Friday, November 19, 2010

A Fun Little Craft~

I don't have fabulous photos of this fun new craft..And my initial trial leaves much to be desired.. so in all it's flaws..I'll still share in case you want to try some before Christmas..

I initially landed upon the technique by happenstance..and wanted to try..

They really should be painted afterwards..but I wanted the shell to stand out..

You use a stamping set..

That you can find on EBAY or Etsy..

And you use Fimo..Or Sculpey..

I think they are so much fun to make as gift tags etc..
My friend Nancy is doing me a helpful favor..I bought her Eat Pray Love..the soundtrack..I'll wrap it up and attach this little baked clay gift tag..Imagine the possibilities..

Didn't love the book..only the Italy part really got to me..but LOVED the movie and the soundtrack..It's got to be because of Julia.. And Javier.. They are both endearing.... me is just special in movies.. as Penelope is too..Ok and Meryl..and Diane Keaton:)Love her too.Not to mention Juliette..and Audrey T and Audrey H..And Katherine H..the list goes on and on..but not too long~

A bit like our Brigitte cookies:)

I wish I could find the link where I found the tutorial..Hers were beautiful! I saved it...and have lost the link..As soon as I find it again..I will share..She preferred the dark Fimo..and painting white on top then rubbing off..

I'll look into that:)

There is a technique..I did stamp a bit too should not see the circles.. A cookie cutter would make better shapes..The ones I made so far are freehand~

Oh and yes the kiss lying on it's side was an error..But it was all done..It adds charm:) I hope..But it is a mistake..:)(Embarrassed).

I made little ones for the alphabet boys..w/ shark's teeth..I am tempted to make necklaces:)As if..they would wear them:) Shark's teeth..the older boys might like that..Most probably they will end up as cool gift tags for them on a certain Christmas present:)

Thank goodness the shell is distracting:)

Almost as much as the alligator~Eating a shoe with his sharp shell teeth~
Have a lovely weekend~

PS..I found the LINK!


  1. You are so thoughtful. How nice to take time to personalize the gift. I wish I had a thimble full of your creativity! Lovely idea.

  2. Me too!!!! I love Julia...and Meryl and the H's and so many more but Julia is my favourite!!! I loved the book and the movie and I will have to get the soundtrack.....I love your tags, you are so clever!!!!
    Margaret B

  3. cute gift, you are having so much fun :) i love the alligator, so adorable~

  4. Cute tags! I want to talk a walk on your beach. Love the feel of sand between my toes. Will you cage the alligator? ;-)
    Hugs ~ Sarah

  5. I will be trying all these neat ideas when my house reno is finished and I have a life again!

  6. I agree with Kate... you really are a very very thoughtful person Monique!

    Happy Weekend to you too!

    Tracy xxoo

  7. You are ever~so~clever creating these sweet little tags. I went to see 'Eat Pray Love" last week and really enjoyed the Italian part especially the scenery.
    have a lovely week-end
    Dianne xx

  8. I love them! And I love the x lying on it's side!

  9. I remember Fimo :) Haven't used it since the girls were little, though. I love your grown-up use for it!

    The alligator made me smile :) Sun and sand make me smile too!

  10. Goodmorning (it's 5.25 am!!!! I don't know why...I can't sleep!!)..this is really a very nice idea...I especially love the wrong "X" and the circle!!

    I didn't see the movie yet, but I'm sure the italian scenary is great.... Rome is really wonderful...have a nice weekend....xoxoxo, flavia

  11. lovely tags and so creative! I need to read the book and watch teh movie. I love Julia!

  12. I love all the things that you make, seems so delicate, so "artistic"!

  13. It's such a nice husband enjoyed it also..Hope you like it..

    I was used to Playdoh:)
    Thank you..I hope I find the link w/ the nice tags..THEY will inspire you:)
    Rome is indeed beautiful!We even took the sightseeing bus..I sat on top and breathed in Rome..sometimes with my eyes closed not believing I was there..Euphoric was...

  14. How lucky your grandchildren are to have such a clever Nana! Indeed a big smile I had about the book! Also battling to get into it. The movie has just been released here in SA so I want to finsh the book first..
    Have a happy day, Monique♥

  15. You are the most talented Nana in the world!
    I think they are lovely!
    I loved the movie too!

  16. C'ets joli comme tout ! ;o)

  17. How do you come up with so many creative ideas... I am sooo impressed. I do love shells and would love to play with personalizing some of them. Thanks for sharing your endless creativity!

  18. Magnifiques tags....Très originales... J'aime beaucoup, bisous.

  19. Everything so beautiful as usual Monique!! I't a pleasure read your post....

  20. bonjour, j'ai perdu mon blog et je viens d'en créer un autre "weekend et coup de brosse" viens me rejoindre pour à nouveau partager quelques mots, je t'attends comme nouveau membre de mon nouveau blog- merci à bientôt- cath

  21. I love to come to your site and always am amazed by the beauty you create and I am so glad you share it with us all. These are darling. I found a tutorial for something similar on Could that be the link you are missing? Anyway, thank you!

  22. Monique this is really great what a neat idea, I can imagine place settings, gift cards, all sorts of nice little things. I like yours and you're right all the little flaws we see others mostly don't and if they do well it's just special then too.
    and hugs

  23. This is a delightful little gift and fimo is so easy to work with. I really like yours with the all white, although I am sure the others are lovely too. What a fun little tag to receive, anyone would be thrilled. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

    I haven't seen the movie but now I want to. Italy was the part I was interested in from the trailers too. Have a wonderful week.

  24. Those are adorable, Monique. I love your use of the little shells. I can think of so many things to try...I'm saving this post for when I have more time.

  25. Lisa..;Thank you what a nice site...

    I found the right one..


    I will add it to my post for all to see..Thanks everyone..Hope you have fun w/ these..

  26. What a nice personal touch. I have all of the materials at hand. I never thought about making gift tags. I would make one for you, thanking you for all of your inspiration and beauty you bring to my days!

  27. You have such a gift for finding lovely ideas! I do so appreciate your generosity in always sharing them with us! I am off to ebay or etsy to find those stamps (the clay I have already on hand :)! So clever. Thank you, as always!!!