Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gifts From The Sea~

I was inspired to make little beach cookies while listening to some of my favorite French Sea songs..

They were fun to make.. Little cookie cutters are such handy tools..

I think I've mentioned my favorite poet when I was in College was Rod McKuen~
I still have some of his books..
This was always a favorite apart from many many more..

Gifts from the Sea

You see how easily we fit together,
as if God’s own hand had cradled only us
and this beach town’s population were but two
and this wide bed but a child’s cradle
with room enough left over for presents.
Tomorrow I’ll buy you presents.
Pomegranates and breadsticks,
tickets round the room and back
and red, red roses like everybody buys everybody.
Everybody’s got a diamond ring
And Sunday shoes.
Neckties and petticoats,
pistols and tennis balls.
What pleases you?
I’d hock my watch to buy you Greece
or sell my car to bring you rickshaws from Rangoon.
All they had down at the corner
were poppies with some lemon leaves.
They’ll have to do
till I can bring home Union Square.
I found a twenty-dollar bill when I was ten.
I bought a cardboard circus and a fountain pen
and a jackknife because I never had one before.
My mother thought I’d stolen the money.
I bought her perfume from the dime store,
She believed me then.
I was rich in those days,
for a week I had everything.
I wish I’d known you then.

I even had LPS(Don't laugh) I wish I still had them..The Sea..a whole set..In a big box..Sigh~


  1. on a envie de repartir en vacances avec ces merveilleuses photos, superbe !

  2. A lovely take on sugar cookies.

  3. Très belles vos photos de vacances... On a envie d'y retourner...
    Adorables les petites étoiles... Bisous

  4. prettiest seashore i have ever seen. you look radiantly happy :)

  5. Lovely poem and very appropriate with your gorgeous seashell cookies. I'm making a note to keep an eye out for those darling cutters.

  6. Aah! yes Je voudrais voir la mer !! your little cookies are gorgeous Monique and as always your post ever so pretty. I love the hessian bag it's delightful.

  7. the c0okies look amazing!

    I have a fondness to the ocean as well. You should come here to visit the Great Ocean Road with me. It's amazing...

  8. Hello! I've read your 'Blog' from time to time, but never commented. Today, you brought back many memories for me, Just love Rod McKuen,have many of his Books, and remember that poem so well....I also have an old recording somewhere Did see him live in England....many moons ago now.Love that voice.

    Aileen (UK)

  9. Rod McKuen! That is a funny coincidence. When I was in college I enjoyed his poetry, also. I have a couple of his books tucked away somewhere.

    Love the cookies. I am inspired to make some cookies!

  10. truly, i thought they were all real until i saw the photo at teh bottom. How beautiful. with a beautiful poem to go with them..I can see why it was your favourite :)

  11. I had forgotten about him!
    The cookies are lovely, and I hope you are warm and sunny! :)

  12. You make me want to be at the sea shore right now. The cookies looked so real. I love your presentation.

    When I first ran across your blog I immediately called my sister and told her about you, that she just had to come and visit but that you were on a break for a while. Everything you do is just a piece of art. Thanks for sharing your beautiful slice of the world with us!

  13. Thank you ..I am so glad many of you enjoyed and still enjoy Rod McKuen..I never had the opportunity of seeing him live..what a fortunate outing for you.
    Your visits are a pleasure for me.

    Merci beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup.

  14. Thank you for visiting MY Easy Cooking HQ! You have an awesome site too. Please call again!!

  15. What a sweet poem... rich is thought of in so many ways. A gesture can be worth a box of diamonds!

  16. They look like delicious little works of art..lovely idea, the cookies.

  17. Beautiful in every way ;) I love your added touch. I never did get the knack of decorating cookies very well.

  18. Monique, what a pleasant surprise on such a cold and dreary November morning!
    I wish I could decipher the message on the starfish cookie—all I get is something about coming back to the sea[?]
    Poetically-challenged, that's me.

  19. Bonjour Soleil..The message says ..Je voudrais voir la mer..I would like to see the sea..

    One of my favorite songs..
    Susan..You're an cannot make me believe that!

    Have a lovely evening and thank you for coming to visit Rod and I:)

  20. Are you by the sea this year like last year with the same words?


  21. Love your seaside collage & adorable cookies :-)

  22. Je voudrais voir la mer, aussi! :D

    The first poem I ever fell in love with was a Rod McKuen poem. Wow. I haven't thought about that in a long time!

    Your cookies are beautiful, Monique! Such little treasures!

  23. Thank you Monique. I made a few changes....after I read your comment. It was hythterical.

  24. So many things to love in this "billet"...I'll have to come again and again. that is always the case with A la table de Nana...I come again and again. the cookies are afeast and I can see them delcious too. Et les images...un beau reve! Le poem... nostalgie absolue. Merci pour la beauté que t'emènes.

  25. What a lovely post, Monique. You've brought back some very nice memories.

  26. So beautiful Monique!
    I have not thought about Rod McKuen in a long time...and the cookies, well the whole post is magical!

  27. Very Cool !
    Thank you for make me relax with your photo.

  28. These cookies are so beautifully iced! Love the beach theme :)

  29. Tu es vraiment une artiste, Monique ! C'ets joli comme tout !
    Bisous et bon dimanche

  30. The prettiest cookies - too pretty to eat!


  31. As a young girl growing up in Ohio, I knew I had to live by the sea....and once I had the choice, I always have. I too, remember Rod McKuen and the romance of his words. I'll have to keep an eye out for those LP's! You never know!!

    Those cookies are heavenly. Enjoy your week.

  32. Thank you..

    I have a secret..

    I will share..'s not really a secret now anymore is it?:) One very nice person emailed me and told me she had found her Rod McKuen LPS and wanted to send them to me.
    I was so touched.. but said no..

    You have to keep these treasures..because you never know when the words will be comforting for you.. either for the memories or the words themselves..
    But I had to tell you because ..this is the kind of good and kind world we all share here.
    Have a Good night~

  33. Such lovely cookies. I wish I could hear those French seaside songs you were listening to! :)

  34. Your cookies are total delights! Love the the little scene you painted on the starfish. Your talent is shining through every detail of this post.

  35. Beautiful cookies Monique! You do such a lovely job on anything that you create. If they were only have as tasty as they look, I am betting they were fabulous! xxoo

  36. Your cookies are so intricate! What beauties - almost too pretty to eat except I know that they would taste marvellous :)

  37. oh gosh M I love that poem I have never heard of the author but will go searching now it's wonderful and what are LPS?
    sweetest cookies too

  38. I love the La Mer cookie....reminds me of time I spent in Normandy...I love all things French by the Sea!...nobody thinks of the French of nautical people...I have gotten the best seaside stuff at the Trocadero gift shop in Paris....Nice seeing you again..thank you for stopping by my blog...with so many blogs these days I lose track of old favorites...