Sunday, November 14, 2010

Soul Food #64~

Pray Until Something Happens~
I found this on the net.. I loved it..

Hope you do too~

The roses were a beautiful impromptu gift~and angels were mentioned~
Necessarily..the quote had to be heavenly~:)
In this huge blogosphere of ours.. we get to "know" very special people..people that inspire in many ways..
People that encourage.. teach.. lead the way by stunning examples of being good..and kind..and loving..

... by the grace they have through life's experiences..By their solid unwavering faith..
I am linking to Kathy at Sweet Up North Mornings..

And here

With compassion.


  1. Sweet thoughts from a very sweet lady! Have a wonderful week ahead.

  2. Yes, we sure do get to know some very sweet people!!!
    I always love your soul food inspirations!!!
    Margaret B

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  4. That is so sad :(

    We get to know our cyber friends and feel as though they are neighbors and treat their losses, pain and heartbreak as if it were our own.

    My heart breaks for her.

  5. what a wonderful gift, and push push PUSH~ oh and believe too~

    god bless kathy and her family, i have been sad all day...

  6. "PUSH" ~ I'm going to remember this one.
    I always like to partake of your soul food. ~ ;-)

  7. You are a good and compassionate friend to recognize and experience life with people that you've encountered, even if it is in some of the most distant of forms.

  8. P.U.S.H. is wonderful as this blog world...I have a lot of far friends...but they're now a part of my I'm glad when you're glad and I wish to be near you...when you're sad...and with my thoghts I am.....
    Happy to have met all of you!!! Ciao

  9. You are a very special person. Bless you.

  10. Lovely post, Monique.
    Kathy's journey has been so sad and she has such faith, love and kindness. My heart goes out to her.

  11. How beautiful. I followed your link over to Kathy's and my heart is sad. It is a wonderful connection through blogosphere, even though I don't know Kathy or her loved one, I feel such tenderness and my prayers will be with her and her lovely family. Gorgeous thoughts today. It makes you stop and think and feel deeply.

  12. It is wonderful to make connections as we have. We become friends and family. My heart and prayers go out to Kathy and her family.

  13. Such a kind lady you are, Monique.
    My prayers, too, are with Kathy and family... I know her pain.
    Love and blessings to you too.
    Shel x

  14. What a beautiful thought. I love this! I'm going to become a PUSHer...

    Hugs to you from over here. And to Kathy too.