Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Daughter's Quinoa Salad~

I tried quinoa last year and liked it..enough..

but I didn't love it..

Now I do..
Cold..and in a salad.
My daughter's..

All she does is combine 1 part Quinoa Bio.. with 2 parts water(I used broth)..and let it cook until all the liquid is absorbed..
Let cool..add the juice of one lemon.. 2 tbsps of EVOO..fresh mint..chopped spring onions and red peppers(I didn't have any)..I added basil..because we have some in the garden..season to taste.
It's a new addiction for me.It's simply delicious.

We've since experimented w/ kalamata quinoa..I eat some almost every day:)
It's a superfood..and with added's exquisitely beautiful..and quite like little pearls..My daughter's salad is always better than mine..I just keep trying:)

I love the way my neighbor's /friend gardening basket looks..

We're all so different w/ the way we garden and the tools we use.
Look.. you will see the way..the accoutrements..are often so well suited to the person.

This basket to me is artistic..and creative..and beautiful.


  1. I have never tried this... superfood, maybe I should. Just your pictures alone are enough to convince me!

  2. i use quinoa just like couscous.... with what is available

  3. Pretty, pretty picture of the salad. I like quinoa but I still don't love it yet.

  4. I have had a box of quinoa in my pantry for almost a year, I think, waiting for a recipe to try. This sounds like a wonderful way to start :)

    I am envious of your nasturtium! I have yet to see one flower on my plants. Soon, I hope! Remember the Hobbit cottage nasturtium - the doubles? I hope we see those offered here one day :)

  5. Well Monique, if it tastes as good as yours looks, then I'll give it a try too.


  6. Methinks the experimenting with different ingredients made all the difference. I will have to try it.

  7. now that's a pretty salad! your life is so full of flowers. :)

  8. Quinoa is something I've just never been able to take to. I'd rather have couscous! The salad does look rather tasty though. I may try it with some couscous! xxoo

  9. I never tried quinoa , it must be good.

  10. En salade effectivement c'est délicieux... Moi qui souffre de la maladie de coeliaque (allergie au gluten) c'est formidable! au moins c'est bon... On peut réaliser de délicieux taboulés à base de quinoa...
    Merci pour cette belle publication.
    Gros bisous ma chère Nana.

  11. I hadn't quite fallen in love with quinoa yet either until I saw your daughter's recipe and fabulous photo. Now I'll have to dust off the bag of quinoa on my shelf and get to work.

    Your neighbor's gardening basket looks like the baskets shoppers carry in French markets. I brought back the one we used in Provence but I love it much too much to put garden tools in it. I've seen a basket very similar to your picture at Fresh Market. I just might have to buy it for my own garden tools. Clever idea Monique.

  12. I tried Quinoa once and am not liking it quite enough. I think I need to taste your daughter's dish! Gosh, you just transported us to Hawaii or some exotic beach resort with those flowers in your photos!

  13. I was over the moon to love this..You have to wait until the pearls develop little tendrils..the water will be absorbed.. and the little quinoas will sprout:) That's what it looks they have sprouted..then let it cool without fussing with it too much..
    Thank you..hope you like it...
    Sam my friend lived in the South Of France for a long time..I asked her if she bought it there but she said no..She has lovely taste for things..always a quiet elegance.

    The nasturtiums are so slow this year..I like to grow them for salads etc..the leaves are so good too..The doubles would be double tulips:)

  14. Well, I think I need some of this superfood now....those photos certainly make it look exquisite!

  15. Beautiful photographs as usual, Monique. Quinoa is a favorite here for its versatility and health attributes.

  16. Love the presentation of her salad, Monique! Lovely. I've made one salad with quinoa and liked it very much, but I always wondered if it was what else was in the salad I liked and not so much the quinoa. :)

  17. I have had quinoa prepared similarly but served warm as a side dish with roasted meats. I think serving it at room temperature for the summer time is great. What could be better and healthy besides.

  18. Oh Monique, Only YOU could make Quinoa Salad look so beautifully appealing! As always your photos and creativity are stunning. xoxo

  19. Quinoa has just hit the menu @ my favorite restaurant in Cadillac...
    sorry to say, they could use your daughters help!
    and I LIKE Quinoa...maybe it's just the way they flavor it.
    I'm sure your Daughters salad is devine!

    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  20. This is so simple and delicious. Love your nasturtium pictures!

  21. I have never tried Quinoa and had no idea how to prepare it! Your lovely pictures make it look delicious...thinkin' I am going to have to give it a try.

  22. To tell you the truth, I am not a huge fan of quinoa, but it's a great replacement for couscous or other gluten pasta products. But I love your pictures of quinoa!

  23. Thank you..again I hope you enjoy it..the red one takes longer to cook..I must say I prefer the more tender texture of the white:)

    Even a balsamic dressing would be good:)

    Enjoy..and have a nice weekend everyone~

  24. Oh wonderful Monique! I love quinoa...the natural one, the red one...I love it with veggies, with fruit, as a me it is a miracle food...seeing that it has all 11 essentials proteiens too!
    This looks delicious and so beautiful with the cappucines!

  25. Gorgeous Monique...we love and cold...even the kids love it!

  26. your posts are always so lush and so delicious, Monique!
    PS: I love quinoa too!

  27. Beautiful blog, and excited to be following!!

  28. Gazpacho is the staple this weekend:)Both lunches..and there is more.. so healthy too..

    Thanks..and I am happy to discover new and lovely blogs..

    We learn so much:)

  29. Your daughter's salad sounds like a delicious new way to eat this delicious food!

    We eat quinoa quite a lot and I find it a delicious grain~free treat (it's a seed, I discovered :). We often cook it in water (or soy milk) and eat it when warm as a breakfast cereal, adding cinnamon and xylitol or honey...or cold as a sort of pudding!

    Thank you so much for sharing!


  30. Your pictures are just wonderful! Loved the pink feet! I am all caught up!
    The pens look interesting. I wonder if we have them here? I am not an artist though, just a calligrapher. I wish I could paint.
    Spent the afternoon at the ocean with the kids, watching them in the waves. Oh to be young! :)

  31. I'll have to look into Xylitol..quite frankly I know little about it..but heard it is good for you.

    Kathleen I think maybe even Michael's would have some.. I think you would like one:) You're creative and artistic..and I am sure I don't draw as well as you..

    Have a great day everyone~

  32. Of course you love Quinoa, I do, and being your twin, I would've been disappointed if you hadn't given it thumbs up.

    Your exquisite photos will certainly help convert the undecided, of course.

    P.S. I love that basket, and its color too.

  33. Love the simplicity of this post and your daughter's quinoa. Will link to this in my post tomorrow :)

  34. Marla you have a pretty blog..will peruse..Thank you~