Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oui ,Encore Des Cretons~

Yes again Cretons...

I have started some little nibbles..I have posted these before..they are immeasurably handy to have on hand during the holidays..My husband loves them..So they are repeats every yr..Now w/ Jana's Mousse de Volaille of course~

Both recipes can be found here for les cretons.. and here..for the mousse..both freeze well..

Les Cretons are amazing w/ Brunch/Breakfast also..Both are lovely accompanied w/ a fine mustard..

The cretons can be left coarse or blended fine..

I make smaller pots now.. since I now have some:)..and freeze..and love the look of pink peppercorns to adorn~

As IT will be here before we know it~

That time of year when Santa comes down the chimney..and having a little something available short notice ,home made,in the freezer is welcomed for guests~:)


  1. I don't think I have ever seen your fireplace before, how lovely! And the little tree, how sweet, or should I say, savory?

  2. Thank you for reminding me of these, Monique! I had saved the recipe but haven't made them yet. We love charcuteries, pates, etc., and I know my J would love this also. Many of our favorite restaurants are serving them these days and I have wanted to try them at home.

    Your fireplace is beautiful! I love the compartments under the mantle ♥ Santa will be coming soon ;)

  3. I have those same little pots. I carried them all the way home from the Cotswolds when I was in England. I have since seen them here for 1/5th the price!

    This recipe is entirely new to me. I read both it and the mousse. I would love to try it for the holidays.

    Your photos of the house are just beautiful and it makes me excited to get mine ready. It is amazing how quickly this month passes and Christmas is here.

  4. Your fireplace is too nice!!! I think it will be one of SAnta's favourite!!!! Thanks for your commento to my cinnamon centerpiece!!! Have a nice day..ciao Flavia

  5. your holiday spirit just shines. i love your small cretons, excellent idea. i can tell everyone how delish your food is, thanks to you we have it every year too :)

  6. Thank you for sharing the recipes for these little treats. I'm forwarding them on to my "chef". I'll look for little pots. Yours are so cute! Monique, your photos are worthy of a magazine ~ all of them! As I type this the photo of the book of Amoretti cookies is in front of me. Oh, my what a visual pleasure!
    ~ Sarah

  7. I love your little pots! They are just perfect. I am anxious to try the recipes!

  8. perfect little pots ~ & this is a new recipe to me, it sounds delicious. Your lovely Christmas mantlepiece is oh! so warm & inviting I'm sure Santa will feel right at home there.

  9. I agree... please where do you get those pots!!!! Gorgeous dish and love the look of the room... such a great fireplace...did you design it???

  10. It's hard to believe that it's time again to start thinking of wonderful holiday treats to enjoy and give as gifts. So pretty, Monique, and your mantle is beautiful.

  11. Hello everyone..
    The little pots were a gift..I have no idea where they came from..they are like my onion soup bowls but petite petite petite:)

    The fireplace..I did design it w/ my husband but it was copied from a home of an artist I love Trisha Romance..
    Her home was featured in a magazine prior to our building this home 10 years ago..and one of her fireplaces looked like this..
    I thought the little cubbyholes would be ideal little niches for change of season/holiday scenery..I have to admit that 99% of the time they house my mother's teacups..there are few things I like looking at more there..

  12. It all looks beautiful Monique...I love your fireplace! I also have a similar teacup collection that came from my Mother's Aunt who lived in Sarnia, Ontario...I adore them!

  13. ahhh so pretty and heart-warming!

  14. Coucou !
    C'est toujours avec un immense plaisir que je découvre votre univers...
    Je pense que nos grattons lyonnais s'approchent de vos cretons...
    Vos photos sont magnifiques et je ne suis pas la seule à vous le dire...
    En France nous trouvons facilement les petits bols en question chez REVOL-FRANCE dans la drôme.

  15. Your 'cretons' look is something we don't see here in SA!
    Monique, what a sumptious fireplace you have...I just love the way you have decorated it with your mom's cherished pieces.
    Thank you so much for stopping by!
    Sending you special blessings this weekend.
    Shel x

  16. my dear Monique, the two recipes are really excellent! I'd like to prepare them for my family... PS I have the same little pots! PPs beautiful photos, as always

  17. A lovely idea Monique...and so beautifully presented to us. And you'e already getting us into the spirit of Noel..I can't wait for 1 December to start it an impatient child, I would love to start right now...but well, it is a little too early...or not? A lovely post as always !!

  18. i wish it was cold here so I could have a fireplace. Its beautiful. :)

  19. You are right. Christmas will be here before we know it. Love the pink peppercorn garnish and the precious pots.

  20. Monique, I am charmed by your fireplace and mantel! I would love to cozy up to it with a glass of champagne and some of your cretons....

    And what a lovely Santa standing guard. Ah yes, Christmas is upon us! I love it.

  21. ma che bellissimo blog!!!complimenti, ci sono cose davvero carine, sei bravissima!!!
    a presto, tornerò a trovarti...

  22. Oh, Monique, why was I born a
    I still have my Autumn wreath over the mantle. And yours is already Christmas-y and lovely.

    The food is certainly inspiring as well. Viva le cretons!

  23. oooooooooh's and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh's forthcoming in the way of awe. sheer awe.

  24. You are certainly putting me in the spirit of the holidays. They'll be so fun for you with the family and the kids are at such special ages for your holiday magic.

    Thanks for the feast for my calories there!

  25. J'aime tellement la senteur dans la maison lorsque je fais des cretons. Ce sont de jolis pots.