Sunday, July 24, 2011

Soul Food #100~

I had to share this book with you..
I don't know how I happened upon it..but I did.. and ordered it from
It's a treasure trove of great ideas for keeping a journal..
I kept a full one during our trip to Europe..that I enjoyed adding little ephemeras to.. a watercolor here and there..(more than novice) labels etc..

When I saw this book I thought it might be of interest..and it is..
I highly recommend it..

It is full of journaling ideas..

I bought a small Moleskine watercolor fits in a pocket...I have read mixed reviews about these Moleskine books..but I like it..I think I would love even more of a watercolor paper texture..but this is my I am happy:)I will look into a richer textured journal..I have a beauty sent to me by a friend..but I am saving it for a trip..

It sounds like saving new pyjamas.or candles.I don't mean it that way:)But I have been guilty of that..I don't want to do that with journals..

I started my book with a watercolor recreating a day at the beach with the boys..

and then added 2 small sights of the garden..


The next day..we had watered my son-in-law's garden and picked a cucumber and beans..while in the morning friend had graced us with one of her 2 first zucchinis..

I laid them all on an AnnT board ..and sketched from above for the Savor little entry..

All these ideas are in the book..
It's delicious that book:)
It's made me want to fill the little journal in..
I showed one of my daughters and she said;" I want that when it's done" nice was that?

I've added a few.. some are pretty scary:) She may change her mind..

A little finch.. who looks like Zorro and Batman on a bad hair day:)
And hydrangeas..Annabellles.. that don't look a thing like I added a nice capital H from Victoria magazine..and a quote from the same magazine..then your eye is drawn to the glued on pretties instead of the art..

I enjoyed this one.. it's just not good.. at all...but I know who they are!!
You may remember the post I did that featured the photo..

The kids even recognized themselves..I guess it's because we draw alike.In fact I know that's why..

When I asked Noah..the 3 year old..I said "Who is this"? He said.. Kids.. boys..:) Lucas and Max knew so I think you have to be older than just turned 3 to know who they are..


I have to say I am liking doing the chldren so far the best..

Oliver's real name is Olivier:)
One day maybe I can add faces:)

Do you like to draw? (Charles Schulz)

I do like to draw:) I must add..that I am just if we all could not tell..:)
I took an art class maybe 10 years ago..I loved it.. she taught us a bit of watercolor.. I haven't really picked up the brushes in years..on a daily basis..and found some fun things I had accumulated over the years.. watercolor pencils..pastels..etc..
I used the pastel watercolors and pencils for the next page which in the end turned into a fiasco(not a fresco!:) )Yes..Zorro.

I received a darling card for my birthday this year from a long longtime netfriend..she took the photo and made a card..It's adorable..
I tried to recreate it..Thank goodness my Canon has manual focus where you can make the object you want seen..sharper..or'll notice how foggy I made my I told Susan..

He looks like Zorro/Batman on a bad hair day..(I mentioned him earlier:) )
I'll keep practicing get that eye right..there must be a trick..!

Don't look closely..and I am glad I sent this to Susan ahead of time.. a wonderful,accomplished watercolorist..that makes me brave:)to actually show Zorro..

As my husband said..;"you're not doing this to create a masterpiece and sell it"..Just enjoy it.

LOL~(I've never cared deeply for this shortcut to laughter..but it works..for me..and it has for friends who have used it to it's best use!)

All this to say it is so nice to sit in peace..outside by the garden w/ very little paraphenalia..and enjoy creating.Indoors too..when the weather reaches 100F !
Of course this has led to having an art wish list again..This is a long winded post..But it is the Centennial Soul Food post~

Fiou.C'est fait.. 100.. jamais j'aurais pensé~

Je ne croyais jamais en avoir assez..à dire..
Le hasard a fait de moi..une blogueuse..qui en a eu à dire.. me tais.
Pour le moment:)


  1. I love this. Of course you are an artist already -- your beautiful food and always beautiful blog show that. Now I want to check out that book myself. I love reading posts that are ordinary people bringing beauty and creativity into their lives by stretching to do things they don't ordinarily do.

  2. You're so clever Monqiue...I recognised your 3 boys from a photo I saw on an older post!
    Something I wish I could do...
    Have a great Sunday!
    Shel xx

  3. There is no end to your talents Monique!! I am so impressed. How very wonderful! xxoo

  4. Lovely lovely. Years ago, a travel magazine used to have old postcards covered with watercolors from far away places... I just loved them. This reminds me of them. Makes a wonderful memento too!

