hope :-)

  11. Beautiful post and seed bag. I planted some larkspur this pat winter, which is when it grows here in India. HAPPY SPRING!!

  12. Oh wow~ 2 years..what patience you have Jessica! I wonder if I would have your patience:)

    Tracie..I don't know if Fifi saw it..:)?

    I hope she likes it..This is a craft she would love:)

    Deeba.. to grow Larkspur in winter sounds like a dream come true:)

    Pattie..ether must be things you can start now! My MG's have sprouted and some of the small yellow pattypans:) I was concerned as I did not do my usual lights et up..

    Fingers crossed.I love watching seeds grow.
    I sound about as exciting as a board.

  13. I can't wait to dig in the dirt again, but our soil is just waterlogged clay right now. But I can read your post and dream about what seeds I'm going to plant.

  14. Luckily I didn't have to do anything during that time-- they've been sitting in the fridge wrapped in a wet paper towel in a ziploc bag. . . :-D

  15. Things are a little different in Florida, but I lived most of my life in the grey world of Michigan. So I know exactly how you feel when you see green again! I always looked for the forsythia!

    BTW: I adored your bunny cookies over at Food With Style. I wish I were more artistic. :(

    Also: glad your daughter liked the cake!

  16. www.acelebrationoffood.blogspot.comApril 5, 2010 at 5:03 PM

    Monique, Where have I been? I have just discovered your blog (through My French Kitchen, isn't Ronelle just great?) and I am so pleased that I found you. Your journalling is so enjoyable, I shared your readings with a cup of coffee and tried to catch up. Lovely!! so open and sincere. I hope to aspire to your level as I am a fellow blogger from Ottawa Ontario.Cheers,Rita

  17. That is just the sweetest little bag I have ever seen....
    Just beautiful...
    The earth is soaking wet here...but it was 85* today...wooohooo!
    I am sure we will have a frost or two before Mother's Day comes...
    this is just a tease!

  18. I planted zucchini too...can you believe this weather? We deserve it after so many years. I also planted spinach and baby bok choi in the garden. Joyeux Paques...

  19. Love your post. Always so meaningful.

  20. Plant as soon as you can work the earth, make hay while the sun shines... life's little reminders manifests themselves surreptitiously - what we need to do is to open our eyes... I hope we will get to see your colourful blooms...

  21. Love it when you Craft Monique!!!!
    Cute little seed bag... great graphics.
    Hope you see the fruits of your labor from each and every seed!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  22. You are so far ahead of me with the gardening this year!! I love the bag. I have been working with the graphics fairy, too. I have had trouble finding the printable fabric. I may have to order it online. I made things a different way...perhaps we are on the same page with this one? Can't wait to see!


  23. Your seed storage is much prettier than mine! I use a plastic shoe box, unadorned. So far, I've started poppies and chervil outdoors and basil, parsley and tomatoes inside. It feels wonderful to see things growing!

  24. It certainly does feel good to see things growing! first little journal for this garden was from first miniature journal:)
    Hi Rita~

    I will go visit your blog in depth very soon..

    Diane..does it involve the word freezer:)?

    Thank you....

  25. Oh wow what a delightful little bag, and it still amuses me that AI am collecting the seeds from the plants that are dying off here right now and you are beginning the wonderful job of plating and sowing. Enjoy Spring as we head into winter. Much love

  26. your little seedbags are delightful! I feel like digging and peeking, hoping to find upon all different little treasure. I bought a pretty aged "graines" tin(not as pretty and romantic as your bags!) today for my sprouting seeds inside...have so many and all my germoirs taking up so much space in the kitchen..I love seeds and sowing. Like meditation. Whether you see them sprout to add crunch to a salad or grow to plant in the it!
    Ronelle xx

  27. Your seed bag is DARLING!

    I hope it is a wonderfully sucessful garden season for you. (Somehow, I just KNOW it will be.)*grin*

    Chard (but Bright Lights) and Morning Glory seeds are in the soil here, too. I will love to see your "Heavenly Blue", I don't think I've come across that one before. Sounds divine!

  28. I am a new follower of yous. I found you on Ronelles blog, when I started to learn watercolour painting.How pleased I am, it's re-awakened in me to all the things I used to do & seeing your lovely seed bag has brought me back to life to restart all the projects I started yrs ago & are tucked away unfinshed in the cupboard.Thank you so much.