Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Mary~Nov 28th~

It's Mary's Birthday~tomorrow...

But it's nice to celebrate all weekend don't you think?

I am sure you all know Mary..Mari.. and have been inspired so much over the years by her beautiful blog..I just want to say thanks for all the inspiration over my years..:)

From flowers to food to pretty things and even penguins:)

Happiness always Mary~..


  1. Je ne connaissais pas son blog, merci à vous de me le faire découvrir... J'ai passé un bon moment.
    Je vous envoie des bisous et merci aussi pour les gentils mots concernant la naissance de Nathan.

  2. I don't know Mary..buta her blog is very nice!!! Happy birthday to Mary and a happy weekend to you!!Ciao Flavia

  3. We've been net friends for many years.. Jain and she have met..they are good friends too..It has been a long time..with much sharing..nice memories..

    It's a small small world with many lovely lovely people.
    Ahh Martine... Nathan is a precious jewel a gift from above.

    Pam had Madeline last week..good news all around for nanas.
    Our youngest,Ollie..(Olivier) 1, sported his Superhero cape this week and now follows in his 2 older brothers flight patterns:)

  4. thanks for the nudge, you know i am terrible with dates...

  5. Here's wishign Mari a birthday as beautiful as she is. truly.

  6. Happiest birthday wishes are being sent Mari's way. I hope she has a wonderful day.

  7. A wonderful post for a special friend! Happy Birthday to Mary!!

  8. I had to hop on over and meet Mari. What a lovely blog! Her desserts, main dishes, tablescapes, etc. are all so beautifully presented. I still have soooo much to learn. Have a lovely week.

  9. Happy birthday to MAri and I agree... you are sweet to blogabrate about it...

  10. Happy Birthday Mary. Sorry, I'm a day late.


  11. Oh Monique, Thank you.

    You are truly a sweet and true friend, you have shown that to us time and time again over the years. (I just emailed you, and hope you understand why I am so late in my reply to your lovely and thoughtful post.)

    Thank you everybody for your very kind Birthday wishes!! I love stretching the celebration out for as long as possible. :) :) :)

    P.S. I LOVE that photo Monique, it is beautiful! Thank you again, my dear friend.