  5. You make me smile:)
    I just wanted everyone who felt like they wanted to do something different..this is the book for you..
    So often we buy books and they sit there..
    I read every word here..they give great tips on things..
    It's been my favorite hobby book in years.

    You and everyone can do this..:)

    But thank you..there's always an element of ;"what am I doing posting this? "
    It's to share.
    That's why we do give others fun also.
    We can all use a little fun in our lives:)
    It's not only for newbies..or friend is a true artist.. and she enjoyed looking at mine..she has ordered one for herself..That made me happy..that she thought a lot of it also.
    Kind of like a great stamp of approval on a book.
    Have a wonderful day..

  6. and all this time I though you were a well seasoned artist! You definitely have a gift and I'm so ever impressed and jealous. I love to draw but don't know how to be as creative as you. Thank you for sharing!!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing the book with is, as an artist ~ well, as a lapsed artist ~ my first degree was in art, I need that book!! It is fabulous and I am going to see if Amazon co uk have it in stock!
    Karen ~ Lavender and Lovage

  8. I forgot to say Monique ~ that your art work and calligraphy are wonderful ~ stunning!

  9. I just ordered the book. It's been years since I tried to journal or draw. This book sounds so inspiring. Thank you for sharing both your inspiration and pages from your journal. It's been in the back of my mind to try to do some watercolors and you've just inspired me to buy some supplies.

  10. I just found your blog - it's SO lovely, the journal is inspirational! I'm getting out my paints - thanks :)
    Mary - I'm also going to follow you.

  11. I am so happy for you all..I can almost promise that you will not regret your purchase.
    (You would think I had shares..I don't:) )

    Enjoy..And thank you.

  12. Even if I only draw stick people I can do this...on Amazon what do I order or look up journal???


    Very relaxing hobby and happy~


  13. Gorgeous are so talented.
    I used to journal and draw and do little watercolors....I have not for so many years. I was just looking at one I did when traveling to India so many years ago.
    You are really amazing and inspiring.
    I am going to go and check out that book!

  14. Bonjour..Ginette you are in Canada..Go to and search for :

    Artist's Journal Workshop: Creating Your Life in Words and Pictures [Paperback]
    Cathy Johnson (Author)
    5.0 out of 5 stars See all reviews (1 customer review) Like (1)
    List Price: CDN$ 25.99
    Price: CDN$ 16.29 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over CDN$ 25. Details

    I also ordered the small Moleskine book:

    Watercolor Album Pocket: Moleskine code MM803F [Hardcover]
    Moleskine (Author)
    5.0 out of 5 stars See all reviews (1 customer review) Like (0)
    List Price: CDN$ 17.00
    Price: CDN$ 12.41 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over CDN$ 25. Details
    You Save: CDN$ 4.59 (27%)

    So the two.. were ap. $30.00 w/out tax..eligible for free shipping.

    I hope this helps..
    It is also available at for less..They do ship to Canada but there will be shipping charges..

    Linda you would enjoy this book..
    Every page is inspiring.

  15. What a lovely journal! You are so wonderfully creative. I bet the grandchildren enjoy looking at the pictures you have painted...

  16. I love seeing what you've done with your watercolor journal, Monique! True treasures - each one. I can understand how you love painting the boys :) Wonderful subjects and I think your Mrs. Cardinal turned out great - they do have a Batman look about them, now that I think about it!

    I have to create something for Mack's second birthday - you've given me inspiration.

  17. This is certainly soul food for me, indeed! You sell yourself very short, Monique. I would love to have your artistic eye and talent!
    Having a little journal filled with fond memories, inspirational verses and darling watercolors (especially if your sweet grands) must be quite a joy!
    This is a great quality of life!

  18. Oh I have to get my hands on this book - I am an "artist" but it is such an undeveloped talent for me I hate to even call myself one.
    I've got to purchase this - thank you for the inspiration.

  19. Monique, you are i feel like I need that book. Badly. :)

    I would like to draw and paint...(Notice: "would")...but they wld simply look like blotches of colour...spilt accidentally. I have bought so many books on how to paint in water colour and have tried but never persevered. I feel like trying again.

    Tq for the inspiration and the lovely post.

    PS.. I have always loved your water colours... all that Ive seen on your blog.

