Sunday, December 4, 2011

Le Ketchup De Grand~ Maman Germaine~Soul Food #118~

My husband's mom was such a BON VIVANT type of person~
Her laughter was contagious..Her hair always lovely w/ that pretty mauve rinse..(It suited her to a t..truly..)an apron perenially tied around her waist..a stocked pantry..and wonderful heritage recipes..a TV in her kitchen..a rocking chair..and all the latest gossip rags:) In French.. she would be well into her 90's now..I knew her in her 70's..
She passed away a long time ago..but one recipe she shared with me..was one of my husband's favorites..
She beamed when her table was laden with good food and family was gathered around it..So happy ..she loved her little French songs too:)Des chansons à répondre..Au Jour De L'An elle était dans son élément~
I still make her ketchup today..most autumns..

It is a sweet ketchup..chunky style..that is perfect during the holidays..especially w/ tourtieres:)Perfect as a gift also~

I received a lovely email w/ a request for this recipe..I am happy..and honored for "Germaine" to share it..

La Recette~

30 red tomatoes
5 peaches
5 pears
5 apples
8 onions
1 full bunch of you say head of?

2 green peppers..

Bring the above fruits to a boil to blanch and skin..including the tomatoes..then cut up all ingredients in chunks..

then return all cut up ingredients to your large pot and add:

2 cups white distilled vinegar
5 cups of white sugar
1 tbsp of salt
2 tbs of mixed spices (they are called that here..sort of spicy..cinnamony..clovey..etc..)

Simmer for 2 hrs.. heavenly aromas of Germaine's yesteryear will fill your home..
Place in large Mason..Bernadin sterilized jars..and then hot water bath..

Germaine always put a wax seal..w/ a cord in it..:) instead of a hot water bath..I have done both..both have kept well..

we keep it in our cold room..

Makes..I think.. a little over 6 large jars..have plenty on hand..I forget how many:)

It is a tradition here.


I apologize..I made the label w/ ephemera..that I had..simply marked #18..Thank you to whoever shared it!


  1. A delightful post, Monique. Your label is charming! This always a special treat to visit here. - Sarah

  2. Monique, there is something very heart warming about passing on heirloom family recipes to the next generation. I feel very lucky that I am reading your blog and getting a piece of this legacy.

  3. These are the kind of recipes we are fortunate to share with you Monique.

  4. Thank you, Monique, for sharing a special recipe and a special person. My mother-in-law was not a sharing person so I've had to recreate my husband's favorite things through trial and error. I, however, strive always to be a loving mother-in-law and share my sons favorite recipes. I LOVE the label!


  5. Thanks for sharing! The recipe sounds delicious. I'll have to try it sometime. And the photos...oh my, so gorgeous! You are so talented and creative.

  6. Monique, thank you so much for this inspiring post, and for the memories!

  7. Your, pictures as always are just beautiful Monique. I always used to make this same Tomato Ketchup each year. I made jars and jars of it and we always ran out before the end of the year. It was a real favourite! I miss making preserves . . . sigh . . .

  8. It looks heavenly, lucky to share a bit of your heritage...I will definately be trying out this.
    Have a wonderful week!
    Shel x

  9. Thanks so much for posting this, Monique. The packaging is so pretty too. Am off this morning to buy the ingredients and make up my own batch ... to use with your tourtiere recipe, among others.

  10. You just brought back so many memories. I remember my mom making a sour green ketchup that I still make every fall. This one is so interesting. We need something speacial with our tourtieres; love this combination!

  11. I love recipes such as this, lovingly passed down. Your MIL sounds like a fascinating person Monique. I've always wanted to make homemade ketchup and now I have a recipe. Merci.

  12. the bottle looks lovely and the recipe certainly is different what a lovely thing to have from your Mother in Law Merry Christmas to you all the way over there.

  13. I can't wait for my husband to read this post..I read it to him.. before posting..but it's always different in real life..we have been busy..He more than I..Outdoor lights etc..
    Thank you for your kind comments..

  14. What a cherished, family recipe, Monique. Jacque's mother sounds like she was such a fun lady. He must miss her but he is lucky to have a wife like you to carry one with the family recipes :)

    I would have never though of pears and and apples in ketchup but that's what makes this recipe even more delightful in its variety of flavors. I must taste wonderful! I'm saving this one for tomato season next year!

  15. Thank you so much for your comment, you're always so kind.

  16. Mmhhh, j'adorerais y goûter! Quelle jolie étiquette.

    Bises et bonne semaine,


  17. I am going to amend the recipe and say boil/blanch all fruits incl the tomatoes first to skin~ I simply had tomatoes there:) Thank you!

  18. Once again I'm trying to catch up on your beautiful life!
    This and all your other recipes always look so amazingly lovely.

  19. I love vintage recipes, especially from my family. Love the way you did your jar.

  20. I would like you to explain how we can do labels like yours. So cute.

  21. Avec Plaisir ..Do you have Photoshop?

    I am familiar with that..You can email me...I would be happy to show you.

  22. What a wonderful recipe! Thank you for sharing something so special with us. I have made ketchup but it was nothing compared to this lovely recipe. It's on my "to do" list, Monique. Can't wait to try it.

  23. I love these beautiful images that speak of a life lived and loved!.."an apron perennially tied behind her back...a stocked pantry..." It is a post for December!

  24. What a rich history this family recipe has...
    I'm sure it tastes even better when the produce comes from your own garden...

  25. This looks so lovely Monique...I have never made ketchup or even had home made ketchup...I need to put this one on my bucket list!
    Such a beautiful jar!

  26. Wonderful homage, Monique. The ketchup with fruit looks amazing... had one last summer with apples in it and loved it.. adds a complex level of flavor to it.
    Good to add to my condiment file!

  27. She sounds like such a lovely person.

  28. What lovely, treasured memories . . . and I love that you can bring the recollection of your charming mother-in-law back to the table today. A cherished treat! xo

  29. This ketchup is so interesting with the added fruit. I've never had anything like that and can't wait to give it a try. You are always introducing me to new and different recipes. Thank you!

  30. Je garde précieusement cette recette-là. Les héritages familiaux me plaisent au plus haut point ... Tes étiquettes sont ravissantes, aussi ...

  31. sounds so good, but so pretty too! who knew~