Tuesday, November 9, 2010


What do you do w/ a can of tomatoes and a small light soft appetite?

That's right.. Call it what you will.. but Tomato soup hits the spot..Wish I had some of that basil..:)

Just soften and cook onion and garlic.. add the tomatoes.. use your hand blender..add stock to give it a smoother consistency and a bit of cream..Season to taste..
Drizzle a good EVOO..sprinkle or melt cheese in it.. or..simply eat as is..I still like to soften a soda cracker in it like my mom showed me how:)

Use the empty can as a flower vase.. not bad for $0.99..a vase and a meal:)
then I got inspired by Ronelle~ I bought a new sketch pad and pen..Just because she does that to me ..go see..
She lives in France..accentuates all her recipes w/ her artwork..Creates magic in her homes..so talented!


I just want to say thank you too..to

POM Wonderful..You may remember a post I did a while back.. inspired by one of the recipes on their site.. ..It was a joy to receive these precious little bottles today~
Thank You Pom Wonderful~

My choice of wine these days:)


  1. Mmmmmm good! I have always loved tomato soup. As a little girl it was always from the classic can and made with milk. I would have a cheese sandwich alongside. Good memories :)

    I love how you've used your can! I visited Ronelle. She is an inspiration! What a great blog she has. I'm glad she's inspired you to sketch and pain.

  2. you even make a can look like art... with your art~

  3. Beautiful flower pot and art work. I love homemade tomato soup and I agree on the crackers. I used to put enough crackers in that it was more of a casserole!

    Love your choice of "wine", Pom is wonderful! I love the flavor too.

  4. A steamy bowl of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich were my favorite lunch when I was a child. And it's now my grandchildren's favorite as well.

  5. Ah yes, tomato soup...my old staple. I used to be served this about 3 times a week, for lunch, when I was a child. I used to love to put buttered saltine crackers in it, and watch the oil from the butter make a greasy design on top of my soup. It used to drive my father crazy! ;)

  6. Love your tomato vase. I've saved a similar can and never got around to using it. The red hibiscus look fabulous in it.

    Your sketch pad is cool and you are a very talented artist. Love how Ronelle uses her's too.

  7. Oh I love tomato soup - such a beautiful classic. Delish!

  8. Tomato soup has always been my favorite, even as a child. It always sounds delicious to me.

  9. It's so good to have you back writing and sharing your beautiful images. You continue to inspire me in more ways than you know.

    Sometimes I like to come here just to sit quietly, look at your photographs and play with the snowflakes on your page.



  10. SO happy to see a lovely skech you made here...goes perfectly with your mouthwatering tomato soup and artistic vase...all art!
    I have never had POM and now I want to taste it too...it is the cutest bottle...I can think of a few ways to use it afterwards!
    Oh...and my pronunciation is apparently somehwere inbetween tomato and tomawto...
    PS: thanks for the lovely mention. xx

  11. Tomato soup is the best on a cold day! Thanks for the reminder that I can make something better than Campbell's (even though that's the sentimental favorite.)

  12. Bonjour Monique ~ mmm... I love tomato soup right out of the can with a swirl of cream on top.
    your sketch is lovely -you're an artist!! well done.

  13. Monique, that is all we had for dinner last night - homemade tomato soup. Mine didn't look as good as yours though.

    I've been hooked on POM ever since they were kind enough to send me coupons. My favourite drink is to mix the POM with diet gingerale.


  14. I'll have to try that Ann..Sounds good!

    We got hooked when Costco started carrying the big bottles..and now of course I am smitten w/ the little ones..

    Ronelle I am saving my bottles so do tell:)
    Maureen I can see your dad:)

    Jacqueline..Yes a casserole! I smiled out loud~
    It was always Campbell's at our home too:)

    Thank you have a lovely evening~

  15. What is it about tomato soup that makes us all drool. I have lots of it in my freezer to enjoy during my kitchen reno.

  16. What is it about tomato soup that makes us all drool. I have lots of it in my freezer to enjoy during my kitchen reno.

  17. I love Ronnel's place as well - and yours, too! So inspiring and sweet...

  18. Tomato soup is my favorite, really. I make all kinds of soup, but I prefer Tomato, even Campbells with crackers.
    I love the laughing cow light cheese too! Smear it on a crisp Granny Smith apple, heaven!
    I got the Pom too, but haven't figured out a recipe for it we'd like.

  19. LOVE your tomato vase & ARTwork!

  20. Being from the South, we always eat our tomato soup with "cornbread"; crackers in a pinch. Love your art work. I've been a follower of Ronelle's for awhile and she is also marvelous.

  21. My mother always used to make homemade tomato soup and she served it with grilled cheese sandwiches! Thanks for the memory, Monique!

  22. Well Nana you are an artist and a cook!
    I knew a lady who put flowers in the empty oatmeal carton (Quaker) and it was so cute.
    Our canned tomato soups are tooooo salty...I've not tried making my own before.

  23. I guess we all had grilled cheese sandwiches with our soup! Mama sat us on the floor with a mug and the sandwich and we watched The Wonderful World of Walt Disney on sunday nights.

  24. Ahh..The WWof Disney on Sundays:) Fond memories!
    Have lovely day..Cornbread sounds very very good.

  25. Il faudra que je teste ce nouveau produit dont on voit la pub actuellement ici en France, doux baisers, Miette

  26. The soup is gorgeous...and I bet delicious!
    We love POM too...makes a fabulous martini!lol...

  27. Monique, I've been inhaling homemade tomato soup the last few weeks to combat a cold.
    But even now that I'm back to normal, so to speak, I'd probably still pounce on your lovely soup given the opportunity.

    Love the flowers in the tomato can!

  28. My daughters favorite meal when she was young was grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup. It just said comfort. Simple and good.

    Love your inspired watercolor. Those are the best kind. Again...simple and good.

  29. mmm . . . love tomato soup the most of all, especially with some toasted cheese. I love Pomegranate juice also and that little water colour, how wonderfully beautiful! You amaze me with all your talents! xxoo