  20. Susan..I hope you will show us:) I can just imagine..
    I tried a face yesterday..Lucas at 4..doesn't look like him but it looks like a face:)
    It's such a sweet pleasure..time flies in a calm way.I love it. CAN.. oh the book is a delight.
    I hope I am not overselling it..but I doubt it very much:)

    I hope you will let me know if you enjoy it..

    Have a great day..

    And thanks for the sweet comments.They are VERY sweet:)

  21. Monique...your water colors are lovely.

    Thank you so much for this book recommendation...I am anxious to look it up on amazon. You inspire me to take an drawing and water color class!


  22. what a treat to come home to this... that book has been such an inspiration for you i could not be any happier for you! and since i know which pics you are painting i am astounded at your talent...

    you have such the eye... and i can feel your joy splash out. so sweet miss m, i mean really really touching...

    i am reading leaving van gogh now, filled with art talk, art is about how you feel, it is not meant to look like a picture there are cameras for that, you paint what you feel, and you my dear paint perfection, happiness and joy in all you see~

    so glad you are my nbf, you always astound me on so many levels~

  23. From the first time I visited you Monique, I could tell you had special talent; the way you write and your little drawings are so full of love.
    I was cannot draw and my hand wrting is very bad; thank God for Computer and keyboards; I would never be able to have my blog.

    This doesn't stop me for admiring very much what you write. C'est toujours en endroit de paix et d'amour dans ton petit coin. Merci de partager; ça fait du bien au coeur et à l'âme. Bonne Semaine.

  24. Just fantastic, Monique. It's such a treat to be able to sneak a peek into your journal. Your work is excellent...
    As for the Moleskine journals, I love them and have several, but don't believe they are made for watercolor. I love to write in them, but I prefer a proper watercolor paper for my art journals.
    Monica xo

  25. You are all so sweet.
    Really thank you..I would love to know what kind of journals have watercolor paper Monica..I will ask you on your blog..
    Your work is precious and perfect.I woill appreciate your input.

    Rita..tu es si gentille aussi..


  26. Thank you for sharing your watercolors. I was happy that you did one of the boys on the tire swing. It captures what little boys are all about.

  27. i love your painting of the boys so cute i am teaching myself to do some mixed media art work i love being a little bit creative though i am not so good i still enjoy it you are very talented and your little journal will be a treasure. enjoy

  28. Un superbe journal en perspective...
    Après nous régaler les papilles, tu nous régales les yeux...
    C'est toujours un immense plaisir que de venir fouiner dans ton blog...
    Gros bisous et j'ai hâte de découvrir les nouvelles pages de ton journal d'été...

  29. Your pictures are all so good! They really capture the summery feel and I'm sure will provide great memories in the future.

  30. Monique, you are so talented! Why would you ever say the drawing of the 3 kids on the tire is not good? I think you're brilliant. I can only draw stick figures and I'm not kidding. The bane of any art teacher's existence.
    But I do keep journals when I travel. What a boon that has been when someone asks me about a particular restaurant or hotel.
    Can't wait to see more....I do love watercolors.

  31. Monique! I love the work you did, especially the one where the kids (yours?) are swinging on the tire. Thanks so much for posting the book too, there's a wealth of information for watercolor beginners like me. I have moleskin books I use to play with when doing many art projects, and the quality of the paper can really hold up to a lot. I'm going to try watercolors this weekend. Thank you!

  32. Hi Ana.. have fun.. you would be so nice if you shared on your blog:) I am a follower so I will see..

    I have found another little journal online..I'll see if it's feasible for here..

    the boys are part of me:) We have 4 grandsons.. the littlest one didn't fit with the 3 others and he is a bit young..under 2..

    Barbara..I bet your journals are filled with great things~I can just tell.I am pretty much just stick figures with padding:)

    Martine.. tu es si gentille..toi..une vraie artiste!

    Kim..I love following your blog and seeing your creativity..not to mention the star..Elle. are one of my inspirations..thank you for the tips and ideas.It was so appreciated~

    Thank you everyone..I will once in a while post if anything could be of interest..
    Again it really was to share the book and show that if I can ahve fun with it..anyone can:)

    Have a great day~

  33. You ARE an artist . . .

    And that is true in everything that you do and share.

    We are so fortunate that you share so much of your talent with us ~

    I feel blessed beyond belief that our paths crossed when they did.

