Monday, May 21, 2012

Gardening~ Enchantment~

This time of year the seas of Forget-Me-Nots wave through our gardens..I miss them so when they disappear~ They are so harmonious with the prevalent whites of May~ The lilac tree that was here when we moved well as the masses of Lily-Of- The Valley,and delicate violas.. The latter 2 are invasive,but I would not appreciate May as much without them. The other white I favor in May is the Amélanchier~ Serviceberry~ It was given to us as a toddler tree when our daughter was expecting our first grandchild ..The kids got together and offered the serviceberry to me for Mother's Day..It's grown to be a sight for sore eyes..where does that expression come from? Because that tree..makes my eyes happy,as well as my soul.. I made some hearts recently..I'll share..and the tree will be there too:) Enchantment..can be so many things.. even whites in a May Garden~


  1. I had never heard of Amélanchier~ Serviceberry tree before, so I went to check it out. It is a Mother's Day that you will always cherish. Love your white flowers. I miss the beautiful gardens we had in the country before we downsized and move to the city. Now we still have a few flowers in front and my herbs and tomatoes on our deck. Lide is still very good for me. Bonne semaine Monique!

  2. What a lovely Mother's Day and way to remember the first grandchild! The Serviceberry Tree is new to me. I went searching and see that it has lovely white flowers. Your garden sounds like a fairyland. How beautiful the whites must be all together!

  3. AMAZING POST:) Your blog is so wonderful and I want to follow, do you have twitter or facebook??

    If you want some décor inspiration from Sweden, check out my blog:)

    Have an awesome week.

    LOVE Maria at

  4. I love the serviceberry tree too. We planted a few around our pond for added interest.
    I love your beautiful photos too!

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend-it is hot,sunny and windy here.


  5. Love your pictures of all white flowers. I can only show last years photos of my flowers.We're still waiting for summer to come to France & for it to warm up, then I can put the rest of my hanging baskets out.

  6. I adore white flowers Nana...i tried to plant Lily of the Valley several times and they just did not come back :(...
    My white Peonies just opened early this year because of the warm weather....i love your pics...just gorgeous!

  7. These are my favorite whites as well. We have two service berries and they are delightful--both with their white blooms in the spring and their bright red berries in the fall. Enjoy your blooms!


  8. What a beautiful blog you have !! take it darling...i have it from pinterest.....a long time happy week...i am your new follower...which country are you from....i cant find it on your blog

  9. Rita..I still remember your herbs:)
    The best! I added more this year because of you~
    Maria..your blog is lovely..I will continue to be inspires~
    Everything in QC is early this year~
    Amazing weather ..too..this weekend.
    Carolyn..around your pond? What lucky Serviceberries:)

    Bonnie..I never thought of the glorious red berries..You are so right..Thank you:)
    Barbara my husband and I dream of returning to France:) would like whites..but you are so suit lovely ebullient colors also!

  10. These look like a fariytale! So so pretty and delicate!

  11. Un très joli panache de fleurs blanches... Une grande pureté... une grande délicatesse et cette fraîcheur du printemps me fait du bien.
    Merci pour cette belle publication ma chère Nana.
    J'aime particulièrement aussi ces petits myosotis. J'en ai aux pieds de mes framboisiers. Ils empêchent le ver du framboisier.
    gros bisous

  12. Absolutely beautiful....I wish we had Lily of the Valley here...
    what a beautiful shot of the snowdrops and the teapot on the mirror.
    What a way to start my day and week.
    Thank you

  13. Awww . . . so beautiful Monique! I love white in the garden and I can just imagine the sea of Forget-M-Nots!! Every year I say I must grow some and then we forget. Perhaps this year we will remember! xxoo

  14. What a fabulous Mother's Day Monique and a wonderful way to remember your first grandchild. The Serviceberry Tree is new to me. I love the phrase "site for sore eyes." Your all white is so pretty.

  15. Your photos are beautiful as always, Monique.There weren't many white in my garden this spring. How I would love to have those sweet lily-of-the-valley growing here.

  16. I love white in the garden to calm the riot of color. It lights up the night in the garden too. I wish my LOTV were still here. They are so beautiful and the scent is heavenly. Beautiful photos of them!

  17. To have 'invasive' lillies-of-the-valley!!
    WOW I would LOVE that.
    Your pictures are gorgeous as always M.

  18. I have to buy my lilies of the valley these days and do... the scent always reminds me of my mother... it was her favorite flower. As for serviceberry.. for some wacky reason we have one in the dog run... lovely fruit too!! Your pictures are enchanting, as always!

  19. The scent and form are what attract me to these..I picked another bouquet yesterday..and nothing man-made matches up to these..Such perfect little bells on lovely stems..and the leaves? Well a perfect match.
    Thank you..

    I forgot to say..I don't Twitter and don't Facebook..Sorry.

    I am so grateful for a garden.I don't know what I would do without one.

    Have a lovely evening~

  20. oh my goodness I have missed so many posts I had to go back to the Prarie Magazine post to catch up, Haven't really had time to blog much lately, such is life. Your amazing garden looks beautiful, I love Spring and everything it brings, we are running quickly towards winter here, the Autumn leaves are falling and the air is growing colder, I love living where we get seasons, I love the changes. That little egg in the nest yes so sad.And the special note for Nana love love love

  21. These are exquisite. I'd miss them too!