Sunday, July 31, 2011

Soul Food #101~

Hmmm....Almost sounds like the 101 books for Dummies:) Soul Food 101 for dummies..that would be me.. not you:)Ahem...

And so it goes~

The gardens are waning from lack of water..too much heat and sunshine..I am not complaining,it's just that the gardens do fact some of our grass seems like jute almost..

But there are still some pretty sights..
We do have a family of raccoons living on our street and as soon as a tomato turns color..a blueberry.. etc.. they are gone.I hope to have added enough security to some tomatoes for Jacques to be able to enjoy them:)
They surprised me when I saw at least 6..after dinnner scampering through our back yard to the neighbors..


Painting is just another way of keeping a diary. ~Pablo Picasso

Still in the thows of watercolor journaling~

I added a bar of soap to one of my dish palettes:)Thank you for that tip!

I am enjoying having a cut off tube sock on my wrist to clean the brushes and absorb the color and water..

That's a tip from the book..

I noticed a most beautiful blog..Paris Breakfasts also lauds this book.. I was happy to see so many enjoying it.

Have a lovely week..


  1. so good to be able to enjoy another sweet post from you...and I love the link you left for this fabulous blog...a real treat!

  2. Paris Breakfasts IS fabulous..You will enjoy Lila..have a great day..I love all the links you share too.

  3. Enjoy the beauty while it lasts... that is all that matters... given the uncertainty of everything in today's world, this doctrine is even more valid.

  4. The tube sock is a great idea...not that I'm an artist, but I do remember the mess.
    I also remember raccoons and gardens. They are pesky creatures!

  5. you are learning so many new tricks as you have fun~

    i have familes of raccoons, they eat our cat food, can polish off 20 pound bags in 2 days, we built a blockade for them last night, time will tell if we are successful...

    you may be dry but it still looks beautiful. welcome to a typical ca summer, triple digits and no rain for 6 months...

  6. hahaha..we do indeed my dear nana!...and yes she is my younger daughter(Giovanna)...She looks more like me and Celeste looks more like her dad,very Nordic and blond! boy is a mix of both of us!
    how about you? how many kids?

  7. Lila..2 daugthters:) One fair..34.. Caroline.. and one dark..Mylène 36 next week.. 4 little grandsons..oldest will be 6 this week..and 2 step grandchildren.. a girl and a boy.. 12 and 10:)
    All our delights:)

    So both the girls one the site are your daughters? Lovely!

    Jain keep me posted on the Zorros..:)

    See you later..

  8. We too have raccoons...we need to ensure that the kitties are all inside before nightfall as they're known to be very aggressive towards them. I think they are so cute but they do love our herbs (barring Rosemary)...they don't bother the cherry tomatoes for some reason!
    Hope your grass becomes less jute~like soon. :)

  9. Le soleil vient de faire son retour...Tout est bien vert!
    Cela doit être surprenant de se retrouver nez à nez avec un raton laveur... Animal fascinant avec leurs "pseudo lunettes"... peut-être un peu moins pour tes tomates!
    J'ai passé un bon moment en visitant le blog de Paris breakfasts...
    Gros bisous ma chère Nana.

  10. No raccoons in France! Lovely photos and I am LOVING your journal too, so pretty and artistic.
    Beautiful flowers ~ enjoy them while they bloom!

  11. Enjoying the cool ocean breezes here! I ordered a copy of the book for myself and sent another to a friend. Can't wait to get my copy!
    Fun to see your pages, Monique. ~ sarah

  12. a cut off tube sock on my wrist to clean the brushes
    ! ! !
    Ooooooooo bonne idee
    Boy do I need that...
    I wonder does Jerry's Artorama have wrist tube socks?

  13. Ooops
    PS THANKS for the lovely link Nana!!!
    mon dieu I need better glasses bien sur

  14. I can't get over the fun you are having with those raccoons; they seem to be taking over your crops. Comme j'aime venir te lire.

  15. Carol..It's in the book:)
    My friend got hers and loves it too:)
    I think I said that already..
    Rita.. you could paint all your pretty herbs:)

    Karen..France is perfect in my opinion:)
    I dream of going back..Qui sait Ronelle?

    Et Hélène?

    All in France..all wonderful:)

  16. Keep an eye on those raccoons Monique. Even though they look cute, they can be very destructive.

  17. J and I used to feed raccoons on our bad porch until I read about a parasite they can carry. Not nice.

    My garden is suffering as well - it's either been too rainy, too mosquito-y, too dry, or now too hot to weed.

    I am so happy you are enjoying your journaling. A roll of paper toweling is what I use for absorbing color and water. I like the sock idea :)

    What is the book you like with the tips?

  18. Good tips Monique :) Love seeing you enjoying your painting. So pretty :)

  19. Hello, I have been away and am so enjoying catching up on your blog...your painting is so beautiful....and the new pics of your boys on your sidebar are exquisite...just adore little Harry Potter.
    I will come back to your blog to see all that I have missed. And visit Paris Breakfast too, thank you for sharing.
    Many blessings to you.
    Shel xx

  20. Shel..I've missed you..

    I knew you were away..was waitiong for your return..
    Hope all went well..

    Susan..the tips are in the Journal Workshop book I mentioned ..The book fro Amazaon..Last Sould Food..#100..

    Ordered my book last night..:)

    Will keep you posted..

    WE think the raccoons live under a neighbors' home..they visit everyone on the street it seems..I don't feed them:(

    They serve themselves..It's a drive through...

  21. Beautiful my friend...and once again my soul is fed!

  22. any name, they are trouble. We have a lettuce eating ground hog and an adorable tomato eating chipmunk but no raccoons, thank goodness.

  23. Add to the list one million squirrels.. many cute chipmunks..earwigs.. rose chafers..It's a wonder I love to garden.

    Have a lovely evening everyone.

  24. Monique, you crack me up! Soul Food 101 for Dummies...??? Are you kidding me?? (But you did make me giggle.)

    I love every one that you have shared ~ you are so creative ~ beyond description.

    Thank you for so generously sharing your creativity to us. I'm in AWE, every time. God Bless you.

    Cheers (you know i love you and your fabulous style!) xo ~m.

  25. Too funny!
    Beautiful creativity! We had a giant racoon come right up to the kitchen window and peek in to see what we were having one Sunday a couple of weeks ago! We all squealed - he was really well fed. They don't seem to get most of my garden though, so I am lucky, but no red tomatoes here yet!

    Your fun fairy dust reminds me that I was the "Sweet Tooth Fairy" at Girl's camp - dressing up and delivering cookies to the girls! I may have to do a post on that.