    I appreciate all of your posts, but this one in particular is a standout ~ very nice. ((hugs))

    You enrich our lives so much, sweet Monique. xoxo ~m

  34. Mari Mari Mari:) You would love the book..
    You taught me how to paint cookies,make fondue in squash..bread bowls..I need a whole page to write what you have taught me..

  35. Oh, Monique, what lovely watercolors! I've picked up my brushes this week for the first time in a couple of years. Funny how sometimes our motors don't want to get started... then all of a sudden there are lots of paintings just waiting for me to make them! I love your paintings and calligraphy. They remind me of Sara Midda's books.

  36. Hi there,
    I simply LOVE it! You are inspiring me to do the same thing. I have a confession....I took watercolor lessons when I was young and was actually fairly good at it. I won a couple of awards and had my art featured in a traveling art show when I was in my 20's....years and years ago. I had two children who are now in their 20's and I quit....yes quit...painting to raise them. It took quite a bit of time to paint and my children became my focus. I have not painted in many years. Several months ago, I picked up a little art book journal, like you have described, and a small watercolor set...portable like your's. It has laid in the drawer all this time. You have inspire me to get it out and I thank you for that! I think I will do a journal on my flowers in my gardens. Thank you for inspiring me. I am going to pick up the book you recommend, too. I love your journal! I think you can get that nice one out now, too! Do some painting about your children...the ones you did came out great! p.s. A dinner plate makes a great watercolor palate and is washable. Also, if you buy some watercolors....we used Windsor & Newton when I took the classes years ago. My teacher was an accomplished artist and loved them. Also, always wash your brushes after use. Buy the nicest you can get and then keep a bar of simple soap in a dish....paint back and forth on the soap bar and then rinse. Dry on a paper towel. Just some basic advice. Draw lightly with pencil on your watercolor paper...we used Arches. The pencil doesn't really show later. Work from light to dark and have fun! Thanks for inspiring me! Maybe I will post my journal, too, when I have it completed at some point. Have a happy day! xoxo Kim

  37. I love this soooo much...and Of course you are a wonderful artist!! Everything you do and touch is so artistically done.... Now I want to check out that book myself too.Love your water color work soooo much!
    PS: to recreate the foggy,whitewash processing that I use is very simple,but takes a bit of work...but I can give you a simple shortcut that may look like what I do: just add a white fill layer to your pictures with a normal,overlay or soft-light and that is it!

  38. Thank you so much for daring to share your work. I'm so glad you did - it's delightful! There's no doubt in my mind of your talent. I hope you'll share more.

  39. Kim thank you for the tips..My friend/neighbor the artist..uses dinner plates as well as palettes for her paint:)
    I saw it today and thought I love that..uncanny you mention it here..
    A bar of soap will be added for certain! Thank you!
    I bet you were an amazing artist..please post some of your work on your blog..I would love to see.:) Thanks so much for your post..I read every word and it was a delight.
    My mom was an artist and gave it up after her children:( I am so sad I have nothing she did of me..

    I know it sounds selfish...~
    I just wish!

    Kate..yay..We are on the same wavelength!

    Oh Lila..I can't thank you enough..'s uncanny..I Googled..for pastel effect photoshop etc....then left..

    I will try and understand what you wrote..
    again..I use pre~ made actions in Photoshop..not sure I understand everything you suggested..but I will try!
    Thank you..very generous of you..
    Your work is beautiful.
    Have a lovely evening everyone~x

  40. I think this is such a wonderful idea. I've been journaling for sometime but have to depend on words and ephemera as I don't have talent in drawing/painting. When I go to an art exhibit, I always looks for the artist's sketchbook. What a reward that can be. Thanks for sharing some of yours.


  41. What can I say that everyone else hasn't. You amaze me in every way.

    I keep waiting for a watercolor book from you. I would stand in a line of thousands waiting to buy it, hoping for a signed copy.


  42. What an amazing looking book. I am going to investigate this one a bit more as I too love illustrating journals - and perhaps I'll put it on my Santa list! Thanks ...
    'Meanderings through my Cookbook'

  43. I love that you posted this. It's beautiful and honest and, well, so authentic. Your watercolors are wonderful. Your children and grandbabies are going to treasure these snippets of life you've captured and rendered so delicately.

  44. Wow, I'm in awe... I had no idea you were so talented! I can't even draw a line!! Amazing... Beautiful... Tres Manifique!