Monday, July 11, 2011

Soul Food #98~

It's sunny..most of the time..
It's in technicolor
It's warm
No boots
No big coats
I can wear my all time favorite shoes..flip flops..(and yes ..crocs:)
Wear white with abandon
I can grow herbs and flowers
I can add those herbs and flowers to our home made food
I can dig in the earth
I can snatch earwigs from the boys tent with the littlest one who knows no fear:)
I can watch the boys at the beach
I can see them play ball,ride bikes,breathe in fresh air
I can listen to music outside
I can swing on the front porch swing and watch the world go by.. very quietly most of the time..
I love when that quiet is interrupted by squeals of laughter after our dinner..coming from my favorite neighbor's home..our daughter's.. road sweet sound of children's laughter..
I can eat outside
I can sit in the screened-in porch and read..or sketch or watercolor
I can watch the birds take birdbaths and hear them sing..
I can leave windows open and see my curtains sway in the breeze
Hang linens and things to dry outside and have that sweet scent linger inside

It's such a lovely season here in QC..

There's something about every season..but I guess because our summer is somewhat short..It's a little peek at heaven.

And my clematis never look like this in winter~:)


  1. monique, this is the quintessence of summer. I love summer, too. so beautiful your words and picture.

  2. Monique, summer in QC sounds like heaven. I can visualize you sitting on your porch swing. Happy thought! Let us see some of those watercolors and sketches.
    Enjoy your sweet time! ~ sarah

  3. Truely have made Monday special xx

  4. Lovely post today, Monique. What a nice way to start the week. Thank you.

  5. Monique....I love that you always see the beauty in matter how simple or always make me happy to come and visit you!

  6. Your photographs are beautiful. I just have one are you able to post them side-by-side, like the ones currently on your site now with the little bird in the middle. I just love that. Keep the beauty coming!

  7. Hi Ana.. I do a collage..I have saved a template and just superimpose new photos on the old 4 photo's quicker:).. In photoshop..I add the little bird that is in my garden.on top of the collage..and save as a new collage.

    If I can be of help..let me know.. You can email me..

    Photoshop is the clincher for adding the bird:) I wonder if Picnik could do that?

    I only use the free version of Picnik,,tempted to upgrade:)

    I have always seen the beauty in everything.. sometimes.. you get a curve ball..and you have to look have to think about finding beauty..

    Unless the 4 boys are involved..
    then it just happens.

    I told Lucas today he has grown a foot since last week.. he showed me which foot..:)

    Have a great week everyone..~

  8. The soft colors in the garden, the cute little bird, and the sky are the epitome of summer, with a Monique twist!

    Btw, mon ami, I agree with everything on your summer list, with the exception of the earwigs—they give me the creeps.

    But I'd be willing to bet you could even make them look endearing, somehow.

  9. w/ the boys..we Dustbusted the earwigs in the tent..It's muggy humid and raining..:)The morning was lovely..the afternoon earwig heaven..they give me the heebie jeebies too..But I cannot tell them that!:)

  10. I love QC. Want to visit again sometime soon.

  11. Earwigs give me the heebie jeebies too :) I hate those little crab-claw things they have. What a beautiful time it is indeed :) Hot, very hot, and humid here the past two days but relief is coming soon. I don't like being stuck indoors in the summer.

  12. I'm right with you Monique...
    It makes me anxious to know it will come to an end soon.
    Already planning getaways for the late fall and winter.
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  13. A visit to you is good for my soul!

  14. Your blog always puts a smile on my face. The photo combinations that you do really show your artistic talent. So true about is such a short season but filled with lovely color from our gardens.

  15. Double ditto to your list, Monique!

  16. Encore un ravissant billet, Monique ...

  17. children's laughter and digging in the eart adding herbs to our food oh these are such wonderful summer things

  18. i love seeing all the stuff you can do~

  19. Totally agree with you! Lovin the summer weather so far. glad you're making the best of it too.

  20. Enjoy every moment everyone.. Thank you..
    It's always a pleasure to read your comments..