Monday, May 14, 2012

Soul Food #129~

The so much..:)I love so much. Our yellow house with so much little car in the garage.. Best..Max and I and a flower...he said we are gardening..We did that the Sunday before last~He's at that special age..they all are..but 4 is sweet..innocent..kind..He's pretty darn cute with his splattering of tiny freckles across the bridge of his tiny nose:)
These are a few of my favorite things~ The apple blossoms in bloom~ Jacques' birdhouses he made for me~ My friend's hat on the gate of her arbour as she prepares her new Potager~ Our tulips~ And more:)
Trying to copy a watercolor from an ancient Victoria Magazine~ Pasteling:) Lucas from an old photo on the beach~ Painting Noah in one of his costumes before he left for a trip.. All our alphabet boys love dressing up~ Trying pastels on new paper..This little nest and one egg..was left abandoned after the mommy left with the other two~ Had to capture it in a way..even though I found it sad~:( I love sitting for just a few moments in peace and quiet w/ painting toys..and TRYING~ So yes..these are a few of my favorite things~If you haven't tried picking up pastels,or watercolors,or crayons,and have some time on your hands, can feel different in a few peaceful happens.


  1. That Grandmother's Day card is just the cutest thing!
    You've done beautiful work, Monique. That bird's nest is perfect!

    Also loved the idea of the bread bags. Very clever!

  2. Sounds like your Mothers Day was pretty special!!

  3. So sweet!!!

    I look forward each week to your "Soul Food" post.


  4. Love the precious card! My mom used to keep all my boys' cards to her in a little memory box....I found it while clearing out her cupboards....precious memories of her that I now have....
    love your beautiful mosaics and your painting.
    Hope yours was good too, Monique
    Love Shel

  5. Love that new pic on your sidebar.

  6. Nana...the boys are getting to be such big boys! I love your card... I agree that 4 is a most delicious age!
    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day...I house is heart is full...
    Once again you have fed my soul!

  7. Little boys are magical aren't they? Lovely post.


  8. If we could keep them at 4 for a little longer. So happy to read you Mother's Day was a happy one. I also had special visitors; we celebrated birthdays;15 and 17. Our blossoms are not out yet, but the weather is warming up.
    Wishing a good week!

  9. So sweet. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! :)

  10. Aren't they soooo sweet? I love his picture of you gardening together. My oldest daughter was just commenting on that - how her children will garden or clean or do anything with me but if she asks, they throw a fit! Truly fun to be at this age.

    I would love to watercolor! You are so talented. They are all wonderful. I am so in love with the softness of the watercolors. I would have to take lessons! Your little fellow in his costume is just too cute!

  11. The little ones are a great joy to us.
    Thank you.
    I know those of you who have them feel the same way.
    My friends with grandchildren beam with joy when they speak of them..
    Those friends I just mentioned are great mothers themselves..2 kidlets are Italian and the little ..too cute for words by what I gather..I only met her once as a baby..Soon I will again perhaps:)
    Jacqueline...I see what you would love are busier than I am though..But I did take classes when i was busy like you and loved them..So calming..

    I hope you try.
    Linda..I am glad your heart is full:)
    I made your buttermilk biscuits..Caroline was having her mom-in-law for dinner.. and asked how to make the biscuits..we came inside and whipped up a batch for her to take home and bake:)
    You were in our thoughts..
    Thank you everyone..this is my little journal and you are great visitors:)x

  12. I love to see children's art. It is the best. Your big yellow house is a happy place as evidenced by the smile! How special to get a Happy Nana Day card from Max!

  13. How sweet, love the art work! Our 4 yo is a pleasure too.
    I don't think he can print like that yet though!
    No. 5 due July 4 th. :)

  14. I haven't picked up my watercolors in a long time. You inspire me to think about taking them out of the drawer. The picture Max drew for you is perfect, Monique. There is love written all over it.

  15. Une publication tout en douceur et bonheur de vivre...
    J'adore ce dessin d'enfant... mes félicitation à l'artiste.
    Je voudrais avoir ce même nichoir perché !... Quelle chance vous avez ma chère Nana d'avoir reçu celui-ci!...
    Le pastel... un domaine où on n'a jamais fini d'apprendre et de se faire plaisir.
    Gros bisous à vous ou à toi...

  16. I love those old victoria magazines.. such remarkable art direction... your pictures are heaven!!!

  17. Your artwork is lovely M.
    Very delicate and poetic like everything you do.

  18. Beautiful little reminders of love, Monique! The hat on the gate, the birdhouse built by Jacques, the SO MUCH from Max :) They make our hearts melt, don't they? We had our two boys today :) I know you appreciate absolutely all of it.

    Your pastels/watercolors are beautiful. You find the time somehow - I wish I could!

  19. oh how I have missed so many of your inspiring posts. Glad to be back Monique :)

  20. Monique, it is all so inspiring and beautiful. You are a fabulous artist I think. But the favourite is that Mother's Day card. What a treasure!! I was going through some things the other day and found one from my youngest son, tucked into a recipe box of mine. I lost all of those things when I got divorced. My ex burnt them all when I wasn't looking. I was so blessed to find the one I did and shall treasure it always. I love your special thoughts as always. It's so good to have you back! xxoo

  21. Your blog is so refreshing M. I love to hear about the special moments with your family and love your artful presentations.

  22. Lovely post. Max is at the perfect age and I'll bet your the perfect Nana. Enjoy those golden moments.

  23. Monique, your work is so lovely. I just returned from a 3 day workshop on journaling. I want to learn to sketch and watercolor like you have done. These pages are exquisite.

  24. Sarah..I cannot wait to see what you do:)
    I meant so nice..I ahd not finished my words and checked..:)Susan..I know we are having similar times with little boys..after only having girls..a world of difference but the charms of them all:) all irresistible.
    Have a great day.

  25. Oh, you are so talented, Madame! There's something so special to me about robins eggs , and love your drawings.....