Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Petits Pains Aux Bananes~

Some times ..often..good things come in small packages..

I love the way my banana bread turned out in my Financiers silicone molds..
Tiny little treats:)

And when you slice them? Even cuter.. My husband packs some in his small little golf cooler/picnic bag~
Smaller than a muffin actually..
Just use your favorite banana bread recipe..and make them smaller..tinier..minuscule if you wish..
They are also very good with tea..
I still favor the intricate beauty of these blooming their dried form..and once they have bloomed..

This one was called Heavenly Bliss..and it looked like that in my friends' huge Le Parfait jar..from France..on her mother n laws' exquisite tray.
It's nice to be able to share these teas..although a treat on their own just for one..the pleasure is doubled shared with someone else.


  1. Absolutely adorable. I have two silicone financier pans - why haven't I thought of doing this??


  2. You have to send me your favorite banana bread recipe. I love banana bread.

  3. Your breads are just beautiful as are your teas. I just love the lighting on your bread. Makes me hungry.

  4. My husband made the best lemon tea cake I've ever tasted last week. Alas, it was the first time and the batter was too much for the pan. It leaked in the oven and burned--horrors! I mentioned that next time, perhaps he'd do a few individual ones and put less batter in the larger pan. He was pondering it until I pointed out your post. I think you've convinced him!!
    I love those teas--the taste and the visual beauty.


  5. We love banana bread here...your photos are exquisite.
    Have a happy day!

  6. Your banana bread looks quite delicious Monique! I love those flowering teas. They're so very pretty and magical. One is entranced every time one shares a cup. Delightful as always! xxoo

  7. I haven't made banana bread in ages, well not since I found chocolate banana cake. Maybe it's time for me to revisit this... because yours looks so delicious!!!

  8. Je n'ai jamais eu l'occasion de goûter aux petits pains à la banane...
    Cela me paraît bien appétissant. Il est l'heure du thé et je serais ravie d'en avoir un dans mon assiette!
    Très jolie présentation sur un petit beurre Nantais!
    gros bisous à toi ma chère Nana/

  9. I have to tell you I am into mini desserts; these are adorable Monique.

  10. I never thought of making petits ones but I love the idea and look of them. How pretty the both the bread and tea looks and I know how delicious they must taste together. A wonderful afternoon treat!

  11. "borrowing" your ideas this weekend!

  12. Banana bread is one of my favorite treats. I like to toast it with a bit of butter. Yum! Also spy those French cookies, another favorite that we can no longer find here. I indulged in serval boxes of these on our recent trip to France. ;-)

  13. Ahh that little brings back superb and splendid memories of France..and that it made it home in one piece..was a miracle.

    Thank you..
    have a lovely day everyone~

  14. I'm off the the kitchen store to look for silicone molds. I have never tried them and you have convinced me to modernize my bakeware.

  15. You're so sweet! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!
    Monica xo
    P.S I'm LOVING my new crayons!:)

  16. Clever Monique! I adore tiny servings whether it's cake, tarts or muffins. Does one feel one is eating less? :) What fun to make this bread in a financier mold.

  17. Small things do come in small packages :) I love the idea.

  18. Cute, cute, cute! And I the look, displayed on your special LU tray. Perfect!

    Oh, my son gave me some of that beautiful tea ~ I love it, too. xo

  19. Oh Monique je ne sais plus comment je vis, en ce moment ... Je suis submergée sous les trucs "à faire absolument !" ... ;o))) J'ai loupé tant de choses chez toi ces temps-ci qu'il va me falloir des heures pour remonter le temps ... Mais avec quel plaisir, toujours !
    Allez, je file me préparer pour aller travailler ...
    Bisous et à très vite