Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dinner Was Delicious~

I knew it would be..it won a prize:)
And I know the wonderful young woman who submitted the prize-winning recipe..

A few years ago..I met a great family.. so nice.. and genuine..they have a beautiful little girl also..now.. not so little..growing up so fast like my little grandsons..

One day at their home.. ..I was served the best lemon loaf in the world.. and she shared the recipe with me..It was her grandmother's.. we had tea.. and everything was served on a beautiful tablecloth..April Cornell..I think..
I have continued to make it ever since and have thought of her ever since..in many different ways..under many different circumstances..and even for no reason at all..

One time her husband went to Paris and brought me back a perfect little French loaf pan for my loaves:)

They have moved back to the USA now..and we have kept in touch.. I am so happy about that..I learned things from her..important things~
recently she offered me a magazine..and sent me the issue personally..with a sweet note and a mention of checking out ..page 100..humbly..because that is how she is..

In a matter of days this great little magazine arrived.. and page 100 was a keeper:)

Her recipe!

It's a delicious marinated chicken..served with a home made tzaziki sauce and pita..I used warm Naan(Nana bread here..in my mind..) bread..and I let my chicken marinate during the day:)

It was warm Monday and the dish was perfect for the weather~

It's exciting for me to have the magazine..and the published chef's recipe here..
I remember once..going in her beautiful little girl's bedroom and there were fresh flowers there.
Not in the living room.. in her daughter's room:) Just for her..
That's how she is.Unique,warm,smart and kind..
Did I mention I fell in love with some photographs in their home? That's right..she had taken them.
You would all love them.

You can find the whole recipe ..


I know I am early with this post.it should be Thursday..But I just couldn't wait~


  1. Glad you couldn't wait. I think I'll make this for tomorrow's dinner. Beautiful post, Monique.
    And I love the thought of fresh flowers in her daughter's room. ;-) ~ Sarah

  2. Monique, your photos are amazing. I love the stories you share. Makes everything that must more special.

    Chicken Souvlaki is one of my family's favourites.

  3. This sounds like a wonderful relationship and wonderful recipe, Monique!

  4. One of my very favorite things!
    Yours look so inviting!
    Thanks for the recipe....

  5. Les recettes de grand-mères ont toujours ce petit côté confidentiel, secret magique et forcément délicieux... le tout raconté avec des mots si généreux que j'ai envie de goûter... je suis une convaincue!
    Gros bisous ma chère Nana.

  6. A wonderful story and memory. Such a special relationship. You are fortunate.

  7. Superbe billet, que j'ai vraiment eu plaisir à lire ... et à relire une deuxième fois ... Tu écris bien, tu parles bien des gens et des choses que tu aimes ... Tu prends de belles photos ... C'est toujours un plaisir immense que de te rendre visite.
    Bisous et bonne journée

  8. What a wonderful story you have shared with us....and your photos look amazing.
    Thank you. x

  9. How delicious looking Monique!! I have never done Souvlaki! It's time to change that! xxoo

  10. Lovely post with a lovely recipe; Souvlaki is one of my favourite things;hope you share that lemon loaf recipe.

  11. Congratulations to your friend and continued accolades. Her dish is one of my all time favourites and reminds me of many wonderful summer barbecues.

  12. I think one of the reasons that I love your blog so much is the charming stories that you tell. I wish you were my next door neighbor so that we might have a chat and a cup of tea.

  13. Your photos are just amazing! I'm not sure how you get that beautiful light. It must be special to Canada!

  14. We kind of are all next door neighbors:) Such nice words~
    I don't know what the light does..I was shy of posting the photos..as it was the end of the day.. and I found the photos not as appealing as Sunset's:)At all..so thank you..

    I thought I had posted the lemon loaf here..I should keep better records:)

    I'll post again next time I make it..along w/ the pan:)

    Hélène.. cèest moi qui applaudis tes billets sublimes.. Vraiment.. un coup de coeur pour moi et mon mari..
    Martine.. tes oeuvres sont si merveilleuses..

    Thanks everyone..I am glad many of you have made a similar recipe..and if not try hers:)

    Have a lovely evening~

  15. My favorite combo - lemon + yogurt + chicken = YUM

  16. what a lovely story and that is the kind of dish we would eat here regularly in the summer time. Your friend sounds delightful

  17. What a lovely story Monique and your photos of the winning dish are spectacular. The chicken sounds delightful and I've really become a fan of Naan bread lately.

  18. any friendship made over great food will last a life time...so said my nona! ;)
    have a fab. weekend,

  19. This recipe at our house is a last minute saver...when your in a rush!

    Your lucky to have a friend who gives you so many surprises.....

    ~Bonne Weekend:Ginette

  20. i miss you when i am away, it is always so pretty when i come home to you :)

    how fun about sunset for you, its a ca staple here, we are all raised on it since birth, from ca to ca, who knew!

    you have made me very hungry, i need to go forage now :(

  21. Sunset is a marvelous magazine! Your story is so sweet and this recipe is lovely. Tzatziki is delicious, as an appetizer or with this marvelous Greek chicken dish. The naan is perfect with it. Kudos, Monique!

  22. Thank you..It is a treat to have Sunset and especially because of all the history:)

    See you tomorrow:)

  23. What a potent, powerful recipe with so many beautiful associations. I can't wait to try it. An extraordinary friend you have there!

  24. One, your pictures are gorgeous..as always, and TWO, what a sweet story. Wow, it's all about magazines lately huh? ;) Hope you're having a great weekend so far and that you enjoyed your yogurt with flax this morning!

  25. I am glad you like my short story..

    I was happy to share it..

    Jessica..it's so cool you know what I had for breakfast..

    Everyone..go to Her blog..(nooshi)there is a nice giveaway..About magazines!

  26. What a wonderful story and lovely of you to share it with us! I will be making the chicken tomorrow. I just picked up some naan at the store. I can hardly wait.

  27. Sounds like a wonderful meal for summer~
    I like Sunset too!

  28. I like Sunset now too:)ok ..no..love..

    Kate I can't wait to try your ice cream:)

  29. I'm having guest over for lunch on the week-end and will try this wonderful recipe - I will cook it from the heart!! xx

  30. Just catching up! My life has been too crazy! I had company the week I was preparing to go to Girl's camp and then Girl's camp and now trying to unpack from it!!!
    Your beautiful skewers reminded me that I have those same type of skewers and haven't had them out all summer! How delicious sounding! I love naan bread.